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AMC Recap Written by Mary

While going over the plans for the renovation of the casino with Reese in his Cambias Industries' office, Zach’s secretary brings a special delivery from his wife. At Pine Valley Hospital, Taylor does exercises in her room. At the boat dock, Brot also exercises. At the nurses’ station, Frankie catches up with Jake and tells him that Brot is alive and he is in Pine Valley. Taylor asks if they're talking about her. When they don’t answer her, Taylor demands for them to fess up. Angie is in the corridor of the hospital when Krystal approaches asking for help. David watches from down the hall. Greenlee brings Emma to work at Fusion and sees Amanda in Erica’s office, distraught over the fact that she is only an errand girl. Greenlee assures Amanda that she only answers to her. Bianca comes out of the back office and tells Greenlee that she answers to Erica. As Aidan sneaks in to see Annie at the hospital, Ryan wants to know what he is doing here. Zach opens the package from Kendall and find a lithograph that she had had prepared for him. Emma tears a pic of Annie off the front page of the newspaper in which she is behind a closed door with bars on the windows. Ryan visits Annie to find out if Aidan helped her kidnap Emma. Annie surprises him and tells him that Richie helped her. When Annie becomes too excited, she is sedated by a nurse. Brot tells Colby that Frankie is going to tell Taylor that he's alive.

Reese encourages Zach to bring Kendall home to be with her family and friends. Bianca enters and asks what is going on. Jake introduces himself to Brot after finding him at the boat dock with Colby, then tells him to either show himself to Taylor or leave. Angie catches Krystal and David kissing. When Greenlee takes her home to the penthouse, Emma shows her the pic of Annie and asks when her mommy's coming home. Overhearing the conversation, Ryan thanks Greenlee for talking to Emma about Annie. Reese informs Bianca that the hospital in Canada told Zach that Kendall will probably never wake up. Bianca tells Zach to bring Kendall home. Brot starts to leave when Frankie and Taylor arrive. Taylor calls out for him.  Aidan sneaks in to see Annie, but she is incoherent, so he tells her to stop faking and asks if Ryan suspects anything.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly is thrilled that J.J has been accepted into the exclusive East lake boarding school with a partial scholarship. Carly gets very angry when she finds out that Jack used the $5,000 he promised to use to help her make a partial payment on the rest of the tuition money to buy Janet her dream wedding dress. Janet and Carly argue but Jack tells Janet that Carly is just jealous of her and promises her she will have her dream wedding. Sage is happy about being the flower girl at the wedding and tells Carly that she is thrilled she will soon have a big sister. Sage also tells Carly that she was right when she told her Janet was a nice person. Meg walks in after Dusty shoots Paul in self defense after Paul came at him with a hatchet. Paul and later Emily lie and tell Meg that Dusty shot Paul because he was angry that Paul hires Josie to remind him of Jennifer. Meg believes Paul and Emily and tells Paul she will never forgive Dusty for almost killing him. Josie apologizes to Dusty and tells him that she took Paul's job offer because she needed to pay for art school. Josie tells Dusty she loves him and asks for another chance. Dusty tells Josie its too late because he may go to jail for shooting Paul. Josie offers to tell the police about Paul's plan and what she was hired to do but Dusty refuses Josie's help because he doesn't want her to go to jail. Dusty asks Josie to leave town so she gives him a quick kiss good-bye and tells him she will leave town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After being away on tour with Constantine for months, Phoebe arrives home and Taylor is ecstatic. It didn’t feel like home without her. Phoebe says it will make it much easier now that Rick is not sharing her mom’s bed. Taylor confesses that she had no idea she hurt Phoebe so much, and she will find a way to make it up to her. Ridge tells Brooke that considering how Rick feels, that he is not welcome at the rehearsal dinner party tonight and not at the wedding tomorrow. She’s hurt as she wants him there on the greatest day of her life. After being surprised by Phoebe’s phone call, Ridge gives in and tells Brooke to go work her magic on Rick. Taylor shows her disappointment to Ridge that he is actually getting married again to Brooke. He wants her to promise that she will move on. She acknowledges that she will if he will make an effort to come over and be closer to the kids like before. They hug and he tells Doc that he will always love her.

Rick looks at old family wedding photos and vows he has to stop this wedding. He’s irked when Brooke says Ridge gave her permission to invite him to the dinner tonight and to the wedding. He still declines. He will not watch as she throws her life away. She promises that she is a different woman now and Ridge is different too. This time it will work so she just wants him to be happy for her. He realizes this means for him to close his eyes and watch her walk into another disaster. He vows that he will never support her relationship with Ridge, not ever. She tells him this is his problem, not hers. She sees he is the only one here that refuses to bend. She will miss him tonight and tomorrow. She cries and begs him one last time to be there for her. How can he refuse that? He says she was the greatest mother in the world, so of course he will be there.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo gives Max the box Trent left him, but he doesn’t care to open it. Bo tells him he has to dispose of it himself, and he takes it over to Melanie’s. She also refuses to take it, and suggests they open it together, but Max isn’t ready to do that. Brady tries to convince Nicole to tell EJ the truth about her miscarriage, but she can’t bring herself to do so. Later, EJ insists they go back to the clinic to talk to Dr. Baker, and she gives the doctor permission to tell EJ everything. Brady and Bo chat, and he warns Brady to stay away from Nicole. He adds that EJ is dangerous, and that Nicole would be better off not trying to play him like she has other men. Phillip gives Melanie 2 GB of information to look over relating to Titan. Later, he tells Stephanie that he gave her the job because he felt sorry for her not having the kind of upbringing he did. Rafe discovers Sami snuck out to go to the church and gets angry. She talks him into taking her back there, and he tells her about how one of the sisters helped him straighten his life out. They both agree to be nicer to each other and try to get along.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

The Q family invites Luke to move back into the mansion in order to improve Tracy’s vile mood. Tracy refuses to work things out with Luke. Monica insists that Luke move back in anyway. Tracy plans to head off for a quick divorce. Johnny and Lulu find an abandoned garage to hide out in. Lulu claims she wants to be on the run with Johnny so she contacts Spinelli and Maxie for help getting supplies. Later, Spinelli learns that Johnny’s assault on the police officer wasn’t reported. Sonny and Claudia disagree on how to handle the business. In front of Ric, Sonny tells Claudia their marriage is in name only. Ric wonders if Claudia wants a “real relationship” with Sonny. Sonny visits Kate and tells her he’s sorry for everything. Kate insists Sonny never really loved her. Sonny says his goal is to find out who shot Kate at their wedding. Kate tells Sonny to admit he returned to the mob for himself. When Sonny returns home, Claudia advises him to “embrace” the mobster inside of himself. Carly discusses a possible partnership with Trevor. Later, Carly enlists Nikolas’ help to get back at Kate. Nikolas tries to advise Carly on her revenge scheme. Carly plans on going after Kate’s magazine first. Nikolas gets a cryptic call from Nadine.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashlee catches Coop making a phone call. Lillian confiding in Buzz. Alan tells Beth of Bill's waking up. Then they talk about sleeping arrangements. Alan also tells Beth that he wants Bill Lewis out of Lizzie's life for good. Alan makes a call to Grady warning him that Bill is awake. He gets his machine. Daisy gives Grady a compliment in his paying for an item for her. Daisy tells Grady that Lizzie must be so excited. Grady is clueless. Daisy continues by saying that Bill is out of his coma. As they are leaving the store Grady looks worried. Lillian has some fun with Buzz as Ashlee has some fun with Coop. Lizzie argues with her grandfather and mother over Bill. Bill tries to stand and Daisy catches him. She tells Bill she is the one who called 911 after the accident. Lillian visits with Beth and wonders what Beth is up too. Bill is ready to go home when Lizzie arrives. When Coop and Beth meet up, things getting a little uncomfortable for Beth. Coop kisses her. Grady calls Alan finally. Alan wants him to come over. Grady says in in a while. When Alan brings up that he'll tells Frank Cooper about what he has done, Grady changes his mind and leaves for Alan's. Bill and Lizzie spend some time at the pond in the park. Beth gets dressed ready to go when Coop stops her with questions of why she is with Alan. Grady meets with Alan at the Mansion. Grady says they had a deal, making Bill look guilty, and that he is done. Alan pass him his retainer, but tells Grady he's not finished with him yet. While kissing Bill she uncovers his chest to find a healed scratch. She begins to wonder now.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr goes to confront her father for what he did. He admits that he was ready to steal her baby and run away with Marty to raise the baby. Marty motivated him to be a better man, and he fell in love with her. Marty admits to Nora that she still feels herself in love with Todd and unable to remember him as her rapist. Nora shares with Marty that she felt similarly betrayed by loving Daniel Colson. Dr. Joplin calls Marcie, Michael, Dorian, Blair and Starr to her office after getting the autopsy report on Starr's baby. It looks like she failed to see something she was completely incapable of seeing. She admits to them that she blames herself for the baby's death.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Ashley announces she will be running Jabot, which shocks everyone, especially Jack. The wrath comes down hard on Billy from the Chancellors, Chloe, and Lily as they scold him for his betrayal. Phyllis is warned by Michael that her scheming could blow up in her face. Noah and Eden are caught by their guardians at Crimson Lights and are in deep, deep trouble.

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