The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/21/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

David comforts Krystal over the death of Babe, and then tries to kiss her, but Krystal pulls away. J.R. pulls on Amands’s dress until it rips. Amanda starts to scream for J.R. to stop. Erica comes in and demands that J.R. stop it. Greenlee and Jake arrive Pine Valley Hospital with Aidan, and immediately rushes to get him stabilized. Ryan and Annie come in behind them with Emma. Ryan immediately asks Angie to examine her as Emma had inhaled a lot of smoke. Greenlee begins to cry and tells Jack that Aidan may not make it. Jack tells Greenlee that Erica had taken over at Fusion. Jesse comes home and finds Rebecca there. He is confused as to why Rebecca is here. Rebecca explains that Angie had invited her and Natalia to stay with them. After examining Emma, Angie releases her from the hospital. J.R. comes home and immediately wants a drink. Krystal comes home to Tad and wants him to make love to her. Erica calls a staff meeting and immediately brings in some of her employees from the “New Beginning” show. Erica makes Randi the new face of “Fusion.” Greenlee walks in and demands to know what she is doing. An argument between the two erupts when Erica tells Greenlee that Kendall had given her her proxy in the company. Ryan, Annie and Emma come home.

Jesse, Angie and Rebecca try to share a cordial meal until Jesse and Rebecca begin to talk over old times. Angie gets up and leaves, pretending that she had left some papers at the hospital and she needs them before tomorrow. Tad and Krystal make love. David sits alone, looking at photos of Babe. Amanda stops by David’s and tells him that J.R. had tried to kill her. Jake urges Greenlee to sign the papers so that he can operate on Aidan and possibly save his life. Aidan opens his eyes, and mumbles something to Greenlee. Greenlee takes the papers and signs them. Ryan lets Annie know that he knows that she was behind the kidnapping. Annie tells him that he could have had it all, and she pulls a gun out of her purse and aims it at Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Henry tells Katie and Brad that he amazes himself sometimes. His Chicago contacts have found Spencer’s brother. She informs him they want no part of anything further, they will let sleeping dogs lie. Brad is off the hook so they’d like to forget the whole thing. Behind Katie’s back, Brad returns and wants the meeting to still be on. Brad shows up at the address given him and barges in and threatens to clobber the guy if he doesn’t spill everything he knows. Under duress the man declares that he is an actor and he was paid to deliver a package to Spencer. She is not his sister, and he doesn’t know anything more or who paid him to do this. Katie reams Brad out and wants him to drop the whole thing. They are upset when they find out Henry has been arrested. They visit him, and Brad is sure that Henry is being set up just like he was. They tell Dani about the mysterious e-mails and that this is payback. Henry is being used. They need to turn over their computer as evidence and perhaps the message can be traced. However whenever they return home, there is another message not to show these messages or Brad will be next. They argue. Katie wants to do whatever the messenger says and Brad wants the police to be involved. Dani calls someone and tells them that she can hold Henry for as long as they want. Dusty and Josie eat at the diner and she thinks this is so much nicer than room service. She regales that she is not the fancy napkin type person, but isn’t sure how she knows that. She recalls something about Tampa, and Dusty admits that was one of his fondest memories and wants them to go there for Thanksgiving. He owns the company, he owns the jet, so let’s go! She spots the karaoke and challenges him. He dares her so she accepts. If she does, then he has to be her cabana boy all day tomorrow. She sings “You Made Me Love You.” He tells Josie this is frightening as Jennifer sang that very song to him at this very spot. She is sorry she is freaking him out, but she feels like his wife’s spirit and that she knows her. He admits whatever this mumbo jumbo psychic is, whether she is Jennifer’s spirit or not, he likes it and wants to be with her. Meg and Paul are ecstatic when shown a picture of their baby daughter’s sonogram. Emma is happy too, not so much that Meg is going to move back into Fairwinds. She knows that Meg will do what she wants to do and admits she will have to take that same leap of faith that Meg has. They will take it one holiday at a time. Dusty prepares to be Cabana Boy and Josie initiates a kiss. He wants to be certain that she is sure about this. She nods her head as they inch toward the bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick preens in front of the mirror in his office, gloating and addressing himself as President of the company. Steffy catches him and admonishes that her father will be back with Brooke and back with the company as well. She doesn’t have a problem with Rick, but she does have a problem with him having a problem with her father. He tells her that her talents are wasted in shipping and receiving, he’d like to see her here on the Executive floor. His first promotion was to Marcus and now he’d like her to be the second. He surprises her with a special catered dinner in his office. He puts the knife in further by reminding her that her dad let her down once again by cancelling their dinner date, all to be with Brooke again. Brooke asks Ridge why they can’t get married now. Rick has been told and nothing is standing in their way now. He questions why now when they almost walked away from each other yesterday. He’s concerned still about Rick and his feelings. Donna tells Eric that she feels like she is in competition with Stephanie. What does he want to know about her that he doesn’t already? She can’t help but notice how close and family oriented Stephanie and Eric really are when Stephanie shows Eric Halloween pictures. Thorne and Eric continue to watch the feed from Owen’s office. Owen tells Donna he thinks it is insulting that Eric has her and Stephanie in competition to be Mrs. Eric Forrester. He’s also shocked that she would put up with it, especially since she has an alternative - him. Ever wonder what she is missing? He locks the door and wants to show her what they can do with no one knowing. Thorne thinks this is the moment. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick has what he wants now, he’s satisfied and nothing will come between them. He promises her the most beautiful and romantic wedding because she deserves it. Rick makes too quick a move on Steffy by kissing her and she slaps him. She barks that he is on the rebound from her mother, he’s had her sister and now what? She does not want him to lay his hands on her again! Steffy storms out and Rick thinks smugly that this is going to be a challenge. He likes that. He stabs a Brooke/Ridge magazine cover with a letter opener and vows that Ridge will not have his mother again. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ has planned a romantic getaway for himself and Nicole, but his plans are thwarted by Stefano, who demands EJ join him on a business trip to Argentina. Nicole, who is already at the cabin, packs to go back home. She gets hit by cramps while doing so. Sami and Rafe argue about the necessity of her staying inside the loft. She claims that she needs fresh air so she can figure out how to keep her baby away from EJ and Stefano. Later, he caves and allows her to look outside, where she sees a convent in a nearby church. Rafe explains that it used to be an orphanage. John has hired Steve to help him find the mayor’s killer. Kayla is less than thrilled about the proposition, but Steve assures her he isn’t in any danger. She agrees to help him look for the man in Sami’s police sketch in a criminal database. The mayor’s shooter breaks into Marlena’s house and attacks her, demanding to know where Sami is. John shows up with a gun to save the day.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny agrees to marry Claudia and take over the Zacchara organization. Later, Sonny tells Max he is "playing" Anthony. Sonny says he thinks someone inside Anthony's organization shot Kate. Olivia asks Jason to let Sonny back into the business. Jax gets under Nikolas' skin by promising to build a resort on Spoon Island. Luke returns to the Q mansion. Tracy insists she wants a divorce. Johnny is against the marriage of Claudia and Sonny. Liz and Sam arrive at the cabin safely. At first they don't realize they're being watched. Sam figures out the Russians are outside of the cabin. Liz tries to call for help but the phones are down.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashlee's fake attack turns out real when some vagrant attacks her and Grady comes to the rescue and scares the guy away. A cop come up on them and tells Grady to freeze. Lizzie talks on the phone to a lawyer for Bill not knowing that Alan is listening to Lizzie's side of the conversation. Lizzie tries to state Bill's and her case to Alan. Then she realizes after talking things out to herself that Alan called Frank to get evidence. Alan says she is not thinking straight. At first Ashlee blames Grady then after Daisy says he wouldn't do it. Ashlee has a change of heart and says the real guy got away and Grady saved her. Natalia daydreams of Rafe being home. Buzz shows his concern for Ashlee. Daisy continues to harp on Ashlee over the supposed attack on her. Grady gives the description of the guy that attacked Ashlee and that he scared away. Lizzie asks Cyrus for help in getting evidence to clear Bill of her kidnapping. Alan and Beth discuss the kidnapping. Beth thinks Alan is behind framing Bill. Alan pleads his case in protecting Lizzie. Beth isn't buying it. Alan grabs Beth as she walks away and talks to her. Finally Beth leaves the library and Alan calls for his car. Natalia makes an appointment with the lawyer to get Rafe home. Emma tells Natalia she can't wait for Rafe to come home. And she also is happy about some investments she made and tells Olivia. But she knows she is a long way from getting rich but she says with some research. Ashlee explains the attack. Daisy sticks up for Grady. Beth calls Lizzie to warn her that Alan is headed down to the police station to make a formal complaint. Mallet lets Grady go. Buzz thanks Grady for being there when Ashlee was attacked. Beth and Lizzie arrive and SPD and ask of Alan's whereabouts. When they find Alan he has a pad near him and Lizzie grabs it thinking what is written on it is about Bill. Alan shows Lizzie the pad. On it is written Alan's confession of his part of the kidnapping. Olivia comes home to find Natalia playing a game with Emma. Natalia wants to have Olivia show her how to use the computer to do a search. Olivia says she doesn't have time. Natalia suggests Emma to which Olivia says her daughter has homework. Doris hears about Ashlee's attack. Alan did what he did to help Lizzie with a little more time to get evidence to help Bill. Lizzie says she is sorry for doubting him, she leaves. Beth smiles at Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica informs Viki that she "met" and found out she has a new alter named Bess. And she is the "Gatekeeper". Viki clarifies that she knows of her own gatekeeper, Jean Randolph, and the function that they serve. Yet neither can figure out just what Bess needed to protect Jessica from. Everybody still believes that Starr's baby died and Jessica's is just fine even though Jessica cannot see her baby. Cole tries to get Marty to remember her life and her son. John resigns from the police department after knowing that Mayor Lowe calls the shots and almost prevented him from saving Marty's life. Blair is wondering what to do in regard to her "relationship" with John now that Marty is back. Todd is wondering what he will do now.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack’s happiness about regaining ownership of Jabot is short lived by a visit from a livid Phyllis and a skeptical Sharon. Jack is also summoned by the FBI to be questioned about the whole diary fiasco, which is being delivered to the jail for Victor to examine. Heather is taken aback by Adam’s Swiss bank account and his desire to want to move to Europe. Ashley tries to plead with Victor to forgive Nikki and also shares that she is moving back to GC with Abby. Paul asks Nikki to move in and Sharon who discusses the Paris kiss with Nick tells him that Jack helped Adam out. Nick shares this news with Michael while Phyllis pays a visit to Brad.

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