The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Emma wraps a present for Annie and tells her dad that she wants to take it to her mommy. Jake comes into Pine Valley Hospital in a Santa suit where he plays Santa for all the little children. Taylor visits Brot in jail and offers to help him get out. Brot refuses her help. Little A gives Colby a present before he and J.R. go up to the Chandler cabin in the woods. Krystal is on the phone with Opal, arranging for Jenny and Kathy to stay a little while longer with Opal. Zach visits Kendall and leaves her a pic of Ian and Spike. At the hospital, Jake lets Greenlee know that he his license was suspended courtesy of David. Ryan explains to Emma that they cannot go and see Annie right now. When David shows up, Krystal refuses his help but lets it slip that J.R. is taking Little A to the Chandler cabin for a little while. Krystal brings presents to Little A, but David shows up to ruin the festivities. Adam orders David out of his house. Taylor apologizes to Zach for her treatment of him after the fall that Zach accidentally caused. Taylor asks Zach for help in getting Brot released from jail. As Amanda sits on a bench in the park, Jake interrupts her. Amanda brushes Jake off when he tries to talk to her. Amanda gets a call from David telling her that she is taking a trip to the woods to join J.R. and Little A.

Greenlee, dressed in a Santa suit, surprises Emma. Ryan thanks Greenlee for her patience with Emma and for being there for her. David interrupts Krystal at home and fixes her a glass of spiked milk. Krystal gives in and lets David carry her upstairs. Brot arrives at Taylor’s door along with Zach. Taylor hugs Zach for helping to get Brot out of jail. When Ryan surprises Greenlee with a butterfly pin, she hugs him and says she loves him, then they kiss. As Zach leaves Kendall’s room, her spirit arises and yells out for Zach to wait that she is coming, too. Amanda arrives at the cabin just in time for J.R. to hug her.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Bored Lucinda is ready to spring from the nest and get out. She finagles Brian into giving her a mistletoe kiss which doesn’t quite hit the mark. He agrees to take her out of her doldrums by going to a museum. They end up in the Board Room where she tries to have her way with him. He convinces her that is not what she wants right now. They are interrupted by Vienna who brings Lucinda a manuscript she just found. "The Man in Oakdale", written by Henry, who knew? Lucinda is disappointed when she finds that Henry already has a lady publisher. Brian takes one look and decides this is a thinly disguised story about Lucinda, Lucy and Johnny. Noah gives Luke a watch for Christmas and reminisces about their blossoming love which started last Christmas. He invites Noah to share Christmas again at the Snyder Farm. He wishes they could get back to that place they once were. Luke tells Noah that Brian came on to him again, but has admitted it and made it clear that it won’t happen again. He also tells Noah about Jade being back in town, but she is in jail. Maddie surprises Casey by showing up. She still feels the same way she formerly did before leaving town. He stammers that he is no good for her. She’s making something of her life and he’s pushing a broom and a bucket. Alison is not so happy to see her, but later tells Casey that he should give Maddie another chance or otherwise forever regret not doing so.

As Noah initiates passionate kisses with Luke, Maddie appears. Noah is happier to see her than Luke is. He recalls this being Noah’s love at one time and he slept with her before he admitted he was gay. Luke is not exactly thrilled either that Noah invited Maddie to join them for their New Year’s Eve party. Noah assures Luke that he only wants to be with him, Maddie is no where close. They kiss again. Lucinda insists on wanting to see Brian’s old room at the Lakeview which he still has until the end of the month. Again, she comes on to him but all he does is playfully throw her to the bed and says she doesn’t have to do this to prove that she is a woman. Casey finds Maddie and makes a date with her. Alison gets a mysterious text message and suspects it is from Lucy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke insists that Rick needs to give everyone some space right now to deal with their loss. Rick tells her that he can’t outrun this accident. But, he thinks Paris is just too far away and she is being unreasonable to exile him. She explains this is not a punishment, but to give him time to accept Ridge as her husband. He agrees that he won’t have to drive down that same road and see Phoebe in his head, and Brooke’s right that in Paris he won’t have to face Ridge every day. No matter where he goes or what he does, the memory of Phoebe will be with him forever. She was innocent, he did this to her, she did not deserve to die. He will go to Paris. Brooke changes her mind. She can not send him away. Christmas is the time for loving and forgiving. Ridge will come around. On the jet, lying in Donna’s arms, Eric says this is exactly what he needed. She puts on a Honey Bear Airlines show and Eric eats it up. She also tells him that he needs to be home for Christmas with his family since this death in the family. They will have other Christmas’s. Ridge discusses Christmas with Stephanie. He says he and Brooke agreed on it; Rick has to go to Paris. He simply can not look at him any more.

Thorne doesn’t want Stephanie to get her hopes up for this Christmas – with the trimming of the tree, the eggnog, the singing. It’s not going to be like that and he doesn’t want her to be hurt. Eric tells Donna that now that he knows the truth of what kept them apart, Stephanie must know the truth too. He wants to spend his life with Donna. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick agreed to going to Paris. He’s depressed and is addressing what kind of man he really is. But……she doesn’t want him to go. Rick shouldn’t be alone right now. Finally she says it; she just can’t send her son away. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Ridge, but she can’t live with causing her son pain. Ridge can’t live with Rick and she can’t live without him. She knows Ridge has a big heart and she knows they can get through anything. She wants him to promise her that they can survive this.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor asks Brady to take a position at Titan as vice-CEO. Brady says he will have to think about it. Nicole gets a visit from Dr. Baker, who demands his money. She promises to have some for him the next day. She later begs Brady for the money, but he doesn’t have it. He urges her to tell EJ the truth. She then gets an idea to start selling off some objects d’art out of the mansion, and calls Baker to tell him she will have a payment the next day. Victor warns EJ that Nicole only cares about herself and money, and that her relationship with EJ will blow up in his face. EJ refuses to listen. Max and Chelsea visit Kate and later share an awkward moment at the pub when he wipes coffee off of her lip. Daniel brings Chloe the necklace, but she slams his hand in the door. They later claps hands when she bandages it up. He goes to visit Kate, who tells him that she thinks Chloe and Lucas are meant to be. Chloe and Lucas make love, but she fantasizes about Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sasha gives Jason a clue to Sam’s location before she (Sasha) dies. Sonny visits with Morgan at Carly’s house. Carly says she’s willing to reconsider allowing Sonny to spend some time with Morgan. Robert is hesitant about giving Robin away at the wedding. He says Mac should have that honor. Claudia views Jerry’s DVD one more time to try and figure out the location of the next DVD. Sam is still stuck in the pit – she dreams of rescuing Jake instead of watching him get taken from the park. Luke stumbles upon Sasha’s dead body and Robert arrives shortly afterwards. Mac arrives and surprises Robert with a hug. After Luke leaves, Mac talks Robert into giving Robin away. Anna agrees to be Robin’s Matron of Honor. Spinelli uses Sasha’s clue to find Sam. Jason climbs into the pit to get Sam while Spinelli calls for medical help. While Sonny is out, Claudia entertains Ric in her bedroom. Ric warns Claudia about Sonny’s violent tendencies. Carly and Morgan head to the hotel to drop of Jax’s gift. Jax kisses Carly under the mistletoe.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan runs into Bill at Towers and nags him about finding the "real kidnapper". Frank is kidding with Natalia. Then he gets serious saying anything she need he is there for her. She thanks him. Olivia is unpacking ornaments when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find Josh there. She lets him in. They get to talking and finally Olivia tells Josh she has to get out of where she is, which is her place. Shayne still has his car on the railroad tracks. Back at Towers, Alan still is nagging at Bill. He tells Bill he puts Lizzie before anything else and that Bill doesn't. Bill grabs a hold of Alan's jacket collars and threatens him. Josh and Olivia are having a good time just talking at the kitchen table about the "good fight." Josh tells her he heard a rumor that she lost her job because she helped Natalia. She explains it was do to funds. Then the subject turns to Shayne and his homecoming. Shayne gets out of the car which is still on the tracks. Dinah joins him on the tracks on the passenger side. Shayne gets back into the driver side as Dinah leans in the passenger side talking to him not to do anything. Shayne tells her to close the door. Next thing we see is Shayne backing off the railroad tracks. After Bill lets go he says the cards have been stacked up against him. Meanwhile from another part of the room hiding from view, Billy is listening in on this. Frank takes donations from Emma and Natalia for a Christmas fund for homeless families. Shayne and Dinah wind up at a Bar. They talk about mortality. Bill is at the park and he calls Dinah. He tells her he got a call and that the trial starts next week. Josh finds Shayne at the bar and tries to talk some sense into him and also goes down memory lane. Josh suggests they play darts. Shayne looks like he is starting to enjoy himself. They continue to talk. The subject turns to Reva and Jeffrey. Alan is about to leave Towers when Billy comes up and tells Alan that any nail in a coffin will be his if he continues to harass Bill. In the park, Bill tells Dinah he knows who framed him. He still can't remember the kidnapping though. Back at the Bar Josh tells Shayne he is going to help him get out of the chair. Josh reminds him of the hospital he built for the soldiers. Shayne tells Josh it is not Josh that is to blame but himself. That Josh should live his life. Josh reminds him that he, Shayne, is his life. They agree neither play fair. Josh leaves the bar with Shayne just sitting there at the table. At Olivia and Natalia's, Frank delivers on a promise of gifts and cheer for Emma. One gift is an apron so she can help Buzz at Company and Mom at home. Billy continues to threaten Alan that if Alan hurts one little hair on Bill's head Billy will kill him. Alan say he will be there for Lizzie. Billy says he knows. Bill tells Dinah that he can't let Alan Spaulding get away with this meaning the kidnapping and frame then takes off. Dinah yelling for him to take it easy. Dinah meets up with Shayne and gives him a big kiss on the lips.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Todd's trial, Tea is able to successfully convince the judge that Todd did not rape Marty and that the fact that he lied to her about her life is not actionable in a court of law. He grudgingly informs Todd that he is free to go. Cole is furious and confides in Starr that he wants to get a gun and shoot Todd Manning. The legal system cannot do what needs to be done. But she convinces him not to do that. They go to the hearing together, and she announces that her father kidnapped her baby. Cristian and Vanessa go through with their wedding. Sara is not ok with it. Rex admits to Gigi that he tried but failed to find a way to afford to by the z box for Shane. At St. Anne's, Jessica is having a dream where she is Tess and demands that Bess tells her the secret about the baby. But Bess knows that neither Jessica nor Tess can know the truth. Brody talks to the shrink about his issues involving Shane and the boy in Iraq whom he shot.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Adam begs Victor to help him and Victor reminds him that if he is his son he will make it through this ordeal and become a better man. Marge (Kay) and Murphy spend some time at the diner and as she goes back to the trailer to surprise Murphy she slips on the ice. Cane visits Jill and Esther and they talk about his treatment of Chloe; he shares with Jill that they are just friends and his true love is still and always will be Lily. Lily is at the bookstore preparing to meet the elusive Sonny Crawford who she discovers is Billy, at first she is upset but then realizes that she really wanted it to be him and they share a romantic kiss. Amber sick with a cold has a dream about Kevin being guilty of Kay’s murder. Kay’s memoir hit’s the bookstores.

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