The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/5/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie leans up against the wall in the corridor and rubs her eyes. Jesse comes up with a Santa hat on his head and holds a bell in his hand which he jingles. They kiss. He tells Mrs. Claus to come with him. Tad and Kathy look at their Christmas tree in the living room of the home. Krystal comes downstairs, sees the tree and tells Tad to get rid of it. Tad is stunned. David is at Babe’s grave with Amanda. He pulls the carp off the tombstone which he has just had placed on Babe’s grave. David puts his arm around Amanda as they look at the tombstone. Adam brings Erica a beautiful Amaryllis into her hospital room. He asks for her help in holding onto his son. J.R. sits in the floor of the living room in the Chandler mansion. He remembers a past Christmas when Babe had told him that she had a present for him and he had a present for her. Greenlee arrives at the hearing. Ryan sits behind the desk. The committee also arrives for the hearing .Annie is brought in by two orderlies. When Annie sees Greenlee, she starts to try to pull away from the orderlies. Adam suggests to Erica that she move back into the mansion with him. Erica refuses by telling him that she already has a place to live. Little Adam tells J.R. that he had received a present from his Momma. J.R. tells him that Babe could send him hugs and kisses but she was never coming home. Krystal leaves, telling Tad that she needs some air. Annie goes berserk and warns them that they will all pay. Amanda stops by J.R.’s to see if Little Adam had received the angel that she had sent him. They end up decorating the Christmas tree together. The doctor recommends that Annie be committed to a psychiatric hospital. Krystal goes to the cemetery and finds David there. David picks her up and carries her out of the cemetery.

J.R. warns Adam to stay out of his life. David drugs Krystal’s drink. She is just about to drink it when there is a knock on the door. Krystal begs David not to let anyone know she was here. David lies to Angie and tells her that Krystal wasn’t there. Jack visits Erica and brings her one single rose. Jack invites Erica to come and stay with him, but Erica refuses by telling him that Adam had already invited her to stay with him. Erica calls Adam and tells him that she is going to take him up on his offer to live in the mansion. Adam is thrilled. Adam threatens Amanda concerning J.R. Aidan comes to visit Annie. She tells him to come closer so that she can tell him what she needs. When he comes closer, she hits him in the stomach. Greenlee brings Ryan a Christmas tree for Emma.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Dani tells Craig that he is her priority, but she had to make Oakdale think she was available thus her dalliance with Dr. Chris Hughes. He assures her that Spencer is far out of reach and there will be no more problems. Paul insists that Margo get the doctors to let him go home. He inquires about Dusty and she tells him Dusty has not been found, but he will not get away with this. Bonnie and Derek find Dusty at Metro. Bonnie advises him that she will represent him, but he has to turn himself in. Margo apologizes to Brad for not believing in him, but explains that when he is involved trouble usually follows. Craig calls Katie and states it's about time they meet and get their stories straight. Derek stops by Fairwinds and gives Meg a message from Dusty. He takes her to meet him. Dusty tells her whatever Paul told her, it was a lie. He intends to tell her the truth. She still believes her husband that he knew nothing about Johnnie leaving town. She tells Dusty that he's looking for a scapegoat, and Paul is the obvious target. GhostJames awakens Paul and he congratulates him for handling this all so well. He is his son after all. When Meg returns home, Paul surprises her with a gorgeous decorated Christmas tree. She states it will be her best Christmas ever. She slips off and tells the police the whereabouts of Dusty.

Margo is astounded when Craig shows up at the station. He quips that she probably doesn't know whether to hit him or kiss him. She expounds that perhaps she will just arrest him. He claims his hands are clean and he had nothing to do with Paul Ryan's car bombing earlier this year. Margo calls and wants to see Katie at the station. Katie tells Craig that she doesn't want any part of a little family reunion. Margo questions her, and Katie confirms that she was with Craig that day in question. Her answers match Craig's perfectly and Margo doesn't buy either of their stories. Craig thanks Katie, and Margo lets them go. Brad wonders why Katie didn't tell him she was with Craig that day. She begs him to forget Craig and just focus on the two of them. Dani shows up and pretends she hasn't thought about or seen Craig in years. He chastises her that she needs to go and just follow through with what he asks of her. Margo arrests Dusty. Craig thinks that is ironic. Here he was just cleared of the charges of trying to kill Paul, and now Dusty is being charged. Funny how things work out!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Phoebe clutching at the wheel of the car, it crashes. Rick wakes up all bloodied still strapped with a seat belt in the car and searches for Phoebe who was thrown from the car. He finds her and realizes it is bad, but hopes she will survive. At that same time, Steffy has a weird feeling at the engagement/rehearsal party. Bridget politely declines a friendly dance with Nick. Jackie asks him if he has any regrets choosing Katie over Bridget. He replies only that he hurt Bridget. Stephanie spends more time with Taylor rather than rushing off to the party. Taylor confesses she still expects Ridge to come rushing through the door and to tell her that he wants to start over. She’s glad Phoebe is home so she can mend fences and give her some TLC. Katie is curt with Eric who asks about Donna. She explains that Donna was never with Owen so why would she be now? Thorne leads an enthusiastic toast to the engaged couple. Ridge steps outside to call Phoebe since he is worried about her not showing up. Running up out of breath, Rick informs Ridge there’s been an accident and Phoebe is really hurt. They have to get back to her. Ridge finds her and he pulls her to him and cradles her head on his lap. He comforts her and promises they have called the ambulance, and she will be okay. He breaks down and cries as she attempts to sing her song for him, then slips away in his arms.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole flips out when Stefano tells her about the doctor he had flown in for her. She refuses to see him, and threatens to rethink her arrangement with EJ if they keep trying to run her life. They acquiesce and head off to meet with their contact from Argentina, Ramon. He sells Stefano some diamonds, but after the transaction is finished, he pulls a gun on EJ and Stefano. Rafe does some spying at the DiMera mansion, and Nicole catches him in her room, fake belly in hand. Sami and Hilda bond when Hilda sneaks her in some pictures of the twins. Rafe also surprises Sami with a Christmas tree. Kate learns that Lucas and Chloe are engaged, and refuses to let Chloe be her donor, even though Daniel has found a way to do it without compromising Chloe’s health. Chloe insists on donating her bone marrow to help Kate.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly manages to put some snags in Kate's Crimson party. Sonny is determined not to take any action until Jake is safe. Sam and Jason track Jake down. Sam fights with Sasha while Jason shoots his way into the Russian hideout. Shortly after, Jason is horrified as the building blows up with Jake still stuck inside. Johnny tells Anthony that he's finished with the family and the business. Sonny catches Ric and Claudia kissing. Patrick pays Liz a friendly visit to check on her. Liz confides her guilt over Jake in Patrick. Later, Liz goes to her studio and trashes it. Lucky soon arrives and does his best to comfort Liz.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet and Marina go to Josh to get married. In doing so wakes Josh up. Josh reminds them they need witnesses. Dinah goes back to the VA to seek out Shayne again. Jeffrey and Reva pick a Christmas Tree. Reva goes for a treatment. She asks Jeffrey for a radio as Lillian sets her up for her treatment. Dinah visits Shayne. It doesn't go well so she leaves. Marina is pleasingly surprised to see her mother Eleni in the house when she comes back. Eleni things Mallet is too old for her daughter. Eleni mentions Shayne. Marina says Shayne is a nice guy, but that was when they were kids. Dinah calls Mallet and surprises him. Reva is alone getting her treatment and she decides to talk to her baby. Jeffrey is home getting the radio ready and dropping stuff in the process. He finally sits on the floor begging that both Reva and the baby be alright. Marina and Cyrus meet up for Drinks at Towers. Mallet wants to know why Dinah is calling him. Dinah asks Mallet for a favor. She tells him about Shayne without mentioning his name. Though when Mallet says he wants a name, Dinah gives him a factious name. Mallet tells Dinah about Bill's arrest. And to beat all he tells her he's getting married. Reva gets a call from Shayne on her cell. Shayne lies to Reva about how he is doing. When he wants to end the conversation he tells her that he and a couple of the guys are going out for drinks. Cyrus passionately kisses Marina. Mallet talks with Eleni. He tells her that Marina wants the wedding just for the two of them. Shayne is taking a stroll outside in his wheelchair when he sees Dinah arguing with an operator trying to call the states, specifically Springfield. Shayne tells her why he is in a chair. He says he was trying to clear mines out a of a soccer field so that kids could play. He says it wasn't a direct hit. He wants to go back to his room and stops when Dinah asks him if there is anyone. He tells her there was a girl, but doesn't mention her name. Dinah says the way things are going to her she feels like she slipped on a land mind herself. Mallet and Marina are trying to figure out what to so about their marriage and family. Jeffrey returns with the radio Reva wanted and a blanket and his guitar. Reva is happy. He starts to sing to her. nurses and aides come into the room to listen to Jeffrey on his guitar, including Lillian who is smiling at Reva. When Mallet wants to change the wedding arrangements, Marina blames Eleni. Mallet says it wasn't just Eleni. Frank and Eleni finally meet up. They are happy to see each other. Frank asks Eleni if she is there for Marina's wedding. Eleni is shocked to know that Frank knew.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Mo surprises Noelle by informing her that want to work with Dorian. She can buyout a French cuisine, needs a cook and a waitress. And he and Noelle can both make more money than they've ever seen before. And he has plans about how they can franchise their establishment. She is impressed. Marty is struggling with the fact that she only remembers her relationship with Todd and only living him. She has no memory of her relationship with John, Cole or Cole's father. Todd is stuck in jail distraught that he cannot see Marty. Dorian pulls strings so that Vanessa and Lola do not get deported. Blair tells her aunt she did a good thing. But she needs to stay out of Blair and John and Marty's business even if Dorian intends to "help".

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack is ridiculed by Phyllis and scolded by Ashley, who laughs about his claim of being a sex addict. She does not hesitate to tell him that she knows he’s out for Victor and that she is not going to pick him up this time. Victor wants Nick to run Newman. Sharon’s still being consoled by Brad but does manage to tell Nick her marriage is over. Billy tries to get into Lily’s good graces but is sabotaged by Cane, who winds up consoling a distraught Lily. Chloe is privy to this and confronts Lily which ends with her falling off a ladder. Billy and Cane exchange unkind words as he goes to retrieve his things from Jabot. Billy sees the ultrasound on Cane’s laptop and wonders still the paternity of this baby.

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