The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/30/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Zach walks down the corridor when J.R. catches up to him and inquires about Kendall. Bianca joins Reese at Zach’s casino to discuss how Erica is driving Blanca “crazy” with all the wedding preparations. At Ryan’s apartment, Greenlee wakes up dreaming that she's dead. Ryan is right there to comfort her and assure her that everything is just fine. Brot shows up at Taylor’s condo to take her to the therapy session at Pine Valley Hospital. When Taylor wants to talk, Brot pulls away and tells her it's time to go. Jake and Joe stand near the nurses' station at the hospital, talking about Tad who is now missing while searching for Jeff and Jamie in the Congo. Jake feels that Jake should have been the one to go looking for Jeff and Jamie. In David’s bedroom at Wildwind, Krystal feels that their night together was a mistake. After Krystal and David talk a few minutes, they kiss and make love again. At the hospital, J.R. questions a nurse as to David's whereabouts. J.R. bumps into Amanda at the hospital and asks her why she has been avoiding him. Reese suggests eloping to Bianca. Bianca thinks that it is a splendid idea. Zach walks in and offers the twosome an alternate solution to their wedding woes. Krystal receives a call from Joe informing her that he needs to talk to her a.s.a.p. Emma comes downstairs at Ryan’s and asks him if Greenlee is going to be her “new Mommy.” At the hospital, Joe tells Krystal that Tad is now missing. Krystal suffers from an anxiety attack.

J.R. talks to Jake from the door and tells him that Krystal has guilt written all over her face. Brot visits Zach at the casino and wants to know why Zach had helped him in getting the charges against Brot dropped. Zach tells Brot of how Zach had staged his own death when Zach was only a child. David dedicates the new “Babe Chandler Cardiac Memorial Wing” of the hospital. Jake interrupts the formalities and lets David know exactly what Jake thinks of David. Zach and Reese wait at the casino for Bianca to join them for the “dropping of the ball in Times Square” to celebrate the new year. Bianca is just about to leave home when there is a knock on the door and it is Simon, Reese’ ex-fiancé. Reese and Zach share a kiss at midnight. J.R. kisses Amanda in the corridor of the hospital and tells her that he needs her.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Casey falls for Alison's trap and gets into the moment, but she wants to shut off the love engine. She leaves long enough to call Lucy and leaves a message that under no circumstances is she is bring Johnny back to the room any time soon. When she returns Casey is in bed naked ready to resume the seduction. Maddie comes by to pick up her cell phone in another room, and hears Casey's voice and realizes he lied to her about being with his parents for dinner. He's on a booty call with Alison. Alison tells Casey she is sorry, but she is just not ready for this after all. He should go find Maddie and make it up to her. With everyone but Jade gone, Lucinda suggests to Brian that they not go out, but stay home and be intimate. He nixes that as he is already dressed to go out. He won't perform for her on command. And she huffs that she will not get all dressed up at his whim either. Luke tells Brian that he sees things are not going so well tonight. He should not have married his grandmother and then expect her not to notice when he won't touch her. Taking her frustrations out on Jade, Lucinda tells her that Lily and Holden only took her in out of kindness. They don't need some leftover lurking around. She hands it right back that Lucinda too is in the way when Lily and Holden want to be intimate. Derek spreads on the charm to Bonnie and conveys that she is the most beautiful woman in the room. Jade whammies him with that she used to pray for finding her biological father, now she just prays it is not him. Jade apologizes to Luke for giving him a bad time the last few days and would like to speak with him alone. Luke leaves Noah just before they dance and vows this will be their night. Maddie comes in crying and gets Noah's attention. He leaves with her and Luke notices. Lucinda shows up to join Brian after all. Brian is outside and tries to get a drunken Luke to come home with him. Luke taunts him for just wanting to get him alone like before. Luke makes the first move and kisses Brian. Noah returns and sees it, and jumps to the wrong conclusion and busts Brian in the chops. Lucinda finds the bloodied Brian on the ground. At Lily's, Noah is supportive until Luke confesses it was he that made the first move. Noah storms off. Casey encounters Maddie as she gets off the elevator. She apprises him that she knows the truth of where he was. He bumps into Alison one last time, both knowing they screwed up the moment. Happy New Year!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At a business meeting, Eric tells the group that he has some announcements to make. He announces that he and Stephanie are going their separate ways and he is going to stay married to Donna. This doesn’t sit well with the kids, but Stephanie tells them no tears. Donna informs Owen that things are going well with Eric, her only problem is that Pam is back in town. She claims to be cured by the doctors and missed L.A. so she hopes the city is big enough for the both of them. Eric has another announcement. Effective immediately, Ridge will be CEO, Eric will stay on as Chairman of the Board and Rick will remain as President. Rick steps forward and shakes Ridge’s hand and offers his congratulations. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge is going to work double time trying to put his anger toward Rick behind him so they can work together. Rick knows this is a second chance for him and he is going to work hard at that too. He knows just what to do and he assures her everything will be just fine. Stephanie tells Felicia this is a big deal, but she’s been there before and she’s through fighting. Surprised, but Brooke agrees to get married tomorrow right after the fashion show. Eric is excited about the Surfing Line show and wants Donna to be the show-stopper model and wear the crocheted bikini. This was made by Pam for Donna, but Eric doesn’t know this yet. Owen convinces Donna just to wear the bikini, Eric doesn’t have to know.

Rick explains to Steffy that he doesn’t know what is wrong with him. But it’s a good thing that Brooke and Ridge showed up when they did. They would have done something last night they both would have regretted. She confesses she felt the same way he did at the time. She’d just lost her sister, but she felt so safe and secure in his arms. He tells her that he made a promise to Ridge to stay away from her and he intends to keep it. What almost happened must never happen again. He still feels so guilty about Phoebe. Steffy states that they don’t get to do do-overs. And with him, she doesn’t feel so empty. As he keeps whispering they can’t do this again, she initiates a passionate kiss. Ridge tells Brooke that he still worries about Steffy. They need to keep an eye on her; he does not want her to fall into the wrong hands.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Charlotte suggests that John try hypnosis to help his memories come back faster, but he isn’t so sure. Marlena confides in Tony about John, and her difficulty letting him go. John overhears her telling Tony that she will be spending New Year’s alone, and John says that is a good idea and that he will do the same. Later, Charlotte asks Marlena to go with her to Chez Rouge for New Year’s and Marlena agrees. John overhears and seems to approve. Nicole gets Baker to admit hat he is a baby broker, and threatens to get him sent to jail unless he helps her find a baby. He agrees. When Stefano learns EJ is on the verge of proposing to Nicole, he suggests EJ sign a prenuptial agreement. EJ refuses. Chloe fantasizes about Daniel while she is making love to Lucas. Later, she tells Daniel that she wants another doctor. Kate wants Lucas to move the wedding up, and learns Daniel is no longer Chloe’s doctor. She wonders why.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli unsuccessfully tries to help Maxie retrieve an article she lost on her computer. Nikolas spends the evening with Nadine at Wyndemere. Nikolas confides in Nadine that he’s not confident about his parenting skills. Then the two discuss their resolutions for the upcoming year. Johnny and Lulu spend New Years Eve watching the snow fall. The Metro Court has a power failure so the New Years party is cancelled. Carly and Jax share a pleasant evening and a kiss at the hotel restaurant. Carly suggests they temporarily forget the previous year ever happened. Tracy goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke says he’s closed the club for a private party with Tracy. Tracy is less than receptive to Luke. At first Tracy resists Luke but eventually she warms up and returns his kisses.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Emma wakes Olivia up because she want s to spend New Years Eve with her. They go dancing into the kitchen where Natalia is cooking. Natalia is giggling at the site of Olivia and Emma. Met and Bill are talking about the condition she just found him in, which is a little hung over. Mel orders Bill to clean up. At the park's lake, Shayne and Dinah are talking about them. Now at Company Shayne and Dinah still continue their talk until Dinah sees Marina walk in. Dinah excuses herself says she needs a refill of coffee. Marina sits where Dinah was sitting and starts to grill Shayne. Rick drops off a gift to Matt. Natalia, Olivia and Emma are talking about the New Year. Lizzie calls Alan to update him on a meeting. Alan also asks Lizzie if she has talked with her mother. Lizzie says no. Lizzie asks about Bill, when Alan gets huffy, she tells him she'll talk to him later. Alan tells an already hung up Lizzie to think about herself. Mel tells Bill to hear Doris out. All Bill can think about is Lizzie. Mel agrees to help Lizzie if he promises to hear Doris out. Bill agrees and they leave to go see Doris. Dinah goes to the cemetery. Bill and Mel go to see Doris in the hospital. She looks at their evidence. Doris says since the evidence is gone the case is "over". Back at Company, Shayne and Marina are having a chat that almost ends in name calling. Though Marina says that is not what she meant. Natalia is dressed for work and talking to Olivia about Olivia's feelings. Natalia says anytime Olivia is in trouble she just closes up. That Olivia should ask her friends for help. She would be surprised what would come of it. When Natalia leaves for her shift. Olivia thinking. Alan goes to see Doris about the trial. Doris tells him the evidence is gone there will be no trial. Alan gets angry at her and threatens Doris with her job, then storms out of her hospital room. Alan corners Shayne at the store. Back at Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia says that she can get by with everyone's faith. Olivia smiles at that. Alan is home watching the news. Shayne goes to his place and gets a beer and turns on the TV and is started to hear the start of the New Year. Bill and Dinah are at Towers having drinks and talking about family. They toast to family. Then Bill mentions an investigator who is helping him with the former case, looking into what happened to the evidence. Dinah tries to talk him into firing the investigator because the evidence is gone and that is all there is to that. She leaves Bill just sitting at the bar. Natalia and Olivia fall asleep on the couch sitting up. Emma is in the middle. When the New Years is rung, Emma wakes both women with noise makers. Alan talks to Alex about what he wants. Alex asks him what he wants. Alan says he wants his son back, his company back and his family back. He continues by saying he is a hero to Springfield and he wants it all back. Dinah goes to Shayne's to bring in the New Year with him. She pops a cork of a bottle of the bubbly, sits on his lap and kisses him. People at Towers ring in the New Year and Bill looking down looks up to see Lizzie standing beside him. She yells over the people that she found out about the charges being dropped and they kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty "invites" Todd to have a romantic encounter with her. He wants more than anything to believe she might still have feelings for him and doesn't heed the likelihood that she may be setting him up. Tea tells him he is asking for trouble meeting her. But Todd does not listen to his lawyer. She admits to Todd that she wishes she could hate him for what he did to her but she admits she is still in love with him. And she obviously has a "plan for revenge". Cole knows that his mother has a secret she is not telling anybody. So he leaves the New Years concert where Puddle of Mudd plays. Starr goes with him. Cristian asks Sara to attend the concert with him. But she doesn't want to get him "in trouble" with immigration after he's just married Vanessa. So she sits home alone and depressed. John and Blair have a romantic encounter together and he informs her that he is ready to buy Rodi's and own it.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It’s New Year’s Eve in Genoa City and lots of new things are developing, Neil and Karen get married but before they say I do, Olivia begs Tyra once again to confess to Neil how she feels. Billy is Lily’s escort to the joyful event; but Jackie warns lil’ bro to be cautious because he’s playing with fire. Phyllis and Nick are at the GCAC and so is Sharon but Phyllis takes care of that by putting a call into Brad, who gladly offers to spend time with her, they even share a moment. Jana has given up on the spirit world as she agrees to break into the Tack house and take the money that she gave River. Noah and Eden blindly confess to having found the money as they rebel against their parents/guardians and bring in the New Year together. Kay is in the slammer but Murphy has her back and so does her best friend forever Glo, who helps bring back her memory.

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