The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/16/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Frankie wakes up and finds Randi still beside him. They begin to kiss and make love despite the phone ringing. Angie calls Frankie to let him know that he is an hour late for work. Krystal comes up and questions Angie as to where Joe is. Krystal wants to inquire from Joe as to the whereabouts of Jeff and Jamie. David is on the phone at Wildwind. After he hangs up, David leaves the house. Adam comes downstairs to find Erica moving in all her things from the office. Greenlee comes into work and finds no one there. Greenlee receives a phone call from Amanda telling her where Erica is. Ryan comes in with Emma, who wants Greenlee to fix her angel costume. Aidan once again visits Annie, pretending to he her “daddy.” Greenlee gets invited to Emma’s recital. Greenlee talks to Paul on the phone and finds out that Randi had had nude photos on the internet. David stops by Adam’s to examine Erica. David calls in a favor from Erica to help him get Little Adam away from Adam and J.R.

Adam walks in and sees David with Little Adam. Erica takes command on the situation and asks Adam to go for a walk with her. Krystal goes to see David but finds him gone. Instead, she finds a key and lets herself in. Ryan brings a photo to show Annie of Emma, but runs into Annie’s doctor instead. The doctor inquires about Annie’s father. Aidan watches from around the corner. Amanda arrives at David’s and finds Krystal there. Greenlee shows Erica the porn file on Randi. Greenlee goes to Emma’s recital. David comes home to find Amanda and Krystal both there. David and Krystal kiss. The doctor assures Ryan to show Annie the picture of Emma.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Carly questions why Katie would help Craig get off on the charge of shooting Paul. Carly advises Katie to tell Brad the truth and swear him to secrecy. Katie comes clean to Brad, but he must keep quiet as the police will arrest her too. Brad confronts Craig and tells him that he knows about him and Dani. Craig won't be threatened and states that Brad knows it would bring Katie down too. Dani drops in on Craig, and he tells her she needs to pack her bags and leave town for good. He gives her a huge stack of cash to make life more pleasurable. She pretends to go along, but one more time with Craig for the road. She pulls a gun on him. She hasn't decided whether to leave him or kill him. Carly realizes that Dani is in Craig's room and makes a mad dash there. She confides she just spoke with Katie and nothing he said jived with what she said. He assures her this is a bad time and asks her to leave. He gives Dani more cash and kisses her good-bye. Carly comes back and calls Craig a sick puppy for carrying on with his "daughter". He'll pour some champagne if she will just leave. He even admonishes her for not being able to hold on to her own ex-husband. Here she will be a new Carly, no morality police. She tells him good luck with him being the old Craig. She states that all the champagne in the world could not make her interested in him.

Brian and Luke come to an understanding. Luke thinks Brian is gay and is in denial, and one of them should tell Lucinda. It is not fair to her if she did not know before they married. Brian apologizes for the kiss. He admits it was inappropriate, but he loves Lucinda and wants to stay in that marriage and believes they can be happy. Luke comes to accept this and tells Brian his secret is safe with him for now and they shake on it. Dani surprises Margo by saying she has a sick friend and must leave town to help take care of her. Margo questions Brad and Katie if they know any other reason that Dani might have left. Katie swears to Brad that if he will forgive her, she won't let Craig near her again nor give him any more alibis.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Talking out loud to herself, Taylor is not sure she can get through this day of Phoebe’s funeral. Steffy comments to Ridge that her mother probably got no sleep, and she is worried about her. Donna interrupts Eric in his office while he is working on Phoebe’s press release. She tries to express her sorrow for his loss. It’s obvious that he feels chilly toward her. Donna’s “double”, that Thorne hired for his video scam of Donna and Owen, confronts Thorne and wants him to help her become a real model at Forrester’s. He admonishes her that he paid her handsomely and asked that she not come back here again. He says that he can’t talk now as he has a funeral to attend. Owen sees them and later questions Grace of why Thorne was giving her a hard time. She spills a little bit about doing some weird work for Thorne, hoping it would help her in the business. Owen comments on how much she reminds him of someone else he knows so well.

Steffy, Eric, Stephanie and Ridge speak at Phoebe’s funeral held at Taylor’s. Ridge bolsters Taylor and kisses her before she has some words to say. All are trying to say their final good-byes. Rick slips in as Ridge speaks. All have flashes of Phoebe as her song rings out and fills the room. Rick stands silently for a while then walks forward. Ridge asks what he’s doing here? He cries he had to pay his respects. Ridge doesn’t think he has that right, and asks Brooke to get him out now! Brooke interrupts as Stephanie tells Ridge that Rick had no right to come there. He robbed Phoebe of all her dreams and now they are arguing while she is lying in the ground.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie meets with Nick and learns that he plans on signing over his energy project to her so she can benefit from all of the profits. Stephanie comes to talk to Max about Phillip, but they end up arguing about Melanie and their break-up. Chelsea later counsels Max when he claims that he will never love anyone again. Phillip and Stephanie nearly kiss again at the pub, but Melanie interrupts, telling them that things between the three of them are about to change. Sami tells Rafe what he told her about EJ the night before, and he apologizes, saying it’s none of his business. She is glad to know that he cares about her, however. Things are still awkward between Daniel and Chloe, and he accuses her of inventing the drama between them. Later, he dreams about making love to her. Meanwhile, she tells Lucas that they’re going to have a perfect life together.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam gets caught lurking by the Russians. Sasha and company take Sam to an unknown destination but she breaks free and runs. Sam falls into a large hole. Jason fills Diane in on his “immunity” offer. Diane thinks the offer may not be such a bad idea. Jax visits with Luke and offers to help him re-open the Haunted Star. Sonny arrives at the Haunted Star only to find Olivia there with Jax. Sonny fills Luke in on his new “alliance.” Maxie fakes having “noisy sex” in her room to prove a point to Johnny and Lulu. Later, Maxie tells Spinelli she can’t ever have sex with him again. Sonny does his best to get Claudia to trust him. Jason goes to see Sonny but finds Claudia home alone. Claudia tells Jason how Sonny suspended all activities while Jake was missing. She also mentions that Sonny must now “step up and take the lead.” When Sonny returns, Jason quickly leaves. Sonny tells Claudia it’s time for him to take over Jason’s territory. Tracy doesn’t believe Luke when he falls over from what looks like a heart attack.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy meets up with Ashlee and Doris and they talk about Grady. After Doris leaves Ashlee and Daisy talk about Bill Lewis and his case. Ashlee says, "There is no way Bill Lewis is going to outrun my mother." Lizzie tries in vain to get in touch with Bill via phone. Billy sees her outside after she has tried again to get in touch with Bill. She tells Billy that she is not giving up. Grady threatens Dinah with what he says info he has in a warehouse that implicates Bill. Dinah tells him not to threaten him. Then Doris walks in. Lizzie gets a call from Daisy concerning Bill's case. She tells Billy and then takes off. Bill is doing some sleuthing on his own. Grady goes to Doris' office. She leaves and he stays and snoops around. At this point, Ashlee and Daisy show up. He then moves to the bathroom. When he hears someone he goes to investigate and finds Doris in the next bathroom stall with a smirk on her face. Lizzie and Dinah meet. Lizzie is so happy that she now has someone in her corner to help get Bill cleared. Though Dinah doesn't show as much excitement as Lizzie. Grady says he wants to know what Doris has. in the stuff he took. He gives her back a notebook but keeps other file folders. Ashlee and Daisy talk about Grady and his working for the Mayor. Ashlee tells Daisy that Doris is doing it for a reason and it is not Daisy. Then Grady shows up saying he has the rest of the afternoon off. Daisy smiles then takes off with Grady. Bill and Billy meet. Things don't go well and Billy leaves. Lizzie and Dinah continue their chat when Dinah's cell goes off. She doesn't hint who it is. Lizzie guesses and asks Dinah to let her go with her to meet Bill. Ashlee and her mother, Doris talk about when Doris was younger and a boy she knew and loved. Ashlee thinks it is the most romantic thing she ever heard. Doris shrugs it off that maybe the boy, Tommy, could have been Ashlee's father. Alexandra tries to stop Lizzie. And Dinah and Bill meet. Daisy and Grady have drinks at home. They talk about working for Doris and his looks. Grady says he is not cutting his hair. Doris asks Ashlee about boyfriends. Ashlee says she sorta has a boyfriend. Doris says that doesn't count. Alan meets with someone. Alexandra says Bill is not helping the Company (Spaulding) any by hiding out and running. During their talk. Dinah asks Bill if he remembers anything of the kidnapping. He tells her he can't remember most of it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Todd's trial, Tea convinces Todd that he did not rape Marty. And he changes his plea to not guilty and lets her be his lawyer. Everybody is outraged. A judge tells Vanessa that there is no way she has legal grounds to stay in the US and that she and Lola will have to be deported. But at that point, Cristian decides he will marry her so that she does not have to go back to Columbia. It seems that Jessica has turned into Tess after attending the group therapy, hearing Brody talking about taking a child from his mother, and realizing that she did something very similar. She agrees to sleep with Brody in exchange for his help in busting her out of St. Anne's. And the doctor catches them.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack reminds Billy of their deal, while Jill tries to convince him to work with her and Cane at Chancellor Industries; he declines the offer and states he’ll take his chances at Jabot. Jeffrey shares with Jack Glo’s involvement with the tainted face cream and her current place of residence. Heather arrests Adam at the airport and Kay finds out about Murphy’s giving nature as he helps out River.

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