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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the casino, Zach and Reese spend New Year’s Eve without Kendall and Bianca. Reese lets Zack know that she is missing her New Year’s Eve kiss from Bianca. Zach starts to kiss her but Reese pulls away. Bianca gets a surprise visit from Reese’s ex-fiancé Simon. Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him, but Greenlee refuses because of a dream that she had been having in which she was dead in the bathtub. At Oak Haven, Aidan watches the doctor with Annie. Annie tells the doctor that the “mean lady” needs to be dead. Aidan sneaks into Annie’s room and finds the hidden camera. Aidan meets with a mystery man, who had helped him get admitted into Oak Haven. Simon fills Bianca in on how that he and Reese had met. Ryan visits Oak Haven and finds out from the doctor that Annie was being moved into the Maximum Security section of the hospital. Greenlee checks on Emma at Opal’s. Greenlee talks Opal into giving her a tarot reading . Opal assures Greenlee that all systems are go on Greenlee and Ryan being married. Bianca gets a call from Reese. Bianca lets Reese know that she is tied up at the moment with Simon, Reese’s ex-fiancé.

Greenlee is overjoyed at the thought that she and Ryan can get married. The doctor tells Aidan that he can never visit Annie again. Annie is wheeled into the maximum security section of the psych hospital. Ryan arrives home and finds that Greenlee is gone. Greenlee arrives at Ryan’s all aglow. Greenlee accepts Ryan’s marriage proposal. Reese confides to Bianca that she is so afraid of losing Bianca. Bianca and Reese hug and kiss. Opal reads the tea leaves and finds that she had made a terrible mistake in reading the tarot cards for Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Carly is none too happy to see Craig at her door. He comes bearing a gift for Parker’s birthday. She quips that Craig should have saved his money. Parker hasn’t even opened his Christmas one yet, so she doubts he will want this one either. And trying to buy her son’s attention isn’t going to score any points with her either. Take a hint! Jack nixes Parker practicing his driving today now that he is 16 and has a license. Jack warns the weather is bad and a lot of black ice out there. He tells him the only ice they are going to deal with is at the hockey rink. So go get his gear and meet him. Parker returns home and also is nonplussed by Craig being there even with a gift. But frowns turn to an almost smile when Craig hands him the keys to his car so Parker can drive to practice. Lucy tells Alison they found a match for Johnny. It’s Katie. They must tell Katie the truth that it is for Johnny, but swear her to secrecy. Lucy will not let her father get his hands on Johnny. Dusty is cool to Josie as he sees her buying into Paul’s garbage. She tells him it’s not bunk; she has seen Johnny and he’s in Oakdale. Carly actually offers Craig some food and they head for Metro. He knows she does nothing for free. He offers advice that if she really put her mind to it, she could turn this club into something more than a cafeteria. She admits she put too much focus on her kids and trying to get Jack back and it didn’t work out. He says he could help her with some of those long, lonely nights. He reminds her that when she is hit, she hits back. She’s a prize fighter and doesn’t give up until she’s won the title. Dusty asks questions at the Lakeview and although Lucy is not registered there, Alison is and he pounds on her door until she answers. She denies everything, but finally has to produce Johnny. Dusty is happy to see his son, though the little boy wants nothing to do with him. He wants Alison to explain more about the bone marrow transplant. He knows it is for Johnny. Alison tells him they have found a donor. Dusty wants to take Johnny and run, but Lucy spells out the risks. He wants all the details and says he is Johnny’s dad and he is calling the shots now. Parker takes Liberty along on his joy ride. When they stop, the car won’t start up again. They rely on the good old make-out session of kissing to keep warm. Both Jack and Carly are furious at Craig for loaning the car to Parker. He’s going to put out an APB for the car and tells Craig to stay away from his kid. Jack gets Parker on his cell phone and tells him he is in a heap of trouble. Now walk home ASAP. Then he gives him a lecture of not going behind his back to get what he wants from Craig. He’ll be lucky to see the inside of a car before spring. Craig checks with the hospital to see if any new accident victims have come in. While there he spots Alison with Katie and has suspicions of why they are huddled together and Katie is giving blood. Lucy, Dusty and Johnny head to the hospital. Dusty thanks Josie and says he did not believe her, but she came through for him and he owes her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge muses to Brooke that the fashion show and their wedding day is all in one. Nothing is better than that. Donna keeps getting interrupted every time she tries to explain about the bikini showstopper to Eric. Steffy tells Marcus this V-8 benefit is a terrific tie in with the new surf line. Getting some interviews back stage, Jarrett approaches Rick as the handsome young firebrand who is carving up the stuffy world of haute couture with his edgy new surf line. And this campaign will provide more than 30 million servings of fresh fruit and vegetables for America’s needy, a very worthy cause. Rick really has his attention on Steffy and Marcus, so not much time for Jarrett. The reporter calls out Mrs. Forrester’s name and both Stephanie and Donna turn around. He states this surf line is a big leap from ball gowns. It’s a radical move and the first since Eric’s illness. Stephanie says Eric is a brilliant designer. He could make ball gowns out of garbage bags. She overhears Jarrett asking Eric if it is out with the old and in with the new. Everyone begins taking their seats at the showing. Jackie hugs Katie and admires her engagement ring. Only, it might not be big enough! Eric gives a little pep talk. This is a first; they are breaking new ground, taking a risk. Swimwear is supposed to be fun, sexy and rebellious and that’s what he wants them to be out on the runway. He catches up with Stephanie and reminds her that she is not being discarded. Her being here is very important to him. She assures him that was tame compared to what they are probably saying out front. And she would not want to miss Donna’s bikini line. He’s glad she is staying. She emphasizes that he is alive, he’s breathing and doing exactly what he loves to do. That is all she has really wanted for him, so good luck.

With family and friends in attendance, Eric introduces the new president of the company, his son, Rick. Steffy remembers the kiss. The shows starts and it’s a little weak clapping. Eric realizes he has not wowed them yet, but he will. Pam does her crocheting. Donna tells Katie that she can tell that Eric is upset. He doesn’t want to ruin Rick’s day. Eric tells Steffy this is a major departure and sometimes new ideas are hard to accept for the buyers. Donna panics and tells Owen she can not go down the runway with crazy Pam’s crocheted bikini. Steffy literally bumps into Rick backstage. She tries to be supportive and asks if there is anything he can do to make him feel better? Brooke won’t leave the premises without speaking to Rick first. She knows he needed this line to be a big hit. Ridge says a big “I’m sorry” from his mom isn’t going to help him get over the disappointment. He’ll have other showings but they are only going to have one more wedding, so they should go now! Owen relays to Eric about Donna not wanting to wear the bikini, but Eric insists so Donna takes it. Eric tells Thorne to stall the show long enough for Donna to get ready. It proves to be a show killer, they love it. Only Pam stands up and gasps that is not Donna’s creation, but her own. She confronts Donna backstage. Eric is ecstatic and showers praise on Rick for his first success and starting his first trend. Dressed in their wedding whites, Brooke and Ridge look down from the cliff to the beach and view the scenery – a big heart shaped in the sand with Brooke and Ridge written inside.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel and Chloe nearly kiss, but are interrupted by a call from Kate. She and Lucas rush down to the hospital to meet the two. Later, Kate complains to Daniel about her diminished libido. Lucas takes Chloe back to Chez Rouge for champagne. Melanie leans in to whisper something to Phillip, and Stephanie thinks she kissed him. Phillip kisses her to prove a point to Melanie. Later, Melanie sulks at Titan as Phillip tries to convince Stephanie that he kissed her because he wanted to. She challenges him to try it again, and they kiss a second time. Brady learns that Nicole is missing, and assumes she went to the clinic when Baker calls the mansion looking for her. He finds her stranded along the side of the road and takes her to the clinic. She learns that the potential mother changed her mind about the adoption and left. Nicole is devastated, and decides to stop lying and tell EJ the truth about her miscarriage. She later attempts to do so, but EJ interrupts her with a marriage proposal. Nicole accepts. Rafe accuses Sami of trying to hatch another plan. She tells him that she is worried about her kids and EJ.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam fears she's being investigated by Agent Rayner. Nikolas learns Nadine's family patent is licensed to a "defense contractor." Nadine meets with a rep of the contractor using the patent. Spinelli learns his computer has been hacked. Later Spinelli meets a young female computer wiz and helps her with her computer. Claudia searches for Jerry's hidden DVD. Sonny notices Claudia's strange behavior. Sonny thinks Claudia is up to something and he warns her not to try and put anything over on him. Sonny tries to talk with Kate but she wants nothing to do with him. Johnny has several unsuccessful job interviews. Claudia offers to work with Ric against Anthony - she presses Ric to reveal any secrets he may know. Ric claims to know nothing and tries to convince Claudia to leave Sonny. Claudia insists her marriage to Sonny gives her "power."

GL Recap Written by Beth

It's New Years Day and Lizzie and Bill are in bed. Lizzie wakes to look over at Bill before she gets up. Olivia wakes and comes downstairs sort out of it. She yells for Emma. Natalia then sort of takes over telling Emma, who appears at the top of the stairs, what she needs for the day. Bill and Lizzie are finally up and having breakfast and in the living room. Bill is still unsure of the events. Lizzie tells him we are moving on. Finally Olivia and Natalia have Emma ready and out the door. They are laughing about it. Olivia says she is lucky to have Emma. Natalia says she will have her for years. Frank drops by Company to see Daisy there. They have a nice exchange of hugs and talk until Daisy mentions she is moving with Grady. Frank is not happy, but he doesn't get angry either. They continue to talk about it and Daisy agrees to hear him out. Grady and Ashlee are in Doris' office snooping around. Grady feels a little uneasy about it. Ashlee is laughing it off. She tells him in short she has done it before when she wanted some juicy stuff to look at. Doris and Bill and Lizzie are in court. Doris tells the judge she wants to drop all charges. The judge reads Doris's report of the fire. Doris tells the judge that is all there is and that she wants nothing more than to get someone for the fire, but Bill Lewis is innocent. Daisy goes to see Ashlee to talk about Grady and the fact Frank doesn't like the fact they are moving in together. Bill and Lizzie celebrate their court victory with a kiss. Mel congratulates him. They overhear Doris' interview with the press about the fire being arson. After the interview they have words with Doris. Bill and Lizzie realize that their troubles may not be over. Olivia shows up at Company asking if Frank can put up an order to go. Then she says, "One more thing. Maybe you can do me a favor?" Emma is with Natalia. Emma tells Natalia she has a report to write about her family. Emma wonders about her dad. Natalia tells her not to worry about that just write about her mom. Daisy and Ashlee are talking about family support. Ashlee kids she has been supporting her mom for years and that it is kinda fun. Doris and Grady meet up. Bill is in the Men's lavatory at the Court House and some cop comes in and starts talking about a guy that just got off for a fire. Bill doesn't say anything and the cop leaves. Cyrus runs into Lizzie and she tells him that the charges against Bill for the fire have been dropped. Frank is surprised to see Natalia. Olivia and Emma are home alone and talking. Doris and Ashlee have lunch at Towers. They are talking about work. Ashlee asks her mom if she is now going to take it easy. Frank and Natalia have a meal together of her favorite hamburger. She is so surprisingly pleased and shocked he'd make it the way she likes it. She thanks him. After visiting with Cyrus, Ashlee arrives at the house to help Daisy and Grady move Daisy's things.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right when John is ready to go at it with Blair, he gets a call from Cole when Cole cannot find his mom and he's afraid that Marty may have done something crazy in regard to Todd Manning. In Marty's empty room Cole, Starr and then John all see the written material and everything she's kept about Todd indicating that she is obsessed about him. But they cannot find her. Todd "takes the bait" to accept her invitation to be with her. She leads him out on the roof. And she tells him he has betrayed her and ruined her life. And she wants him to die. Viki and Charlie informs Clint and Nora that they just ran into David who gave them some "crucial information" about Dorian. Hearing that, Clint and Nora realize that they must find David Vickers before more people find out that he is Asa's son and Asa has declared that he is the sole heir of the Buchanan fortune. David goes to Dorian's home after she's fled to the south sea islands. He runs into Addie and Shawn alone in the house. They wonder if he really has changed and has no interest in monetary wealth as he alleges that he has.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Newmans and Baldwins are out double dating, which gives Jana and Kevin ample time to go take the money and run. Only thing is they run too late and Michael catches them. Since Abby has returned, Victor feels this is the right time to announce that he is back from the dead and all about family, unfortunately Victoria is not convinced and has reservations. Jill sits down and talks to Cane about business, but is continuously harassed by reporters about Kay’s memoir. Cane is fuming after the bombshell is dropped about Lily dating Billy, this prompts him to punch a hassling reporter out at the Athletic Club. Chloe’s got Billy alone and they bond briefly over the baby but it is obvious Chloe would like more. Unfortunately Billy is currently wooing Lily who wonders what his intentions are, he tells her and they end up making love.

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