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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler Mansion, Bianca helps her mother pack up her belongings to move back into the Fusion offices. Bianca tells Erica that she had a visit from Reese’s ex-fiancé, Simon. Zach, Reese, and the contractors are at the casino, putting the final touches on the renovations before the grand opening. J.R. apologizes for kissing Amanda. David runs into Jake at the hospital and asks why he is here since he had fired him. Jake says he filed a grievance against David and will continue working until the hearing. Greenlee dreams that she recites her wedding vows to Ryan. Ryan lifts her veil and kisses her. When Krystal visits Opal at to check on Kathy and Jenny, her friend tells her about Greenlee's tarot reading concerning her wedding to Ryan. Opal feels chest pains after Krystal tells her Tad is missing in Africa.

Reese surprises Zach with a plaque with the inscription, “Fargate Carnival Room” to hang up at the casino. Erica relates to Bianca how concerned she is over Reese being with Zach at the casino. Reese models her new dress for Zach as Bianca walks in and observes them. Erica visits Ryan to see how he is doing and is not pleased to find Greenlee there with him. She blasts Greenlee for intruding on Ryan in his fragile state. After Erica leaves, Greenlee begins to have second thoughts about her and Ryan being together. David invites Krystal to the party, but she refuses, then she agrees to go, but alone. Everyone observes Krystal and David at the casino together. J.R. gets a bottle from the bar and drinks it straight from the bottle while Amanda watches. Opal warns Greenlee and Ryan that they cannot be married. Bianca assures Erica that everything is fine between her and Reese. Reese tells Zach that they cannot be friends anymore. Krystal receives a disturbing phone call and faints.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty continues to deal with the aftermath of seeing Johnny after so long and his son not being comfortable with him. Johnny goes to the hospital to be tested, as Katie is going through tests as well since she is going to be a donor for him. Craig can tell that Alison and Katie are keeping something from him since Katie is having some kind of procedure done that they won’t tell him about. Alison keeps Craig busy when Dusty, Lucy and Johnny show up. Casey comes to see Maddie at Henry’s book signing. They talk about what happened, as Casey apologizes and explains that nothing is going on with him and Alison. He thinks she is better off without him anyway, as Maddie is annoyed that he tells her that. Casey admits to having confused feelings for Alison though, which hurts Maddie. Katie tells Dusty and Lucy she has to let Brad in on her procedure. Lucy isn’t comfortable with that, but Dusty convinces her that is only fair. Brad finds out about the procedure and is not on board, but Katie is able to make him understand why she needs to do this. Craig comes back to see Katie, as she sends Brad out to distract him this time. Brad takes Craig out to ‘lunch’, but while out, Brad orders Craig to stay out of Katie’s life – or else. Henry does a reading form his book. Later, he finds out that Maddie and Casey are over – again and she is heading out of town. Lucy thinks Dusty may have her arrested, as she pleads with Dusty to do what is best for Johnny and take her along wherever he goes. Dusty reluctantly agrees, but when he hears the transplant won’t happen for another few days, he wants them to do this in Chicago away from where Craig will find out. Katie wrestles with if keeping Johnny’s condition from Craig is fair. Brad thinks that Craig deserves not to know anything though because he created all the pain in his life. Casey tells Alison that Maddie and he are through; she thinks she is the reason and that Casey is too chicken to tell Maddie that he really wants her around so she is determined to tell Maddie herself. Alison finds Maddie and tries to convince her to give Casey another shot, but Maddie tells her that Casey admitted to feelings for her, as Alison is stunned. Alison later confronts Casey about what he told Maddie and is convinced he used her to get rid of Maddie. Casey is afraid to admit the truth. Alison looks like she might want to hear that he is telling the truth about his feelings, but is afraid to hear it too so neither say anything and both leave feeling very awkward with one another. Lucy tells Dusty that Johnny knows all about and has seen photos of Jennifer, which makes him happy. Dusty and Lucy tell Johnny they are all going to Chicago together to make him better. Johnny reluctantly is comfortable with Dusty traveling with them now with Lucy’s help. Katie goes to Craig still unsure as to why she feels compelled to have sympathy for him. Craig doesn’t know what she is wrestling with to tell him, when Katie blurts out that she knows where Johnny is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam chastises Donna for stealing her bikini design, not to mention her sister’s husband. Pam demands that Donna take the suit off now! But the phones are ringing off the wall with favorable press and swamped with orders. Owen is ecstatic. His and Donna’s first line and they hit a home run. They still have pictures of the suit and will re-design it. Donna tells Eric there is something he needs to know about this particular bikini. Pam tells Stephanie about her designing the bikini. Stephanie says she will make sure Pam gets all the credit, a job at Forrester’s and she will be Donna’s new partner. What a hoot! Brooke and Ridge visit their heart-shaped wedding site on the beach and say their spiritual vows minus the minister. They will never be alone, in life or death. Ridge will be with her always. She’s his Logan and he will never want more than her. She vows that he is the constant in her life and her love will be with him always. There’s even a bed on the site and they make love on the spot.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo warns Philip not to hurt Stephanie. Melanie learns that Stephanie is having trouble getting in touch with Philip and teases her, saying Philip probably wants to dump her. Later, Philip arranges to meet with Stephanie at his place. He tells her he needs space because he doesn’t want to hurt her, but she tells him she’s a big girl and that she wants to be with him. They later go to his room to make love. Maggie wants Melanie not to get involved with Philip, as he is trouble. She also asks Melanie to attend Nick’s sentencing so he can make a public apology to her. Melanie agrees, saying she will come to Nick’s sentencing and stay away from Philip. Sami is lying in bed thinking of EJ when she notices Rafe is deathly ill with a fever. She is forced to give him a sponge bath, which seems to help bring the fever down. Nicole finds out about the prenuptial agreement Stefano wanted EJ to sign. EJ insists that he never would have asked her to sign it, but she says she would have if he had asked her to, stating that she only cares about being with him, not money. Later, Nicole tries to get information from Baker about the girl whose baby she nearly adopted the night before. Lexie goes to see Stefano with Theo, and Bo gets flashes of Theo falling down the stairs at the mansion as it happens.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie is suspicious of Spinelli’s new computer geek friend. The young woman claims to be impressed with Spinelli. Maxie warns Spinelli to beware of his new fan. Lucky arrests Johnny for supposedly assaulting someone. Sonny remains suspicious of Claudia. Claudia finds the next DVD. Jerry drops the next clue for Claudia. Ric comes calling and tells Claudia about Johnny’s arrest. Ric claims it was “set up” by Anthony so John will turn to the family for help. Ric makes Claudia promise not to interfere so as not to give Anthony a heads up to their alliance. Ric visits with Johnny to assist with his situation but Johnny refuses the help. Lucky interrogates Johnny, which infuriates Lulu.

Nikolas tries to help Nadine cut ties with the Equinox Corporation. Nadine is told she will be “classified” as an “enemy of the state” if she refuses to allow them to use her aunt’s patent. Nadine tells Nikolas about a past boyfriend who died serving his country. Carly tells Jax about her visit with Michael. Jax insists his relationship with Kate is strictly business. Jax and Carly discuss their divorce. Jax insists he wants a divorce but Carly thinks he’s simply “afraid” to try again. Robin is convinced there is something wrong with Emma so the two head to GH for a check up. Sonny goes to Robin’s and asks Patrick if anything “experimental” can be done to help Michael. Patrick says the condition is “permanent” but Sonny is skeptical. Patrick promises to keep his eyes open for anything that could possibly help Michael. Robin and Emma return home and Sonny finally meets the baby.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus goes to see Alan. Not making Alan's day any better. Cyrus wants Alan to stay away from Grady. Dinah has lunch with Vanessa. Vanessa mentions the press conference. Vanessa becomes annoyed with Dinah's demeanor. Bill and Lizzie talk. Bill tells her that he can't remember how he got in the hospital when he woke up there. Bill thinks he is guilty. He says he can't let Lizzie go before the cameras and tell the world that he saved her when he can't remember what happened. Daisy tells Grady about Doris' speech about the case against Bill being closed. Back with Grady, Ashlee and Daisy. They are still talking about Bill. Ashlee tells Daisy to calm down. That her mom was just covering her butt. Back at Alan's. Alan tells Cyrus he has nerve. He continues to say, Grady kidnapped Lizzie and he gives him orders? Bill tells Lizzie he knows at one point he lied to her and he is sorry. But that he would never hurt her, that he loves her. All he remembers of that day was her rehearsing a speech. Lizzie and Bill go before the cameras in a studio to make a statement about the kidnapping. All view this. Alan though says he doesn't want to waste his time. Cyrus tells him to watch. Suddenly Lizzie leaves her seat and runs off leaving Bill to say a few words about Lizzie and why she left so suddenly. At Company where Dinah and her mom, Daisy and Grady have seen the broadcast. Daisy says she has to go to Lizzie. At Alan's, Alan says see she has lost confidence in Bill. Cyrus doesn't look so sure. Bill finds Lizzie in the stairwell and tells her he can't go on like this. Bill meets up with Dinah and Daisy. He tells them of what he feels happened with Lizzie. Daisy tries to convince Bill he didn't do it. Dinah has heard enough and leaves. Daisy stays with Bill. At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and Lizzie face off. Lizzie then goes to her room to cool off. Bill and Daisy play pool. Alan yells through Lizzie's bedroom door that she doesn't have to be alone. Daisy talks to Bill and tells him he's drunk. Lizzie leaves the mansion. Dinah calls Shayne and gets his voicemail. Lizzie goes for a walk to think. Bill and Daisy do the same.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Todd has jumped into the river, realizing that Marty needs him dead. Blair, Tea and John all hear the loud splash. Blair and Tea indicate that they are still concerned about Todd. John dives in and saves Todd from drowning. Marty expresses to him that she didn't want him to do that and that she needs Todd to die. Meanwhile, everybody is baffled trying to figure out what David Vickers' "agenda" for coming to Llanview is all about. He claims to have been spiritually awakened and has no more need for material wealth, and he wears a Buddhist gown. This event just happens to be timed perfectly with the Buchanans finding out that Asa has willed everything to David since all of his family have failed with the family fortune. Dorian flees to the south sea islands, runs into Alex who was briefly married to David. Alex enlightens Dorian to information about how to obtain wealth from Asa Buchanan.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

The Newman’s are back in power at Newman Enterprises and Neil is not happy, he expresses to Victor that he will no longer answer to his children. Phyllis is not feeling Nick doing double duty especially because it means working closely with Sharon, who she reminds Nick is her husband. Sharon catches Noah in a lie, Michael and Eden talk about the stolen money. Michael also talks to Kevin about breaking into the tack house and reminds him to do the right thing, this leads Kevin to visit Kay in jail. Glo ruins her chance of getting out of the joint purposely.

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