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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David carries Krystal upstairs and puts her to bed. Amanda arrives at the Chandler cabin in time to comfort J.R. over the death of Babe. Reese and Bianca take care of Spike and Ian while Zach is visiting Kendall in the hospital. Zach arrives home and Bianca is anxious as to how Kendall is. The spirit of Kendall arrives to oversee the festivities. Aidan lets Annie know that tomorrow is Christmas. Annie wonders why anyone hadn’t told her. Ryan and Greenlee kiss. Kendall watches Zach as he takes care of Spike and Ian. Ryan and Greenlee make love. Bianca surprises Reese with an engagement ring.

J.R. loses the sea shell that Babe had given to Little A, and he begins to panic. Amanda finds the shell, but slips it inside her purse. The doctor calls Ryan to let him know that Annie had taken an overdose. Ryan arrives at Oak Haven and demands to see Annie. Krystal confronts David about his drugging her in order to get her on his side. Krystal begins to throw things at David to make him leave. Krystal, angrily, turns the Christmas tree over. Crying, Krystal goes upstairs. A fire starts in the living room due to the turned over Christmas tree and catches some newspapers on fire. Amanda offers J.R. a drink. Amanda is just about to give J.R. the shell when she turns around and sees J.R. take a sip of the alcohol. Aidan sneaks back into Annie’s room. Drowsy, Annie sits up and asks Aidan what is he doing here. Ryan arrives home to find Greenlee gone. Zach, Reese and Bianca feel as though they have a guardian angel.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Margo inquires about the lucky girl that Casey has a date with. She’s tickled when she finds out it’s his old girlfriend, Maddie. She was always so crazy about Casey. Margo warns him to please not screw this up this time. Luke visits the police station in hopes of talking to Jade. Bonnie tells Lily and Holden that Derek is bringing Robby Sanchez back to Oakdale. But that doesn’t mean that Jade will be freed in time for Christmas. While all are congregating at the station, Robby grabs a letter opener and holds it to Jade’s throat. After a few scary moments, Derek is able to overtake him and Robby later sings like a bird collaborating Jade’s testimony. Jade wants to know who Derek is. Sarcastically he says just a man who saved her butt, she should be grateful so just shut up. Lily invites Derek to their house for Christmas, but he declines saying it is just for family. She knows. Jade picks up on this and later tells Lily that she wants more answers from Derek. He keeps staring at her and if he knew her mother, perhaps he might be her father. Lily agrees, but they can’t be sure. Jade tries to get the answers from Derek, but he walks out. Vienna leads a surprised Henry on a treasure hunt inside her dress. He’s all for that, but refuses to listen to her tell him that his sister is a woman now. That’s too much information. Maddie confides in Noah that she is getting nowhere with Casey. Luke spies them with heads together and walks out. Noah catches up with him and states that Luke has no reason to be jealous. They are just friends. Maddie is back with Casey. And he promises Luke they will be together alone on New Year’s Eve, really alone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie decorates the Christmas tree. Eric plays his usual Christmas carols on the piano. She joins him. It’s going to be hard to have a joyful day without Phoebe. Brooke gathers her kids together, and laments it will be hard for Taylor too to get through this holiday. Rick kneels at the grave of Phoebe and cries that this holiday won’t mean a thing without her. Taylor walks up unexpectedly. She shares with Rick that she can still feel Phoebe lighting her way. Stephanie is disappointed that the others came, but Taylor chose not to. She thinks she needs to be here tonight. Nick makes a generous donation of Christmas presents for the kids at the hospital. He returns with Jack in his own Santa suit.

Donna tells Marcus that Eric is spending Christmas with his family, but he will tell Stephanie soon that he’s returning to Donna as his wife. Marcus feels like this is his first Christmas, the first one that really matters. Eric talks to Donna on the phone and they both declare they miss each other, but they will be together soon. Rick slips into the Forrester house bearing gifts for the kids. Eric asks him to stay, but Rick nixes that as he knows that he is hated here. Eric says there is no hatred in his house this night. Ridge shows up at the grave and convinces Taylor to come celebrate. Phoebe would want that. Against Stephanie’s strong disapproval, Eric tells her that Rick is welcome there like everyone else. He needs their love and understanding as much as Taylor does. That’s final! Ridge comes in, but Taylor needs a few moments outside alone. The rest gather and sing carols around Eric at the piano. Taylor comes in and puts her arms around Steffy and Thomas, and Ridge points out the Christmas star on the tree. Hope says she made it for Phoebe so she can look up and see her in Heaven. Taylor thanks her and looks up at the star and says, “Merry Christmas, Phoebe.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip and Stephanie agree to spend Christmas with each other’s families. Melanie overhears and goes crying to Max about being alone for Christmas. He invites her to the Brady Christmas party, which she is thrilled about since Phillip will be there with Stephanie. Brady accepts Victor’s job offer, but only on the condition that he is second to Phillip. Victor doesn’t tell Phillip as much, and demands that he announce to everyone at the Titan Christmas party the news about Brady’s new job. Phillip refuses to do so and storms off. Daniel learns that Kate will be able to go home for good for Christmas, and Chloe and Lucas come by the hospital to hear the good news. She wants pictures of Chloe and Daniel, and they share an awkward moment. Lucas and Kate assume that Chloe and Daniel dislike each other. Bo and Hope reminisce about Zach and hang his ornament on the front of the tree. Hope thinks that Bo’s recent flashes all have to do with Zach. Later, Chelsea comes by and is upset by the ornament, but Bo and Hope comfort her and counsel her that what happened was an accident and she can’t keep blaming herself. Later, Bo has another flash and this time he realizes the hurt child is Theo. At the pier, Theo races for the railing at the edge of the water as Lexie chases after him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

It’s Christmas Eve in Port Charles. Spinelli encounters a man at the penthouse who appears to be Santa. Spinelli tries to fix Santa’s PDA. Santa instructs Spinelli to find out what everyone in town wants for Christmas. Santa disappears but leaves his jacket behind. Spinelli tells his story to Maxie and the two of them visit the residents of Port Charles to deliver items found in Santa’s coat pocket. Spinelli gives Lulu a key that unlocks the box holding Laura’s angel. Spinelli takes Robin some cookies that mirror her grandmother’s lost recipe. Spinelli delivers a pair of glasses to Monica – when she wears them, she can see and hear Alan. Luke, Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas decorate a Christmas tree at the Spencer house. Laura phones to wish everyone well. Diane has a disagreement with Max so she ends up visiting with Bernie. Bernie offers Diane some sound advice. Spinelli brings Diane and Max together with his gifts. The Scorpio family spends the evening together. Maxie and Spinelli return to the penthouse and find Santa waiting. Spinelli takes a picture then Santa goes on his way. Maxie leaves but later calls Spinelli to tell him she received the photo as a gift. Spinelli says he received the same photo. The two wish each other a “merry Christmas.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ava and Remy meet up at Cedars and they talk about what happened before she left. She asks him to go to San Francisco with her. He tells her is answer in a form of a question. He says if she can ride on a back of a bike I am in. She hugs him. Dinah and Shayne kiss. Shayne brings up the kidnapping of Lizzie and how his cousin, Daisy got involved. Dinah tells him not to remind her. Reva is having some fun with Jeffrey. He goes to do something for Olivia leaving Reva in the living room alone until she is startled by a knock on the door. She answers it and it is Josh telling him that Shayne is being shipped out. Reva asks when, and Josh tells her today. Jeffrey is with Olivia and Ava comes to tell them that Remy accepted her invitation to go to San Francisco with her. Remy is on the phone with an answering machine and tells it that he is going with Ava. Josh tells Reva that Shayne lied to his doctors. Reva says that Josh will get through to him. As he did her. then Shayne comes in and Josh tells him he is not leaving town. Dinah meets up with Cyrus. Again the subject is Bill and the evidence that the prosecution has against him. Cyrus tells Dinah to let him worry about it. Bill tells Billy that Alan has been the one who framed Bill. Remy trying to find Christina goes to the hospital to talk to Christina's grandmother. Ava has Christmas Gifts for Jeffrey and Olivia. They are unconventional but meaningful. Jeffrey gets a medal. Ava says it is for bravery due to what he and Reva are going through with the baby. Shayne tells Josh and Reva that Jeffery is the one that got Shayne back to work. As Reva argues in defense of Shayne's decision she gets light headed and almost faints. Reva ok Shayne agrees to stay for a couple of days. Josh is ok with that. Josh tells him that he is not giving up on him getting out of the wheelchair. Josh leaves the house and Shayne looks over at a smiling Reva. Shayne wants to know what is up. She says nothing but thank you. Ava changes her tune about Remy going with her. Olivia looks secretly into a box that Natalia has in her room. It mostly has stuff of Rafe's. Dinah tries to reason with Bill about the kidnapping. About who was responsible. Ava tells Remy she doesn't need rescuing anymore. Ava tells Remy to stay with Christina. Josh goes to see Jeffery about Shayne going back overseas. Jeffrey tells Josh he didn't have a hand in that. Josh tells Jeffrey that he knows he is with Reva and he is resigned to that, but stay away from his kids. Reva continues to convince Shayne to stay longer. Shayne says it is a good job. Shayne changes the subject telling Reva she needs her rest and that he'll see her tomorrow. Remy meets with Christina to talk. they are at the cemetery. They talk of her parents. Christina tells Remy she decided to become a doctor because of her mother's death. After seeing Reva, Shayne meets up with Dinah. Jeffrey comes back from getting things and seeing Josh. Jeffrey tells her of his confrontation with Josh. Then showing off his treasures. He shows Reva the one that Ava gave him and tells her what she said to him. Laying on the couch they both have their hands on Reva's tummy feeling the baby kick. Jeffrey reaches over for a small radio, takes off the earphones and places it on Reva's tummy. Reva can't believe what he is doing and laughs. He says that his kid is going to listen to Christmas music.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr stands up in court and announces to the judge that Todd admitted to her that he was going to kidnap her baby. At that point, he tells the court that he wants to hear her testimony. Tea argues. But Nora is ready to prepare a case against Todd for kidnapping. Tea takes Todd to his empty apartment after getting the judge to grant him bail. He is very depressed to be alone in the empty house without Marty. Carlotta and Antonio tell Cristian that they seriously disapprove of his fake marriage to Vanessa. Tea reveals that she is in cahoots with Ray Montez and that by persuading Vanessa to marry Cristian, she can keep Vanessa in the US and prove that she set Ray up. Jared informs Clint and then informs Viki that he wants to marry Natalie. They both say yes although Natalie has no clue of his plans.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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