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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica visits Adam to tell him that she had only come back to town for the christening of Bianca’s baby. Adam jumps to the conclusion that she wants him as her escort, but she informs him that Jack would be there. J.R. lies in bed and thinks of Babe’s last words in which she had told him that she was glad to be back in bed with him. Amanda goes to see David and notices a dark blue dress lying over the chair. David tells her that that was Babe’s dress and he wanted Amanda to wear it. Zach visits Kendall and tells her that this is the day of Gabrielle’s christening and how he wished that she could be here. He turns on a tape player and sets it on the table by her bed. Spike sings, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”. Kendall’s eyes flutter open, but she closes them again. Bianca and Reese get Gabrielle ready for her christening. Bianca tries to call Reese’ parents, but they hang up on her. Tad brings Krystal breakfast in bed. Tad assures her that they will be there for Little Adam. Krystal lashes out at Tad and tells him that she just cannot go on with her life, knowing that she will never see Babe again, and that he doesn’t know how she feels. Erica calls Fusion and asks to talk to Amanda. Randi starts to make an excuse for Amanda when Amanda walks in. Erica tells Amanda and Randi that Fusion and Cambias Industries are having a fundraising to benefit the hospital and other businesses in Pine Valley. Erica makes Randi the head of the fundraising campaign which doesn’t sit too well with Amanda.

Krystal breaks down in front of Tad over losing Babe in the tornado. Amanda goes through with her plan to destroy J.R. J.R. brings Little A to visit Tad and Krystal and the girls. J.R,. and Tad discuss how that Di was being kidnapping Emma. Amanda calls J.R. for help. Father Monroe refuses to christen Gabrielle. Gabrielle gets christened. Krystal seeks comfort from David.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke confronts Brian about the kiss they shared and he says it meant nothing to him and pleads with him not to ruin Lucinda's happiness because he loves her. Lily tells Luke that Brian signed a pre-nuptial agreement, and she thinks that Brian really loves Lucinda and asks Luke to pretend to be happy for Lucinda. Lily argues with Holden because she wants them to stop being careful around each other and get back to fighting like a normal married couple. Lily asks Holden to be a friend to Carly and try to persuade her to drop the lawsuit. Holden goes to talk to Carly but she insists she must protect Sage to make up for leaving her when she went away with Simon. Sage is nervous and scared of losing Jack when Janet tells her that she will have to have supervised visits with her father. Sage finally tells Carly the truth before going to the courthouse and Carly apologizes to Jack and Janet. Jack and Janet are happy that the lawsuit and make plans to get married as soon as possible. Holden tells Lily that she was right about everything and then Holden and Lily take an important step and put their wedding rings back on and then share a kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shows up at Brooke’s just like she asked, and literally dinner is on her. She’s lying in bed with a Japanese two piece swimsuit with sushi and delicacies on her tummy. Is there something he might like on the menu? First he must disrobe. And for eating, she prefers that he use his fingers, not chopsticks. The subject gets around to Phoebe and he remarks that is where the problem really started when Rick screwed over his daughter. That was unforgivable. She assures Ridge that Rick will never hurt his daughter again. Eric okays Donna and Owen’s new surfing line. She questions why he wants her working with Owen, but she will do it. On the feed, Eric watches Donna and Owen in the new office. He wonders if Donna can be faithful to him. He notices Owen modeling swimwear and Donna’s hands all over him. Thorne catches Donna on her knees before Owen and assumes the worse. Stephanie informs Rick that his little trick with the podcast didn’t work. Yes, Ridge was hurt and disappointed, but looks like he’s over it and he and Brooke have moved on and they are closer than ever. So what’s his next bright scheme? Rick tells Marcus that he is shipping him off to Paris to their office there to learn the ropes. It’s short time, but a huge opportunity, and it could work into something permanent. He has to leave within a couple of hours. Steffy is happy for him as they can keep in touch by phone and e-mail. Donna is pleased too, but hates to see him so far away. Steffy says goodbye to Marcus, and Rick is there to comfort her with her tears.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie feels overwhelmed by her schedule and complains to Abe about Theo not wanting to be around her. Later, she reads an article about other women whose children have autism, and she feels encouraged. She agrees to start volunteering and being more active in the community. Brady and Nicole run into one another at the gym and talk about John and EJ. He offers to support her if she needs help abstaining from alcohol. Stefano offers EJ a job heading up the DiMera empire and EJ accepts. He later tells Nicole and she congratulates him. EJ reveals that he has a surprise in store for her. Bo and Phillip save Melanie from falling to her death and Nick is arrested for murder. Maggie and Chelsea show up to support him. Later, Chelsea and Stephanie lay into Melanie for using Nick and driving him to go over the edge.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Johnny saves Spinelli from the Russians. Spinelli is disappointed that he was too afraid to fire his gun. Maxie leaves the hospital to find Spinelli. Luke tells Lulu his life with Laura is over. Tracy says her marriage to Luke is over. Nadine tells Nikolas their marriage must be put on hold temporarily because she must leave town to help her aunt. Jason and Lucky convince Liz to hide out with Sam and the kids. Sam and Liz head to a cabin in the woods, unaware they’re being watched. Kate tries to tell Sonny about Dante but Olivia interrupts. Olivia tells Sonny he should stop pretending and just be the mobster that he is. Sonny takes Anthony up on his offer.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After the doctor's visit earlier. Both Reva and Jeffrey are talking. Natalia comes back with Emma from school. Olivia asks about how things went. Natalia mentions the brownies Emma made were a hit. Olivia again mentions the house. Natalia says she is being ridiculous. Daisy goes to see Rafe. Rafe warns Daisy once again about Grady. Daisy says Grady has changed. Reva and Jeffrey are back at the doctors. Reva wants to know what surprises he has for her today. The test show possible leukemia. Doctor says they can treat this with certain drugs. Reva says chemo. Doctor advises to terminate the pregnancy. Reva says, "No way in hell.", and leaves. Olivia and Natalia look at a house online that Olivia says is perfect for her and Rafe. Natalia says that Olivia shouldn't make decisions for her. Back at the prison, Rafe and Daisy are fighting. Ashlee tells Grady she is not afraid of him. Grady says that he and Daisy are together. That is all that matters to him. Tells her in short to stop investigating him. Reva is angry at what the doctor suggest to do. Daisy meets up with Grady and tells him of her visit with Rafe. Decker meets with Olivia with Natalia there. After the meeting Decker mentions Rafe to Natalia. Natalia is shocked that he knows about Rafe. Jeffrey and Reva talk about the pros and cons about continuing with the pregnancy. She still wants to continue while Jeffrey says he'd rather have her alive and that they can look into surrogates. Natalia visits Rafe. Ashlee goes to see Doris with this problem, but uses a fake name of friend to protect Daisy. Ashlee then goes. She is outside and sees Grady and Daisy together. She hides behind a tree so is to not be seen. She listens as they talk about the accident. Then they walk away hand in hand. Daisy runs into Reva. Daisy says things with her are fine. Reva wants to know if the doctor told her something. Daisy says no. It is just something Reva once said. They hug. Daisy goes and Reva cries. Olivia and Emma talk about Thanksgiving. Jeffrey goes to see Lillian for advice. Reva is alone thinking.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is furious at Todd for what he did to Marty. Marty and Cole are attempting to reunite even though she has no memory of her son. John is in trouble with the police department and the mayor. Yet everybody believes he's a hero. He surprises them, however, by resigning. Jessica's two alters are struggling to protect her from finding out her baby died. Tess demands that she gets to come out and she does. But Bess knows that neither Jessica nor Tess can find out that the baby died nor that she switched Jessica's dead baby with Starr's living baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo gloats around Genoa City about the stocks Kay left her in her will. Jack finally break Ashley down and obtains her Jabot proxy. Kevin buys Jana and scooter and Amber is suspicious where he got the money from. Neil and Karen announce their engagement to the family and Tyra seems a little less than pleased. Lily has set up another meeting with Sonny, but Cane shows up and she tells him it’s time to move on and confesses to Billy (Sonny) she no longer wants to love Cane; who spies them hugging. Michael fights to get River (Lowell) off.

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