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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal and David are together at hers and Tad’s home. Krystal lets him know that she feels silly for calling him over here on such short notice. David tells her to relax as he fixes her another cup of milk (once again he slips something into her drink). Bianca accuses Reese of lying to her. They kiss and hug after Reese eases her concerns. Zach is with Kendall in her room. Kendall lies motionless on the bed. Emma runs up to hug Annie, but Annie doesn’t recognize her. J.R. and Joe comes from a board meeting and wonders why David hadn’t made an appearance. Kathy comes into the living room and asks,” why is David here.” Natalia puts Angie and Frankie out of her Mother’s room so that Natalia can have some last moments with Rebecca. Emma begs Annie to come home with them. Angie regrets resuscitating Rebecca. Zach gets a call from Reese telling him that Bianca is becoming suspicious. Zach tells Reese that he will handle it when Bianca comes up behind him and overhears what Zach says. Bianca confronts him about his conversation.

Bianca, Reese and Zach decorate the Christmas tree. Joe points out David’s good points to J.R. Krystal demands David to tell her why David hates Christmas so much . Angie, Natalia, Jesse and Frankie say their good-byes to Rebecca before Angie takes Rebecca off the respirator. Rebecca flutters her eyes and opens them. Everyone in the room is overwhelmed. David demands Krystal’s car keys so he can take her home, unbeknownst to David and Krystal that J.R. and Little Adam are waiting at Krystal’s home. Annie demands to go home from Oak Haven. Aidan opens the door and comes in and tells her that he will help her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It's the night before Janet and Jack's wedding and Katie and Vienna throw Janet a lingerie bachelorette party which doesn't sit well with Carly who gets drunk and sneaks away to crash Jack's bachelor party at Yo's. Lily calls Holden to warn him about Carly but she gets by him and tells Jack to do the boot scoot boogie with her. Jack sees How drunk Carly is and gets her home safely and puts her to bed when she starts to cry because he is getting married tomorrow. Jack admits to Carly that he will always love her but he just can't live with her anymore . Jack gives Carly a kiss on the cheek and tells her good-bye. Carly cries after Jack leaves and puts the pictures of her wedding to Jack inside a drawer Jack goes to Metro to tell Janet he took a drunk Carly home and reassure her that not even Carly will stop him from marrying her tomorrow.

Luke gets angry when he sees Brian have an enthusiastic response to a stripper Henry hired for the party and later takes a drunk Brian home. Brian almost kisses Luke again but the moment is interrupted when Holden and Lily arrive home. Luke waits until Holden and Lily have gone to bed to warn Brian that if he ever touches him again he will tell Lucinda about their kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie offers that she can drive Rick to the police station and he make a quiet statement, keep this out of the press. Brooke doesn’t buy her help and won’t let Stephanie blame Phoebe’s death on her son. Stephanie rails back that she thinks Rick is erratic and irresponsible and Phoebe is dead because of him and she is going to see that he pays for it. She’s incensed when Brooke seems to be saying it wasn’t Rick’s fault but Phoebe’s. She will not let him blame a poor dead girl for her own accident. He really is a bastard if Rick is saying that. While Rick is having flashbacks, Eric questions him how all of this happened. How did he drive off the road? Rick confesses all the things he has done lately to get back at Ridge. He was just trying to get to the party and Phoebe jumped in the car and attacked him. Eric comforts him and tells him that he is not responsible for her death. Rick says it doesn’t matter who blames him or not, but he blames himself. He manipulated Eric with his bad legs and then everybody else as well to get what he wanted. Eric tells him he does not have to face this alone. The entire family will be there for him. He wonders how he will ever face Taylor.

Taylor wants to go to the site where Phoebe died. She takes yellow roses and spreads petals in the shape of a cross while Ridge comforts her. He agrees they need to plan a funeral, but Taylor and Steffy need her too so she needs to get rest. Brooke and Stephanie face off, but Brooke vows that Stephanie will not turn this into a vendetta against her family, she will not pin this on her son! She will not let Stephanie make her son the scapegoat. Stephanie throws it in her face that Rick was so desperate that he wanted what he wanted when he wanted it, sounds like Brooke to her. Brooke made him into the man he is today. “You killed my granddaughter.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe and Kate prepare for the bone marrow transplant. Chloe goes off on Daniel and continues to act uncomfortably around him. Later, she and Lucas both assure Kate that Chloe is sure about going through with the transplant. Melanie begins her first day at Titan and locks Stephanie in the vault. Later, when Chelsea comes by to go to the hospital with Phillip, she realizes she accidentally locked Phillip in as well. Later, when she door opens, Melanie catches Phillip and Stephanie about to kiss. Marlena expresses reservations about Charlotte to Kayla, and admits she might be jealous because she wants to help John herself. John asks Charlotte to help him get Marlena back into his life.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke tries to manipulate himself back into Tracy's life. Lulu and Maxie have some conflicts over their new living arrangement. Spinelli tries to mediate. Sam and Jason give their statements to a federal agent. No charges are filed against them. Liz is also called in to give a statement. Robin continues to struggle with motherhood. Claudia thinks it's time for Olivia to vacate Sonny's house. Sonny tells Max he's trying to win Claudia's trust to find out the truth about Kate's shooting. Jason tries to make Liz understand how dangerous his life is.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne reunites with his parent. They wonder about the wheelchair. He tells them he is not hurt bad. Lizzie and Bill talk about what they should do. Dinah and Alan meet about Bill. Alan tells Dinah that Bill's troubles are his own doing. Back at Cedars where Josh, Reva and Shayne are, they talk about what he should do. Josh calls him a hero. Shayne says he is no hero. Shayne says he is going back to Europe. That there is nothing for him in Springfield. Reva and Josh don't like his decision. Cyrus meets with Alan. Bill and Lizzie take a walk for some air.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody goes to Hope's funeral. Marty is overwhelmed knowing that her son lost his baby but he had it with Todd Manning's daughter. And she remembers believing Todd's lie that Starr asked Todd and Marty to raise their baby together. She tells Reverend Carpenter she wants to hurt Todd the way he hurt her. Nora tells Todd she will offer him a deal of a reduced sentence in order to spare Marty the agony of a trial. He does not agree but still affirms that he loves Marty. Blair notices that Jack is not dealing well with the lies everybody told him about his father and the conflicting stories he reads online. Tea admits to the Vegas that she plans to represent Todd. Antonio, Carlotta and Talia tell her they don't approve of that. But she plans to do it anyway. Sara cannot accept the fact that Vanessa is manipulating Cristian and obviously has romantic interest in him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The judge dismisses River’s charges and happiness falls on the Baldwins‘; unfortunately it does not last . Glo is arrested at the hospital over the face crème (thanks to Jeffery setting her up). Michael realizes that they’ve been had by River. Victor plans his revenge on Adam and Jack as he hires Paul to investigate and shares with Ashley the information from Frank the forger. An enraged Ashley confronts Jack and cuts him out of the whole Jabot pie. Adam meets with a wedding planner.

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