The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam comes downstairs and finds Pete sneaking around in the living room. Adam demands to know what Pete is doing here. The camera shows a pic of Kendall while Zach makes a tape recording for her. Bianca also talks to Kendall and tells her that she loves her. Greenlee talks to Aidan. Aidan tells her that he wants to tell her something. He tells Greenlee that he was the one, but he cannot finish before his blood pressure drops. Ryan searches for Emma in the burning church. Jesse holds Annie back. Colby agrees to help Brot get out of the hospital, but not before Brot’s mother Mrs. Monroe arrives and begins to talk to Frankie. Mrs. Monroe tells Frankie that she had been searching for Taylor. Frankie takes Mrs. Monroe to Taylor. Ryan rescues Emma from the burning church. Mrs. Monroe confesses that she had known about Taylor being Brot’s fiancé. Mrs. Monroe gives Taylor a pic of Taylor and Brot. They hug. Jesse tells Ryan that he suspects that Annie is behind the kidnapping of Emma. Adam gets Pete to resume his duties at Fusion and to keep an eye on Erica for him. Pete only agrees to help him, only if Colby is hired as an intern. Emma is brought into the hospital for smoke inhalation. The cops pull Annie away from Emma’s bedside. Ryan grabs the officer and pushes him up against the wall.

Jesse stops Ryan from beating the officer. Greenlee tells Ryan about Aidan wanting to tell her something and he wasn’t able to. Ryan admits to Greenlee that Jesse thinks that Annie is behind the kidnapping of Emma. Jake walks up and tells Greenlee that it doesn’t look good for Aidan that they need to get him back to Pine Valley. Colby brings Brot back to the Chandler mansion, unaware that Pete sits on the steps. Pete comes face to face with Brot. Pete demands to know who Brot is and what he is doing here.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah finds a drunken Luke. Luke is bitter towards him, but Noah decides he is in no condition to get himself home so Noah takes his keys and brings him home. Lily and Holden worry about Luke since they can’t track him down, but they are also concerned about Lucinda too. Lucinda awakens and wonders if she really asked Brian to marry her and if he really said yes. Brian tells her that it happened, but he won’t hold her to it, but Lucinda wants to be held to it. Liberty goes to see Carly to plead with her to not wreck her mom’s life. Carly defends herself saying she is sticking up for her child, but Liberty tries to get Carly to see that the slap didn’t take place. Carly isn’t swayed. Janet tells Jack that she thinks it is best that they end things until this circus hearing is over, as she gives back his ring. Jack pleads with Janet to reconsider. Lily and Holden are shocked to learn that Lucinda and Brian are planning a shotgun wedding, as Lily is not pleased with learning how quickly this is happening. Lily appeals to Brian, but he wants to get married and doesn’t think Lily should be unhappy that he wants to make her mother happy. Parker interrupts Carly and Liberty’s talk. After Liberty stomps out, Parker goes after her. Sage tells Carly that she is worried and scared about the hearing. Carly is careful when asking questions about why she is scared, and Sage in the end comes close to spilling but doesn’t tell her the truth, as Carly goes to see Lily for counsel. Jack almost has Janet convinced to not give up on them, but when he turns his back to help an officer, Janet ducks out leaving the ring on Jack’s desk. Lily and Lucinda have a heart to heart, as Lily worries about Lucinda and Brian’s (for that matter) motives in marrying so quickly. Lucinda tries to explain her vision and how she wants to live and doesn’t want to be alone anymore. It strikes a chord with Lily, who finally gives her blessing. Luke asks Noah to stay with him so things can be like they used to, but Noah tells him after everything that has happened that isn’t going to be possible and he leaves. Luke is furious and stomps out after him. Brian prepares a prenuptial for Lucinda and then he and Lucinda get married. Parker promises to try to help Liberty. Jack seeks Janet out and asks her not to let Sage run their lives. They have to stick together and he promises to stand by her, as Janet worries this hearing will pull apart all parties involved. Carly seeks out Lily for advice and Lily questions whether Carly’s motives are pure. She thinks that since she is having trouble accepting Jack and Janet, she might be affecting Sage’s perception, as she advises that Carly will find out the truth as to whether Janet hit Sage or not if she really wants to. Brian finds a drunken Luke on the side of the road trying to find Noah and takes him back to the farm. Luke has to take off his shirt and get cleaned up since he got sick while Brian promises to sober him up before anyone sees his condition. Jack convinces Janet to have faith in them and not to give back his ring, as he promises that if she continues to wear the ring that will be a promise they will make it. Parker tells Liberty that he is working on Sage and promises to keep it up, as Liberty is appreciative and seems to be falling again for Parker, who now seems to be playing it cool. Lily tells Holden that she is thrilled to see her mother so happy and she hopes Brian keeps her happy like this for a very long time. Brian is comforting Luke, who is upset about all that is going wrong in his life, when Brian kisses him. Luke kisses him back for a moment before a drunken Luke realizes what is happening. Shocked, he pulls back and demands to know what is going on before he races out of the room. Carly tries to talk with Sage about the fact that even though she and Jack are not together anymore, they will still always love and be there for her. She also talks to her about being honest and doing the right thing, but Sage seems to be only concerned with her mom and dad being happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick calls the troops together – Brooke, Marcus and Katie. He needs their undivided loyalty, it’s the Logan’s time to shine. Donna joins and Rick chastises her for spending time with Owen, she better not screw that up again. When anyone mentions Ridge, he announces that Ridge no longer works here and he doesn’t even want to hear him name or see a nameplate, no mention at all. There is a seismic shift in power now and no one or nothing will stand in his way. Marcus makes the rounds of changing all the nameplates, business cards, even the parking lot space. Rick has done away with his crutches and is just using a cane. Brooke comments on that and he says they both need to get rid of their crutches. But he goes berserk when she tells him that Ridge is her future and its time for Rick to move out. She and Ridge will be married, with or without his blessing. Stephanie and Felicia are surprised to hear Thorne say that Owen is back working at Forrester. Stephanie is afraid this means that Eric has forgiven Donna. Stephanie tells Eric she does not understand about Owen working there again, but she will back him and be there for him if Eric needs her.

Eric asks Ridge to come back to work. Ridge tells him the only way that can happen. He states that Eric can forgive his cheating wife, but he can’t give Ridge a second chance. Ridge accuses his dad of not treating him like a true Forrester. Rick is being a selfish jerk and his dad is just rewarding him. Ridge won’t be a part of that. Brooke gives Ridge the good news that he can move back home. Rick has flashbacks of his encounters with Ridge and vows that he has to stop him one way or the other. When Steffy tells Rick that he can get rid of all references to her dad, but he will be back as President of Forrester Creations, a light bulb goes off in Rick’s head. If Ridge went ballistic with his involvement with Phoebe, just imagine the ruckus he can cause when Rick gets involved with the other daughter. Ridge will go madman on him, something Brooke literally will not tolerate. Smugly, he says he can get rid of Ridge once and for all.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel gives Kate good news about her new test results, and it seems her tumor is shrinking. Lucas tells Chloe that he is ready to make a commitment to her, and has placed a bid on a new house for them to live in. He later tells Kate that he plans on marrying Chloe. Daniel and Chloe talk about his troubles being objective about Kate as her doctor. Chloe promises not to tell Kate or Lucas he said so. Nick tells Melanie that he killed her father to help her, and tells her about Willow Stark and her death. He thinks that every time he tries to help a girl, lives are destroyed. Melanie pretends to understand and says she wants to be with Nick, but he doesn’t believe her. Hope, Bo, Stephanie, and Philip all arrive at the hotel in time to find Nick and Melanie struggling on the balcony. When Bo kicks the hotel room door in, it startles Nick and he lets Melanie go. Phillip and Stephanie watch from the ground as Melanie flies over the balcony railing.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sam gets a job working for Sasha. Sam alerts Lucky to her new undercover assignment. Sonny intercepts a call from Dante. Kate is jealous when she again finds Sonny visiting Olivia. Kate thinks it’s time to tell Sonny the truth about Dante. Patrick and Robin begin their adjustment to parenthood. Later, Patrick goes to Liz for baby advice. Robin is overwhelmed when left alone to tend to Emma. Patrick rushes home and uses his magic touch to quiet the baby. Jason catches Spinelli at the penthouse with a gun. Spinelli tells Jason he wants revenge for Maxie’s attack. Luke and Johnny meet and make a deal to reopen the Haunted Star. Spinelli goes to Sonny’s and takes a handgun. Later Spinelli visits Maxie and says he will keep his distance from now on. Jason tells Cody he plans to “call a meeting with Sasha” in the warehouse. Jason says he will strike once everyone arrives for the meeting. Sam returns to the warehouse for her new assignment. Jason tells Cody the warehouse hit will leave zero survivors. Kate tells Sonny she has one last “secret” to share with him. An armed Spinelli approaches some of Sasha’s men near the warehouse. Jason and Cody open fire on the warehouse, unaware Sam is inside.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank and Lizzie view a video tape of a guy breaking into a van. Lillian, Blake and Buzz, and Matt get ready for Reva's baby shower. Reva is home trying to knit a blanket. Jeffrey wants her to go to the hospital with him for another checkup on her and the baby. Reva doesn't want to go. She says she doesn't need proof to know the baby is fine. Jeffrey wants her to go. He feels it is worse not knowing. Reva says she is scared. Jeffrey admits he is also scared. Jeffrey point out that what is the point of having this baby if she is not there. Daisy runs into Grady. He tells her he is quitting his job. She tells him of the bad tip someone left on her table. They kiss. Ashlee goes to see Rafe in prison. Frank wants Lizzie to watch the video again. She just wants to go. She doesn't let on she sees something they don't on the tape. Grady asks Daisy if she misses Harley cause he misses his mom. Daisy is online and sees Ashlee's video blog. and notices Rafe. He tells the story of brining a gun and having accidentally go off and that is why he is in prison. He admits he was wrong. He apologizes to Daisy though not using her name. He continues to say that things are bad for him because of a guy who held his girlfriend hostage. Ashlee makes a statement about Rafe hating Grady Foley. Rafe says yes. Buzz has Lillian go into the kitchen while leaving Blake and Coop alone a the bar. Reva doesn't agree with the new doctor's treatment ideas. Reva does the blood tests. Doctor gives her a pager for when the tests are back. Lizzie finds the jacket in question. But doesn't like where, Bill's. Reva doesn't want to wait around so they go out to eat. They share an ice cream. Meanwhile at Company, friends are preparing for a baby shower. Daisy and Ashlee have another argument about Grady. While Ashlee is in defense of Rafe. Daisy is in the defense of Grady. Frank catches Lizzie trying to destroy evidence, the jacket in question. Frank takes the jacket leaving Lizzie to cry on Alan's shoulder. Ashlee has a scare as she get into her car. Grady is in the back seat and he is not happy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

An old Army buddy of Brody’s visits Rex and Gigi. Dorian confronts Dr. Joplin as to what had really happened to Starr’s baby. Starr sits alone in a recreation room when Blair walks up. Blair admires the necklace that Starr wears. Marty and Todd meet face to face at the elevator. Blair tells Starr that Marty is alive and Todd had held her captive for months. Bess visits Tess in Tess’s own little prison. Jessica still has dreams of Tess. Natalie and Jared visit Jessica. Marty vows revenge on Todd for the lies that he had told her.

Todd finds out that the baby is dead because of him. Bess assures Tess that the baby is fine, but Tess doesn’t believe her. Tess begs Bess to let her out so that she can check on the baby herself. Brody’s buddy asks Rex to drop the charges against Brody. Todd tells Marty that he hadn’t meant to hurt anyone. Nora also blasts Todd for his actions. Dr. Joplin tells Dorian that the autopsy tests were inconclusive. Dorian vows to find out what had happened to Starr’s baby. Natalie offers Jessica support and encouragement. Tess vows trouble if she doesn’t’ get out of here to check on her daughter. Bess finally agrees to free Tess and hopes that she hasn’t done the wrong thing. Blair tells Starr that Todd had planned on stealing the baby, and that Todd and Marty were planning on leaving town and raising the baby as their own. Marty walks away. Todd yells at Marty that he loves her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The reading of Kay’s “Last Will in Testament” leaves many stunned as Kay’s generosity stretches far and wide; so much so, that Glo walks away with 5% of Jabot stock and a Ming vase. At the Abbott Mansion, the children gather around and John’s ghost pays each one of them a visit. Jack, stubborn as a mule, does not heed the advice of his father as he toasts to the potential of owning Jabot. Jill becomes exhilarated as she realizes for the first time she no longer has to be in Kay’s shadow. Kay is still at Murphy’s trying to piece the pieces of the puzzle together.

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