The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Frankie walks into Taylor’s room and finds her all ready to go home. Brot walks in to see if Taylor is ready to. Capt. Hendrickson stops by the nurse’s station to inquire about Brot Monroe. Jake, overhearing, interferes into the situation. Greenlee congratulates Emma on how she had done in the recital. Emma wonders where Ryan is. Emma feels that Ryan doesn’t love her anymore. David, standing by, overhears the conversation and gives the Captain what he needs to know. Zach is at the casino and asks the contractors where Reese is. Bianca stands close by. Ryan lets Annie know that her daddy isn’t here. Annie asks Ryan, who he is and what is he doing in her room. Annie begins attacking Ryan and ordering him out of her room. David reprimands Jake for his actions toward Capt Hendrickson. Bianca tells Ryan to go visit Kendall. Greenlee assures Bianca that she and Ryan are only friends. Ryan visits Kendall and pours his heart to Kendall. Ryan notices a movement in Kendall and immediately calls for Zach and Bianca.

Aidan sneaks in to see Annie and tells her not to let anyone know that he comes to see her. Reese makes a surprise dinner for Bianca, but the mood is spoiled when Bianca asks Reese if she is bisexual. David explains to Zach, Bianca and Ryan that Kendall had only an involuntary movement . Greenlee meets Jack in the hall and tells him to file the divorce papers from Aidan. Greenlee calls Aidan and tells him that she had filed for divorce. Jake warns Brot and Taylor that Capt. Hendrickson is looking for Brot. David calls Joe and lets him know what had happened between Jake and Capt. Hendrickson. David asks Joe to step down and make him Chief of Staff at the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Bonnie is pleased that Lily and Holden are back together. Derek thinks he recognizes Lily. He soon realizes it is her twin, Rose, that he met in New Jersey twenty years ago. Lily can’t help but ask if Rose’s nineteen year old daughter, Jade, might be his? He says no and tells Bonnie he does not want her following through on this. Holden brings some baby things to Meg. He expresses his relief that she is away from Paul. She states that this time she will not change her mind. She just wants to concentrate on Eliza. GhostJames appears to Paul wanting to help him get his wife back. He goads him into writing a suicide note as he will have to convince Meg he means business. Paul calls Barbara; his words scare her. Barbara rushes over to Paul’s and is disturbed to see the liquor bottles and then the note left for Meg. She gets Meg to read it. Meg thinks it is just another one of Paul’s stunts. Barbara lays on the guilt if Meg wants to ever look herself in the eye if something happens to Paul. Paul shows up at the cottage where Meg saved him once before. GhostJames makes sure that he takes enough pills to make this look real. Lily tells Holden that she wants to contact Jade just in case Derek turns out to be Jade’s father. Despite his displeasure that this might start her grieving again for Rose, Lily calls Bonnie to see if any of her old Miami connections could find out about Jade. After trying to find him at Fairwinds, Meg rushes to the cottage and finds Paul unconscious. After administering CPR, she tells him that she’ll have to get him to the hospital. Bonnie relays to Lily that Jade skipped town and it looks like the police want to question her about an armed robbery. Jade slips into Lily’s house. Still afraid for Paul’s life, Barbara bumps into Holden and begs him to talk to his sister and get her to speak with Paul. Trying to move Paul is more than Meg can manage. She doubles over in pain herself.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke silently embrace, but he still feels Rick should not have shown up at Phoebe’s funeral. He doesn’t believe his paying his respects is real. It was just guilt. So don’t ask Ridge to feel for Rick as he can’t. Owen tells Donna that she knows how he feels about her so he won’t discuss it anymore; they just need to get to work on the surfing line. They want to hire Grace for their model, but Thorne pulls her to the side and tells her that he paid her handsomely already for the video shoot favor; her work is done here. Eric doesn’t feel as Stephanie does about Rick and he won’t hear Stephanie talk about him paying for Phoebe’s death. Brooke asks Ridge how she can help. He states that he’s just buried his daughter. It’s too soon to know much else. Stephanie calls and wants to see Ridge in private. Brooke wants to go as she knows what Stephanie is up to concerning Rick. When Ridge nixes that, she tries to get him not to go. Rick hates himself enough. He will punish himself for the rest of his life and it still won’t bring Phoebe back. Ridge states that he and Brooke will deal with Rick. He will not let Stephanie put him behind bars. He loves Brooke that much not to do that to her.

Donna tells Eric how sorry she is, him suffering because of Phoebe’s death and memorial. He accepts that, but figures she only cares about him, it’s not love. She has another life now. Why is he looking at her like that now? Thorne tells Grace he may be able to get her a job at Forrester International, but don’t come back here again. She’s not so easily duped. She knows this has something to do with the video shoot with her pretending to make love with a man, and her looking like Donna Forrester. Owen catches up to her and insists that she tell him what she and Thorne have going on. Stephanie tries to convince Ridge that Rick needs to be brought up on charges and then let the court decide if he is responsible. Otherwise how can Ridge live with himself knowing what this is doing to Taylor?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie tells Stephanie and Phillip about Nick signing the fuel project over to her. Phillip goes to try to talk Nick out of it, but is unsuccessful. Melanie demands a corner office and starts bossing Stephanie around. She implies that she slept with Phillip, and when he finds out, he tells her to take the project and get out. Chelsea and Max bond when she finds him at the pier, preparing to destroy the toy dog Trent left him. Later, they talk about their problems finding people to date and Theo, who is with Chelsea, calls for Max’s toy by name. Max ends up giving it to him. Bo calls Abe and tells him about the child he hears screaming. Abe suggests he go to the hospital to get checked out, but Daniel tells him everything is fine after running some tests. He thinks stress is the culprit. Bo has another premonition of a child who has coded at the hospital. Nicole tells Daniel that she has found another doctor and goes to ask Baker to pretend to be her doctor. He refuses unless she can give him 750,000 dollars. Nicole says she can’t get it. EJ and Stefano argue over him trying to hire his own obstetrician again. EJ heads off to find Nicole and learns from Daniel that she has another doctor. EJ finds her with Baker at the clinic as they’re arguing about the money.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas lends support to Nadine during her aunt’s funeral. After the funeral, the will is read. Luke turns to Epiphany to win back Tracy. Epiphany settles a healthy Luke into a hospital room. Later, Tracy comes to GH to visit Luke. Monica informs Luke his “condition is dire.” Claudia wants to decorate Sonny’s house for the holidays. Sonny says such decorations will only remind him that he can’t spend the holidays with his kids. Robin and Patrick pick out their Christmas tree. Lulu and Maxie bicker over Johnny. Meanwhile Johnny gets a job peddling Christmas trees. Claudia arrives at the tree lot where Johnny is working. Alexis pays Sonny a visit to discuss the Russians. Alexis voices her concern about the level of violence in Port Charles and blames herself for allowing some of it to go unpunished in the past. Alexis promises that Sonny will be prosecuted if he steps out of line this time around. Maxie discusses the rescheduled wedding plans with Robin. Maxie and Lulu are surprised to run into Johnny at the tree lot. Luke is horrified when Monica says he needs immediate heart surgery.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina and Mallet are viewing pictures they took of their wedding. Grady wonders why Daisy is waiting to be together with him. Daisy admits to him she is scared of him. Cyrus is meeting with Lizzie. Cyrus says he hasn't gotten anything to prove Bill innocent. Bill and Dinah continue to meet. He tell her he can't remember. Dinah keeps on telling Bill he didn't do this kidnapping. Mallet suggests to Marina that they have the holiday family party at their place. Marina loves it. She says she'll cook the turkey and trimmings. Back at with Grady and Daisy they are still talking about how she cares for him and what other people think. Grady says he doesn't care what other people think. Back at Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie is talking with Cyrus. She is asks if he still was a crook. Bill tells Dinah he loves Lizzie and then says that his father says on the other side of love is hate, and maybe he tried to get Lizzie out of the way to get what he wanted. Dinah says she is not sure of that. Bill ask, "How does she know"? Mallet and Marina are kissing when Dinah comes over. Daisy says she is sorry she caused such a scene at the wedding. Both Mallet and Marina tell her to forget it they still love her. Marina offers to show her pictures that they were just looking at. Daisy isn't sure she wants stay with them. Marina says, "They love having her." At Company, Frank is at the bar looking for something when Grady comes through the door with a small Christmas Tree. He asks Frank, "How Much?" Frank wants to know why. Grady says, "I want to spruce up my place." Frank says, "I don't want you here." that he can have the tree. At that point Grady says, "Fine", and leaves with the tree. Lizzie is at Cedars talking to "Uncle Rick". It is concerning Bill. Meanwhile Dinah and Bill are still talking when they don't notice Grady with his little Christmas Tree. After Bill leaves Dinah, Grady comes to her. She says something about this stopping now and that she doesn't want to see Bill suffer anymore. Grady isn't happy. Grady warns her that he was the one that tried to kill Jonathan and was responsible for Tammy's death on the orders of Alan. Before he goes he sarcastically wishes Dinah a Merry Christmas. Daisy gets an offer to help Mallet and Marina give a wedding party. She isn't sure. Daisy and Grady are on the phone together and Grady asks if Daisy talked to her family. She says she talked to Marina and Mallet and they seemed ok with "them". After the phone call Daisy goes to join Mallet and Marina, who are putting up their Christmas Tree. Mallet and Marina are joking around and don't realize Daisy is there. When they do Marina gives Daisy a look of oops. Lizzie is in the hospital bed when Bill comes in asking what is wrong. Rick says she is exhausted. Back at Mallet and Marina's, Daisy gets upset. Marina says they were joking around. Daisy says they treat her like Harley. Marina says no they don't. Daisy says, she is leaving and not after Christmas, but today. As Daisy tries to leave Mallet and Marina grab each of Daisy's arms to prevent her from leaving. At that moment Grady walks in wonder what is going on. Daisy pulls away and leaves the house. Dinah meets with Cyrus. Bill talks to Lizzie while she is unconscious. He kisses her forehead. And tells her he'll see her soon.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cole and Starr confront Tea as to why she is defending Todd of the rape charge. Natalie and Jared are out on the town with Bree and Chloe. While Jared is away from the table, Natalie searches through the shopping bags until he comes back and catches her. Jessica and Brody are in the process of making love when the doctor comes in and catches them. The Judge cautions Cristian and Vanessa as to the consequences of them being married only to keep Vanessa in the country. Tea comes into the courtroom and assures the judge that Cristian and Vanessa are truly in love. Rex, Gigi, and Marcie enjoy a day with Santa Claus in the park. Gigi pulls Shane out from behind the bushes to talk to Santa Claus. Jared blasts Natalie for trying to ruin his surprise by trying to find out what he had gotten her for Christmas. Rex lets Bo know that Shane wants a Z-box for Christmas, but doesn’t have the money to purchase it for Shane. Bo offers him the money, but Rex refuses. Cole and Starr lets Markko and Langston know that Todd had plead not guilty in his bail hearing. The doctor tells the orderlies to take Brody away while Tess takes a nap. The doctor walks toward Tess holding a syringe.

Lola thanks Cristian for marrying Vanessa in order to keep her in the country. Tess orders the doctor away from her as she holds up a lamp. Vanessa and Cristian arrive home to find Sarah just leaving .Cristian tries to tell Sarah that he loves her, but Sarah just walks away. While Tess sleeps, Bess emerges to take control of the situation. Jared looks at the engagement ring that he is going to give to Natalie . Sarah stands by the fence in Angel Square and looks at the happy gathering of grownups and children telling Santa Claus what they want for Christmas.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jeffrey goes to Jabot and runs into Jill and Ashley and shares that Glo was the one who tainted the face cream. In jail Jeffrey has bought an outraged Jack who threatens to ruin her. Adam is questioned by the DA and lies through his teeth, Heather stands her ground returning his ring she tells him she will bring him down. Victor tells JT and Victoria the truth when they visit him and Jill tells Ashley she’s not leaving Jabot entirely. Jana is collecting food at Crimson Lights and Kay pawns her ring for a hefty price, which she gives to Murphy.

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