The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/12/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal and David arrive home at Krystal’s to find J.R there waiting for her. David soon makes an immediate departure leaving Krystal to handle J.R. Angie, Frankie, Jesse and Natalia are overwhelmed that Rebecca is alive after Angie had taken Rebecca off the ventilator. Aidan sneaks into Annie’s room to see her. At first, Annie is scared of him, but Aidan assures her that he is her father and he is there to protect her. Zach gets a call from a nurse at the hospital that a comatose patient at the hospital had awaken. Zach hurries out as does Bianca when they think that it is Kendall that has awaken. They arrive at the hospital only to find Kendall still in a coma. The nurse tells Bianca that she had made a mistake that she hadn’t known that another patient had been brought in in a comatose state. Zach refuses to accept the nurse’ apology and threatens to have her license revoked. Angrily, Zach turns over a cart full of plates and bowls. Reese gets a surprise visit from her father. Taylor sees Jake in the hall and Jake inquires as to how Brot is. Jake tells Taylor that he will never forget her. Randi goes to a photo shoot at Fusion for the new Valentine’s Day campaign.

A doctor catches Aidan walking away from Annie’s door. Randi does the photo shoot for the new campaign. Jake walks into the ConFusion Bar and orders a drink. He is soon joined by Amanda. Amanda gets a call from David. Reese argue over the fact that when she had told them that she was a lesbian that he had been on her Mother’s side. The nurse gives Aidan a tablet with a glass of water. Natalia spends some quality time with her Mother. Zach tries his best to get Kendall to wake up. J.R. joins Amanda and Jake. Zach watches Angie with Rebecca. Reese reprimands Bianca for calling her father and asks Bianca how could she have done this to her. Aidan brings Annie a blanket. A recording is being made of Aidan covering Annie up with the blanket.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

The house is all decorated and Lily and Holden wish the girls didn’t have the flu as they will miss the wedding. Meg arrives and tells Holden that Paul won’t be coming, her marriage is over. Craig shows up at Fairwinds to give Meg a baby present and is told that she is away. He quips is it to everyone or just to him? Paul shows up and berates Craig for being back in town and admonishes him to stay away from Meg. Craig doesn’t think that is up to Paul now. Brad explains to Liberty that Jack will be a great husband to Janet and step dad to her, and he won’t be hurt when she turns to him. She assures him she likes Jack, but that will never happen. Brad is her dad. Janet drops by Carly’s to pick up her dress, and takes this opportunity to straighten Carly out on a few things. She knows she got wasted last night and knew exactly what buttons to push with Jack. Janet assures Carly that what happened last night can never happen gain. Whatever torch Carly has for Jack, she has to put that aside. He’s going to be Janet’s husband, she can’t keep calling on Jack for every little thing. He’s Janet’s now. Carly says she is aware of that. Carly explains that Janet has nothing to worry about. At the last minute, Jack asks Parker to be his best man. Then he asks Emma if he and Janet can stay at the farm a little longer until they find a place of their own. She laughs that she will have to think about that. Okay, as long as Janet doesn’t keep re-arranging her kitchen! Liberty gives Janet one of her bracelets as a good luck charm for the wedding. Carly brings Sage, but chooses to stay outside the house for a while. Brad offers the honor of giving Janet away and she accepts. Craig shows up at the wedding and Jack has to tell him that he is not on the guest list. Meg spies him and comes out, just as Paul also shows up and throws a punch at Craig.

Craig was not aware there was a wedding. He apologizes for the intrusion and tells Meg that he will catch up with her later. Paul wants to see Meg and refuses to leave. Lily finds Carly and tells her the best thing to do is to let things go, let Jack finally go. She brings her back to the house in time for the wedding. Meg drags Paul back to the farm and they end up shouting about her refusal to come back to him. He needs to go back to therapy. He’s not fit to be a husband or father right now. She can’t let him be near her child. He literally gets down on his knees and begs her over and over to please give him another chance. At the wedding, everyone else has a big smile except Carly who sports a scowl. Janet speaks that Jack has made all her dreams come true. She loves him and feels like she is winning the lottery. This wedding officially makes her the luckiest woman in the world. Jack extols that he was not looking for love either, until she breezed into his life like a hurricane. And the lasagna didn’t hurt either. He wants to be a good husband to her, and a great father to the kids. He says he loves her and Janet feels like home to him. Janet can’t say "I do" fast enough. The reverend pronounces them husband and wife. Carly manages a faked smile. Later she half-heartedly tells Jack that she’s really happy for him. He assures her that he loves her too. They could not live together, but he does want her still to be part of this family. She leaves, but has to steal one last look through the window at the happy couple. She ends up getting a drink at a bar. Suddenly Craig shows up and pours her a drink. He states “a woman should never drink alone…….and neither should you.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke weeps as Stephanie’s words echo in her ears – she is responsible for how Rick turned out and made him the man he is. So Brooke is responsible for Phoebe’s death. Brooke tells Ridge that she could not explain to Hope and R.J. that Phoebe died, only that there would not be a wedding today. Ridge wants answers, why Phoebe was even with Rick in the car. She explains that Phoebe jumped in the car and then went a little berserk. Phoebe was physically attacking Rick. He tried to stop her, but lost control of the car. Ridge can’t believe that, his own daughter was to blame? He finds it hard to take Rick’s word about anything nowadays. Brooke wants to leave it at that. She does not want to argue about this. It bothers Ridge though, that she is yet again being manipulated by her own son. She believes him no matter how unreasonable his version sounds. Rick finds Taylor alone and tells her how sorry he is. She’s just glad that he is okay and they didn’t lose him too. She wants to know all the details. She wants to know if Phoebe said anything about her. Lt. Baker explains to Stephanie that Rick was not drinking so the accident was just that, an accident. He’s sorry for her loss and they will stay on the case, and he will let her know if anything else develops. Stephanie has to talk plainly to Steffy to keep her from blaming herself. If she had not told Phoebe about Rick’s kiss, then she would not have confronted Rick and gone after him. She would still be alive. Stephanie doesn’t want Steffy to feel guilty about only telling the truth.

Stephanie steps into Brooke’s house and chastises her again for believing in Rick and warns Ridge not to buy into this. He stands between the two women – Brooke and Stephanie as Stephanie tells him more details - how Rick kissed Steffy, setting everything in motion with Phoebe. All these silly pranks that Rick did, he needs to be held accountable. Ridge needs to call the police and ask them to prosecute him to the fullest, put him in jail. Rick tells Taylor that Phoebe did not die hating her, that is the truth! Taylor thinks differently. That is why Phoebe left town. She couldn’t stay around and see them together. He tries to convince her that it was really his fault. He was the one who pursued her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie tells Max about Stephanie and Phillip, but he doesn’t care. He tells Melanie that Nick needs to speak with her regarding her share in his energy project. Melanie agrees to go visit him. Phillip asks Stephanie out on a date, but she says she can’t accept until she does something first.

Nicole and Brady meet with a young pregnant girl who wants Nicole to adopt her baby. Suspicious, Brady follows the girl and finds her smoking and drinking at the bar. He accuses her of being a con-artist. Tony learns that Stefano cut him out of the deal with the Argentineans and heads off to warn EJ about Stefano. He tells EJ about the mess Lexie has gotten herself into because of Stefano and the mayor, and later, EJ confronts Lexie about it. Bo and Hope decorate the tree for the holidays. Bo falls off of a ladder and hits his head. Sami asks Rafe to do some Christmas shopping for her, and the mayor’s shooter tracks him down and stabs him, thinking Rafe will lead him to Sami.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas helps Nadine with the funeral plans for her aunt. Johnny, Lulu, and Maxie get settled into their new apartment. Spinelli seems jealous that Johnny is temporarily rooming with the girls. Claudia is suspicious of Sonny’s motives. Ric is jealous of Claudia’s relationship with Sonny. Sonny runs into Kate at GH when he visits Mike. Kate thinks Sonny married Claudia to gain power. Sonny tells Mike he’s determined to win Kate back once he finds out who shot her. Jason and Elizabeth say a sad and final farewell. Later, Carly lends a sympathetic shoulder to Jason. Jason thinks Spinelli should move out of the penthouse for his own safety. Sam tells Lucky she plans to continue monitoring the Russians. Later, Sam snoops inside Sasha’s vehicle and overhears the lawyer when she mentions “eliminating” Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is out of the hospital and surprises Natalia. Remy and Christina are having a fun time at the gym. They are talking about having spent Thanksgiving together with Remy's family. Bill and Lizzie talk about the kidnapping of Lizzie. Christina tells Remy to stop being nice all the time. She already married him once. Christina visits her grandmother in the hospital with Remy. The grandmother is impressed with Remy. She says she likes him when he offers to get her ice cream. Frank wants donations to a charity and asks Buzz if he can leave an ad for it. Remy and Christina's grandmother have a nice chat while Christina is out of the room. When Christina comes back things seem more comfortable between all. Lizzie goes into a tizzy with Billy over what people think of her. She tells Billy that people think she is going crazy supporting Bill. Bill talks to Frank about his love for Lizzie. Frank then goes on the record asking him that Bill was the one who found Lizzie. Bill agrees. Frank after some more talking says he is convinced that Bill is the one who kidnapped Lizzie. Bill is not to thrilled with that. Back at the hospital. Remy and Christina are alone. Remy says all his life people have said he was a screw-up. Christina says he isn't a screw up. Natalia gets a gift of money. Decker tells Olivia to have Natalia report it as income. Frank tells Bill what he thinks happened. Frank tells Bill that Alan was locked in a room by him. Things are not looking good for Bill. Mel tells Frank to stop questioning Bill without her there. Lizzie defends Bill to Frank with Mel present. Lizzie offers to take Bill home.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair takes Jack to visit his father in the jail cell. She concludes that it's time for Todd to explain and answer his son's question instead of her. Todd tells Jack that he was in love with Marty but did a terrible inexcusable thing. Jack is not ok with the situation of knowing his father is in trouble again and he was ready to abandon his family for another woman. Todd's trial is underway. He has not hired a lawyer and does not plan to fight the charges. Nora is ready to nail him. But before he has a chance to answer the judges question about how he pleads, Tea Delgado appears and demands he does not incriminate himself without her legal help. She also tells Vanessa that she might want to consider marrying Cristian in order to establish US citizenship. Sarah talks to Viki about how she cannot accept Cristian's "interest" in Vanessa.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael calls River on his lies and is faced with a decision to go the authorities or let him go. Jana admits to Kevin that she gave the money to River and he is enraged. Ana is still and foster care, Neil reinstates his foster care status to gain custody but this can only be done if her marries Karen sooner or she moves out; Tyra would prefer the later. Murphy helps Kay get her memory back while Esther and Jill continue to mourn her death. Eden feels like she’s betrayed River.

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