The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/9/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie sit’s a plate of sandwiches down on the table as she looks out her apartment window at the falling snow. Jesse walks up behind her and gives her a hug. Zach and Reese find shelter in a mountain cabin when they get caught in the snowstorm, trying to find a Christmas tree. Krystal visits David once again at Wildwind. Krystal lets him know that she wants more of the peace and solitude that he had given her the night before. Jake advises Brot not to travel in this kind of weather as Taylor comes into Brot’s hospital room. Taylor confronts Brot about the engagement ring that she had found in his coat pocket. David once again drugs Krystal’s drink. There is a knock on the door and it is Bianca and Gabrielle. Bianca’s car had skidded off the road and she was seeking help from David.

Krystal cares for Gabrielle while Bianca sleeps as a result of the drink that David had made for Krystal. While the elevator is stalled, Jake talks to Brot into giving Taylor another chance. Rebecca collapses and Natalia and Jesse beg Angie to help her. Brot comes to see Taylor and they both agree to give their relationship another try.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey gets a job as a janitor at the hospital and rescues Alison when a drugged up Mark Verio (the guy who kidnapped Alison on Halloween) thinks that he sees people who want him to jump off the hospital roof. Casey manages to tackle Mark and sedate him. Alison thanks Casey for his help and Bob is proud of his grandson. Janet overhears Jack talking to Carly about getting a second mortgage on the house and later tells Liberty she would be happy with a small wedding. Carly takes Holden's advice and agrees to co-sign the papers for a second mortgage. Jack gets turned down by the bank and tells Janet he can't give her the wedding of her dreams. Janet tells Jack she loves him for his good intentions and all she wants is to be his wife. When Liberty tells Parker about Janet canceling her dream wedding, he decides to forge Carly's name on a check from the trust fund Rosanna gave him. Parker goes to the Lakeview to drop off the check. Carly discovers the check missing and blames Jack at first until Parker admits to Jack and Carly that he wanted to give Jack and Janet the wedding as a gift. Jack and Janet thank Parker for his good intentions, but they punish both him and Liberty for forging the check. Jack and Janet decide to tear up the check and have a small wedding. Carly leaves Janet's house while Parker and Liberty stay and enjoy strawberry shortcake with Jack and Janet. Carly watches the family scene from the hallway and feels very left out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Steffy that he told Taylor about Phoebe’s dying. They will treasure her memory and keep her alive. They will have to be strong for Taylor and help her through this too. Steffy comments they were twins so they had a special bond. She felt her leaving the very minute that she slipped away. She’s glad Ridge was with her and she was not alone. Ridge says that he and Brooke will put the wedding on hold. Stephanie needs answers, why is her granddaughter dead? Rick was driving and lost control of the car, but Phoebe is the one who is dead. Brooke intercedes and tells Stephanie there will be a time and a place for these questions, but a third degree is not in order here. Steffy insists on wanting to see Phoebe one last time, and Ridge takes her. The lady in the morgue gives them Phoebe’s personal items. Ridge fights back tears as he opens the bag and fingers every single object, the necklace, her barrette and Steffy’s bracelet.

Ridge pulls back the sheet exposing Phoebe’s beautiful face. Steffy recoils but immediately takes a scarf from around her neck, puts water on it and washes some blood off of Phoebe’s face. Ridge is trying to hold it all together and gives Steffy some private time. Steffy cries that Phoebe would have still been there if she had gone to the party with her. Why didn’t she? She was always there when Steffy needed her, and she feels like a part of her is dead now too. She will never be the same. She begs for Phoebe to give her a sign that she is still in her heart. Stephanie comforts Ridge and he fills her in on those last moments with Phoebe. She was bruised and broken, and he shouldn’t have touched her, but he had to hold her. She puts the seeds in his mind “if this was an accident.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami makes cookies and she and Rafe decorate the tree. Stefano tells EJ that if he really cares about Nicole, he will marry her, but he thinks EJ is still hung-up on Sami. EJ heads off to ask Roman if he can arrange a call to Sami. Roman agrees if he can listen in, and the two give her a call. Chloe loses her ring in the river, and Lucas dives in to retrieve it. Later, they have drinks with Brady and Nicole at the bar. Brady refuses to keep Nicole’s secret any longer, and she arranges to spike his drink with cocaine. Chloe is suspicious as to why Brady and Nicole are at a bar when neither of them drink, and she worries Brady may fall off the wagon. Later, Brady prepares to sip the drink Nicole drugged. Chelsea talks Max into opening the box his father left him. Inside, he finds a stuffed dog Trent took from him as a child and note saying he is sorry.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia is less than sympathetic when Patrick arrives with a wounded Olivia. Sonny supports Olivia’s request to stay at his house temporarily. Patrick patches up Olivia. Sonny asks Patrick’s opinion on contacting Dante. Later, Olivia gets under Claudia’s skin. Mac tells Maxie either her friendship with Spinelli is over or she must move out of the Scorpio house. Maxie chooses Spinelli. Mac later tells Maxie he’s sorry for giving her an ultimatum. Maxie is firm in her decision to move out on her own. Carly notices that Jax is still wearing his wedding ring. Jax insists there’s no hope of saving their marriage. Later, Carly remembers her love for Michael in private. She further admits to being forever “bonded” to Sonny. Sam and Jason return Jake home safely. Elizabeth says she’s “forever indebted” to Sam. Later, Jason tells Sam he hopes Jake has no memory of him. Lucky spends some quality time with Elizabeth and the kids. Jason and Sam seem to make amends for their past.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The Coopers get ready for a wedding. Marina is with her parents. Dinah wants to know if the guy she met in Europe is stalking her in Springfield. Outside Company they watch Mallet and Marina's wedding party through a window . While Dinah is talking to Shayne, Daisy and Grady come by. Shayne hides from them as the three talk. Josh starts the wedding then Daisy comes in and tells him she brought Grady. Frank tells her Grady isn't welcome but she is because she is family. Dinah talks to Grady outside and blames him for Bill's problems. Grady walks away from Dinah into Company, where Frank tells him he is not welcome. Then Frank tells Josh to continue. By this time Daisy gets angry and starts yelling at her family. Frank, Eleni, and Coop huddle to talk about what to do about Daisy. Eleni says she should stay. Frank isn't in agreement. Daisy finally says she'll leave. She and Grady leave. Dinah sees them. Mallet comes out to see Dinah standing near the porch. He wants to know what she is doing there. Remy and Mel talk over lunch. Ashlee tries to explain Grady to Eleni. Marina isn't happy with Frank throwing out Daisy and Grady. She says she could have done it if she wanted. She wants harmony for the wedding. She tells Frank se is going outside to think and when she comes back she wants harmony. She goes outside to see Shayne there. He tells her longtime no see. Remy tries to get close to Christina. All she wants is a divorce so she can go on with her life. She doesn't want to be married who doesn't want her. Marina is shocked and happy to see Shayne. She asks why he is in the chair. And also why he never called her. Shayne reminds her about the wedding. She says it is a disaster. Shayne tells her not to tell Josh he is in town as he wants to leave Springfield as soon as he can. Shayne says that she must be happy marrying Mallet. Marina reminds him that they were in love as kids. Meanwhile Mallet corners Dinah. They stand out in the snow talking. Marina wants to know how Shayne became such an expert on love. Shayne acts bitter. Marina wants to know what happened to him. Mel suggests Remy stay married. Frank wants Josh to start the wedding over again. Dinah asks Shayne who is he and why is he here. Daisy and Grady make love. As Josh is about to start the wedding over Shayne comes in. Josh realizes it is Shayne even though none of the other guys does. Mallet thinks it is Ben. Shayne gets up from his wheelchair in the attempt to attack Mallet. Josh holds him back.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the Angel Square diner, Carlotta watches television about a little boy that has returned home in time for Christmas. Viki walks up to Charlie’s table in the diner. Viki asks Charlie if she can sit down. Shane, Gigi, and Rex return home from having their pics takes to be put on Christmas cards. Brody has his plate in his hand and looks for a place to sit. Jessica offers Brody to join her. Jessica shows him a pic of Bree and Chloe. Natalie and Jared enjoy the quietness of being by themselves in Llanfair. Bree begins to cry which breaks up the silence. Blair and John are in his apartment. Blair asks him if he wants to break up. John gets up and kisses her. John and Blair cannot get undressed fast enough. Sarah is on the computer in the apartment. Talia walks in and questions Sarah if she is trying to find some “dirt” on Vanessa. Vanessa thanks Cristian for all his help and then kisses him.

Viki decides to spend the night with Charlie in his room overlooking Angel Square. Jared and Natalie have a hard time keeping Chloe and Bree quieted down. Blair and John have made love. Blair suggests that John needs a Christmas tree which John balks out. Everyone in Llanview settle down to watch,” Christina Comes Home for Christmas.” Vanessa is more than a little jealous when she sees Sarah with Cristian watching the movie. Natalie goes to sleep in Jared’s arms while watching the movie. Rex and Gigi make love during the showing of the movie. Viki and Charlie kiss as they head to his room.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is ready to watch the Christmas Classic movie: Christina Comes Home For Christmas. Viki and Charlie admit that they love each other and want to spend the night together. Antonio and Talia are together. Sarah goes to Cristian's home and shows Vanessa that Cristian is committed to her (Sarah) even though Vanessa might have other plans. Blair persuades John to watch the movie with her. Natalie and Jared watch Bree and Chloe while Viki is out with Charlie. And they declare their love for each other. Rex and Gigi are together. Shane indicates that he might consider seeing Rex and Roxy as his family members. Roxy remembers Natalie's unmet needs as a child when she watched the classic movie. Viki tells Charlie that she would like to spend the night with him. Only Brody and Jessica are alone in St. Anne's. As they watch the movie and cry, they forget all about their troubles and the uncertainty in their lives.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo testifies on River’s behalf and Jeffrey is not happy. Phyllis confesses to Nick that he saw him and Sharon in Paris kissing. Jack and Sharon explain to Noah that they will no longer be married. Amber accuses Kevin of murdering Katherine.

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