The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/25/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Reese, Bianca, Pete and Randi decorate the Confusion Bar for the fundraiser. Zach comes in and lets the group know the results of his meeting with the commission. Reese tries to comfort Zach, but he pushes her away. Colby brings Brot Thanksgiving dinner. Jake lets Taylor know what had happened in the operating room when he had operated on Aidan. David commends Jake for his performance. Taylor demands that David let go of the past. Annie takes a plunge off the balcony, but escapes unhurt. J.R. agrees to help Amanda repair the engine on her yacht. Greenlee tells Ryan about Aidan being in on Annie’s plan.

Colby clues Pete in on Brot and how he is a friend of a woman at the hospital. Amanda makes the connection that it is Taylor. Zach visits Aidan in the hospital and finds out about Annie. Ryan and Jesse find David knocked out at Wild Wind and finds out that Annie had been there planning a fantasy Thanksgiving dinner with her friends.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Snyder family gathers for their traditional Thanksgiving with family and friends and since Janet can't bare to see Sage unhappy she persuades Carly to have thanksgiving at the farm. Sage decides Janet isn't so bad since she invited Carly for Thanksgiving so she apologizes to her for lying and telling everyone Janet hit her. Paul and Meg tell everyone that they are going to have a little girl and her name will be Eliza. Janet and Jack announce that they will marry on New Year's eve and Carly is sad because that was the day that Jack helped her with Parker's birth and they won't share that special day anymore. Carly is sad that Jack is going to marry Janet but she has accepted the upcoming marriage. Luke gets drunk on beer and elderberry wine and the only one who takes notice is Brian but Luke tells him not to tell anyone or he will tell Lucinda what happened between them. Josie admits to Paul that she is in love with Dusty and doesn't want to trick him anymore. Paul tells Josie that Dusty will hate her forever if she tells him the truth. Josie goes along with the next part of the plan and pretends to get a feeling about Johnny being in a cold place shivering and then Dusty gets a call letting him know that Lucy and Johnny have been seen in Norway. Paul calls someone and asks if Dusty took the bait. Dusty doesn't understand Josie's connection to Jennifer and J0ohnny but he tells Josie that he is happy they met and then they make love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne is livid and tells his mother that he will not forget this with his dad and Donna. He will not let Stephanie give up. He intends to talk to Eric again. Eric tells Donna that he remembers what he had with her too. It was a wonderful ride. Katie corners Owen and proceeds to tell him that if Donna wanted to be with him, she would be. Be careful of any moves he will regret. Ashley calls Eric and tenders her resignation. She’s going to pick up Abby in London and move back to Genoa City. Katie stops by Stephanie’s for a candid talk. If Eric has made up his mind, there is nothing Stephanie can do. Thorne argues with his dad about being with Stephanie or Donna. He needs to take another good long look at the feed from Owen’s office. Eric informs him that he wants the camera removed and to leave Donna and Owen alone. He trusts Donna and knows she loves him. Thorne forces him to look. Eric watches as what looks like Owen locking the door and Donna disrobing and doing it on the desk. Eric breaks down and shouts at the monitor and shoves papers and stuff off his desk in disgust.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole loses her baby girl. She is inconsolable, although Brady tries to comfort her. Later, EJ returns home and tries to call her. Chelsea visits Nick, who is apparently under a suicide watch. He is more troubled about the fact that Melanie hates him than the fact that he might spend the rest of his life in jail. He asks Maggie to let Melanie stay with her so he knows that she is protected. After consulting with Marlena, Maggie invites Melanie to live with her and Mickey until she can find another place. Melanie tries to get a job with Phillip as a secretary, but he says that they can’t work together. Chelsea comes looking for Melanie, and asks her to consider Nick and his feelings. Melanie refuses, and after Chelsea accuses her of being selfish, she violently attacks her. Marlena tells John that he must see a psychiatrist, or she will cut him out of her life. He agrees to one session.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Olivia hedges when Carly asks about her feelings for Sonny. Diane calls Alexis on her Hypocrisy toward Jason versus Jerry. Spinelli uses his computer skills to help Jason look innocent in the warehouse attack. Thanks to Spinelli, it looks like “a rival drug cartel is responsible” for the attack so Jason is released. Later, Alexis tells Diane she was on to Jerry. Sam and Liz try to hold their own against the Russians. Sam shoots and kills one of them. Later, Sam is attacked and Liz kills the attacker. Liz is clearly affected after she kills the intruder. Jason heads to the cabin to check on the women and children. Sonny pays Kate a visit to tell her he loves her in spite of his upcoming marriage. Later, Claudia tells Ric they can still see each other in secret, even though she is marrying Sonny. Johnny threatens to leave the family for good if the wedding happens. Johnny worries Sonny will learn the truth about Michael’s shooting. Later, Johnny meets up with Lulu and tells her he left his family for good. Carly tries to talk Sonny out of marrying Claudia. Sonny gives Carly a gun for protection. Jax and Kate cozy up at her place. Later, Carly watches through the door as Kate and Jax start to undress. Carly walks into the house as Kate and Jax are having sex on the floor. Carly pulls out the gun Sonny gave her. Claudia and Sonny’s wedding begins. Jason arrives at the cabin and learns the Russians kidnapped Jake.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva comes home after some time walking and thinking. They discuss the baby. Reva tells Jeffrey she is having the baby no matter what. They hug. Mel come in to Company to see Buzz sitting down with a cloth on his forehead and asks if he was mugged. He says no. Just not having a good day. Remy is with her and they talk about his grades. She sees a manila envelope with the City Clerks address on it and asks what it is about. Lizzie visits Bill. Alan is at the courthouse when Doris leaves. Lizzie arrives and Alan can't believe she is there. And wants her to go home. Lizzie tells him she is going to set the record straight for Bill. Lizzie says she has Doris on her side. Alan tells her she doesn't have Doris on her side. Remy and Christina try and decide what to do. Blake, Clarissa and Matt and his daughter, see each other at the store. They talk about getting together. Jeffrey says Reva is working on wishful thinking that if she doesn't do chemo and have the baby that all will be ok. Jeffrey notes that just cause he is a man he doesn't know what it is like not to have a child in someone's body. Matt and Maureen invite Blake and Clarissa to Thanksgiving. Alan makes an attempt to hear Lizzie's testimony during the hearing. Doris is grilling Lizzie. Lizzie is holding her own. They don't know Alan is listening. Doris makes it a point that both Lizzie and Bill fought over business deals. Lizzie said they did at first but not the way Doris is putting it. Remy asks a store clerk to find some one for him. Reva's old friend Dr. Colin shows up and they have a tearful reunion. Colin agrees to help her. But can't promise anything. She is about to leave when Jeffrey talks her into staying. Lizzie sees Alan after she testifies and feels bad. She says in short she didn't do well. Remy finds the guy who married him and Christina. Reva and Colin agree that all pregnancies have risks. The trick is to find out how to minimize them. After the meeting with Colin, Jeffrey says he likes him and asks Reva if she is ok with him. Reva says yes. That she always feels comfortable with Colin. Then the two run into Josh. Remy begs the judge to help him. Christina tells the guy off. Remy can't believe what came out of Christina and is proud of her. Back at the hospital, Josh wishes Reva and Jeffery a Happy Thanksgiving. Then the subject changes to whether or not either Marah or Shayne will be home for Thanksgiving. Reva is not happy with that and swears she'll get it right with this baby. Alan sees Doris after the hearing and tells her off about grilling Lizzie the way she did. That grilling Lizzie wasn't part of the plan. Doris is handed an envelope from a cop. Lizzie visits Bill. Lizzie tells Bill about her testimony. And then starts to cry. Lizzie turns on the TV to hear Doris say that the jury handed down an indictment and that Bill will get 20 years!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is planning for Thanksgiving. Sara is depressed by Cristian living with and getting "close" to Vanessa. Jessica commits herself to the hospital and signs away her rights to her two children. Viki, Clint and Natalie are by her side. Tina goes to say good bye to Sara and knows she better get out of town. But before she's out, she visits her deceased father's crypt. And she vows to make things right and redeem herself some day.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It’s Thanksgiving in Genoa City and celebrations are taking place at the Mausoleum, Winters, Abbott Mansion and the GCAC. Victor even gets some unexpected visitors in jail for example his arch nemesis Jack. Kay works her first shift at the diner and catches on fast, while her family spends a somber Thanksgiving at the Mausoleum. Jill and Esther exchange words and Chloe announces that her bundle of joy is going to be a girl Cane is ecstatic. Billy sojourns over to the Winter’s to take in a Post Turkey Day walk with the fair Lily, but instead witnesses Child Protective Services coming to take Ana away. Adam tells Heather he would like to have a Christmas wedding.

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