The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/26/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. takes a drink. Krystal goes berserk in her living room and knocks over the Christmas tree which causes a fire. Ryan finds a note from Greenlee. Aidan visits Annie, who recognizes him as being Aidan instead of her father. Annie asks Aidan what he is doing there. Ryan watches the video of himself, Emma, and Annie. David starts to leave Krystal when he hears the smoke detector going off. David begins to pound on the door to alert Krystal. Krystal starts downstairs, falls, and hits her head against a chair, knocking herself unconscious. David breaks down the door and rushes in to save Krystal’s life.

Ryan visits Greenlee and assures her that he will never leave her again. Knocking the doctor unconscious, Annie takes her clothes and escapes from Oak Haven while Aidan is locked in another room. As Krystal sits on the sofa at Wildwind, David comes in with a bag of presents that he rescued from her burning living room. J.R. finds the shell that Babe gave to Little A then passes out on the sofa. Amanda calls David and lets him know that J.R. has fallen off the wagon. Ryan and Greenlee make love. Annie goes home to Ryan’s penthouse and gets into Emma's bed. Aidan overpowers the orderly and gets out of his room. While Ryan sleeps next to her, Greenlee dreams that she's drowning in a bathtub.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is not thrilled by getting a gift from Craig. She’s still irked that he giveth, but also taketh away. She wants to know what part of “get the hell out” that he doesn’t understand. He explains that he just wants to embrace his family and redeem himself. If he can’t undo the past, he can at least be better in the present. This time it will be different. Alison brings some supplies to Lucy for Johnny. Lucy is having second thoughts in involving her and says she can back out now if she’d like. Alison says no one is twisting her arm; she’s in. Dusty warns Josie to stay as far away from Paul Ryan as she can get. Barbara tells them that she just saw Paul. She had hoped that when the meds wore off that he’d be better, but it seems he is worse. She thinks seeing Jennifer/Josie might be good for him. Dusty says that is putting Josie in a bad situation. Kim buys Alison’s story and agrees to be tested. Kim even pitches they can put this on WOAK and soon everyone will want to be tested. While Lucy is in the shower, Johnny slips away and rides down the elevator. He sees Josie and calls her mommy. Josie turns him in at the desk and he returns to Lucy. While Alison is taking blood from Paul, he starts shouting that something is wrong with Johnny. Katie and Alison conduct their blood testing on the air to show the public how simple it is. Craig agrees to be tested too if it will keep him in better stead with Katie and his family.

Josie visits Paul and Dusty is loud and direct; Josie is not Jennifer, they are not married and Johnny is gone. The nurse removes them as Paul gets too agitated. Dusty warns Josie not to get involved in this. Craig bumps into Barbara and asks if there is anything he can do for Paul. He gives his congratulations for her new baby granddaughter. She tells him to slither back into whatever hole he came out of and leave her family alone. Dusty tells Barbara that he doesn’t want Meg to go back to Paul; he’s dangerous. Craig and Dusty find themselves at the Lakeview bar watching the airing of Katie’s piece. Craig laments that Johnny is five years old and Lucy took him away not only to get him away from Craig, but Dusty as well. Josie goes in alone to visit Paul again and encourages him to think about Johnny and give her any premonitions he has. He states that Johnny is with airplanes and parachutes. We see Johnny putting together a large wooden jigsaw puzzle of airplanes and parachutes.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Eric that she’d like to pull Rick out of this funk. Eric says thanks to Ridge he doesn’t think Rick will be prosecuted so yes they will have time. And he won’t hear of Ridge sending Rick off to Paris. Rick needs to be here to heal, for everyone to heal. He realizes Rick has some deep-set problems, but all the more reason to stay here and resolve them. He still needs his parents and to stay in L.A. and work through this. He asks Brooke to talk to Ridge. He knows the two of them will get past this. Steffy drops in on Rick and while he is expecting the worse, she explains that she talked to Bridget. She had gone to the morgue and taken scrapings from under Phoebe’s nails. It did prove Rick’s story that Phoebe attacked him. He thanks her and says she can go and he will never bother her again. She’s shocked that he is considering going back to Paris. He can’t just leave; she doesn’t want him to go. She admits he made some mistakes, some very big ones. But he didn’t do it on purpose. It was an accident, even a preventable one, but they all need to take the blame for it and learn from it. Phoebe would not want him to be blamed like this. They hug. She says she feels his pain like her own. It’s “our” pain. He kisses her and she responds.

Eric calls Donna and expresses how much he loves her and missed her at Christmas. It’s over now, so he needs to speak with Stephanie. Donna says she will be waiting. Eric tells Stephanie that he is not going to exile Rick to Paris. Ridge is stronger than Stephanie thinks, and this will work out even with seeing Rick every day. Brooke and Ridge are still at odds though. He hates seeing Rick every day. He doesn’t want his children to see him like this. He’s adamant that he can’t pretend. She says he can, if he really cares about her and what they have. Don’t do this to her or to themselves. Don’t fill his heart with such hatred. He says he doesn’t want to lose her. He believes in “us”. She says that will never die. They kiss. Eric tells Stephanie that Thorne did something that he needs to tell her about. All his assumptions about Donna have been wrong due to what Thorne did and made him see on camera. Stephanie is stunned that he told her for the last month that they would spend the rest of their life together and now he is going back to Donna. Awaiting Eric to arrive, Donna opens the door and gasps as she is greeted by Pam.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

The killer tracks Sami down via Rafe’s cell phone. Sami admits to Rafe that she wants to give her baby to Sister Teresa at the convent. Rafe refuses to help her. Nicole fantasizes about killing Dr. Baker, but later shows up with cupcakes, begging him to help her keep her secret. Baker refuses unless she comes up with the money. Nicole goes through his phone contacts and gets a girl Baker knows to meet her. Nicole assumes she is a prostitute, but when the girls shows up, she’s young and pregnant. Brady and Phillip lay into Victor for misleading them both about Brady’s position at Titan. He pretends to fire them, but when they both turn on them, he says his plan was really to get the two of them to work together. Melanie tells Brady that she is looking forward to working with him. Chelsea confronts her about what she told Stephanie about her and Max, and Melanie says the two of them clearly have feelings for one another. Chelsea confides in Max, and they agree to stay friends. Max later confronts Melanie as well, telling her that he and Chelsea are friends and to stay out of his personal life. Melanie tells him that Chelsea obviously likes him. Chelsea asks Victor to fire Melanie, but he refuses. EJ talks to Marlena about Nicole and her strange behavior, but Marlena thinks it’s just her worries about her pregnancy that are making her act that way. Roman confides in Marlena that he thinks EJ still has feelings for Sami.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia tries to find the next of Jerry's DVDs. Sam is released from the hospital. Lucky is waiting for her when she gets home. Jason asks Sonny to cut his ties with the Zacchara family. Patrick and Robert have a heart to heart. Robin remembers Stone. Sonny visits with Robin before the wedding to wish her well. Robert remembers his first meeting with Robin. Maxie worries that something will stop the wedding from happening. Things fall into place and the wedding begins as Robin makes her entrance down the aisle.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After setting the building with the evidence inside it. Dinah and Shayne celebrate by toasting marshmallows. After talking with her, Grady follows Daisy out. Frank invites Ashlee to the Coopers for Christmas saying she is an honorary member of the Cooper clan. Buzz overhears a Coop's side of a telephone call he was making to Beth to leave her a message. After Coop hangs up Buzz starts to get on him about calling Beth. Then Buzz hugs Coop saying he doesn't want anyone killed today. Alan and Beth are spending Christmas together along with Lillian who suggests they go out for dinner. Shayne says that the mission is accomplished and all the evidence is about gone. Then Dinah and Shayne hear someone knocking and yelling from within the burning building. He tries to go see if he can get the person out, but Dinah tries to put the breaks on his wheelchair. Mallet and Marina are enjoying gift swapping. Ashlee is the first to see Daisy and Grady arrive at Company. She starts in on Daisy. Frank stops her and they talk about it. She agrees to let him stay for Daisy. Outside Company, Buzz gives Coop a package of books. Buzz tells him about when Coop's mom died, how he thought he shouldn't raise Coop. Coop gets a surprise. It is Beth with Alan. Beth reads a message that was passed to her. It said to meet after the party. Daisy arrives with Grady. Alone with Daisy, Frank thanks her for coming and doesn't get on her case about bringing Grady. Beth meets Coop in his room where they kiss and he shows her part of a book. She is excited. Shayne attempts to go in the burning building. The one person inside just happens to be right inside the door. Shayne walks him out. Remy is an EMT who arrives at the scene where Shayne and Dinah are. He has the guy on a stretcher conscious and he checks out Shayne. Back at Company, Frank gives Daisy a Christmas gift and tells her that this will be their tradition. She thanks him and hugs him. Marina has been keeping Peyton company while Beth is upstairs. When Alan sees them together, he asks if she knows where Beth is. Marina says no, that she just saw Peyton sitting at a table and picked her up. In Coop's room, they are hugging and kissing. She wants to stop to go get Peyton. Coop wants her to read some of the book first. He leaves the room standing out in the hall and she reads a page. She then goes to exit the room. She opens the door to find Coop waiting outside. Alan has Peyton when he walks over to a table with Lillian and Buzz talking about Beth and Coop. They stop as Alan approaches with Peyton. Buzz gets everyone a glass of eggnog. He then toasts to the past year and family and friends. He looks over at Alan and warns him about Coop. Alan doesn't look happy. Harley calls Company and Frank answers. When Frank gives it to Daisy, she can't seem to get an answer from Harley when she says hi to her. She then says the phone went dead. Daisy hands the receiver to Frank and he is crushed. Remy and Shayne are in a hospital exam room talking. Dinah is checking out the area of the fire. She goes over to Shayne's chair which is still there. Then Cyrus arrives. And he says that she wanted the evidence against Bill gone, she got her wish. Ashlee visits her mom in the hospital. Dinah goes to Cedars to see if Shayne is ok and to drop off his wheelchair. She cleans it up of all the soot that landed on it. Frank, Daisy, Mallet and Marina are huddled together talking about whether or not to let Grady join them for Christmas. Frank says in the Spirit of Christmas, sure. All then smile. Alan holding Peyton asks where Beth wants to celebrate Christmas. Beth says home. Coop is overhearing this. The Spaulding Clan leave. Buzz goes up to Coop saying he wished it was different.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody celebrates Christmas. Jared has told Viki, Charlie and Roxy that he plans to propose to Natalie. Yet nobody knows how she will react to his proposal. He gives her the ring and she agrees to marry him. Rex has to break the news to Shane that he could not afford the z box that Shane wanted. But when Dorian has several z boxes in her home, she gets a "visit" from Mel, the voice of her conscience who tells her that maybe she needs to realize that a little boy's Christmas is incomplete because of Dorian's greed. Dorian remembers using the z box to be spiteful to Rex and decides to go to give it to him so he can give it to Shane. Todd is alone and depressed without Marty. But Tea is with him attempting to inspire him. A mysterious unseen person comes out of nowhere dressed like a biblical character walking with a cane. And he reveals himself as David Vickers.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill, Esther and unexpected guest Billy spend Christmas with Chloe and Cane at their place. Kay realizes she is Katherine Chancellor and begs Murphy to take her to the mansion, where they break in (sort of). Colleen coaxes the identity of Sonny Crawford out of her, needless to say she is shocked when she finds out its Sonny. Nikki celebrates with the kids at the Tackhouse, she also runs into a free Victor, who is also celebrating with Ashley and surprise guests Abbey. Jack's Christmas is not so merry as Sharon and Noah move into the AC leaving him alone for the holidays.

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