The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/8/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie attacks Aidan in her hospital room and tries to choke him to death. Jesse and orderlies intervene to pull Annie off Aidan. David once again drugs Krystal. Amanda pays a visit to David to get another installment, but finds Krystal there. Tad questions Angie, at the hospital, about Krystal’s whereabouts. Brot is brought into the hospital. Taylor immediately goes to his side which unnerves Jake, who is falling in love with Krystal. Greenlee brings Emma a Christmas tree. Jesse confronts Aidan about his part in the kidnapping of Emma and takes him down to the station for a polygraph test.

David lies to Amanda as to why Krystal is here. Brot orders Taylor to leave. At the boat dock, Greenlee and Jake pour out their hearts to each other. Jack visits Ryan to discuss Greenlee’s feelings for Ryan. Taylor finds in Brot’s coat pocket the diamond engagement ring that he had purchased for her. Annie dreams that Greenlee is dead.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily comes to see Dusty at his request; he wants her to back up his story about the fact that he shot Paul out of self-defense. However, Emily is still very angry at Dusty and feigns knowing the real story. Craig shows up to see Meg to happily tell her that the charges have been dropped against him trying to kill Paul. Meg is angry and is determined to protect her family, as Craig promises her that he means them no harm. Paul finds him with Meg and demands he get away from her. Craig nonchalantly mentions Dusty is in jail, as Meg answers that she knows. Later, Paul confronts Meg about her seeing Dusty. She explains that she turned Dusty in, but Paul is still upset. Meg offers to fill his anxiety prescriptions, as Paul calls Emily to meet when Meg leaves. Luke goes to see Carolyn to ask her about Brian. He explains who he is and insinuates that he knows why they divorced. Carolyn doesn’t respond well and wants Luke to leave her alone. Brian and Lucinda have fun as they take Tango lessons. Lucinda can’t help but notice that Brian seems unsure about getting intimate, as he assures her that he wants to make sure she is well first. Lucinda seems to wonder whom Brian is talking to when Carolyn calls to warn Brian about what Luke has been up to. Craig and Dani meet in the park and he wants to know about Dusty, but Dani is more interested in getting physical. Craig does admit that he wants to Dusty in jail until his plan unfolds and then he will be the one to get Dusty out. Dani agrees to help, but their make out session is interrupted when they see Paul and Emily meeting nearby. Barbara goes to see Dusty where he tries to get her to see what Paul did to him. Barbara doesn’t think Paul would use Jennifer’s memory to mess with him. She thinks Dusty betrayed her and feels he no longer is a part of her family. Luke admits to Noah about how he tried to talk with Carolyn. Noah thinks he should stop obsessing over Brian, but Luke is convinced Brian is hiding something. Their conversation is interrupted when Brian confronts Luke about what he has been doing and reads him the riot act about how he is tired of Luke’s actions being justified in the name of his ‘truth’. Luke feels badly, but he is still mad about Brian pretending that he didn’t kiss him. He later tells Noah that he knows Brian is the reason his grandmother is doing so well, but he can’t let her live a lie. After Dani leaves, Craig listens to Emily and Paul talk about his role in Josie being hired and Dusty being framed. Craig later sees Barbara and learns more information about Josie. Barbara now believes that Craig was the one that hired Josie and declares war. Paul pretends to take the pills Meg brings him; he also admits to being scared. Meg assures him as long as he is honest they will be fine, as Paul looks guilt ridden. Lucinda hides her suspicions when Brian comes home from taking care of ‘business’. Craig tells Dusty that he can get him out of jail, but Dusty dismisses him wanting nothing to do with anything he has to say.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The party is in full swing, but Brooke is worried that it is taking Ridge so long to make that call to Phoebe. The room becomes eerily quiet when Ridge suddenly steps inside and collapses in tears. Steffy also has a sudden attack. Ridge grabs his kids, Steffy and Thomas, and shocks them by saying that Phoebe is dead. Everyone in the room clutches someone close to them and shares in the grief. Taylor shoos Stephanie off to the party. She claims she will be okay. She even has Phoebe’s song to her dad downloaded, and she will listen to that and pretend she is at the party too. She maintains that she has time now to spend with Phoebe and will make things right. All bloodied, Rick walks in and states to Ridge how sorry he is that this has happened. It takes a moment for it to sink in, but Ridge goes ballistic and punches Rick in the face. He’s sorry, is that it?

Thomas asks Ridge how are they going to tell Mom? Bridget tells Rick he needs to go to the hospital as he needs stitches. Brooke tells Rick that she knows he never meant to hurt Phoebe. It was an accident, he was not at fault. Stephanie is stunned when she gets home and Eric has to tell her that Phoebe was in an accident and killed. Stephanie confronts Rick and asks him to help her understand why he is alive and Phoebe is dead. In a guarded, somber mood, Ridge slowly tells Taylor there are so many memories of Phoebe in her scrapbook. She tells Ridge that he is scaring her, and she begs him to tell her what’s wrong. He can manage to get out one sentence, “Phoebe was killed tonight.” She reels and drops the gypsy necklace she was holding, the one to ward off bad spirits.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stefano and EJ are able to regain control of the diamond situation when Stefano sics his on men on Juan and Ramon. They beat them mercilessly and Stefano makes off with the jewels and the money. Rafe runs into Nicole at the mansion, and makes up a story about how he got the wrong house when she is suspicious of why he is at he mansion. Later, he disables the surveillance cameras. Stefano and EJ find out and vow to protect their family. After decorating the tree with Hilda, Sami worries about Rafe being seen at the mansion, but he tells her she doesn’t know him as well as she thinks. They talk about Nicole and Rafe divulges that he thinks she is sad about something. Brady finds a vial of cocaine on the ground and is getting ready to destroy it when John shows up and accuses him of still being an addict. Brady denies it, and he and John talk about his appointment with the psychiatrist. John apologizes for accusing him of still using drugs, and tells Brady that he is proud of him for getting clean. Nicole talks to Max about adoption after we apologizes to her for thinking she was guilty of Trent’s murder. Brady catches Nicole researching adoption on the internet.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason watches as the building Jake is held in explodes. Lucky comes to Liz’s aid as she trashes her studio. Liz realizes she can’t be part of Jason’s “destructive life.” Sam comes out of the burning building with Jake in hand. Kate arrives at the party only to find Carly entertaining her guests. Kate blames Lulu for leaking the info about her dress but Maxie steps up and takes the blame. Jax chastises Carly for trying to one up Kate. Later, Jax stops Kate from firing Maxie and Lulu. Sonny puts his foot down when he comes home and catches Ric kissing Claudia. Ric tries to convince Sonny that he (Ric) is a necessity in the Zacchara organization. Matt watches over Cam at GH when Patrick is called in to work. Olivia is stabbed after she overhears Sasha admitting to Jake’s kidnapping. Patrick just happens by so he tends to Olivia. Rather than take her to GH, Patrick delivers Olivia to Sonny's house. Sam and Jason head home with Jake. Mac says he wants Spinelli out of Maxie’s life. Liz is thrilled when Sam and Jason bring Jake home safely.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne comes home. He is sitting in his wheelchair outside Lewis Construction as his voice over tells us what he wished when he came home. Shayne is now at the courthouse where Dinah and Mallet are meeting. He is on the balcony while Mallet and Dinah are near the judge's bench. Dinah is telling Mallet that Bill didn't kidnap Lizzie. Mallet tells her the grand jury believes otherwise because they indicted him. Mallet wants to know why she left. And Dinah says she wonders why she came back at all. Reva and Jeffrey are talking about wigs. Josh senses he is being followed and sees Frank. Josh asks why is he following him. Frank asks Josh if he knew that Mallet and Marina were getting married. Josh says he did but felt it was their decision to tell the family. Reva runs into Marina. Marina drops some papers that Reva picks up for her. Reva notices on them marriage vows. She is happy for Marina. Marina shows her the dress. Reva loves it. Reva mentions that she wished Marina was going to be her daughter in law. That Shayne really loved her. Marina says she loved Shayne too. Dinah wants the truth from Mallet about them. He tells her that she nearly killed him every day. They hug as Shayne continues to look on. Outside Shayne and Mallet have a run in. Mallet doesn't realize it is Shayne. Jeffrey visits Olivia in the hospital. Jeffrey tells Olivia that Reva has leukemia. Josh catches Reva at his place in the bathroom. She comes out saying she threw up and needed mouthwash. She then tells Josh the cancer is back. That it is leukemia and that they may have caught it early. Josh asks about the kids if they should know. Then Josh hugs Reva while she cries. Marina sits and looks at a picture wondering what to do. Mallet warns Shayne that he is a police officer and that Shayne should go the other way. Shayne starts in on him about being a "hero". Mallet still not knowing who it is, tries to reason with him. Jeffrey tells Olivia he is being selfish concerning Reva and the baby. Olivia says Reva is tough as nails. Reva apologizes for telling Josh about the cancer the way she did. Josh says there is no need to apologize. She tells Josh about a phone call she got from Shayne supposedly in Germany taking a "break". Not knowing that Shayne is in town. Jeffrey meets up with Reva and Josh at Towers. Reva explains why Josh was with her. Jeffrey asks if he should be nervous. Josh says no. That they were talking about Shayne. Then the mention of children and then Josh and Jeffrey shake hands. Mallet is dressed up for his wedding in a suit with a carnation. Marina shows up and he likes what he sees with her dress. They stand looking at each other talking about marriage. Mallet goes to the radio and turns it on to soft music and asks Marina to dance. She accepts. The phone rings, it is Lynne. She wants them to come to Company and not alone. Jeffrey is talking to Reva about his scares about dropping the baby on it's head or worse. Reva giggles and reassures him he'll do fine. Even hammering a nail freaks him out, she says. She adds that between leaning on each other they will figure this out. Mallet and Marina get to Company with guns drawn. They see it dark and empty. Mallet turns on the lights to see a surprise party was set up for them. Coop and Lynne and Buzz surprise them. Dinah runs into Shayne again. This time she wonders what he is doing in Springfield.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Tea Delgado visits Todd in his jail cell. She suggests that she represent him in his trial, but Todd refuses. Natalie and Viki take care of Baby Chloe. Starr and Dorian find out that the doctor who delivered her baby, Dr. Joplin, committed suicide. Starr somehow blames herself for this mess. John is on the roof, drinking a beer when Blair join him. John makes it clear to Blair that he doesn’t want things to be over between them. Cole assures Marty that Todd is going to pay for what he did to Marty. Charlie and Jared sit in a booth in the café when Moe and Noelle come in. Moe lets them know that he is going to be the head chef for Dorian Lord. Noelle asks Carlotta for a job.

Natalie encourages Viki to go see Charlie. Viki hesitates at first, but then agrees to see Charlie. Charlie congratulates Moe on his new position at Dorian’s. John and Blair reconcile and then kiss. Marty relives memories of Todd. On the computer, Marty prints out all the info that she could find on Todd. Moe reports to work at Dorian’s. Carlotta hires Noelle as a waitress in the diner.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Kay finds the ring in Pearl’s purse and is still at a lost of who she really is, Pearl tells her to pawn the ring for 5,000 bucks. Michael is hung out to dry with no witnesses for River’s trial, Lauren goes to Glo and gives her an ultimatum as does Jeffrey threatening to ruin her if she testifies. Chloe is rushed to the hospital and told she is to remain on bed rest. Cane vows to be at her beckon call putting family first and calling it quits with Lily for good. Billy is also there trying to get answers to his million dollar question. It is confirmed by the nurse that the baby is his.

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