The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/26/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Randi has just brought Frankie’s suit to him so he can dress for the fundraising. They share a kiss. At Angie and Frankie’s, Natalia arrives with a dress for Rebecca to wear to the fundraising. Rebecca has her reservations about attending, but Natalia talks her into attending. Jake helps Taylor gets dressed for the event. David and Amanda are at her yacht. She prepares for the fundraising. David lets her know that he knows that she had company the night before and wonders how it had gone with J.R. Amanda lets him know the deal is off. Erica and Bianca put the final touches on the fundraising event. Zach visits Kendall in the Canadian hospital. Kendall’s doctor comes in and Zach immediately asks her how Kendall is doing. Greenlee talks on the phone while she prepares for the fundraising. Ryan spends some quality time with Emma. Emma questions Ryan as to where Annie is. Annie puts on her lipstick and prepares for her imaginary wedding day. Amanda sets some new ground rules for her business association with David. Greenlee arrives at ConFusion and sees a big picture of Erica. Bianca and Reese approach Erica and Greenlee. Bianca introduces Reese to Greenlee as her fiancé’. The doctor tells Zach that Kendall is not responding to treatment and he needs to take Kendall home. Everyone gathers for the fundraising event in order to re-build Pine Valley. Greenlee is taken aback when Jesse arrives and informs her that Annie is still on the loose.

Greenlee wants to warn everyone that Annie is still out there. Greenlee inquires about Emma. David join Greenlee and Ryan and begins to slur Annie. Frankie tells Randi that Rebecca and Natalia shouldn’t be here. Randi points out that Natalia is Frankie’s half-sister. Colby approaches Taylor and Jake’s table. Colby surprises Taylor by asking her if she is happy. Taylor affirms that she is. Erica starts the ceremonies for the fundraising. David outbids the others to win a dance with Erica. Zach is on the roof when Reese joins him. Zach informs Reese that Kendall’s doctor told him to bring her home to die. Annie arrives at the fundraising, dressed in her wedding gown. She informs them that no one is ruining her wedding to Ryan as she draws out a bloody knife. The front of Annie’s dress is also bloody. Ryan asks Annie who she has hurt. Erica is on the floor, lying motionless.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dani continues to play innocent as Vienna, Brad and Katie visit Henry. Vienna takes her anger out on Brad and Katie demanding that they do something to get Henry out of jail. Brad decides they have to go find Spencer, as Katie is worried about the consequences. Brad finally convinces her that this is the only way to save themselves and Henry. Emily learns that Dusty is going to Oslo and is going to ask Josie to come with her. She is furious, as she voices her concerns. Emily learns that Dusty has strong feelings, has slept with Josie and is heartbroken. Josie tells Paul that she is done working for him; she wants her money and to leave town. Paul is adamant that she is going nowhere until the job is done; he wants her to go to Oslo with Dusty. Josie pleads with Paul to stop this, but he wants Dusty away from his wife and gone for good. In Chicago, Brad and Katie fear they will come up empty until a deliveryman directs them to Spencer’s apartment. Brad and Katie see Spence - alive. Brad and Katie show up, knock and no one answers. Brad kicks down the door only to find Spencer is gone. However, Katie recognizes her clothes, and Brad decides it is time to call Oakdale PD; he gets Dani and explains it all to her, as she tells them that she is on her way. Dusty asks Josie to go to Oslo; she doesn’t think it is a good idea at first, but Dusty convinces her to go after he admits his feelings capped off with another roll in the hay. Emily tries to convince Paul to help her where Josie is concerned, but he turns her down and even apologizes that Dusty is hurting her by turning to Josie. Dani shows up and Brad and Katie tell her what they found, as Dani promises to look into it as long as they head back to Oakdale. Katie asks her to keep her investigation quiet because she thinks there is a mole in the department. Dani acts like that is compromising her job but agrees. Brad and Katie call Vienna and Henry with the good news, but they are still worried when they find out Spencer escaped. Brad and Katie promise Dani is on the case. After drinking at a bar, Emily overhears Paul and Josie talking about Paul hiring her to do a job. She sees Paul giving her money and knows that Paul was the one behind all of this, as Josie tries to convince Paul to let it go. Dusty is waiting for Josie at the plane, but she isn’t answering her phone when he calls because she is with Paul. Dusty’s PI tells him, as he is about to take off, that the Oslo lead was a fake. Dusty instructs his pilot to still fly to Oslo while he goes back to Oakdale. Paul thinks Dusty has left for Oslo. Josie tells Paul to keep his money, but she promises that she is leaving town for good. A furious Emily confronts Paul about his plot with Josie. He tries to deny it, but then strongly suggests to Emily that she keep this information to herself – or else. Dusty goes looking for Josie but can’t find her, as Emily sees he is still in town. Emily wonders what he is doing, as Dusty is frantic to find Josie because he thinks she is a fake, as Emily can see how much he is hurt and must have cared for her. Paul brings home a Christmas tree telling himself how this is going to be the best Christmas ever. Dani is on the phone with someone telling them that Brad and Katie saw Spencer and how close they are; the cover is blown. She agrees when the person on the other end suggests that she needs to die.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick revisits the spot on the rooftop where he went over the railing. He tells the models that he doesn’t need his cane, he’s over that. Steffy is there doing exercises and is not thrilled that Rick is using her to get back at Ridge. She spells it out to him outright - Rick would be the last person she would ever be interested in. He points it out to her also, that he will do everything and anything to keep Brooke and Ridge apart. Ridge is poison to his mom. Eric is devastated at what he sees on the monitor, and demands that Thorne go fetch Donna for a confrontation. She’s expecting one thing and he announces another. Their marriage is over. She argues, she cries, but he says he knows she betrayed him. He wants her to go. She’s not the girl he ever thought she was. He saw it with his own eyes. He rants that he had a heart attack, he fought back for her but then she ripped his heart out. Thorne tells his mother not to give up yet. No matter what Eric might have said last night, today is a new day. She needs to stay there and not move out as Eric is going to need her tonight. Thorne pays off the look-alikes and wants no more mention of it. Ridge and Brooke make more definite wedding plans. It will involve the beach again. This time is forever!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe leaves Sami with Hilda and spies on a conversation between Hope and EJ, and then Julie and Hope. He overhears them discussing Sami and EJ’s relationship, and their worries about Stefano raising EJ as a DiMera. When Hilda passes out from taking too much cold medicine, Sami sneaks off to the nearby convent and learns they still occasionally take in orphans. The sister she meets urges her to come back and Sami promises to do so. Brady takes Nicole home where she continues to sob hysterically about her miscarriage. EJ comes home and finds her crying in bed. Melanie and Chelsea get into a fight and Phillip breaks it up. Later, he admits to Stephanie that he is considering Melanie for the secretarial position. Melanie overhears him and tells him she isn’t interested. She later meets a man at the bar and steals his wallet. Then the man catches her with his wallet and attacks her. Chelsea solicits Max for advice, blaming herself for what happened to Nick. Max comforts her, telling her it isn’t her fault.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick comes home from a long shift at the hospital. Robin falls asleep and has a dream about a life where she and Patrick aren’t together. In the dream, Robin comes back from a trip to Paris. Alan is alive in the dream and he hires Matt Hunter. Patrick is new to the hospital and he and Robin clash. Patrick learns that Matt is his brother. Matt and Robin start dating. Patrick and Liz spend the night together. Patrick flirts with Robin and seems to enjoy getting under her skin. Robin catches Patrick in a “vulnerable” moment. Robin wonders if she and Matt should “reach out” to Patrick. Later, Robin catches Matt kissing Maxie. Liz dumps Patrick claiming she wants a man who’s interested in having a family. Robin and Patrick bond over their breakups. Baby Emma wakes Robin from her dream. Robin tells Patrick “fate” brought them together. Patrick proposes marriage once again to Robin. The two decide to marry the week after Christmas.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is at the hospital on the phone with Alan when she sees the newspaper on the floor and the heading, "Bill Lewis Indicted" Natalia talks about having a down payment on the house soon. While outside of the house talking Marina and Mallet hear an commotion coming from inside Marina's and Mallet's. It is coming from inside the house. Dinner is burnt. Marina has another plan that the her father, brother and father are too hot about. Josh talks to Olivia about Natalia. Olivia doesn't want to hurt Natalia with news. Josh tells Olivia to tell her. Lizzie gets disgusted with Billy for not believing in his son. Natalia and Olivia are talking about next year's Thanksgiving when Natalia says she wants it to be at her "house" next year. Reva chats with Rick. Rick brings up the oncologist. Reva says she met him. Olivia and Jeffrey talks about Reva. Then Reva approaches and Olivia asks how she is. Reva says fine. Olivia leaves them and Jeffrey tells her he is worried about her. Buzz wonders what next. Natalia gets a call from a lawyer she likes and hired to deal with Rafe's case. He wants to meet with her as soon as possible. Natalia says to him she'll be right over. Olivia catches her about to leave and Natalia tells her about the lawyer. But things may not be as they seem. Lizzie and Billy wind up at Company only to see a note on the door that they are having Thanksgiving at Marina and Mallets and that Company is closed. They talk about Bill and Alan. Reva winds up going to Towers only to see Josh there having a drink at a table. She is about to leave when he sees her and calls her over. Josh tells Reva that he heard from Cassie and RJ. Reva says she'll call her later. Josh asks about Marah and Shayne. Reva says nothing from them. Reva is about to go when she agrees to stay. Josh tells her that she is a good mother. That all her kids including the one with Billy has turned out good. That it is about time she forgiver herself for not being there. Josh tells Reva stop beating herself up. Reva makes fun of what Josh is saying. Josh tells her to stop. The Coopers and invited guests finally sit down. Reva is elected to do the first toast, She says, "To Life". Natalia goes to see Rafe. She tells him she messed up with this new "lawyer", and lost all their money. Olivia finds Natalia and gives her a hug. Reva makes a speech. Trying not to cry, but does. As Reva talks about family and children they show Natalia and Olivia walking out of the jail. Reva tells all to remember how blessed they are. As everyone leaves the table. Mallet and Marina break away to the upstairs to talk. Mallet wants to get married. Marina says she'll marry him. Jeffrey and Reva escape to the outside. Jeffrey tells Reva that was quite a speech. They kiss after she tells him she wants to grow old and ornery with him. Bill wakes up dazed......

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and John play a game of cards in her bedroom at La Boulaie. Sarah walks in and finds Christian and Vanessa in an embrace. Rex, Gigi and Shane arrive home. Rex makes a remark toward Shane, but Shane refuses to answer him. Shane goes upstairs alone. Brody tries to take a ball from a woman patient at St. Anne’s. Jessica walks up and helps Brody retrieve the ball. Viki is at the mausoleum, and she lashes out at her father for what had been going on. Viki takes a crowbar and tries to pry the name plate off the casket. Charlie comes in to see what Viki is doing. Sarah doesn’t believe that it would be so hard for Vanessa to go back to Columbia. Viki blames her father for all that had been happening to Jessica, Todd and Tina. Viki tells Charlie that things will never be the same again. Charlie tries to comfort her, but Viki doesn’t’ want him to touch her.

Brody urges Jessica to tell him her story. Jessica tells Brody everything that Tess had done to Natalie and Jared the last few months. Charlie holds Viki while she has a good cry. Rex and Gigi discuss how that Shane thinks that Brody is a hero. Cristian defends Vanessa against Sarah. This makes Sarah angry and she walks out on Cristian. John lets Blair know that he had gone to see Marty, and they had talked for awhile. John also tells Blair that he had driven around for awhile, but he needed a friend, he needed Blair. Charlie tells Viki that he loves her. Gigi orders Shane downstairs. When Shane finds out that Rex is going to the Buchanan’s for Thanksgiving, Shane wants to accompany him. Rex is thrilled. The patients of St. Anne’s share a Thanksgiving dinner. Brody offers the blessing. Charlie surprises Viki by taking her to the newly renovated Angel Square diner.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

CBS will air football on Thanksgiving Day!

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