The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake tells Brot to leave. Brot starts to walk away when Taylor arrives and calls out to him. Brot stops when he hears Taylor’s voice. Angie walks in on David and Krystal kissing. David soon makes his leave. Angie tells Krystal that she thinks that she has lost her mind. Zach, Bianca and Reese await Kendall’s arrival at Pine Valley Hospital. Aidan sneaks into Annie’s room to talk to her, but Annie is incoherent. Ryan blames himself for the shape that Annie is in and vows to help her. Brot senses that Taylor feels remorse when she sees his face. Brot walks away from her. Angie gives Krystal some very helpful advice concerning David and Tad. Kendall arrives home.

Angie questions David as to why he is praying on Krystal since she has just lost her daughter. Jake brings Taylor back to the hospital and helps her into bed. Frankie comes in and tells Taylor that Brot is gone. Reese and Zach are with the children in Zach’s home. Reese suggests that they start “decking the halls,” and decorating the house for Christmas. Bianca spends some quality time with Kendall, and tells her that she has something to tell her when she comes out of the coma. Dr. Hathaway tells Jesse Annie’s prognosis that she suffers from multiple personalities and she had faced abandonment from her husband. Jesse goes to the end the corridor and pulls Aidan out from his hiding place. Jesse asks Aidan had he heard what he wanted to hear. Greenlee visits Kendall and tells her that Greenlee and Ryan are responsible for the shape that Annie is in. Greenlee turns around and sees Ryan standing there. Brot visits Taylor and they have a heartfelt reunion.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad and Katie anxiously wait for word about Spencer as they do their show. Their show is interrupted by a rank smell coming from Brad’s locker. They open it and a body comes falling out shocking everyone there. Because of decomposition, Brad can’t tell if it is Spencer even though everything points to it being she. Dani tells Margo the deliveryman refuted Brad and Katie’s claim that he saw Spencer. Lucinda asks Lily to accompany her to her doctor’s appointment and suggest Brain doesn’t need to go, but he is adamant he wants to be there. Allison finds a sullen Luke downtown, who has been drinking. When Luke almost faints, Allison pleads with him to get checked out confidentially. Luke finally gives in and Allison calls Casey for reinforcements. Tom tells Casey that he has two weeks to find a job or he has to find another place to live. A frustrated Casey meets Allison and Luke at the hospital, where an intern sees Luke. Casey bumps into Lily outside Casey’s room and lies to say he is there for a job; Lily worries about why he is acting so funny but has to go meet with Lucinda. Casey goes to tell Luke and Allison about Lily being in the hospital, as they need to sneak him out. When the doctor comes in, Lucinda snaps at Brian and then asks to talk to the doctor alone. Out in the hall, Lily tells Brian that Lucinda is just scared and she didn’t mean it. Margo responds to the call about the body at WOAK. Dani tells Brad and Katie about the supposed witness not seeing Spencer. Margo is forced to take Brad downtown for questioning. Dani tells someone on the phone that everything is going according to plan. Brian catches Luke, Allison and Casey trying to leave the hospital and makes it so Luke has to stay and get checked out when he reminds Casey that he just lied to Lily. After his appointment, Brian suggests Luke sleep it off at his suite. At first, Luke is not willing, as he makes crude comments about Brian’s true intentions. However, he realizes there is nowhere else he could go where someone won’t question him, so he begrudgingly takes the key. Dani tells Margo that dental records of the body in Brad’s locker match Spencer. Tom, who is representing Brad, thinks all their evidence is circumstantial, but Margo tells them that she has to arrest him for Spencer’s murder. Brad wants to tell Margo about the IM, but Katie cuts him off and asks him not to say anything yet. Margo gives Katie half an hour to try to clear Brad’s name. Dani watches them suspiciously. Allison and Casey talk about Luke and she is glad that Brian is helping him. Casey and Allison have a quick misunderstanding when Casey takes her hand after Allison admits that her divorce is final. Casey admits about what his parents want him to do. Brad tells Tom that he is being set up and Tom questions Dani on how hard she tried to find Spencer. Dani assures him that Brad is guilty. Meanwhile, Katie is frantically IM’ing the person telling him what happened to Brad and pleads with the person to tell her what he wants. Lucinda apologizes to Brian, but his reply makes her wonder if he is with her out of duty. Brian tells her that he has to stop by his hotel room, but he will be back. Lily assures Lucinda that she no longer doubts that Brian isn’t deeply in love with her. Lucinda admits that she wants this to work out more then she thought. Luke searches Brian’s room and finds a letter from Carolyn Wheatley talking about alimony. He hides it and pretends to have been sleeping when Brian comes to check on him. Luke thanks him for the room and leaves with the letter. Katie is told a car is waiting for her, and when she goes to tell the driver she didn’t request a call – she comes face to face with her brother, Craig waiting for her inside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While he doesn’t expect Rick to accept him with open arms into the family, Ridge is glad that Brooke managed to get him to come to the rehearsal dinner and wedding tomorrow. Working along side Eric, Stephanie comments that it feels good to be part of the family company again. They welcome Phoebe and are glad she is going to remain at home. Ridge drops in on Rick and tells him it is very big of him to agree to come to the events. Now that he has taken over the office and parking space, he needs to clean the office out as Ridge has work to do. Just kidding! For Brooke’s sake, he hopes they can bury the hatchet. Rick refuses the olive branch. He scoffs, actually laughs at Ridge when he asks Rick to be his best man. He is out of his mind! Ridge pictures it, the wedding of a lifetime just a replica of last time with Brooke riding down the beach on a horse, with her billowing dress, the gleam in her eyes and sun in her hair. They are building a sandcastle bigger than last time. He wants them to both grab on to this opportunity to give this woman they love something to treasure forever. Can he do that, stand up and be the best man?

Brooke tells Stephanie that she questions Eric’s decision to stay with Stephanie and not Donna. Likewise, she knows that Stephanie would prefer Taylor over her, but for peace in the family she hopes Stephanie can overcome that and accept this is Ridge’s wishes. Her devotion to her son will not diminish her love for Ridge. Stephanie thinks Brooke has supported Rick over Ridge and that is not in the wedding vows. Phoebe and Steffy greet each other, and Steffy fills Phoebe in on Rick’s attack on Ridge and the accident. She relates how he is throwing his new power around, and the moves he has put on her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John meets with Dr. Taylor and learns that her father is the person Marlena wanted him to see, but he died, and she has taken over his caseload. John is thrilled when he learns Charlotte has no interest in forcing him to become the person he once was. Marlena is surprised when Charlotte introduces herself as Dr. Taylor. Steve and Kayla try to plan a romantic evening. Rafe takes Sami to the church, but forces her to leave after he attacks a homeless man, thinking he is the killer. He forbids Sami from ever going back to the church, even though she tries to convince him she needs to go. She vows to herself to go back without his permission. Nicole is able to convince Dr. Baker to lie for her by promising to help him pay off his outstanding debts. He tells EJ the baby is fine. When Stefano learns there have been complications with Nicole’s pregnancy, he calls a doctor in Zurich to fly in and examine her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas heads to the Crowell farm to visit Nadine. Unfortunately, Nadine’s family is less than friendly to Nikolas. Nik learns that Nadine’s aunt is terminally ill and she wants to see Nadine married before she dies. Sam and Jason dig their way out of the mine. Jason blames himself for Jake’s abduction. Sam and Jason use a tip from Spinelli to track down the Russians and Jake. Tracy heads to the Dominican Republic for a quick divorce but Luke is there waiting for her. Tracy greets Luke with hostility. Luke insists that Tracy is the woman he wants in his life. Sasha is brought into the PCPD for questioning and released when she claims to know nothing. Liz approaches Sasha about Jake’s whereabouts and the two argue. Lucky blames himself for Jake’s abduction. Liz tells Lucky he was right to advise her to “stay away from Jason.” Robin tries her best to adjust to motherhood. Maxie and Spinelli step up to help with the baby. Much like Patrick, Spinelli seems to have a magical touch with Emma. Patrick has some positive interaction at GH with Matt. Sasha talks to her superior on the phone. The plan is to kill Jason when he arrives to rescue Jake.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank goes to Natalia's to pick her up. When she doesn't answer her door, he sneaks in and tries to wake her, but scares her. Olivia is in for another checkup with Rick. As Grady and Cyrus are talking, Cyrus jokes that no one knows he is the one that kidnapped Lizzie. Grady hugs Cyrus thinking that he is free. Lizzie can't stand to look at Bill's chest another second and bolts. Bill calls after her. Cyrus meets with Alan to get him to fire Grady. Coop has a heart-to-heart with his Dad, Buzz, about love and Beth. Decker comes by to see Olivia and finds her sitting down. Decker says he is worried about her. Olivia says she is fine. Frank once again is being nice to Natalia. Coop calls Beth with the news that he talked to Buzz, but she is not amused and gets angry at him. Olivia and Emma drop by Company to talk. Natalia offers Emma an ice cream. Coop is shopping when Alan comes by to threaten him. James is going into 8th grade where Coop is teaching. Alan says he doesn't trust Coop to teach the class. Coop tells Alan that he has always has gotten along with the Spauldings, maybe Alan is the problem. Bill meets with Mel to discuss trial strategy. Mel wants to know how to plead. While shopping, Lizzie meets up with Cyrus. He asks how she is and Bill. She tells Cyrus she is there getting something to get rid of scars for Aunt Alex. He points out a product and she thanks him. Frank goes to Olivia in Natalia's defense. Frank goes into her like crazy. Olivia says she tried to help. Frank doesn't bother listening and walks off. Frank then goes where Bill and Mel are having their meeting and tells him he has to take him down to be fingerprinted. When Buzz goes to check on Natalia, he calls her through her door and hears her crying, which worries him. Alan is on the phone trying to get to Beth when Cyrus comes in wanting to know the truth about Lizzie's kidnapping. Cyrus wants a few bucks. Lizzie goes to the SPD to see Bill.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John sits in a booth in the Angel Square Diner when Nora and Marty walk in. Marty and John’s eyes instantly meet. Nora asks for John’s help in putting Todd away for good. Todd stands in front of a mirror in his hospital room when the guard comes in and tells Todd that he has a visitor. Viki comes in. Viki begins to blast Todd for all the evil things that he had done especially to Jessica and Natalie. Natalie stands at the nursery window, looking at Jessica’s baby. Jared comes up to join her. Dr. Joplin makes a heartfelt confession to Blair, Starr, Dorian, Marcie and Michael. Dr. Joplin confesses that Hope’s death was her fault. Dr. Joplin explains about the RH negative factor in the blood, and how it had resulted in the baby’s death. Jessica sees her therapist. The therapist hypnotizes Jessica and Bess is released, but she refuses to give the therapist any info. Dorian promises that Dr. Joplin will pay for her negligence in Starr’s baby’s death.

Nora leaves Marty alone in the diner. Viki blames Todd for the whole mess with Marty. Viki tells Todd that she will never forgive him and he really is Victor Lord’s son. Bess remembers how she had swapped the dead baby for Starr’s baby. The guard comes into Todd’s room to see if Todd escaped through the window. Todd eyes the guard’s gun. Blair walks into the diner with Dorian and sees John with Marty. A gunshot is heard in the hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Nick ground Noah, forbidding him to see Eden. Phyllis, on the other hand, makes it easier when she asks Noah to watch Summer overnight. This, of course, is a part of Phyllis' plan to spend a romantic night with Nick and ruin Jack and Sharon's marriage with Brad's assistance. Victor gets a visit from Frank who agrees to tell him the truth about the diary. Jack is pushed into a corner when confronted by Michael and Sharon about his questionable actions lately. He makes a shocking confession that he's a sex addict for a diversion.

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