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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach and Reese are with the children at Zach’s and Kendall’s home. Reese dances around with an elf hat on her head. Reese stumbles and falls into Zach’s arms. Zach leaves, abruptly, leaving Bianca wondering as to what had been going on there. Bianca questions Reese about it, and Reese tells her that she has no idea. Jake and Frankie are in the corridor of the Pine Valley Hospital. Frankie lets Jake know that Brot has left town. Taylor holds Brot’s face in her hands. She realizes that he is really here. They reminisce about the past. Brot lets her know that he had been just caught up in the moment and that things between them are over. Taylor doesn’t believe him. Greenlee holds Kendall’ hand and tells her that she and Ryan are responsible for Annie being In the shape that she is in now. Greenlee looks around and sees Ryan standing there. Jake tells Frankie that only Taylor can help Brot now. Randi is in Erica’s room at the hospital. Randi shows Erica the pics from the photo shoot. During the visit, Erica answers calls from Pam and Val. Randi assures Erica that she will make her proud as the new face of Fusion. David walks into Erica’s room. Erica lets him know that Randi is the new face of Fusion. Erica begs David to sign her release papers so that she can visit Kendall. Greenlee tells Ryan that they should have fought harder to stay apart.

Erica urges Kendall to wake up since it will almost be Christmastime. Zach sees Ryan in the hospital corridor and tells him that he has some work for him to do at Cambias. Ryan refuses the work and tells Zach that his main objective now is his children. Ryan is on the roof when Greenlee walks out and sees him there. Greenlee lets him know that things are over between them. Randi tells Frankie that the photo shoot went great and she wants to celebrate with him. Taylor lets Jake know the things that Brot told her about being caught up in the moment when they were in Iraq.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack borrows money from Holden to pay for J.J.'s boarding school expenses and is upset when Janet tells him renting the Lakeview ballroom will cost $20,000. Janet tells him that she always dreamed about inviting her big Italian family to the wedding since they disowned her when she got pregnant. Carly finds out about the ballroom rental and is upset so she talks to Holden and asks him to talk some sense into Jack. Holden tells Carly to stay out of Jack's business. Jack is determined to give Janet her dream wedding he just has to figure out how to pay for it. Craig arrives and admits to Katie that he set Brad up so that he could persuade her to be his alibi for the day of Paul's car bombing. Katie agrees to Craig's terms so he and Dani get Spencer to admit she set Brad up for her fake murder because she felt he had to pay for rejecting her. Spencer makes her get away after admitting everything to Margo. Brad and Katie are glad to be together and celebrate by making love. Dani and Craig also celebrate the success of their plan by making love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that rehearsal dinners are terribly overrated, and he has other things on his mind, like ripping off her beautiful dress. After all these years, she still takes his breath away. She is very touched when Ridge tells her that he asked Rick to be his best man, even if he did turn him down. At the dinner, Bridget tries to avoid looking at Nick and Katie as they enter. Stephen and Beth arrive and maintain this time the marriage between Ridge and Brooke is going to stick. However, Rick is sick at the very thought. Phoebe and Steffy discuss Rick. Phoebe doesn’t really blame her mother, but rather Rick for taking advantage. She gives her mother a piece of gold jewelry she got from a gypsy in Europe, to ward off bad spirits. She expresses to her mom how much she loves her and gives her a hug. Phoebe visits Rick at the office to tell him off and wipe him out of her life forever. She lashes out at him for hurting her by proposing to her mother and hitting on her sister. She vents how much she loathes him. He won’t listen and takes off to go to the party. Phoebe climbs into the car before he can drive off, and he begrudgingly takes her along as she should not be driving in this state. Marcus returns from Paris and surprises Steffy at the party. He’s definitely not happy when she tells him that Rick hit on her just to get back at Ridge. Phoebe continues her tirade on Rick and tells him how much she hates him. Finally she grabs the wheel and tries to slam on the brakes and wants out. Bright lights flash and Rick cries out before they crash.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate, Phillip, and Daniel wait at the hospital to hear about results for her potential bone marrow donor. Stephanie and Melanie both show up to support Phillip and to be tested as potential donors. Melanie sees Stephanie and Phillip hugging and vows to take over Stephanie’s job at Titan, after Maggie advises her to give Phillip some space. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucas make love, and Chelsea solicits Max’s support. Later, they all head down to the hospital and learn that Kate’s bone marrow match is Chloe. Marlena speaks with Charlotte and learns that she is taking a job at the hospital. John agrees to continue treatment with Charlotte, provided that Marlena backs off.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin can't seem to adjust to motherhood. Lainey says Robin has "the baby blues" and that it's normal. Patrick and Matt spend some quality time with Emma. Lulu returns to work. Carly learns Kate is having a Crimson party at the Metro Court. Even though she is fond of Carly, Olivia says she will side with Kate because they are family. Tracy and Luke bicker in the Dominican Republic. Nikolas agrees to marry Nadine to fulfill Aunt Raylene's dying request. Sonny has a meeting with Sasha to make his new power known. Johnny tries to convince Claudia to leave Sonny before it's too late.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina and Mallet are cleaning up and talking. She thinks he forgot their special day. After he puts the last chair away he gives her flowers. Frank visits Rafe. Natalia is feeling down. Buzz catches Matt and Maureen on the back porch drinking sodas. Olivia goes to Decker for some money for Natalia. Decker says it is gone. Saying he likes Natalia, Decker sees what he can do. After that meeting Olivia nearly collapses. Buzz tells Natalia to follow her dream. Rafe and Frank are talking about Natalia's happiness. Both want it for her. Rafe sees that Frank is falling for Natalia. He is happy about it. Frank tells him that Natalia with him, she wouldn't have to work. He'd take care of her. Rafe says that is ok with it. Natalia catches Mallet and Marina and smiles. After Marina leaves Natalia walks down Company's steps past Mallet smiling at him as she pasts by. Frank gives Natalia good news when she goes to see him. Frank tells her he has fixed visiting hours for her and also fixed it so that Rafe can get his GED. Natalia is touched. She hugs him. Natalia gets a call from Olivia, who tells her she is having problems walking. Frank is clueless when Natalia leaves. Coop gives Marina some news she doesn't want to hear concerning his wanting to live at the house and a trip to Greece. Eleni talks to Mallet about Marina. Natalia gets to the hotel and finds Natalia sitting there waiting for her to get her to the hospital. Olivia is admitted. Frank and Marina talk. Marina doesn't want all this family pressure. Buzz visits Olivia in the hospital. And makes her laugh. Buzz tells Olivia that he is there for her and she doesn't have to be so tough. Mallet surprises Marina with Eleni. Rafe calls Natalia about his job at the library. She is happy for him. After the call Natalia says she has something is store for Emma. Decker visits Olivia in the hospital. He tells her he's known about her heart. That she can't deny it, he did his research. He wants her to resign, have a press conference. Olivia says that he is making her out to be the "Fall Guy".

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica knows there is a big mystery about her baby and she might need Bess or Tess to find that out for her. Only Bess knows what was done to the baby. Starr meets the baby whom everybody believes is Jessica's and holds her. Viki is with her. Yet neither have a clue whom the baby really is. Starr tell her aunt she wishes that Todd had died instead of Hope. Blair goes to talk to Marty, introduce herself and attempt to be courteous. But Marty remembers all that Todd told her about Blair and about John. Dorian convinces Mo to consider living in Llanview. Roxy gets Noelle's hair done. Shane admits he has a dilemma about how to "Fathers" (Rex and Brody). Jessica is getting to know Brody as they both live in the psyche ward. He meets Tess and then Bess. And it looks like they might form a friendship.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack’s life becomes topsy turvy when the walls of his marriage come crumbling down. A distraught and beaten Sharon, throws Jack out and gets comfort from old standby Brad. Honestly, she’d love to be in Nick’s arms; unfortunately that does not happen for her because Phyllis is too busy intercepting. Frank the Forger confesses to Victor but Michael deems the confession irrelevant. Nikki and Ashley exchange words about Nikki’s last encounter with Victor (it does not go well). Ashley visits Victor and tells him she’s staying put and he shares that Jack is behind the diary 100%.

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