The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/24/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. comes into the ConFusion Bar. Reese sees him and introduces herself to him. Bianca blasts him for his treatment of Amanda. Krystal, once again, has dreams of David and wakes up, terrified. David tells Amanda his plans for bringing down J.R. and for gaining custody of Little Adam. Amanda wants out, but David refuses to let her give up. Aidan confesses all to Greenlee about his and Annie’s kidnapping plan for Emma. Annie pulls a gun on Ryan. Annie gives in and tells Ryan how she had planned this whole thing in order to get Ryan back. Angie spends time alone, thinking about this problem with Jesse and Rebecca. Jake calls Tad for help with Aidan. Reese senses a change in Bianca that she doesn’t understand. Tad and Krystal arrive at the hospital. Krystal listens to Angie’s problems and encourages her to talk to Jesse about her feelings. Jesse walks in. Angie pours out her heart to Jesse about her feelings toward Jesse and Rebecca.

When Amanda comes home to the yacht, J.R. is there waiting on her. Amanda wants to know what he is doing here. J.R. apologizes to her for his treatment of her. Amanda accepts his apology. J.R. offers to fix Amanda’s yacht engine. Jake gets Aidan’s permission to do the operation. David assists in the operation. Annie plunges over the balcony of the penthouse much to the horror of Ryan and Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Alison finds out that Casey hasn’t told his parents about being expelled and advises him to tell them before the truth comes out. Casey pleads with her to come with him to Thanksgiving dinner to help tell them. Josie is worried when Dusty seems distant with her after their night together. He wonders if she needs to find her way without him. Emily wants Paul’s help, but he is resistant and Meg walks into the middle of their conversation. Emily tells Meg that she wants Paul’s help with Josie, but he turned her down. Meg is happy, but Paul admits that he did help Emily before. Daniel comes home for a visit. Tom invites Emily over for a visit, much to Margo’s chagrin. Josie wants Dusty to give her a chance separate from the Jennifer connection, as Dusty would like that too. Meg is happy that Paul admitted the truth to her and that proves he changed. Emily is with Daniel when Alison comes with Casey to his home and is unnerved to see them together. Josie and Dusty decide to have an Anti-Thanksgiving. Meg sees Dusty and Josie kissing. After Josie leaves to go shopping for food, Meg and Dusty talk. Meg admits that Paul told her about his offer to Josie. Dusty still thinks that Paul had his reasons and they aren’t as genuine as she thinks; Josie and Paul see Dusty and Meg together. Casey tells his parents that he got expelled from school. Tom and Margo are furious and tell him as much, and Emily is even disappointed, as Alison helps pleads his case. Separate Margo and Alison talk, and Tom and Casey argue. Tom blames Emily for this, as she tells him to look in the mirror where Casey is concerned. After Meg goes to lie down, Paul leaves a message for someone demanding to see them. Casey and Emily talk privately, as she voices her concern about him being expelled. Casey is irate wondering why she cares – did Dusty dump her. Emily admits that she might have made a mistake, as they kiss. Alison interrupts this, is angry, and starts to leave, but Casey tells Alison to stay and Emily should go. When Alison questions what is going on with Emily, Casey tells Alison that he doesn’t know or care. Dusty tells Josie about his relationship with Meg and about Paul. Josie tells him that he has to leave so she can set dinner up. Soon after, Paul shows up at Josie’s and is furious. Emily tells everyone that she is going to spend Thanksgiving with her mom so she won't be alone. Margo, Tom, Casey, Alison and Daniel put aside their differences and agree to be thankful for all they have, as they enjoy dinner while Emily watches secretly and sadly from outside. Dusty talks to a photo of Jennifer telling her that it is time for him to move on. Paul tells Josie that she works for him and he doesn’t like how things are going. He is going to step it up and she better be at his beck and call; Josie tells him that she can’t do this anymore.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After he has locked his office door, Owen tries to persuade Donna that she should not put up with Eric’s tactics in keeping both her and Stephanie at his beck and call. Donna lets Owen hold her, but assures him nothing is going to happen between them. She states that her future is with her husband and she will not betray him. Eric and Thorne are watching, only they have no audio. Thorne quips to Eric that they are saying, “let’s get naked”. Eric is relieved when he sees Donna leave without crossing that line. Thorne says they just need to give her more time. He reminds Eric that he is crazy to even have to test Donna in the first place. He doesn’t have to do that with Stephanie. Eric calls his attorney and tells him to stop the divorce proceedings. He tells Thorne that Donna loves him and they are going to remain married. Thorne begs his dad not to do this tonight. Stephanie interrupts Donna’s bubble bath. With an eye mask on, Donna thinks it is her honey bear and suggests that he join her. Stephanie amuses herself by giving Donna a shoulder massage and then when Donna suggests a juicy wet kiss, she pushes her under the water.

Steffy wants no part of Rick trying to get back at Ridge through her. She accuses him of using her. The kiss was wrong. First it was Phoebe, then her mother and now this. He admits that he hates Ridge; he hates him for hurting his mother over and over and for what he did to Taylor also. She blames him for going from this sweet, supportive guy to some power-hungry jerk. She doesn’t want this rage to destroy him. Eric catches his two women bickering over who is going to stay and who is going to go. Both tell honey bear that something has to change. While Donna changes, Stephanie tells Eric to remember that she loves him. When she gets him alone, Donna begs him to tell her that she belongs here and why is he making her wait? As they start to get intimate, Stephanie returns. She understands what is happening and turns away.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has terrible cramps and calls Brady out of desperation. He comes up to the lodge and insists she go to the hospital when they discover she’s bleeding profusely. After they arrive, Nicole passes out. John tries to shoot the man attacking Marlena, but she knocks the gun out of his hand and the man escapes. Later, Bo and Hope show up to question the two, and surmise there may be multiple assassins at work. Marlena tells John that he is dangerous and needs help, and until he gets it, he cannot be a part of her life. Chelsea tells Bo and Hope that she would like to visit Nick, but they don’t think it’s a good idea. Kate is released from the hospital, and joins Chloe, Lucas and Chelsea at the pub for a celebration. Daniel tries to make nice with Chelsea, but she blows him off. Chloe tries to comfort him, and Kate urges Chelsea to forgive and forget, since life is too short not to. Stefano admits that he is disappointed that Sami and EJ are no longer together, and questions EJ as to his feelings for Nicole. EJ tells Stefano that Nicole is his future and Sami is his past.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax is determined to hold onto Spoon Island. Nikolas threatens to “force” Jax out of the hotel. Olivia walks into the middle of Sonny’s “proposal” to Claudia. Later, Olivia fills Kate in. Kate gets upset with Maxie about the current issue of the magazine. Jax arrives and says the magazine did better than ever, in Maxie’s control. Later, Jax and Kate have a drink to celebrate their “freedom.” Jax initiates a kiss. Lulu proposes that Johnny distance himself from his family. Jason is arrested. Mac vows to make Jason “pay” for the attacks on the community. Mac and Alexis put their heads together and discuss Jason’s situation. Alexis advises Diane to “step down” from Jason’s case. Alexis says she will prosecute and convict Jason for the warehouse attack.

Sonny insists to Claudia that Olivia and Kate are off limits. Sonny and Claudia agree to treat each other with respect. Sonny says he doesn’t hold Claudia or Johnny responsible for Michael’s shooting. Claudia insists she would never hurt someone’s child. Sonny says he wants to marry Claudia immediately. Olivia runs into Carly at Jakes and fills her in about the wedding. Carly confides her flaws in Olivia. Olivia admits that Sonny once meant “a lot” to her. Sam and Liz barricade themselves inside the cabin. Sam gives Liz her gun and advises her to “stay calm.” Sam and Liz wait for the Russians to strike. Sam promises to do everything in her power to protect Liz’s boys. Soon after, a shot is fired through the cabin window.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina and Frank are talking about Thanksgiving. She lets it slip that Mallet taught her how to gamble. Mallet comes out of no where to make something up so that Frank doesn't suspect they are living together. Lizzie gets good news from a call concerning Bill. She goes to the hospital to tell him, but finds the room empty. She goes to the nurses station only to be told he is going for tests no change. Mallet is not happy with Marina for almost telling her Dad they almost eloped. Marina sees no problem since they didn't, yet. Beth is at the Beacon when she orders some food from Company using a fictitious name. Alan meets with Lizzie to talk about Bill and the evidence against him. Coop finds out about the food from one of Buzz's employees and goes to The Beacon. Lizzie and Alan go to see Doris but with no luck in stopping Doris with prosecution. Lizzie gets no where other than having Doris throwing her and Alan out of her office. A woman named Lynn gives some health food pointers to Frank. Buzz figures out Beth ordered the food and she pleads for him not to say a word. Buzz thinks Rick is the one that Beth is seeing. Beth says no it isn't Rick. Buzz then says Alan. Beth says no. But she did love Alan not like Philip though. Lizzie tells Alan that Doris is out to get Bill and there is nothing she can do about it. Alan tells her not to give up. Lizzie says she is going home and going to a bed she'd hope Bill would share with her. Now she thinks he never will. Buzz, Frank and Mallet meet at Company to talk about Thanksgiving and Marina. Buzz says Marina is right. That it is about true love. Mallet then gets on a table to profess is love for Marina Cooper. Coop and Beth are together talking about them, Alan and what Alan will do when he finds out about them. Alan goes to see Doris. Lizzie goes to bed alone. A small fire is extinguished by Frank, Buzz and Mallet. At this point Frank gives Mallet his blessing to marry Marina, who by this time is confused. Alan tells Lizzie about the grand jury. Seems she is going to be allowed to testify. She is excited.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John goes to see Marty. She admits she still does not remember him or Cole or her life and is horrified to know the only memory she has is of being with Todd. Blair is not certain if she should "move forward" in her relationship with John now that Marty is back. Starr and Cole talk about losing their baby and about what her father did to his mother. Talia is growing closer to Antonio and to Jamie. Antonio has taken over John's job. Rex and Bo convince Nora to drop the charges against Brody Lovett.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Victor blames Nikki for assisting Adam with diary but she is soon cleared when Nick tells him it was Jack who mastermind the plan. Nikki has had enough of Victor and finally gets him out of her system and moves on to Paul where they share a passionate night together. Sharon decides to give Jack one last try, while Phyllis and Brad form an alliance. Adam is running scared as the walls begin to cave in on him. Liv tells Neil he needs to be with Tyra instead of Karen and she also warns Ashley about Victor. Neil gives Karen the ring and Tyra kisses Gill (the detective) both obviously have their minds on one another.

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