The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda offers J.R. her apology for having kissed him. She starts to leave, but J.R. asks her to stay awhile. Krystal blasts David for being here outside of Adam‘s house. Taylor tells Jake that she could fall in love with him. Brot listens to her outside the door. The medical examiner confirms that Di is dead and Aidan is in serious condition. Greenlee calls Jake to come and care for Aidan. Greenlee encourages Aidan to hang on. Annie insists to Ryan that they find Emma together. Emma wakes up and calls out for Di. Ryan and Annie escape and go searching for Emma. Brot goes back to his hiding place and finds Colby there. Rebecca thanks Angie and Frankie for taking her and Natalia in. Ryan and Annie go back to motel room 506 and finds a cross on a chain lying on the floor. Jesse burst in on them. Frankie knocks on the door of the supply room to see what is going on. Colby quickly covers for Brot. Brot, finally, tells Colby everything about Taylor being his fiancé’. Colby insists that he go see Taylor, but he refuses. Ryan shows Jesse the cross that he had found on the floor. A officer comes in and holds a gun on Ryan and Annie. Ryan grabs him, and wraps his arm around the officers neck and holds the gun to the officer’s neck. Ryan demands to know any info he may have on where Emma could be. The officer gives them some helpful info. Emma knocks over a candle and it catches the curtains on fire.

Angie brings Rebecca some DNR papers to sign, but Natalia refuses to let Rebecca sign them. Frankie explains to Natalia about the DNR papers. Krystal interrupts J.R.’s and Amanda’s talk. J.R. tells Krystal that he is moving back in his father’s house. Brot begs Colby to help him get out of this hospital before someone sees him. Colby, reluctantly, agrees. Jake arrives in time to help Aidan. Ryan, Annie and Jesse arrive at the monastery and find it in flames. Emma screams, “mommy, I’m scared.” Ryan and Jesse attempt to get the door open in time to rescue Emma. Frankie, Natalia and Rebecca leave the hospital while Angie gives David the DNR papers which are signed. Greenlee talks to Aidan. Aidan opens his eyes and tells Greenlee that he has something to tell her. Ryan burst into the monastery to rescue Emma. Jesse has to hold Annie back from following him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack almost persuades Sage to tell the truth about Janet at the custody hearing tomorrow but when Janet shows up and interrupts his time alone with Sage everything is ruined. Jack pleads with Carly to encourage Sage to tell the truth and not make their little girl choose between them but Carly is determined to protect her child. Jack thinks Carly wants him back again and is going to court hoping that the threat of losing his children will make him break up with Janet. Casey almost kisses Alison and she makes it clear that she only wants to be friends with him. Brian catches Luke with a hangover and advises him not to drink for the sake of his grandmother. The Snyder family an Noah all show up to support Lucinda who makes it through the operation very well. Luke thinks Noah wants him back but Noah tells him he is just their for Lucinda's sake. Luke gets drunk at Yo's because Noah dumped him and Alison and Casey try to help but he refuses their help so Casey calls Noah saying that Luke is in trouble and needs his help. Lucinda awakens and asks Brian to marry her because she doesn't want to be alone anymore. Brian turns her down at first because she is under the influence of the pain medicine but she asks again telling him that she knows what she is doing so he agrees to marry her. Jack makes it clear to Carly that if she wants to go to court he will use her past against her and she will lose her children.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

By phone, Stephanie tells Rick she is not making any promises to him. Don’t even go there. Eric must never know of this. Brooke stops by and Stephanie wonders why she’s smiling like a Cheshire cat. Brooke questions why Stephanie is even still there in the house. Couldn’t she just leave the wifely duties to Donna and leave the married couple alone? Thorne has an office all replenished and ready at Eric’s request. He tells Felicia he doesn’t know who it is for. Eric surprises Donna by having Owen drop by the office. He thinks they are long overdue for a talk. Donna wants to get this whole thing over with since nothing ever happened between the two of them. Eric says Owen is no longer a threat to him, he saved Donna’s life up at the cabin and he’d like to thank him. He wants Owen to come back to Forrester Creations so he can see for himself Owen in action. Owen is shocked, but is honored and accepts. Donna is sure this is a sign that Eric is close to making his decision between her and Stephanie. Owen tells Donna this is terrific as he has spent a lot of time lately just surfing and thinking of his woes. He could not leave L.A. and her behind. He doesn’t want her out of his life. She makes it clear that she wants him in her life too, but only as friends. Her dream with Eric is about to come true. Eric explains to Thorne that he is going to find out once and for all if anything more than friendship exists between Donna and Owen. Thorne thinks this is incredulous as Eric shows Thorne on webcam the shot of the new office with Donna and Owen. He can now spy on them and find out if there is anything romantically between the two of them.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ tells Brady that he doesn’t want Brady worrying Nicole with his problems because she needs stability in her life. He offers to help Brady with John, if possible. Nicole also tries to get John to talk to Brady and spend time with him. Later, Brady tries to talk to John himself, but he isn’t interested. Nicole and EJ make love. Melanie realizes that Nick killed her father and tries to get away from him, or make a phone call, but Nick stymies all of her efforts. Later, he finds her hiding an ice pick and goes off on her. They struggle, and Melanie steps on his phone, which dials Stephanie’s number. She and Phillip overhear Nick and Melanie arguing, and Melanie accuses Nick of killing her father. Maggie calls everyone in town, trying to find Nick. She finds the note Nick sent Melanie and hands it over to Bo and Hope. Chelsea tells them that it is Nick’s handwriting. She and Max talk about the note, and Max thinks he should have warned Melanie to stay away from Nick, instead of warning her not to hurt him. Later, Bo and Hope look at the autopsy report and figure out that Nick is the killer, based on the angle of Trent’s stab wounds.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli takes an unconscious Maxie to the hospital. Spinelli is reminded of Georgie’s death. Later, Spinelli tells Maxie he loves her but she doesn’t hear him. Maxie says the Russians are responsible for her attack. Matt says Maxie will recover fully. Mac blames Spinelli for Maxie’s attack. Later, Spinelli takes Jason’s gun out of the closet and heads out the door. Carly and Jax bicker. Nikolas alerts Carly about his immigration snag. Nadine overreacts when she finds Nikolas with Carly. Jax buys Spoon Island, making him Nik’s “landlord.” Kate is jealous when she finds Sonny fussing over Olivia. Kate thinks Olivia is falling for Sonny. Claudia tells Ric about her upcoming marriage to Sonny. Ric tells Sonny not to accept Anthony’s offer. Claudia advises Sonny to accept her father’s offer sooner rather than later. Elizabeth and Jason have a heart to heart talk. Lucky interrupts and convinces Liz to keep her distance from Jason. Liz agrees “for now.” Liz tells Lucky not to “police” her life. Lulu spends some quality time with Johnny. Sam offers to help Jason by infiltrating the Russian organization.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Not waking up in time, Remy misses a phone call. When he does get up, he is stumbling around. Goes to the bathroom for a shower to find Christina in the shower. Grady thinks he has just gotten an in to a house when Cyrus nixes it. Alan goes and bugs Frank for more clues to Lizzie's kidnapping. Vanessa finds Lizzie asleep next to Bill and tells her kindly that it's time she goes home and get some rest. Billy agrees and seconds the request. Lizzie doesn't want to go fearing Bill will wake up without her there. Both Remy and Christina says they feel like they are dying. Christina asks Remy if he feels like he has a hangover. Christina wants to know what happened. They wonder if they slept together. Then there is a knock at the door and they find a bellhop bringing in balloons and glasses and bottles of the bubbly. The bellhop congratulates them as newlyweds. Both Remy and Christina are shocked. Grady lets himself in Harley's old place to find pictures of Daisy. He leaves the key on the kitchen table and lets himself out. Cyrus goes to see Frank. But Frank is not there. He asks a cop for keys. Frank goes to the hospital to talk to Lizzie, Vanessa and Billy and to check on Bill. Vanessa and Billy agree to go with Frank as long as Lizzie stays behind to be with Bill. Lizzie tells Bill to wake up. Alan looks in on Lizzie in Bill's room. Christina vows never to drink again. Cyrus and Alan meet to deal. Cyrus doesn't want Grady to go to prison. Cyrus shows Alan a video tape. Cyrus tells Alan that Grady got rid of the jacket that he was wearing. That he knows that Alan wanted to frame Bill Lewis. Billy and Vanessa don't like what Frank says so they leave. Lizzie goes home. Alan and Grady meet with Cyrus. Cyrus tells them he doesn't want to see Bill Lewis framed. Christina is furious at Remy for getting themselves married. Remy is treating it casually. Cyrus goes back to SPD to find Frank. Frank is on the phone at the hospital when Lizzie comes up to him to tell him to stop wasting his time on Bill. Billy and Vanessa are talking. Billy admits there is a lot of evidence against Bill. That he doesn't like any more that Vanessa. But that Bill is in trouble. Lizzie overhears this conversation. Remy meets Christina at the gym. She is not happy and walks off. Grady and Cyrus meet and Cyrus tells him that it is all clear for him. Lizzie approaches Billy and Vanessa telling them she heard what they were talking about. Billy tries to deny it. Billy tells Lizzie he loves her for sticking up for his son, but the evidence is building. Lizzie says she will prove his innocence.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty goes to the examination room and is in shock trying to process how it is that she believed she was in love and wanted to have a child with the man who raped her. Todd is unconscious in his hospital bed having a vision of Marty praising him for changing his ways and wanting to have a child with him. After John tells Blair all that Todd has done, she goes and confronts her ex husband. Cole also confronts him for what he did to Cole's mom. Nora tells Marty she will help her get through it. John gets hauled back to jail. After Jessica demands Clint tells her all that Tess did, he informs her that she tried to kill Natalie and Jared with a bomb. Jessica then calls them in to talk to them and face them. Brody's friend, Wes is concerned about Brody getting shafted and thrown in prison. So he goes to talk to Gigi and Rex in an attempt to get them to drop the charges against Brody.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor’s arrested and faces off with Adam who’s already felt the wrath of Nick. Jack and Noah share a heart to heart, which Sharon overhears. Phyllis finds out about Jack’s trip to Mexico and also becomes privy to his extracurricular activities when she hacks into his computer. Paul decides to investigate the so -called diary caper.

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