The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/1/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie arrives at the fundraiser, wearing a wedding dress with blood on it and carrying a bouquet of flowers with a bloody knife. Ryan notices the bloody knife and asks Annie who she has hurt. Annie orders Ryan to say his wedding vows. Police officers arrive at the fundraiser. Jake leaves to find who Annie stabbed with the knife. Noticing blood on the floor, Jake follows it and finds Erica, lying in a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. Jake checks for a pulse. Zach and Reese hurry in and find Jake checking Erica. Ryan takes his vows and as he steps closer to pretend to kiss Annie, he takes the knife from her hand. The police take over and take Annie down to the police station.. Annie throws her bridal bouquet to Greenlee which she lets fall to the floor. Zach thanks everyone for attending the fundraiser and tells them to leave their name before they leave. Jake calls the hospital and lets them know that they are bringing in Erica.

Brot is alone at the boat dock. Colby confides to Frankie that Brot is in town and is at the boat dock. Annie and the police arrive at the police station. Annie mistakes it for the wedding reception. Dr. Hathaway questions Annie. Ryan and Greenlee arrive. Annie goes berserk and orders Greenlee away from Ryan. Ryan blames himself for the shape that Annie is in. David interrupts them and makes insinuating remarks toward Ryan and Annie. Rebecca confesses to Angie that she wished that it were Angie who was dying instead of her. Frankie confronts Brot at the boat dock and orders him to see Taylor or he will tell her. Colby tells Pete to take her home. Zach confesses to Ryan and Greenlee that he had known that Annie had killed Richie and he kept it quiet to protect Emma. Ryan blasts Zach for playing God again and orders him to not come near his family. Jake gives Erica blood to save her life during the emergency surgery. After the surgery, Adam gloats to Erica that he saved her life by donating his blood to her, and she owes him. Erica mumbles, “Not a chance.”

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily learns that Lucinda and Brian are staying at the Lakeview while her house is being renovated; she is adamant that they move into her house while they do that. Lucinda and Brian are unsure at first (especially Brian), but Lily talks them into it. Luke sneaks another drink, but when he is doubled over in pain, he pours it down the drain. He heads over to see his dad and ends up asking him if he can move back in because he needs to start finding his way back. Holden is thrilled especially since he knows how lonely Luke is for Noah. Dusty and Emily talk about their relationship, as Emily wants them to try again, but Dusty tells her that they are through. Emily can see that Dusty may be in love with Josie and unleashes her anger on him and in the process tips her hand about what she may know about Josie. Dusty forces her to tell him what she knows. Emily covers a bit, but Dusty figures out that Paul was the one who hired Josie. Dusty tells her that Paul is going to pay before he stomps off. Paul brings home a huge Christmas tree, as a thrilled Meg helps him decorate it with cranberries, popcorn and ornaments. They even have a dream of how the future will be. Luke is unpacked at home when he finds out Lucinda and Brian are staying there as well and his displeasure is obvious. Lucinda tries to talk with Luke about supporting she and Brian; Luke agrees to try to stop Lucinda from pushing it. Lily and Lucinda both want Brian’s help with Luke; he tries to hide his discomfort but agrees to help. Emily calls Paul to warn him, as he gets out a gun from the safe and sends Meg out to buy more ornaments. Dusty shows up furious, and they argue about Josie. Paul is determined to keep Dusty away from Meg and now Dusty is more determined to tell Meg the truth. Luke goes to talk to Noah about Brian. Noah is stunned, but thinks Luke must have misinterpreted it if he was drinking. Luke is adamant that he didn’t, but he takes off when he doesn’t feel Noah is supporting him. When Emily sees Meg shopping, she is vague about what is going on, but Emily tells Meg that she is sorry if she gets hurt. Paul holds the gun on Dusty and tells him that he will take his chance with Meg never forgiving him for this, as he cocks the gun. Dusty lunges for the gun and they struggle. Dusty ends up with the gun. Luke takes another drink, as Brian sees this and tries to help, but Luke isn’t having any of this. Luke wonders what Lucinda would do if she knows the truth, as Brian tries to diffuse the situation, but Luke doesn’t want to be near him or have him put his hands on him again. Lily and Holden hope it is a good sign Luke moved back home, but they make a pact to pull together to help their son. Paul grabs an ax and threatens Dusty, who is holding the gun. Paul seems to be putting the ax down, but then he charges Dusty, who shoots him – just as Meg is coming home to witness this. A distraught Meg tends to Paul, as she demands to know what Dusty did to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric is furious and he tells Donna that he will have to go on with his life without her. All she wants is to know why. He says it is as plain as the nose on his face and offers no more explanation. Last night was last night, today he has changed his mind. Thorne overhears and calls Stephanie and tells her to get to the office as soon as she can. Eric is ready to make his decision and he thinks it will be in her favor. He calls Ridge and Felicia and promises them that they will not want to miss this. Donna tells Thorne she is not going to give up on Eric. Something else is going on to make Eric change his mind. Stephanie arrives and Eric humbly tells her they have the rest of their lives to get this right if she will take him back. She gives him a big kiss. He says he was the selfish one, he thought he was right, but she was right all along. Brooke and Katie are planning Brooke’s wedding, and they are stunned when Donna tells them Eric ended their marriage. She cries that nothing makes sense and there has to be some answer. Something else is going on, and she is going to find out. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia are ecstatic when they see their mother’s happy face and hear the great news.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Marlena tells Brady about John agreeing to see her colleague for one session, which angers John. Brady learns that he and John are DiMeras and storms off when John tells Marlena that he won’t see the psychiatrist. Later he caves and agrees to one session. Marlena calls Dr. Kenneth Taylor, asking him to let her know if John decides to continue the sessions. John runs into another Dr. Taylor--Dr. Charlotte Taylor. She has his case file. Nicole learns from Dr. Baker that she can never carry a baby to term. Later, when she is trying on clothes, a saleswoman hands her a fake pregnancy belly so she can see what she’ll look like when she’s farther along. Nicole buys the fake belly and starts wearing it around. Brady comes by and asks her what she thinks she’s doing. Nicole explains that EJ will leave her if she isn’t pregnant and that she can’t bear to lose him so soon after losing her baby. She promises to tell the truth eventually, and begs Brady to keep her secret until then. He reluctantly agrees. EJ goes to see Dr. Baker himself, but Baker can’t give him any information since he isn’t married to Nicole. He suggests he talk to Nicole and get the truth out of her himself. Daniel tells Kate that her cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and bones. She checks back into the hospital. Lucas asks Chloe to marry him, and she agrees. They rush to the hospital after hearing Kate’s news, and Daniel tells them that Kate will need a bone marrow transplant. Chloe gets him to agree to keep her engagement a secret from Kate, as she might not take it well.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny and Claudia get married. Sonny makes sure all the wedding traditions are followed, including kissing his new bride. Sonny exerts his new power over Anthony by keeping him out of a business meeting. Later, Claudia settles in at Sonny’s house. Anthony warns Ric to be careful when choosing sides. Later, Ric goes to the meeting at Sonny’s house. Sonny says his first priority is to deal with the Russians. Johnny and Lulu decide to run away to a random location. They pull off the road to stargaze and are approached by a hostile police officer. Johnny is soon arrested, then released once his identity is known. Johnny starts a fight with the officer and ends up hitting him. Lulu and Johnny then take off on the run. Nikolas tells Luke he’s heard from Laura. Nikolas wonders why Luke didn’t follow Laura to France.

Carly confronts Jax and Kate while they are having sex. Jax and Carly argue while Kate remains smug. Carly promises to “destroy” Kate. Jax takes Carly at her word. Kate blames Olivia for Sonny’s marriage to Claudia. She says news of Dante may have changed Sonny’s mind. Carly goes to Trevor to dig up dirt on Kate. Carly wonders if the two of them can work together to make Kate pay so she offers Trevor a job as the hotel’s attorney. Jason and Sam head off to find a kidnapped Jake. Elizabeth and Cam stay behind at the cabin. Lucky arrives at the cabin and Liz fills him in. Later, Elizabeth explains things to the local police. Liz admits to Lucky she made a mistake getting close to Jason. Sam fills Jason in on what happened at the cabin. The two head to an abandoned mine where they find and confront the Russians. The only sign of Jake to be found is his shoe. Suddenly the mine caves in on top of Sam and Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie tries to comfort Bill as he wakes up. They promise not to leave each other again. Lizzie promises things will be different. Dinah is lost in a foreign land. Remy, Mel and family celebrate Thanksgiving at Towers. Christina calls Remy to ask if they are divorced. She asks where they are. Remy says Towers and then hangs up. Christina is not happy he hung up. Dinah calls Vanessa. Vanessa thanks Dinah for the referral on the doctor to see Bill. Vanessa gives a complement to her daughter, saying Dinah can do good things. Lizzie reads a newspaper headline of his indictment and hides it from Bill. Dinah visits Shayne in Germany, where he is a patient. He can't believe his eyes or ears when she reminds him of who she is. After leaving to collect her thoughts, Dinah returns to Shayne's room and he tells her angrily to go. Remy gets it from all sides about his wife.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki is in awe when Charlie surprises her by showing her the new diner that he secretly built that looks exactly like the Bon Jour Cafe. It brings back all of the memories of when they first met. But it's right in Llanview and it's called the Buenos Dias. It's the same place that used to be Carlotta Vega's diner after it burned down. There are a few different parties of people who have some personal issues that make them uneasy about enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. But they all come together to share the festivities at the Buenos Dias. And they are all happy. Dorian and he family, Sara, the Vega brothers and their friends, Nora, Bo, Clint Rex and the group at Asa's house also go to the Buenos Dias. Marcie and Michael attend. And Noelle and Mo from Paris, TX come to visit and announce that they are engaged.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

The Jabot shareholder meeting does not exactly go according to Jill’s plan. As Jack’s takeover plan unfolds, it leaves people with their mouths gaping open. Especially when Billy announces he will be running Jabot much to Glo and Jeffrey’s surprise. Cane and Jill are flabbergasted by this discovery and so is Lily, who he’s been playing savior to. The Winters household is still shaken up about the situation with Ana. Thanks to Billy, they are discussing that fate of Ana with Rafe the lawyer. After Cane arrives to check in on her and the Ana situation, Liv warns Lily to watch out, because getting involved with brothers is dangerous. The mysterious ring piques Pearl’s interest so much that she takes it, while Esther and Nikki go on a hunt to track it down. Tyra is allowed a supervised visit with Ana at Crimson Lights. Karen tries to lull Ana's fears by sharing her own personal story.

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