The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/10/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

David wants to talk to Joe about something at the hospital, but Joe lets him know that he has other things to do right now. David gets a call from a doctor in the Congo, who tells David that Jeff and Jamie are missing. Tad is playing with Kathy in the living room when Krystal walks in. Tad questions her as to where she had been the night before. Rebecca is in the hospital in a coma. Angie lets Jesse know that Rebecca hadn’t wanted to be resuscitated. Bianca arrives at Zach’s to find Ryan there with the children. Zach and Reese have spent the night in the cabin together. Greenlee has been sitting with Kendall in the hospital when she bumps into Aidan in the hall. The orderlies bring Annie off the elevator and Annie shouts that she doesn’t want to go as she holds onto the elevator door. David reprimands Angie for not following the proper procedure and pulled the plug on Rebecca. Tad gets a call from Dr. Sod, who lets him know that both Jeff and Jamie are missing. Tad goes to the hospital to let Joe know that he is going to the Congo to find Jeff and Jamie. Joe lets Angie know that this situation concerning Rebecca will have to go before the ethics board. Aidan tells Greenlee that he is leaving town. Tad lets Krystal know that he is going to the Congo to find Jeff and Jamie. Krystal begs him not to go.

Ryan finds out that Annie is being sent to Oak Haven. Ryan arrives at the hospital with Emma. Annie mistakes Ryan for her “daddy.” Annie makes Ryan promise that he will go with her to school. Zach and Reese arrive home with the Christmas tree. Krystal suffers an anxiety attack and calls for David’s help. Bianca notices something wrong with Reese and questions her about it. Angie lets Frankie and Randi know that they have 24 hours to take Rebecca off the life support. Zach visits Kendall in her hospital room.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Regrettably, Janet takes her wedding dress back to Fashions and asks for a refund. She explains she is still getting married, so it has a happy ending, just not in that dress. Carly walks up and quips that it looks like she is fixing a $5,000 mistake. Janet says it just didn’t seem right getting married with it in City Hall. Carly replies that Janet won’t be wearing her dream dress, but think of it this way – one more thing she can hold against Carly. She knows she gave up her Cinderella gown because Carly said they couldn’t afford it. Janet assures her it is okay. She’s only going to get married once and it is definitely Jack’s last. Jack misses Holden to return the money he loaned him. Lily manages to talk him into having the wedding at her house. Meg wakes Paul from a nightmare. It seemed so real. He saw Meg between Casey and Craig and they were pawing for her attention. She tells Paul that James is right. Paul is not man enough to be the father of her baby. Dusty gloats that now he has all the money and Meg and the baby too. Paul begs Meg not to call the doctor even though she warns him that there could be side effects from the anti-anxiety meds. He assures her that all he needs is her and his little girl. She tells him not to think about Craig and just to focus on his recovery. She gives him full credit for turning his life around, and says she is proud of him. Not wanting to see Craig, Dusty groans that he’d rather spend five years in solitary confinement than to listen to his nonsense. Craig produces Josie and thinks maybe they want to mend fences. Dusty is not happy to see her either, and wonders how she got hooked up with Craig. She explains that she barely knows him, but Craig tracked her down, told her that Dusty was in jail, so she came. Dusty made her walk away once before, but she’s not going to do that now. She feels responsible for him shooting Paul and she can tell the truth to the police.

Carly drops by Janet’s to pick up Parker’s books. Janet is trying on and wanting to decide what to wear for her wedding. Nothing seems to be just right and she does want to look like a bride. Carly offers her help. Just make a pattern from a dress that Janet does like and make it in white. She volunteers to do that. Jack drops by and can’t believe what these two women are doing in the same room together. He gives Janet the good news, no city hall wedding but at Holden and Lily’s. Janet says Carly is going over and beyond and she’s like to officially invite her to the awesome wedding. She explains to Jack that she is really doing this for them. She wants Carly to see them together, to see that this marriage is for real….it’s true and meant to last. That will nip anything else in the bud and Carly will be able to let him go. Lily cautions Carly that showing up at the wedding may not be a good thing for her. Margo is shocked that Craig would be willing to help Dusty and possibly get him out of jail. Craig sees Dusty again and Dusty is skeptical why he would help him, must be something in it for Craig too. Craig replies that he only wants peace in the family – family in the sense that they are both fathers to Johnny. He realizes now that Jennifer picked Dusty to raise her son and he is okay with that. And they won’t find Johnny unless they work together. He doesn’t want to be enemies any more, that won’t help either of them. But they could join forces and perhaps be able to bring their boy back. Craig tells Margo he realizes it is hard for everyone to believe that he is trying to redeem himself, but he’s really just trying to do the right thing. Paul is mad that Josie shows up at Fairwinds. He paid her good money to get lost. It’s too late for her to cry over spilled milk with Dusty being in jail. Josie declares she will not leave until she speaks with Meg, and Paul is vehemently against that. Meg returns and does want to hear what Josie has to say. However, she doesn’t believe her either. Dusty is using her to get himself out of trouble. She tells Paul that if he is lying that she will find out and it will be worse. He feigns disappointment that she would take an admitted con artist’s word over his. He agrees he was wrong, but he did it for all the right reasons. He loves her and was protecting his family. She assures him that she’s told him over and over that Dusty is no threat, but Paul ignored that and engineered this unforgivable scheme with Josie. Paul begs for her forgiveness. He will even go down to the station and tell them it was self-defense and get them to drop the charges against Dusty. She tells him to go now. Josie drops back in on Dusty and tells him she spoke with Meg. She’s curious why Dusty would still want to protect her. He admits she and his wife both had something in common – being victims of Paul Ryan. Josie says even more – they both loved Dusty. Paul bumps into Craig and has a few choice snide words for him. Then he tells Margo he’s there to correct an injustice. His memory is a little hazy, but Dusty is telling the truth. He shot Paul in self-defense. Margo files the papers and takes the handcuffs off of Dusty and says he is free to go. He lucked out, but don’t leave town just yet. Josie says that this calls for a celebration and Dusty accepts her offer for a cup of coffee. She mentions he must still care for her otherwise he would not sacrifice himself in prison. He tells her he doesn’t think it will work out for them. She gives him a kiss and he says he’s not sure about anything anymore, but thanks for the coffee. When Paul returns, feeling all good and tells Meg that Dusty is free now, she informs him that here is his key, she is leaving. He keeps saying he has changed, but he never will. Their daughter needs a mother strong enough to know when to be on her own because unfortunately her father can’t be trusted.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie explains to Ridge that while Rick did not deliberately try to run into the ditch which caused the accident, Lt. Baker does have questions since it did not involve another vehicle. Ridge says all of that means nothing as it will not bring Phoebe back. Steffy continues to cry over Phoebe’s body in the morgue and bemoans she doesn’t know how she will go on without her. She climbs on top of the roof to look at the stars and feel closer to her sister. She speaks to her sister as she is teetering on the edge. Ridge spies her and pulls her down. He cradles her in his arms and maintains that he will be there for her always.

Rick continues to beat upon himself and how all of this is his fault. He even confesses to Brooke that it was not Ridge that attacked him on the rooftop, but he attacked Ridge. He did that so she would break up with Ridge. He even forced her to make Ridge move out of the house, and faked his paralysis longer than he should – all for her attention and love and devotion which he felt was lacking. Brooke wants to take some responsibility in that feeling, but Rick won’t let her. In fact he confesses more, it was him that edited the podcast so Ridge never heard the good things she said about him. Ridge was angry and almost left Brooke then. Rick wishes he had. He also tells her about sending Marcus to Paris and his move on Steffy. Phoebe found out and this is what led to her being so hurt and angry that she jumped in his car and grabbed the wheel causing the accident. None of this should have happened, and it’s all his fault. Lt. Baker walks Stephanie through the accident site. She then goes to see Brooke and blames Rick again for her granddaughter being dead. This was no accident. It was his irresponsibility and carelessness that caused this, and she vows that Rick will pay for what he has done.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole can’t go through with drugging Brady and knocks the drink out of his hand. She tells him what she did, and explains to him that she only did it because she is desperate to be a mother again one day and to be with EJ. Brady seems to accept this and promises not to divulge her secret to anyone. EJ calls Sami to tell her goodbye and that he is moving on with Nicole. She goes into a tirade about how horrible Nicole is, and EJ tells her he is sorry, but he is not going to continue to wait around for her. Rafe accuses Sami of having feelings for EJ, but she denies it, saying she is just scared of the influence Nicole and Stefano could have on her son. Rafe vows to protect her. EJ tells Nicole that he spoke with Sami and got closure. He also tells Nicole that he loves her. The mayor’s killer meets with a man who knows Rafe is protecting Sami. He gives the killer a photo of Rafe, saying he will lead him directly to Sami. Chloe has to go back to the hospital to have some more blood work done, and she and Daniel nearly kiss while he is examining her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax informs Johnny that he wants the penthouse back. Luke returns to Port Charles without Tracy. Later Tracy returns home and isn’t happy to see Luke. Tracy says she has no interest in reconciling with Luke, and then kicks him out of the mansion. Luke overhears Tracy admit to Edward that she’s still married to Luke. Robin continues to be frustrated with motherhood when she can’t seem to quiet Emma. Patrick is able to quiet the baby when he comes home from the hospital. Nikolas spends some quality time at the Crowell farm helping Nadine with her chores. Nadine admits to her aunt that the marriage to Nikolas was her idea. The two decide not to marry. Later, Nadine’s aunt passes away quietly. Jason isn’t happy to learn Maxie is staying in his guest room. Jason tells Maxie she must vacate immediately for her safety. Maxie later confides in Robin about needing a place to live. Maxie and Lulu end up looking at the same apartment so they agree to be roommates. Sam and Alexis run into each other at GH. Sam fills Alexis in on Jerry’s plot to kill her on the ship. Alexis says the drug charges against Sam will be dropped. Jason thinks Sasha and the Russians are still in Port Charles. Diane arrives and tells Jason he’s being “questioned by the Federal government” about Jake’s abduction and the assault on the Russian property. Diane advises Jason to tell the truth about what happened. Sam arrives at the courthouse while Jason is waiting to be questioned.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is taking a nap on the couch when she wakes she calls out for Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Alan and Beth are at it again over Lizzie. Beth sticks up for Lizzie and herself. All Alan wants is where to find them when he needs them. The fight at Company between Mallet and Shayne continues until Frank and a patrolman break it up. Frank orders both to jail. After both Shayne and Dinah are carted off to jail. Marina goes to Frank upset about the events. Reva and Jeffrey are doing some work at a table and Reva gets upset she can't find an article she wants to reread about cancer and having a baby at the same time. She tells Jeffrey that the article talked about percentages of babies born dead to mothers who went through treatment. Jeffrey tries to calm her down. Meanwhile Josh is trying to figure out why Shayne showed up when and where he did and why in a wheelchair. Jeffrey says he is listening to her about this. He cares about her. He tells her he doesn't want to raise their child alone. He orders her to go and take bath. Beth is waiting when Coop returns to his place. Marina is talking to Mallet about the latest situation. They now both feel they rushed into the marriage. Josh is calling to get Shayne out of jail. Shayne and Dinah are in cells across from each other. They are talking about why he came back. After a bit Shayne yells in pain and Dinah tells him to call an officer. Shayne says the pain comes and goes. Jeffrey finally calms Reva down and they talk sensibly. Beth and Coop go to bed together. Alan goes to Company to find Beth. Alan asks Buzz if he's seen Coop. Buzz says yes that he's been home all night. Alan says he has seen Beth's car in the parking lot. Coop comes down stairs dressed to see Buzz and Alan there. He walks right by them as if nothing has happened. Josh goes to see Shayne in jail. And tells him he's free to go. Dinah can't believe she is not also going. That it was Shayne who started the fight. Mallet wakes to see that Marina is not there in bed beside him. Marina is seen outside just walking and thinking. When Mallet can't find her in the house, he gets dressed and goes looking for her. Marina leaves a note on the door then changes her mind and tears it up and puts it in her pocket. Mallet finally get outside to see the bouquet of flowers on the outside table, but no Marina. Jeffrey introduces Reva to a girl named Blossom. Reva thinks Jeffrey is setting her up for babysitters. Jeffrey explains that Blossom is the daughter of a woman who had the same cancer as Reva and both Blossom and her mother survived. This after Blossom excuses herself because she has a phone call from her Mom. Josh gets angry at Shayne. Coop and Beth talk. Mallet finds out that Marina paid for Dinah's bail. Marina goes to see Dinah in jail. They talk about what was supposed to be the wedding. Marina tells Dinah she got her Christmas Wish. When a cop comes to release Dinah she can't believe it and the cop says she made bail. Dinah asks who paid it. The cop says Marina. Beth goes to Alan for some help in understanding contracts. Reva thanks Jeffrey for that introductions with Blossom. Reva gets a call from Josh. When she gets to the police station, she sees Shayne there in a wheelchair sitting next to Josh. She runs to him and hugs and cries. Mallet and Marina talk at the Police station about Dinah and Marina's paying her bail. Mallet says he made a few calls. When she sees her family she cries. Mallet still wants to marry her. Dinah finally finds out who came to her rescue. A judge performs the ceremony. As the judge talks about love the couples of Springfield get together. Marina and Mallet say their vows, while Dinah looks on with a happy face from above. The judge pronounces them Husband and Wife. Marina is smiling.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian, in the La Boulaie living room, looks at a newspaper article on Todd. Blair and John wake up together in each other arms. Viki and Charlie wake up together in his bed in his motel room. Marcie and Michael wake up together in their bed in their apartment .Cole comes to visit Marty in her bedroom in Asa’s mansion. Jessica reads a newspaper article on the death of Starr’s baby. Langston shows Dorian a note that Starr had left on her bed, telling them that she needed some time alone. Starr walks into the chapel of St. Anthony’s. Starr runs her fingers over the sign which reads, “Hope Manning McBain.” Walking into the chapel, she sees Andrew. Andrew gives her some very helpful advice on how to deal with this tragedy. Jessica wonders what it would be like if it had been her baby, who had died. Marty lets Cole know that she will not be accompanying him to the funeral.

The funeral begins for Hope Manning McBain. Everyone is in attendance except for Marty and Todd. Everyone says a tearful good-bye to Hope at the cemetery.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy confesses to Jack about being Chloe’s baby’s father and after his conversation with Lily leaves Jack a message stating he won’t ever tell the truth. At the Ashby’s, Cane plays nice with Chloe as they pretend to be a happy family for the welfare of the baby. Lauren and Michael celebrate their anniversary and River being out on bail thanks to Glo. Jana takes the money and gives it to River. Phyllis tells Jack about Nick and Sharon’s passionate kiss on the bridge in Paris. Adam confronts Jack and tells him the jig is up then sees Victor and refuses to give in to him, paying the consequence of Victor’s wrath.

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