The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam is at home at the Chandler mansion when Krystal and Little Adam come to visit. Krystal lets Adam know that Little Adam just wanted to sleep in his own bed. J.R. is on the elevator at Fusion. He holds the bottle in his hand that he had taken from Amanda. Getting off the elevator, he throws it forcefully against the elevator wall and it breaks into a million pieces. David and Amanda kiss. Frankie and Angie find out from Rebecca’s doctor that Rebecca has only weeks to live. Rebecca tells Natalia that she doesn’t’ want to die alone that she wants to be amongst her family. Jesse is at the police department and he shows the officer a picture of Ryan. Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan arrive at motel room 506 just as there is a gunshot. Going inside, they find Annie and Di, lying on the floor from a gunshot wound. Taylor manages to move her leg. Ryan demands to know from Di where Emma is. Di picks up the gun and fires hitting Aidan. Aidan had stepped in front of Greenlee to save her from the bullet. Di dies from her gunshot wound and Aidan is rushed to the hospital. Jesse and the other officers burst into the room. J.R. looks at a pic of Babe and Little Adam. David and Amanda watch from the window. David comes up with another plan to bring J.R. down. Brot opens up to Colby about the things that had happened in Iraq.

Angie tells Rebecca and Natalia that they are coming to live with them .Rebecca opposes the idea, but Angie convinces her to come live with them. Jesse goes through Di’s purse for possible info. Ryan, Annie and Greenlee are arrested. Greenlee goes to see Aidan in the hospital, and finds out that he will die unless he has immediate medical surgery. Greenlee orders the doctor to keep him alive until she can get a surgeon for him. Taylor tells Jake that she could fall in love with him. Brot listens from outside the door.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Brad tells Margo that he saw Spencer in Chicago. She informs him and Katie that she has no jurisdiction there. He could not have seen Spencer, but he says he did and he will find her and prove it. Katie agrees to work with him on this. Henry catches Dani looking behind his bar, and promises her that she won’t find Spencer’s dead body there. She finally has to confess that she needs to find that body or her career is over. She begs him to tell her anything he can. He lets spill that Brad thinks he saw her alive, but maybe he’s just going over the edge. Josie tells Dusty she is tired of waiting for more information, so she is looking herself up on the web. He explains that he’s already run a check and there is nothing available. Emily pleads with Paul to help her with this Josie problem. He won’t jeopardize his happiness for another one of Emily’s crazy schemes. She reminds him that he too has a stake in this. Her mother likes Josie and is befriending her. Emily calls Dusty, and Josie tells Dusty to go ahead and talk with Emily and she will see him later. Paul catches Josie leaving and invites her to have a brief chat. He offers her one million dollars to pack up and leave town before anyone finds out she is a scam artist. Dusty and Emily appear. Dusty confronts them and Josie starts to spill stuff that makes no sense. Both Dusty and Paul accuse each other of being in cahoots with Josie. Emily doesn’t think Josie is Miss Innocence as he thinks she is. Dusty finds Josie at Jennifer’s graveside. She wonders why she knows more about Jennifer’s life than she does her own. She tells him she is not scamming him, but confesses she is staying now because of him. The supposedly dead body, Spencer talks on the phone to someone and it turns out to be Dani. Dani tells her to keep quiet or she might really turn up as a dead body. Katie receives another e-mail that reminds her that Brad is off the hook for now, but keep digging and he still could end up in trouble.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the cliff above the beach, Ridge spots Brooke riding away on her horse. He shouts her name and she looks up. He comes down to meet her. They agree, here at the beach where it all began is their destiny. They embrace and kiss and begin a passionate reunion on the sand. Thorne informs Eric that Ridge and Brooke are having problems. Eric can’t imagine what they can be fighting about after all those lovely words that Brooke said on the pod cast. Nick tells Katie to give up this obsession about Brooke and Ridge. Don’t be so worried about them. He doesn’t want it to affect Jack. Stephanie still wants no part of Rick’s revenge although she admits she would like to see Ridge and Brooke apart. Rick snorts that he was always pushed aside by his father and his mother because of the golden boy, Ridge. Now as President, he is going to make sure that Ridge who is just a bastard Marone and not a real Forrester is just a footnote. Rick finally convinces her they have to be allies, and no one will find out. Thorne welcomes a group to the spring line auditions and fills his dad in on other details. Eric surmises the problems with Ridge probably has to do with Eric making Rick president and him not wanting to cut the others any slack. Thorne tells his father that Rick might be great, but he is also very derisive for the company and could cause a lot of trouble. He advises Eric to keep his eye on him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady shows up at the mansion to speak to Nicole about John, and elicits her help with their relationship. EJ interrupts, and Nicole thanks him for understanding that she needs to speak with Brady and get closure with her past. EJ later talks to Marlena, admitting that he is jealous of Brady. Marlena says she thinks he needs to be honest with Nicole just as Brady shows up. EJ tells him they have to get some things straight. Meanwhile, John tells Roman about hiring a private investigator to help in the search for the mayor’s killer. Roman advises him to worry about his relationship with Brady, and that Marlena isn’t going to take him back just because he is trying to bring her daughter home. John thinks Roman needs to be worried about finding an assassin, not his relationship with his son. Marlena also advises John to try to forge a relationship with Brady. Nicole calls John later, and tells him the same thing--that Brady could use his support right now. John wonders why she cares so much. Nick talks Melanie into leaving town with him, and tells her they have to get married in Vegas so he won’t have to testify against her. He makes drinks, and his use of an ice pick causes Melanie to remember that he was the one that really killed Trent, not her. Hope and Bo rush over to Maggie’s to speak to Nick and Melanie, but they learn they have packed and fled town. Maggie tells them about Nick’s pain medication, and they all worry about what happened to his mother, Jessica, and his involvement with Melanie, who they assume is Trent’s killer.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly tells Jax she plans to contest the divorce. Jax says Carly chose Sonny over their marriage. Sam admits to Maxie how much she enjoyed her adventure with Jason. Patrick cautiously takes Robin and Emma home. Claudia threatens to tell the truth about Logan’s death. Claudia assures Lulu that Johnny’s first commitment is to the family. Nadine surprises Nikolas with her plan to save him from deportation. Kate blames Carly for her breakup with Sonny. Jax hints to Carly that he’s considering making a “move” on Kate.

Sonny rescues Olivia from Jason’s burning office. Sonny tells Jason the “retaliation” is just beginning. Jason blames Sonny for the chaos that’s come from Karpov’s murder. Jason says he will “cut all ties” with Sonny. Jason tells Cody he plans to finish what the Russians started. Sasha’s men attack Maxie. Later, Spinelli is devastated to find Maxie unconscious in the spot where he found Georgie’s body.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina is still upset with Mallet. Mallet tries to get back in her good graces. Remy is at the gym he overhears two ladies talk. One of them leaves shortly after he arrives one, Christina, stays behind. After some harsh words between them, Christina leaves. Jeffrey and Mel run into each other shopping. Mel has it that Jeffrey did a bad thing and is trying to make up to Reva. Jeffrey laughs and corrects her. Reva is now waking up from collapsing. Josh is at the door. He lets himself in and finds Reva on the floor scrunched up. He helps her to her to couch. Mallet tells Marina they are a couple after all they bought a house together. He continues to tell her he wants to marry her. They seal a deal with a kiss. They then go to the judge, but finds a not that the judge is busy. Mel is at the doorway of the gym when she overhears Christina and Remy argue about their lifestyles. Just before he leaves he sees Mel in the doorway and tells her that Christina knows that he and Mel are related. Reva and Josh are having one of their funny arguments in where after a bit they are laughing. Josh then says he is calling Rick Bauer and tells her not to move. Josh explains the situation to Rick. And gets orders from Rick to call an ambulance. Reva doesn't want one, but neither Rick or Josh ignore her. After calling Rick, Josh calls Jeffrey. Mallet and Marina find a place to Honeymoon. Now they need a place to marry. Mel goes back to the gym and talks with Christina about Remy. Mel tell Christina she knows a lot of doctors that took the test more than once. Mel tells Christina about Remy loosing his baby and the mother and just lost his best friend. Christina feels more sadden than mad for and at Remy. Rick gives Reva good news. Reva says it is a boy. Reva gives Josh a look at the ultrasound picture. Josh is pleased for Reva. He gives her a complement on the baby. Jeffrey arrives and hugs Reva. Home, both Marina and Mallet plan their trip and wedding. Mallet says he has it covered. They assure each other they are ready. Christina finds Remy outside Company. She apologizes. Then Mallet and Marina come out to tell them about the wedding. Remy is happy. Christina isn't so sure of what is happening. Reva loves the gifts that Jeffrey brings. Josh smiles at them seeing Reva happy and joking. Josh then sees his moment to leave and let the couple alone. Mallet and Marina celebrate with Remy and Christina. Josh stops by Company but before he goes in he gets a call from Marah. Josh is elated at first that she will meet Shayne in Paris and they will come for Thanksgiving, then he hears that she got a message from Shayne he's not coming. Josh is confused. Outside the examining room Jeffrey wants Rick to tell him the truth. All Rick can say is she need an Oncologist. Marina gets cold feet. Later she says she is sorry. Mallet says not to be. Marina says she wants a real wedding. Remy and Christina come back laughing. Remy thinks they missed the wedding. Remy the bottle of the bubbly. Josh calls the military to inquire about Shayne. Reva asks about the baby. Jeffrey tells her the baby is fine. But doesn't tell her about her cancer coming back.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty goes with the cops to the hospital and comes face to face with Cole. He is overwhelmed and overjoyed to see his mother yet he cannot understand how it was that she appeared to have been killed and is now alive and well. She admits she does not remember her son and only has "visions" of a baby boy many years ago. Todd also gets taken to the hospital after John has assaulted him. John tells Blair everything and she is overwhelmed. Jessica tells her parents that she wants to know everything that Tess did.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

At Kay’s memorial luncheon at the GCAC, the citizens of Genoa City gather to apologize and reacquaint themselves with each other. Kay is still in a disoriented state at Murphy’s, wondering why he continues to call her Marge. Victor braces himself for the authorities, while Brad snitches to Heather who eagerly marches over to the ranch. Noah and Eden cut school and share a tender moment. Lily is informed of Karen and Neil’s engagement. The reading of Kay’s will date is set and Glo is told that Kay left something for her.

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