The TV MegaSite's Thursday 12/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

While Joe is distracted with his daughter, Tara's, surgery, David blackmails him into resigning and making him chief of staff by threatening to expose Jake for lying to the military police about Brot Monroe. He then uses his new power to order Angie around and suspend Jake. He also orders Amanda to "have J.R. crawling on his hands and knees by Christmas." Adam finds out that David is planning on giving Little Adam an electric car through Krystal and uses it to make her see how conniving her new confidante is.  Later, when David proudly brings out the little car, she runs out of Wildwind right into the path of a vehicle.

Once she and Frankie come up for air, Randi sees on TV that Erica has dumped her as the new face of Fusion due to Internet porn featuring her.  Upset, Randi urges Frankie to dump her, but he assures her he still loves her. Though Taylor is afraid Brot is going to run again, she and Frankie challenge him not to be a coward, so he turns himself in to a military officer. Troubled by her recent knowledge of Reese's past engagement to a man, Bianca confides in her mother. Reese comforts Zach as he grieves for his dying wife. Seeing them hugging, Erica confronts Reese who insists that her relationship with Bianca is none of her business. When Bianca once again asks what she and Zach are keeping from her, Reese refuses to lie again and makes Zach tell Bianca that her sister is dying.  While Bianca sobs on Reese's shoulder, Zach receives a call from Erica informing him that Myrtle has passed away.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Lily laments to Bonnie that trouble follows Jade, but she can’t believe she would intentionally be an accomplice to armed robbery. Lily loves her and says Jade is all she has left of Rose so she has to find her. Bonnie advises her that if Jade comes to her for help, have her turn herself in. The longer it goes on, the worse it will be. Jade shows herself to Luke who is happy to see her. She needs money, enough to get lost. He doesn’t want to be played for a fool again. If she doesn’t tell him the truth, he will call the police himself. She relays a long, sad story involving a guy and a robbery and that she panicked and ran. She won’t take Luke’s suggestion that she is innocent, so should turn herself in and clear herself. Dusty bumps into Josie who turns down his offer for a job at Worldwide. Meg calls Dusty for help. Dusty tells Josie to do this for him. Find Barbara, get her to the hospital and stay with her. Dusty shows up at the cabin and he realizes Meg is in labor. He carries her out, leaving Paul on the floor. Josie does find Barbara and they head to hospital. Luke calls Lily and tells her that Jade is there, just scared. Lily asks him to stall and keep Jade there as long as he can. Jade feels betrayed when Lily and Bonnie suddenly show up. Luke promises her the family will make this right. Barbara is worried, but assures the unconscious Paul that they got him in time and he will be okay. With Dusty’s assistance in holding Meg’s hand, the doctor delivers a baby girl. Meg panics when the baby doesn’t cry. Dusty won’t listen to her negativity. Meg blames herself; she insists she put Eliza’s life in danger by not wanting her to be near Paul. Paul is enraged and thinks James is still there. The doctor calls him delusional and puts him on anti-psychotic drugs. Paul explains to Barbara he only did what James told him to do to get Meg back. Barbara makes the decision that she will have to see Dr. Hughes and have Paul committed. Dusty hands Meg her perfect baby. Josie visits Paul and he thinks she is Jennifer and glad that he was wrong and she is not dead.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie speaks on the phone with Lt. Baker, but realizes she can not do anything without Ridge’s permission. Phoebe’s death will go in vain if he doesn’t prosecute. They can’t wait for time to heal. If Rick is to pay, it must be done now. She’s not leaving Ridge any choice; Rick has to be punished. He doesn’t think that will accomplish anything at all. Owen insists on knowing from Grace what is going on between her and Thorne. He’ll protect her from Thorne. She spills about the video shoot, and that now Thorne wants to get rid of her. Owen confronts Thorne that he knows his plan that he got two models to play hot and heavy in his office to dup Eric. Eric would end his marriage, end of story. Donna continues to quiz Eric of what she did to hurt or disappoint him so. She thinks he still loves her, but he just won’t admit it and keeps finding excuses. He asks does he have to spell it out to her? Rick confesses to Brooke that he had to go to the memorial service. He also wants to go to Stephanie and make things right. He’s stunned when Brooke tells him that is not a good idea as she is pushing to have charges brought against him. He’s also surprised to hear this time Ridge is going against his mother’s wishes and is on Rick’s side.

Donna denies having sex with Owen when Eric tells her that is his reason. Not able to change his mind, Donna cries that she is leaving Forrester’s. She is leaving L.A. and going back to San Francisco. Eric offers his jet to take her home. Thorne wiggles his way out of the scheme and warns Owen not to tell anyone his suspicions and facts. It won’t help matters now. Ridge tells Stephanie that he just lost his little girl; he can not be so vindictive to go after Rick now. Donna writes a note and leaves it for Owen. Owen bothers Eric by coming by and says he is not leaving Forrester’s or the building as Eric asked, until he hears the entire story about him and Donna. Owen tells Eric that he was manipulated. That wasn’t him and Donna on the monitor. Ridge tells Brooke that he may be wrong. He has been before, but he has to make this decision on his own. He’s going to do what he knows Phoebe would want him to do. He’s not going to pursue prosecuting Rick. He told his mother also to drop it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie tells Victor about Phillip firing her and turning down the lucrative fuel project. Victor catches Stephanie and Phillip kissing and lays into Phillip for turning down the project. Phillip tries to justify himself, but ends up getting angry and accuses Victor of not trusting him to run the company. He quits. Meanwhile, Stephanie assures Melanie that her bid to override Phillip’s decision won’t work. Nicole learns that EJ has set up a trust fund for the baby that would cover Baker’s demands. She is upset when he refuses to allow her access the money. Later, EJ apologizes and shows up in her room, wanting to sleep with her. Nicole freaks out. Sami learns that she will have to get a new guard, and is visibly upset. Rafe arranges to be able to stay with her over the holidays, and she overhears. She’s clearly happy, but later collapses in the bathroom. Marlena asks John to stay with her for the holidays. John says he has to ask Charlotte, and will get back to her. Later, they both learn that Charlotte’s plan is to try to bring the two of them back together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nadine learns that her aunt left her an important patent. Monica insists on operating on Luke. Luke admits he was faking his recent heart troubles. Tracy isn't interested in anything to do with Luke. Johnny runs into Lulu, Maxie, and Spinelli at the tree lot. Later, Johnny refuses Claudia's offer of money. Lucky worries for Sam so he turns to Jason. Sam is still stuck at the bottom of a deep pit. Claudia receives a DVD from Jerry. On it, Jerry says he's hidden a second DVD in Sonny's house that outlines Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is talking or more like yelling at Josh about Shayne's coming home and crashing the wedding and his arrest. When Jeffrey arrives home. Shayne winds up with a hangover at Remy's. Alan wishes Beth a Good Morning. Beth spent the night in the Study in a chair. Alan tells Beth about Lizzie being hospitalized. When Beth wants to go there, Alan stops her by saying she is fine and resting. Buzz's short order chef offers some advice to Buzz to give to Coop about his situation. Lizzie wakes to fine Bill hovering over her. She smiles. He asks her how she feels. She says better. Once again Beth and Alan argue over Beth wanting to go back to school and Lizzie's compromising the company. Shayne looks over at a picture of Ava and asks Remy if that is the girl he was talking about earlier. Remy says she went crazy after they lost their baby. Shayne can't believe that Remy had a baby. Remy says when he sees moms with babies he kind of looses it. Jeffrey agrees to help Reva and Josh with Shayne. Jeffrey says he has an appointment with somebody he can change. Alan and Alex are outside walking out side when they see Lizzie. Alan tells Alex that she should be in the hospital and then go to her to tell her of that. Remy calls his sister then shows up at the hospital where she is working. Beth tries to talk to Buzz about Coop. Buzz doesn't want to hear it and starts to walk away. Beth stops him. Buzz says that Coop was just used as a pawn to get to Alan. Reva can't take anymore and wants to go see Shayne. Jeffrey reminds her that Josh said he'd take care of it and that she should take care of the baby. Josh meets with Shayne's Doctor. After the Doctor leaves Josh, Josh hears Shayne call him from behind him. Josh says to Shayne he feels responsible for his injuries. Shayne says that he is better and that Josh didn't cause this accident. Mel tries to tell Remy that Christine and he are good together and to give it a chance. Mel asks about Ava. Remy reminds her that Ava is not here. As he starts to walk out Mel tells him that is not what she is asking. When he leaves, Mel calls out to him. Lizzie meets with Bill and he tells her she should go. That she can come back when all this trouble with him is done. Beth and Coop meet up and they are talking about their situation and their families and Christmas. Buzz is spying on them from the Kitchen of Company. Buzz goes back into the kitchen as Beth gets up to leave. Shayne makes a call for a flight out of Springfield the sooner the better he tells the person on the other end. Buzz lets into Coop about Alan's going to go after him for Beth. Even Alan making it so Coop goes to jail. Beth meets up with Alan at Towers. Alan is glad to see her. Beth sees a flight ticket. She wants to know what it is all about. It is for Macau. Lizzie and Bill kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian finds out from Mo that he values other things more than material wealth. Rex has a similar conversation with Noelle when he tells her how he is determined to find a very expensive Christmas gift for Shane to make up for the time they've lost. While Todd's trial is underway, Tea makes it clear that she will not allow her client to be railroaded nor denied a fair trial by the prosecution or the people that don't like him. After Antonio finds out that Cristian has married Vanessa in order to keep her safe from going back to Columbia, he tells his brother he could be in legal trouble as well as trusting a woman who may not be worthy of his trust.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo is having the worse day of her life as she is hit with more and more bad news. Jeffrey hands her divorce papers and Ashley tells her that they are going to hit her with a huge Civil Suit. Michael, Jana and Kevin come in and share that River is a fraud and her testimony was in vain. Phyllis tries to get over the kiss between Nick and Sharon but that does not fare well as she comes to give Summer her presents. Jack is ready to take his rightful place at Jabot but Ashley is not having that. Heather and Adam are OVER, as he’s arrested while bidding adieu to Victor. Heather stands by to keep him there. Noah and Eden find the money Jana gave to River and replace it with paper. When River obtains it he’s shocked by the discovery. Nikki and Victor share another confrontational moment about their joint account for the children.

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