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AMC Recap Written by Mary


ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Janet is going to give Jack his first Italian Christmas. The Snyder kitchen is filled with delicious smells for tomorrow and Jack is looking forward to new traditions. Carly talks on the phone with J.J. who is skiing instead of coming home. Craig shows up unannounced, but Carly manages to let him talk her into going over to the farm to deliver the presents that Parker forgot to take. Janet gives Jack an early present, a knitted sweater with a reindeer on it. Jack is incensed when he drops by Carly’s and sees Craig and she reminds Jack that he has a new wife and life. Janet sees and senses that Jack is too concerned over what might happen in the future with Craig and Carly. Meg and Dusty bring Eliza home to the farm. Alison gives her a battle rattle. She asks Dusty if Lucy has been in touch. No, he has not seen her in two years. Craig welcomes the new Mrs. Snyder into the family in his usual wry style. Dusty is definitely not a happy camper to see Craig there. Alison is approached by Lucy and Johnny. He needs a bone marrow transplant and Lucy is hoping that Alison can look up records and get him a match. Alison at first turns her down. This would put her nursing career in jeopardy because of privacy laws, but later agrees to do it. Parker gives Liberty a skateboard charm bracelet, but she doesn’t think she can keep it. It’s not appropriate for a brother-sister. She got him a book. Craig wants to see Meg’s baby and Janet has to referee a bit to keep the peace between Dusty and Craig. Jack is about to explode and wishes to see Carly outside. He has a problem with her here with Craig. He won’t back off when it comes to his kids. She points out he is making too big a deal with this. He offers Craig the door and wishes him a Happy New Year by just staying away. Meg tells Dusty that she let Craig hold the baby since she had lost a baby too like he lost Johnny. And as wonderful as Dusty has been, he shouldn’t let this be a substitute for Johnny. Both Craig and Dusty vow they will find Johnny and raise him on their own. Although Craig reveals to Carly that he could pass Johnny on the street and not even know who he was.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells the family that she honestly did not know if she could get through this Christmas, but now she sees - where else would she be? She looks at the star on the top of the tree – Phoebe. Taylor thanks Brooke and Hope for making the star. This is what she needs, this holiday tradition which binds them all. Ridge wants to say a few words before they eat. He says he looks around and sees Phoebe everywhere; her memory with each person there tonight. He wishes the miracle of Christmas to give them each peace, comfort and love. Rick approaches Ridge and thanks him for this awkward but special time that he is allowed to be with his family. Looking at Eric on the floor with the kids, Stephanie tells Thorne that Eric is hands down the biggest kid of all at this time of year. Thorne says that she better not forget that no matter what happens, Eric will always love her. Each hangs their stockings. Taylor opens Phoebe’s, but dissolves in Ridge’s arms and puts the stocking back in the box.

Katie pampers Nick as he pleasantly grouses what about me? Baby wants some presents too! He and Katie open their gifts and she gets a pair of new white sneakers. No more nerf basketball, says Nick, it’s time to hit the real court outside. He then says he always has a back-up gift in case the first one bombs. He pulls out a ring box and displays an engagement ring rock big as a basketball. Katie is overwhelmed with tears. He states that here he is with his lousy track record with women and marriage, but he’s here to ask her to do the happily ever after thing with him. He loves her and he wants to build a life with her and Jack. Katie cries that she does too and they seal it with a kiss and Nick slipping the ring on her finger. Brooke thanks Ridge for his change of heart. It was a wonderful thing; the future is much brighter now, all because of him. Taylor thanks Stephanie for being a true friend. She announces to the room that she thought this would be the second worst day in her life, but it has turned into one of the most joyous. Phoebe would want it to that. She hugs Stephanie, and each person in the room turns and hugs the others around them. They look at the star on the tree and join Eric in singing “Joy To The World”.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has a nightmare that EJ discovers her fake belly. Later, the DiMeras have a Christmas party, and she begs John for money. He says he can’t help her, but offers her a plane ticket out of town. Brady urges her to tell the truth. Tony warns EJ to be careful of Stefano. Later, EJ catches Nicole crying and praying to God to help her. Abe and Bo rush down to the pier when they learn Theo is missing. While Bo is looking around, he thinks he sees Zach. When he chases after him, he finds Theo. Later, all of them, including John and Marlena, join the Hortons at Maggie’s house for Christmas. Chloe can’t keep herself from calling Daniel. Later, she breaks her ornament after Julie presents it to her. John calls Charlotte, telling her that he needs to remember his past.

GH Recap Written by Laurie


GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah goes before the cameras to give a Christmas message. She can't go through with it at first til a little angry speech from Ashlee. Bill is trying  to get in touch with Lizzie, but gets her answering service. Jeffrey and Reva are getting ready for guests. They talk about how nice it is to have Shayne home. They talk about family the town. They also start talking about God Parents for the unborn baby. Jeffrey says they have time. Olivia is enjoying Emma. Natalia says she has an errand, but will be back. Olivia ask Natalia if she has seen another package delivery. Natalia says no. Olivia mentions it is another present for Emma. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and Natalia leaves. Dinah tries to get through her taped Christmas Message. Later Dinah meets up with Shayne. Shayne invites her to Reva's for Christmas since that is where he will be. They ready and go. Buzz plays Santa. He pops up at the grocery store and bumps into Bill. They talk about Lizzie. Leaving the store, Buzz bumps into Billy. Shayne calls to confirm his flight out. And finds out he can't leave the country. Natalia visits Rafe in Prison. She asks permission to hug her son and gets it. They have a long hug. Jeffrey and Shayne run into each other. Shayne lets into Jeffrey about not being able to leave the country. Jeffrey while handing him a small gift, tells him Reva need him because she is sick and that he gives her joy and hope. Shayne continues his argument. Jeffrey suggest peace for Christmas. Jeffrey goes to deliver presents, and Shayne turns around and throws the little gift Jeffrey gave him. Later while Reva and Josh are in the house talking, Shayne is unknowingly poking his head in the door about to come in. He hears his parents laugh. He decides not to go in and shuts the door. Natalia comes home to a scared Olivia. Olivia says Emma is gone. Olivia starts blaming Natalia. Just then Olivia gets a call from Frank. Seems she went over there to see Rafe. Olivia looks relieved.  As Billy is reading the story of Jesus cast members are scene doing different things. Just then Shayne appears. He wheels up to the Christmas Tree and Reva hands him the Angel to put on top of the tree. Shayne stands up and does so. Reva is full of emotion seeing her son stand. Reva tells him that she will get him something to eat before he has to go to the airport. Shayne breaks the news that he isn't leaving. Bill and Dinah meet again to talk about Evidence and who believes in him. At the police station Olivia and Natalia talk to Emma about why she left the house. Emma says she doesn't want to loose the house and she was scared she wouldn't have anywhere to spend Christmas. Natalia says they all will spend Christmas at the house and it will be the best Christmas ever. Emma gets to open a couple of presents. One from Olivia and one from Natalia as both ladies look at her and smile at each other and Emma. Mood changes again when Olivia tells her they've got to go. Emma doesn't want to leave. Natalia says she is welcome anytime to hang out. Olivia hands Natalia a long gift. Natalia opens it. It is a piece of wood with Rafe's height on it from their old house in Chicago. Natalia is happy. They stand it up and Emma goes in front of it and they measure her. Natalia says she is almost as tall has Rafe was at his age. At Reva's, the party is winding down. Shayne says he has to go. He promises to call the next day.  When Shayne leaves the house. Josh asks Jeffrey if he has anything to do with Shayne staying for the, "time being." Jeffrey doesn't outright say it. But he does say that he needed to stay here. Bill opens his present of a laptop. Bill is not thrilled until Billy pushes a button and Lizzie starts talking. In picking god parents Jeffrey, Reva and Josh are going through friend's names. Then Josh suggests Shayne. Being that this baby will be a little brother to his being a big brother. Reva loves the idea and so does Jeffrey. Emma hugs Olivia. Bill and Lizzie are video chatting about Christmas. They promise to see each other soon. Ashlee runs Dinah's message as the show ends and they show cast members having fun with others. Dinah is with Shayne and she throws something into a building that puts it on fire. Cast members as  themselves thank us for tuning in this year and wish us Happy Holidays.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary


Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead


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