The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wildwind, Krystal, lying on the sofa, begins to wake up to the sound of David playing the piano. When J.R., Amanda and Little A arrive home, Adam hurriedly rushes Little A into the living room to check out the Christmas presents that were left under the tree. Recovering from a hangover, J.R. thanks Amanda for driving him home from the cabin. The doctor and guards of Oak Haven search for Annie everywhere. The doctor questions Mr. Stone (Aidan) as to her whereabouts. Jesse arrives with other police officers to question the doctor as to how Annie could have escaped from a maximum security psychiatric hospital. Greenlee and Ryan arrive back at the penthouse, oblivious that Annie is upstairs asleep in Emma’s bed. Annie is awakened by the sound of Ryan and Greenlee’s laughter. Jesse calls Ryan to alert him that Annie escaped, but Ryan and Greenlee are too busy kissing. Annie comes downstairs and orders Ryan away from Greenlee. David takes Krystal home to a newly renovated living room. Adam asks Amanda if J.R. started drinking again. Colby, Pete and the children arrive home to find Krystal and David together, sharing a tender moment. When Opal brings Emma home, she runs to Annie and hugs her. Annie still doesn’t recognize Emma as her daughter.

Krystal notices a significant change in Pete's appearance, but he's sad that Colby hasn't said anything about his new clothes and contact lenses. Opal takes Emma out of the penthouse to safety and calls 9-1-1. When Annie pulls a knife on Greenlee, Ryan tries to take it from her but falls to the floor as if he were stabbed. Greenlee stands up to Annie and challenges her to go ahead and kill her. Once he regains consciousness, Ryan finally gets the knife just as Jesse and the other officers arrive. David pays Amanda off her being able to get J.R. to start drinking. Krystal gets Winifred to watch her children and goes to Wildwind to tell David that she needs him. They kiss. Amanda goes to see J.R. and tells him that she cannot see him anymore, because she's no good for him. Pete asks Colby to go out with him New Year’s Eve, but she refuses. Annie is taken back to Oak Haven and tied to the bed. Aidan is sedated by the doctor after he kisses her.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Casey turns down an invitation from Maddie for New Year’s Eve at Metro as he needs to have dinner with his folks at the Lakeview, a tradition. Henry is not a happy brother and points out past problems between Casey and Maddie. Despite that, Maddie has a fantasy that it will happen and be a good New Year. Barbara laments to Josie that she is not sure Paul’s premonitions are real or if it’s just the meds talking. Alison catches Barbara and she finally agrees to be tested. Dusty is cynical and tells both Josie and Meg that Paul is just messing with his head. Meg tells Josie not to get sucked into this. Paul may just be using Johnny to get back at Dusty. Meg tells Josie that even if Paul gets better she does not think they will be a family again. Dusty snarls at Josie of why she is hanging around. She is not Jennifer and never will be. This is like losing his son all over again. She is apologetic for wanting to help. Paul sees Meg as she looks through the window and calls her name. Barbara tries to get Meg to let Paul see his daughter, but Meg nixes that until he is better. Paul cries when Barbara tells him that he has to get better in order to see his daughter. Alison catches Casey just out of the shower. He offers his body; she wants his blood. She’s not happy to hear he will be with Maddie tonight, and invents a date for herself. She will see him at Metro. She does convince him to try and get his mom and especially Craig to be tested. Later he spots Alison at the Lakeview and follows her to Lucy’s room. She makes up a story that she was hoping he would come, grabs him and says she will prove it. Josie runs into Lucy and Johnny out for a short walk. She’s stunned when he calls her Mommy again. Josie checks the hospital data base/picture and realizes she just saw Lucy and Johnny. She calls Dusty.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy pulls away from Rick’s kiss and both say emphatically they can not do this, yet back they go at it. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t want to feel this way about Rick; he wants her. But he wants Rick to keep his distance away from him, Steffy and Thomas – far away. He understands his dad will want to keep Rick on at Forrester's. She comments that he is being more than fair about this. He won’t regret it. Stephanie tries to convince Eric that he always knew he could not trust Donna, so this is no different. If Owen could strut around in his little bathing suit and keep her in the style to which she has been accustomed, she’d be with him in a heartbeat. Still stunned after Eric had recently told her he would spend the rest of his life with her, Stephanie can’t believe all he bases his life on is pleasure, no substance. She finally gives in. He wins, she’s done and she’s finally through. Just don’t come back when Donna finally leaves him. He states that Donna loves him freely. It was Stephanie that defrauded him. She was pregnant by Massimo, yet chose Eric, a weaker man she thought she could control. In the heat of passion, both Rick and Steffy strip off their outer clothes and drop to the floor. Mommy is at the door and wishes to speak with Rick. Stashing Steffy in another room, Rick quickly puts his clothes on and ushers in Brooke and Ridge. Brooke explains that Ridge wants to get over the animosity and Rick will have to step up too. He’ll have to respect Ridge’s boundaries. That shouldn’t be a problem with Taylor, Ridge and Thomas, but he will see Steffy at work and he needs to keep his distance there too.

Donna is scared to death by Pam being at the door. Pam comes on in and explains that she only wants to apologize for all the things she did to Donna previously. She’d like Donna to let bygones be bygones. That was an alien being in her brain and now she wants to offer a peace offering. Donna says she only agreed not to press charges if Pam was out of the city under lock and key. She throws her out. Stephanie asks for one more little fig leaf of dignity - he is not walking out on her; she is leaving. Rick says he knows this will sound hollow and meaningless, but he loved Phoebe and would have never done anything to hurt her. He agrees that the less they see of each other, the better. Ridge says that Steffy just lost her twin sister, so just let her grieve in her own way and stay away. Without much conviction, Rick nods he will.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami confides to Rafe that she plans on leaving her baby with the nuns for only a short time. Rafe is concerned that her plan won’t work, and worries what she will tell everyone when she shows up with anew baby. He tries to convince her to drop the subject of going to see then nun since he thinks she will be out of witness protection before she gives birth. Sami pretends to agree, but begins to hatch a new plan, anyway. The killer thinks he has tracked Rafe down, but learns he gave his old cell phone to a homeless man and got a new one. The killer assume Rafe must be in the area with Sami, and tells his contact that he is close to finding them. Nicole learns that Jill is selling her baby to Dr. Baker, and that he regularly sells babies to couples, giving the mother part of the money he makes off of the sale. Nicole pretends that she is also giving her baby up to Dr. Baker, and pretends to change hr mind after hearing Jill’s difficulties giving up her own child. She gives her money, and later prepares to confront Baker with what she knows. Melanie tries to make a lunch date with Brady but Phillip intervenes. He tries to warn Brady about Melanie, and Brady accuses Phillip of disliking her because she is the reason Brady was hired in the first place. Phillip insists it isn’t true. Julie talks to Melanie about her new job at Titan, and says she thinks Melanie likes working with Phillip and Brady because of their looks. Melanie swears it isn’t true, but late grows jealous when she overhears Phillip making New Year’s plans with Stephanie. Since they plan on going to Chez Rouge, Melanie calls Maggie and tells her she wants to attend as well. Chloe and Brady run into each other, and she warns him not to get involved with Nicole, as she know what she is capable of.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick and Robin exchange their vows. At the reception, Matt questions Maxie about her relationship with Spinelli. Robin separately thanks Robert and Mac for their roles in her life. Robert and Anna simultaneously have the same flashback of Robin’s childhood. Jax helps Carly cope with Michael’s birthday. Later, Carly finds Sonny at Michael’s hospital bedside. Carly and Sonny make peace with each other and the situation. Sonny and Jason go head to head about the “business.” Sonny makes it clear to Jason that he intends to work against him. Sonny resents Jason reminding him of the “guilt” he feels for Michael’s situation. Jason warns Sonny that he will strike back if any further shipments are delivered into his territory. Jax visits with Sam to get information on Jerry. Sam tells Jax what Jerry was up to. Sam says she’s certain Jerry perished in the explosion but Jax is left wondering. Later, Sam tells Jason she got a call from the FBI agent regarding Spinelli. At the end of the wedding reception, Spinelli daydreams about dancing with Maxie.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz stops Coop and tells him not to go over to the Spaulding Mansion. Coop takes off and Buzz is yelling for him. Alan and Beth are talking about a trip. Ashlee visits Doris who was hurt in the fire. Doris is being so sweet. Josh and Reva talk to Shayne about the incident. Shayne is still on oxygen for a bit from the smoke and heat. He takes off the mask and Reva tells him what an incredible gift that his coming home did to she and Josh. When Reva asks Shayne if there is anything she can get for him. He says a beer. Reva says no beer. Grady and Ashlee meet at Company. They are actually acting civil to each other. Grady tells her that if she gets in trouble all she has to do is holler no questions asked. Ashlee seems ok about it. Beth is nervous. She tells Alan she is worried that they will get stuck in the snow. Alan assure her now. He then goes to the desk to pick up her ring. He puts it in her hand and tells her he'll see her later and leaves the study. Moments later Coop shows up as Beth turns to see him standing there. Shayne shows up at Company and has a run in with Mallet. Mallet is on the phone. The discussion is about the fire. After he hangs up. He tells Shayne he has to take him in. Coop tells Beth to walk away from Alan. That they have something special. But if she says the word, he'll back away. He kisses her and tells her he'll be back. Coop hides when Alan shows up on stairs with the baby. The Coop reappears and Alan wants to know why he's there. Coop says that Beth left her purse at Company and wanted to return it. Later an upset Coop hugs Buzz.

Alan plans a wedding. Saying Emma will be a flower girl. Daisy and Grady talk about Ashlee trying to be nice to Grady and the job offer. At the hospital, Doris holds a news conference in her room. She has asked that Shayne be there. She announces to the press that Shayne is her hero. Shayne is shocked. She continue to describe how Shayne rolled into the fire to pull her out. Reva is beaming. Josh says he knows that Shayne doesn't think of himself a hero, but he is. Josh, Reva and Shayne leave Doris' room. Josh talks about having a meal together. Just before Josh leaves he shakes Shayne's hand. At home Daisy and Grady continue their talk until the phone rings and Daisy answers it. At Company Coop and Ashlee are at the counter. Ashlee sees his laptop open on the counter. She mentions it and Coop reaches over and quickly closes it. Alan takes a nap and Lillian arrives. They talk about Coop. Lillian thinks Beth is talking about Coop as if he were Phillip. Ashlee admits to Coop she is not seeing anyone and that she is sorry she lied to him. She just wanted him to think she is ok without him. Ashlee says she wakes up sometimes not knowing who she is anymore. Then she leaves. Beth is outside Company with Buzz. She hands him a note and tells Buzz to give it to Coop. She then turns and walks away. Daisy has a surprise gift for Grady. She tells him to close his eye while she goes and gets it. She comes back with a large box. He loves the gift. He has a small box for her. She opens it and it is a necklace. Josh and Reva are outside her place talking about Shayne when he was younger. They then turn to whether or not Shayne is really staying. Reva says he agreed to be the baby's godfather. Shayne takes a stroll to the bridge. He gets up from his wheelchair and stands for a bit before falling back into the wheelchair.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Asa's lawyer pays his family a surprise visit and shows them a video where Asa declares that Nora, Clint, Bo and Nigel have all failed to do what he expected of them for the inheritance he willed to them. So he is going to give it all to David Vickers. Hopefully, it will motivate them all to smarten up and correct their mistakes, he tells them. Dorian is ready to "seal the deal" to adopt Langston and makes plans to take her foster daughter to New York and celebrate New Year's. But, she accepts the fact that Langston wants to see Puddle of Mudd in concert at Ultraviolet with Markko and lets her go. David Vickers appears out of nowhere and confesses to Charlie and Viki that he happens to know that Dorian drugged Charlie and that is the reason why he wound up drunk in an alley a while ago and had no clue how it happened. At that point, Charlie and Viki go to confront Dorian and tell her they are going to report her to Bo. Blair finds her out aunt is in trouble and declares that she will wash her hands of Dorian's problems. At that point, when Dorian is alone, she books a flight to flee Llanview.

Marty knows that she can manipulate Todd by appearing in his home and making him think she might be interested in "starting over" with him. And it seems to be working.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Jill sees Kay and for a split second thinks it could be her, but then has her arrested because she believes it's that impostor Marge. Kevin is tired of being accused for Mrs. C's death and Jana is tired of her accusing him, so he visits Glo trying to get her to set the record straight, she declines. As he is leaving he sees Kay being taken to her cell. Karen is having cold feet and she shares this with Victoria and Olivia tries to persuade Tyra to tell Neil the truth about her feelings.

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