The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/15/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. hits Jake with his fist while in the Confusion Bar. Amanda watches in horror. Taylor, in her hospital room, talks to Brot on the phone. Taylor urges Brot to come to see her in her hospital room, but he hangs up on her. Zach talks to the nurse about how he had wished that he had gone into his wife’s hospital room and found Kendall awake. Reese can’t believe that Bianca had gone behind her back and called Reese’s parents and invited them to the christening of baby Gabrielle. Frankie visits Taylor and they discuss Brot being in Pine Valley. Bianca goes to see Reese’s father and finds out that Reese had once been engaged to a man called Simon. Reese tells Zach that they need to tell Bianca that Kendall is dying. Jake and Greenlee have a drink together in the Confusion Bar. Brot surprises Taylor with a visit to let her know what had happened to him in Iraq.

Randi surprises Frankie, when he comes home (she is wearing a sexy negligee). They kiss and make love. J.R. and Amanda sit together at a table in the Confusion Bar. J.R. is tempted to take a drink. Amanda gets up to leave. J.R. pours a drink and starts to take a sip when Amanda comes back in and asks him for a ride home. Jake visits Ryan to discuss Greenlee’s feelings for Ryan. Reese lets Bianca know that Reese can live without her parents, but Reese cannot live without Bianca. Ryan comes into the Confusion Bar and sees Greenlee sitting at the bar. Ryan imagines that he goes over to Greenlee and they (Greenlee and Ryan) begin to kiss and make love. Ryan leaves without saying anything to Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Craig is astonished that Carly is speechless for once in her life. She sneers that he should be in some maximum-security prison somewhere. But she will stay and be his drinking buddy since he asked. She reminds him though that she hasn’t forgotten the trail of victims that he has left behind including her own sister. He retorts that as he recalls she wasn’t exactly Miss Popularity herself. And how noble of her pretending to send Jack off in wedded bliss to someone else. Underneath every cynic is a romantic that has been dumped. Well good for her, sometimes it is liberating to let someone else go free. Paul tells Barbara that he is avoiding her. Meg wants a divorce, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. She offers him help in getting Meg back. He has no choice since there is no one else. Her solution is to get Josie to come back and pay her more to change her story. Paul is loathe to do it, but Barbara tells him he has to get his life back and Josie may be that only chance. Meg drops in on Dusty and still wants to be his friend. He doesn’t hold her responsible for Paul’s actions. He just hopes she stays away from him this time. He also admits that he put this Josie before finding his own son, now the trail has gone cold. He’s not sure how he feels anymore, but he offers Meg a cup of coffee at Java. Brad confronts Dani to see if there are any more leads in Spencer’s case. He comments to Katie that it may not be a grand conspiracy, but it is interesting that Dani is always there when the police drop the ball. Dani calls Craig, who does not take her call but continues to talk to Carly instead. He doesn’t believe her that she wants to be an independent woman without a man, not the Carly he knows. She assures him that he doesn’t know her, and that man would certainly not ever be him. He reminds her they weren’t so bad in hitting the sheets previously. He comments that he would do anything, even sleep with the enemy, to find his son.

Dani finds Craig and in her brief conversation Carly is not fooled. She thinks Dani sounds more like a jealous lover than like a daughter which Craig alludes to. Craig catches up to Dani and tells her she doesn’t have to be suspicious of his golden oldies. They need to stick to the plan. She snorts that she is sick of the plan. In fact she is getting sick of him too. But Craig won’t let her go until he tells her she can go. And he declares that she will do exactly what he tells her to do. Paul shows himself to Josie rather than Barbara whom she was expecting. He wants her to talk to Meg and convince her that Paul wanted her to tell Dusty the truth, but that she thought she was in love with him and refused. She turns down double the money he offers. He grabs her by the arm and tries to force her until Dusty walks up and demands he leave Josie alone. Meg suggests that Dusty take Josie with him and she will stay and deal with Paul. Dusty tells Josie that Paul will not let up on her as long as she is in town. She needs to leave. She exclaims that she has no family, just a degree and a pile of loans. She won’t take Paul’s money nor Dusty’s. She’s not for sale. He says he’s only trying to buy her a new start not to buy a clear conscious as she states. She wants what he has; a place that feels like home where people care about you. He cared about her once. She wishes they could get that back. He agrees to dinner, with no promises and no more lies. Meg returns to the farm but immediately has pains. Paul shows up and takes her to the hospital. The doctor calls it Braxton Hicks contractions and takes her home. Katie comes looking for Craig, but runs into Carly instead. She chides Katie for hating her brother in the past and now suddenly she is his alibi. Take it from an expert, Katie is terrible at lying. Katie asks her to let this go. Brad looks for Dani and spies her with Craig. She tells Craig she doesn’t see what is so bad with people thinking they are lovers. At least that way they wouldn’t suspect something else between them. He warns her to watch her sexy little mouth. If she blows this, she will regret it for the rest of her life. As long as Spencer stays out of sight, Brad can’t prove that he was set up. Paul tells his mother that Josie refused more money, but Barbara won’t let him give up. He claims everything he does always backfires, and he digs a deeper hole. Paul says he loves her, but if she really wants to help, just leave him alone. Craig enters his room only to find Brad sitting there. Craig quips that he usually invites his guests in, but why be so formal they are family now. Craig would like to avoid this, but Brad says it is the perfect time for him. He’s involved his sister, Brad’s wife, into something and he’s not leaving until he finds out what.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is caught between his mother saying Rick should pay for Phoebe’s accident, and Brooke who is asking him to believe it was just an accident. She agrees that Rick did some horrible things to get back at Ridge, but he meant no harm to Phoebe. Stephanie laments but now they are all having to accept losing Phoebe and some one needs to pay. She can’t believe Brooke can stand there and even blame Taylor for this. Brooke can’t believe that Stephanie is standing there being the moral compass of the family. She won’t allow Stephanie to blame Brooke for the way Rick turned out. Stephanie says if Brooke wants to do the right thing by Ridge, then turn her son into the police. Brooke nixes that, her son will not go to jail. Rick too is bemoaning to Bridget how this all happened because of him….and Taylor blames herself too because of their involvement. Bridget assures him that he is not a bad person and he should not be beating up on himself like this. He admits he has done things he is ashamed of, but no more. He is going to do all he can to earn back the respect and love of his family.

Steffy tells Taylor that they would all do things differently if they could, but it was not Taylor’s fault what happened. She calls Ridge and says that Taylor needs him, and he rushes over. He states that he won’t let that bastard blame all of this on his daughter. Taylor cries that it makes no difference. Phoebe is dead and won’t be coming back. Ridge comforts her. He says Phoebe would not want her to blame herself. Let them hold the good times in their hearts. Bridget wants to view the body and cries over Phoebe that Rick never meant this to happen to her. Stephanie admonishes Brooke that she doesn’t want to see her son at Forrester’s again, not as President, not anything. And he better have the decency to not show up at the funeral tomorrow, otherwise there will be serious consequences to pay. Stephanie won’t be responsible for what she may do at that point.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo falls and hits his head, but seems to be fine. Later, he has a premonition about where the star from the tree fell on the floor, and is later able to find it when Hope is looking for it. When Hope mentions Theo, Bo hears him screaming inside his head. Brady uncovers Kelly as a con artist, and she admits to wearing a fake belly to scam Nicole out of money. Nicole is shocked, and Brady counsels her to tell EJ the truth. Nicole refuses, and later makes excuses to EJ as to why he can’t touch her stomach. She calls Brady to tell him she is determined to adopt a child. Rafe gets away from the mayor’s killer, and returns to the loft, where Sami discovers his stab wound. He asks her to stitch it up, and she does so. Rafe gets drunk during the process, and confronts Sami about EJ, telling her that he doesn’t love her and that she should move on. EJ and Lexie argue about her involvement with the mayor’s killing and Stefano, but he later apologizes after seeing her with Theo, saying that she is a good mother, and that he is just projecting his own guilt over living in the mansion onto her. Lexie expresses a wish that Theo would act like he cared about Christmas. Later, her wish comes true when Theo get excited about a wrapped gift.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli says he wants to continue living at Jason’s penthouse. Sam hears Sasha planning Jason’s demise. Alexis informs Sasha she’s “a person of interest” in the latest town crimes. Sam listens in on the conversation as she hides nearby. Sasha throws Jerry in Alexis’ face. Later, Alexis confides in Luke about Jerry. Alexis admits she enjoyed spending time with Jerry but says she would have turned him in when the time was right. Claudia wonders what’s behind Sonny’s sudden change of heart. Sonny tells Claudia the details of losing custody of his kids. Sonny apologizes for treating Claudia poorly in the past. Jason wonders if Sonny plans to make a “move” on his “territory.” Agent Rayner offers Jason “immunity from prosecution” if he agrees to “provide information against Sonny.” Rayner claims Jason will become a “low priority” once the information is received. Lucky pays Luke a visit and fills him in on Sam’s latest escapade. Luke says he understands Sam’s addiction to adventure. Luke tries to advise Lucky on his life with Sam. Anthony wonders what Sonny has planned for the Russians. Sonny says he will take over part of Jason’s “territory” while he’s “distracted.” Maxie sets up some ground rules in the apartment. Later when Lulu and Johnny return, they hear interesting noises coming from Maxie’s room. Lulu assumes Maxie is with Spinelli but soon after, Spinelli arrives at the apartment. Sam tries to call and warn Jason but the Russians discover her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Things seem to go well between Ashlee, Daisy, and Grady in a conversation. Olivia tries her best to help Natalia once again. Bill and Lizzie still discuss what to do until he wants to go out for some air. Beth consoles Lizzie. Beth tells Lizzie how proud of her she is. And that Bill knows she is there for him. When Lizzie goes to her room, Alan shows up downstairs and asks Beth if Lizzie is alright. Ashlee tells Grady he will have to do a make over in order to stay with Daisy. Grady tells her no. Natalia says she is the one who put all her money down on the investment and lost it. So it is her responsibility. Finally Olivia gives up and leaves. Lizzie meet with Cyrus at Towers. They talk about Daisy and Grady and how to help them. Alan says harsh words to Bill about Bill's caring for Elizabeth aka Lizzie. Frank doesn't understand Natalia's problem. Olivia goes home and take out a brochure, then takes a nap. Ashlee suggests that Grady become a cop. Grady says, "No way. At Company, Daisy speaks to Coop about Grady. Daisy says, "Of all people he would be behind her." Coop agrees to help her. Daisy helps Buzz with wrapping toys for children. Ashlee goes to Doris for help with Grady. But Doris isn't buying what Ashlee is selling where it concerns Grady. Rafe shows up at Company and Daisy serves him. He has company in the form of a guard. Frank gives Natalia advice with money. Natalia says she has no experience with money. He guides her into Company where she sees Rafe. The guard tells Rafe it's time to go. Natalia promises soon they will have what they want. Olivia calls Natalia who says she is on her way. Doris decides to talk to Grady. She tells him that she is involved in a court case. When he ask about what. She says Bill Lewis' case. When Natalia goes to help Olivia once again the mention of where Natalia is going to live comes up. Olivia kindly suggest the Beacon. Natalia appreciates the offer, but she wants a 'home'. Lizzie is alone and starts to cry. Lizzie cries while reading a note from Bill. He tells her he has left town but will be back.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Todd's hearing, he has refused legal counsel and is ready to accept the charges brought against him and all of the consequences. But Tea appears unexpectedly and demands that the judge lets her talk to Todd alone. She manages to convince him that he cannot plead guilty to rape and she believes he did what he did to Marty out of love. And she persuades him to plead not guilty. Tea also informs Vanessa that she and Lola can stay in the US and not get sent back to Columbia of Vanessa marries an America citizen. And the only citizen she knows who's eligible to marry is Cristian. She knows how to manipulate him perfectly by letting Lola, and Vanessa know if Cristian does not help her, they will get sent back to Columbia. And Sara tells Cristian she does not want to prevent him from helping the woman who saved his life. Brody, Jessica and all the patients at St. Anne's have a therapy session. He relives the whole event where he accidentally killed a child in Iraq. Jessica is silent and has a flashback of the "mystery" about what happened to her baby which she is consciously unaware of.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

River runs after confessing to Michael. Glo is taken to jail, while everyone searches for Michael. Michael is at Heather’s office issuing a warrant for River’s arrest. Heather struggles with her oath to uphold justice and love for Adam as he ask her to run with him to Europe.

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