The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

A Tribute to Myrtle Fargate:  Zach looks at the newspaper's obit with a pic of Myrtle Fargate and remembers times that he spent talking to her, then he receives a package from his deceased friend. Bianca looks at the obituary about Myrtle with tears in her eyes. Reese brings out a blanket and wraps it around Bianca’s shoulders. Bianca looks down and sees a box from Myrtle. Opal also receives a box from Myrtle containing a crystal ball. Opal lets Pete know that she is not ready to say good-bye to Myrtle. Erica and Jack visit Myrtle’s ex-dress shop. Erica finds a box on the counter addressed to her, but can't open it right away. Zach goes to visit Kendall to let her know that Myrtle passed away in her sleep and brings the package that she sent him. Zach opens the box and pulls out a photo album with the inscription, “It’s All Worth It.” David stops Zach in the hall and asks if he told the rest of Kendall’s family that she is dying. Zach lets David know that you never give up hope no matter what.

Frankie, Angie, and Jesse arrive at Myrtle’s home and begin to relive memories of Myrtle. Amanda also arrives to relive memories. Greenlee and Ryan arrive to relive memories of Myrtle. In Bianca’s package is a carousel that Myrtle had had made especially for Bianca and her children. In Opal’s package is a crystal ball which shows scenes from the past. In Erica’s package which she finally opens is the dress that she had worn to the awards banquet in which she had stained. At the casino, Zach fixes it up with carnival type things in memory of Myrtle and her days in the carnival. During the ceremony, Bianca sings, “Once Upon A Time.” After everyone leaves, Thorsten Kaye (Zach) stands in front of a portrait of Myrtle and reads a beautiful poem, “Highland Song” that was he wrote himself.  As he walks out, we hear Myrtle's voice saying, "And, trust me, the angels are on your side."

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Paul is so glad that “Jennifer” is alive. He begs her to please forgive him. He tells the doctor that is his sister. They all thought she was dead. Barbara tells Josie she only made things worse by allowing Paul to think that. Meg tells Dusty that even though she is not with Paul, she wants to hold out hope that he will turn his life around. She thinks maybe seeing his daughter will help. Holden shows up and even thanks Dusty for being there for Meg. But he reminds him that he’s there now, so Dusty shouldn’t be hanging around. Dusty reminds Josie that she is not to tell Paul that Meg had her baby. Josie thinks it might help as Paul is not seeing things too clearly right now. Dusty tells her that he will do whatever it takes to protect both Meg and her baby. She does not need to be worrying about Paul right now. Barbara asks Josie to go back in Paul’s room. She doesn’t have to pretend, but just sit there and listen as Paul is very agitated and wants to see Jennifer again. Barbara is delighted to see her new granddaughter. She tells Dusty that she does not want him to use this baby as a substitute for Johnny. Paul apologizes to Jennifer/Josie and for keeping her baby from her. Eliza cries outside in the hallway and Paul thinks it is Jennifer’s baby. Dusty reminds Josie again that she is to stay with Paul as he doesn’t want Paul to even know Meg is in the hospital. However, Paul begs Jennifer/Josie to take him to Meg. He is sure that baby is hers and he intends to see her. Meg is surprised to see him. He claims he is okay; just had to see his daughter. He sits on the bed and Meg introduces Eliza to her daddy. Dusty busts in and tells Paul to keep away from the baby. Paul says that all is fine; Jennifer is back so Dusty has her again. They can all live peacefully. Barbara convinces him to go back to his room. He goes into a rage again and they have to sedate him. Dusty admonishes Josie for letting it happen that Paul could go into Meg’s room. He says he trusted her, and he won’t make that mistake again. Barbara tells Josie she knows it was difficult for her today and she is very appreciative. Josie’s last look is seeing Dusty in with Meg and the baby and the hard look he gives her.

Lily is upset that all of this is happening to Jade. Luke even took off. She has no idea where he is. Bonnie says that the Miami police are playing hardball and they could keep Jade for 25 years. Maybe Derek could help find Robby through his contacts, but the trouble will be to even get Derek to agree to that since he doesn’t want to admit he could be Jade’s father. Lily tells Jade that these charges are serious, but they are going to find a way to fight them. Bonnie relays all the facts to Derek and she wants his help. He reminds her that he left his past in Florida. She informs him that if there is even 1% of a chance he could be Jade’s father, he needs to do this to live with himself. Derek refuses, so Lily pitches in and pleads with him that Jade needs him. Whether Jade is his daughter or not, what would Rose want him to do? He agrees but tells them he only wants to be the hired investigator. No one is to mention he knew Rose or could be Jade’s father. Jade doesn’t like the way he keeps looking at her, like she’s some crazed killer. She’s defensive, but Derek manages to get a few answers out of her and he says he will look into it. Holden re-assures Jade that she is family and they will do all they can for her. She’s like to be out by Christmas. Bonnie appreciates what Derek is doing. He comments he is only doing it for Rose and for Bonnie, not Jade. He has a bad vibe about her. Lily thanks Holden for supporting her tonight with Jade. She doesn't know what she would do without him?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Cuddling before the fireplace, Ridge asks Brooke just to stay with him. She realizes the days ahead are going to be hard for Stephanie and the others. She intends to ask Rick to step down as President. Ridge thinks that is a start, but he wants something else. He doesn’t want Rick behind bars, but he does not want to see him, be around him at all. He wants her to send Rick back to Paris. He wants his life back with her. Rick has caused too much damage since he has returned from Paris. Rick won’t accept it from Ridge, but he will from Brooke. Rick shows up at Stephanie’s. She says he is not welcome. He comes in anyway. He proceeds to tell her that his actions aren’t any worse than the abuse she gave his father and others over the years. She quips that at least they are still alive and breathing. She tells him that he will wake up every day of his life and know that young girl will never wake up again. Eric is shocked to hear Owen tell him about the monitor and then Thorne admits it. He did it for his mother. Eric calls the jet about to leave with Donna. He tells Thorne to have the decency not to tell Stephanie. He will talk with her himself. Eric surprises a glum Donna by showing up on the jet. He apologizes and hopes that she can forgive him. It won’t come overnight, but he loves her and wants her as his wife again. Love him again, he asks. She cries with joy.

Rick tells Brooke that he saw Stephanie and he thinks she is going to accept things as is and not press charges. Brooke knows Stephanie is doing it for Ridge. He’s stunned when Brooke tells him that she thinks this is a reasonable request considering – she wants him to give up the Presidency and if he’d like even move back to Paris with his old job. He thinks his mother must see him as Stephanie does – as a killer. So her answer is just to ship him out of town. She claims it will give time for all to heal. Rick sees it as yet once again, her choosing between him and Ridge and she always chooses Ridge. She doesn’t think it is so much to ask that others have compassion right now for Ridge……go to Paris, make a life for himself……do it for her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor and Phillip argue about Melanie’s project, and Victor accuses him of letting another woman get under his skin. Melanie and Stephanie argue, and Melanie vows to get Stephanie out of Phillip’s life the same way she got her out of Max’s. Victor tells Melanie that he is going to pick up the option on her project, but she only wants to work with Phillip. At Stephanie’s urging, Phillip calls Victor and apologizes, asking for his job back. Victor agrees. Later Phillip and Stephanie kiss under them mistletoe. Melanie sees them and vows to bring Stephanie down. Nicole has a scare when EJ touches her belly, but he’s fooled by it and she seems to be in the clear. She is still working on somehow getting her hands on the trust fund money when Baker shows up, demanding that she pay him now. Sami has her own scare when she experiences some cramping. Her doctor thinks it is stress-related, and Rafe thinks he needs to resign. She refuses to let him. Later, she expresses her doubts about her right to keep EJ’s baby from him, but is still resolved to try to do so. Chloe and Maggie chat about her and Lucas, and Chloe assures her that Lucas is the right man for her, even though she is still having fantasies about Daniel. Kate asks Daniel to take a necklace Bill gave her over to the Horton cabin. Thinking Lucas and Chloe are out of town looking at the lights, she tells Daniel where the spare key is. When Chloe hears him coming in later, she thinks he is Lucas and pops out in a racy negligee.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam is still stuck in the pit, injured.  Sasha contacts Jason and makes a deal to trade her “escape” for Sam’s life.  An unknown assailant shoots Sasha when she meets with Jason.  Jax pays Carly and Morgan a visit on his way out of town to visit Lady Jane.  After Jax leaves, Carly remembers happy holidays from the past.  Carly calls Sonny over to see Morgan.  Claudia learns via Jerry’s DVD that there are a number of DVD’s hidden inside Sonny’s house.  The final DVD pins Michaels’ shooting on Claudia.  Anna returns to town, as does Robert.  Robin asks Robert to give her away at her wedding.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy meets with Ava. She can't believe he still has a picture of her. Reva meets up with Christina for exercising. Olivia is having a problem with Natalia's religion as far as her putting thing out for the holidays. Talking with Remy, Ava says it took her courage to get back to her old self. Jeffrey meets with Shayne to convince him to stay even for just the holidays. Shayne says he is just a guy everyone feels sorry for. Jeffrey spills that Reva has cancer when Shayne tells him he is still going. Natalia shows her feelings about the holidays. Olivia says she is so naive. Remy and Ava get along during their visit. Shayne wants to know why Reva never told him the cancer was back. Then Reva interrupts them. She sees the look on their faces and realized Jeffrey told Shayne that the cancer was back. Reva kneels down toward Shayne so they can talk face to face. Later they have a good laugh. Ava tells Remy he is turning his regrets toward her. She later leaves. Olivia and Natalia are still at it when Emma joins them. There is a knock at the door, Natalia answers it. It is Christina with Christmas cookies for them. Christina stays to help with Olivia's breathing exercises. Ava meets with Jeffrey, who is glad to see her. She tells him she has a great job offer. That this is exactly what she wants. She is happy. Jeffrey tells Ava he and Reva are having a baby. That things are going fine all considering. Natalia is food shopping and has taken Emma with her. Emma picks up a package and tells Natalia she wants to take it home to Mommy to make her feel better. Olivia gets a call from Ava. Olivia is glad to hear her daughter is back in town. Christina hears Olivia's side of the discussion and backs off from Olivia. Reva says compared to what he was doing overseas, she is fairing far better. Just as Reva is about to leave her son in the park. She tells him to come for supper. She jokes when she tells him the menu of meat-loaf and mashed potatoes. He tells her he will try. Olivia has Christina get something for her upstairs. While waiting for her, Natalia comes in so happy with Emma and tells Olivia look who we found while shopping. At that point Ava comes in. Olivia is so glad to see her. While they are talking about Ava's visit with Remy, Christina starts coming downstairs. She then does but secretly leaves to meet Remy. Remy makes plans for the holidays and wants to include Christina. She tells him that someone from high school called and she is spending Christmas with that friend. Before she leaves she kisses Remy. Before leaving the building where they met she throws away the gift she was going to give him. Jeffrey and Reva meet up at the park. Jeffrey says he is so happy. Reva wants to know why. Jeffrey says that Ava is back in town. She is surprisingly happy. meanwhile Shayne is in his car about to drive off on to railroad tracks.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Todd's trial, Tea calls Marty to the witness stand and gets her to admit that she willingly had sex with Todd. At that point, the judge rules in favor of the defense and concludes that Todd did not commit rape. Everybody is outraged and wonders why Tea is doing this. Cristian and Vanessa go through with their wedding. Sara makes it clear that she is not ok with it but agrees to "help" them. Rex is bound and determined to find a way to give Shane a z box for Christmas. And he notices that Dorian has gotten the last one available for sale. She taunts him about how he hurt her daughter and so she does not have to help him do anything for his "family". But Rex is still willing to stop at nothing.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki visits Victor only to be met with the same hostility and disrespect; her and Paul also make a pact to let everything having to deal with Victor go. Lily and Billy talk about her highly anticipated meeting with Sonny Crawford, which is planned for Christmas Eve. Heather sticks it to Adam as he arrested and destined to spend Christmas in jail. Marge (Kay) and Murphy enjoy trimming the tree and other holiday festivities. Victor gets a visit from the little girl and her father that helped him in Mexico; they are in GC to help put Adam away. Adam is ready to talk about Jack’s involvement with the diary.

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