The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca listens at the door of Zach’s office as Reese tells Zach how that her family had disowned her since she had told them that she was lesbian. Amanda is at work at Fusion when David comes in with a bottle and a glass. David tells Amanda his plan in bringing down J.R. Taylor insists to Jake that she wants to run the marathon that is planning on being held in six months. On the intercom, Pete tells Colby that he loves her despite the protests of the nurse to take the microphone away from him. Ryan is beginning to become frustrated that the pilot cannot get the plane fixed. Annie assures him that they will find Emma. Greenlee questions Aidan as to what kind of monster that Annie is that she would do the things that she is doing. Aidan insists on leaving now so that they can get Emma back before it is too late. Colby manages to free Brot from under the fallen shelf. Colby insists on getting him a doctor, but Brot insists tells her that he doesn’t want anyone to know he is here. Bianca confronts Reese about lying to her about Reese’s parents disowning her since she had told them she was a lesbian. Pete tells Colby that he loves her, but she insists that she is here to do her job. Amanda pretends to be drunk when J.R. comes to check on her. Amanda tries to kiss J.R., but he pushes her away. Annie coaxes Ryan to take a nap. Ryan pretends to be asleep (he is really awake) when Annie sneaks out of the motel room.

Aidan and Greenlee arrive at Ryan’s apartment only to find out that Annie had sneaked out to go find Emma. Jake surprises Taylor with a surprise dinner and a slow dance. Aidan, Greenlee and Ryan go after Annie. Annie goes to motel room 506 only to find Emma not there. Di comes out and confronts Annie about the ten million dollars and the kidnapping plan. Di pulls out a gun and insists that she is not taking the fall for Annie. Annie tries to calm her down, but Di still holds the gun on Annie. The two struggle with the gun and it accidentally goes off just as Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee arrive. Reese confesses to Zach that she misses her father.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Katie mopes, but Brad tries to convince her they caught a major break as he is out of jail. She is glad, but just hates to think what these people in power might want in return. Carly tells Jack that Sage is really freaked about this whole Janet slapping her business, yet doesn't like to hear Jack say Sage may need to see a therapist. She even accuses him of being in denial so perhaps he doesn't deserve to see Sage either if he takes Janet's word over Sage's. Liberty feels badly for her mom and her dream wedding smashed, but tells Parker they better let the grown-ups work this out. They can remain friends no matter what happens. Jack drops by and Janet hates that she is the cause of so much friction between him and Carly and what might separate him from his children. Kim is supportive, but can not give Brad and Katie their jobs back. They go to Chicago to look over prospects there. Again they are turned down as people in Chicago would also know about Brad's involvement with the his former co-host Spencer.

Carly seeks legal advise from Bonnie. Bonnie admonishes her this would be pure war to try and get a restraining order against Janet. Jack would spill all too and it would be brutal in court. Carly doesn't care if it is war, she just wants to win. She stops by Janet's and officially serves Jack with papers. They bicker and he claims that no one will tell him how to treat his children. He'd had ample opportunity to take her children away before. If she wants war, then she has one. She maintains she does not want to keep him from his children, just away from Janet. Later Janet wants to call off the wedding as she won't be the cause that he or Carly can't see their children. Hearing the fallout, Bonnie warns her that she can really go after Jack in court, but Carly better make sure all her accusations are correct. In Chicago, Brad suddenly spots Spencer on the street, but she runs when he calls her name. He vows to Katie they will stay until they find her and prove his innocence.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

None of this makes sense to Brooke. She cries to Rick that she said everything in her Forrester speech, yet Ridge still felt betrayed. Ridge rides his cycle and ends up at the mountainous seaside place where he and Brooke married years before. He has fond memories of that day. Katie relays to Nick that something is going on between Ridge and Brooke, and it’s not good. They will be keeping Jack a little longer. She laments that this is probably just a little speed bump, nothing must go wrong with this relationship. They have to stay together. Stephanie drops in on Brooke, who has already left. She questions Rick instead. She demands to know what he has done. He throws aside his crutches and announces that Ridge and Brooke’s relationship is on its last legs. He has finally driven a wedge between them.

Stephanie calls Rick a son of a bitch for conning everyone. He says he did it to buy some time so they will both get what they want…….his mom to be free of Ridge and Stephanie can have her precious Ridge back. The train wreck of Brooke and Ridge will be no more. If Taylor is foolish enough to take Ridge back, then that is her problem. With Ridge, there is always another woman waiting in the wings and Rick doesn’t want his mother to go through that anymore. Stephanie demands to know more details, what has he done? He spills that he edited the pod cast. He tells Stephanie not to act so surprised as if she hasn’t pulled a few antics over the years herself. Ridge is not hurting his mother ever again! This way they both will get what they want. How exciting is that? She claims this will not work. Too many people heard what Brooke really said. He agrees, but he got rid of the evidence so there is no proof. Stephanie won’t have any part of this. She knows he has issues with Ridge, but this is wrong. Brooke rides her horse and also ends up on the beach and has wedding memories. It makes it all the harder for her to understand or accept this, particularly after Ridge vowed that he was the enduring solid rock of foundation that she could build her future on. High on the mountaintop, Ridge sees Brooke as she is riding away. She calls out to Logan. She hears her name and looks up and sees him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole and EJ go to one of her pre-natal appointments and learn that the baby is healthy. They both ask Daniel separately if Nicole can have sex, and he tells them she can. Later at home, they get ready to get hot and heavy, but Brady interrupts. Sami learns that Nicole has been released on bail and goes on a rampage. Rafe guesses that she still has feelings for EJ. Brady and Chloe talk about their divorce and both accept responsibility for their marriage ending. Brady is surprised to learn that Chloe and Nicole are friends. Melanie confronts Nick about the notes, and he admits that he wrote them, saying he did it to protect her. He goes on to explain that she was the one that killed her father, and that he saw her do it. He says that they have to leave town before the police can question either of them. Bo and Hope learn than one of the caretakers was at the cemetery the night of the murder and lied about it. After they confront him, he admits that he saw Nick at the cemetery that night. Daniel thanks Chloe for speaking to Kate and encouraging her to fight.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Mike wakes up in the hospital and Sonny explains about the fire. Sonny promises to rebuild Kelly's. Kate visits with Mike. Olivia insists on hiring security for Kate's home. Maxie tells Jason and Spinelli what she witnessed the night before. Jason wonders if anyone saw Maxie. He also yells at Maxie for running to Liz about Sam. Maxie is followed when she goes to visit Sam. Robin and Emma get released from the hospital. Anthony loves all the retaliation that's coming at Sonny. He says his family will gain power once Sonny marries Claudia. Lulu tells Johnny how much Kelly's meant to her and her family. Sam tells Liz she has no interest in renewing her relationship with Jason. Later, Jason goes to GH to explain things to Liz. In the meantime, the Russians set fire to Jason's office. Olivia is trapped inside Jason's burning office.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Decker and his associate arrive for dinner to a confused Olivia and Natalia. Seems Natalia forgot to tell Olivia of change to a day earlier than planned. Vanessa visits Marina at her house and they joke about Alan's. Marina is pleased to see Vanessa and thanks her for her gift before she even opens it. Mallet talks to Buzz about Marina. Josh is yelling at Reva over their living next to each other at the Beacon. Natalia calls Buzz to confirm the dinner plans that were for Decker. Buzz admits making an error and why. Olivia has Emma entertain them while Natalia makes a hurried dinner. Reva and Josh are met at the hospital by Buzz. Josh is glad to see that Bill has a friend in Buzz. Josh and Reva talk about family and how they are handling Bill's condition. Josh tells Reva she'll always be part of the Lewis Family. Josh is trying to be funny with Reva and it is not working. Just as she is about to leave Josh takes one more jab at her and Reva gives it to him. After the impromptu dinner both Natalia and Olivia are resting in the living room talking about how they pulled it off. Natalia calls Buzz (who is at the SPD) to tell her everything went well. Buzz takes it that she didn't get fired. After Buzz takes the call he talks with Marina about her day. Marina tells Buzz that Mallet took off. Mallet is talking with Vanessa trying to get advice on how to deal with Marina and to get rid of his feelings for Dinah. Natalia carries a tired Emma back to her room as Olivia opens the door for her. They both thank each other for the night. After Natalia leaves Olivia kisses the sleeping daughter and smiles toward the door. Reva talks to Jeffrey, who is about to board a plane back for Springfield. She inquires about the job. Jeffrey is not happy with what Reva tells him about her living arrangements. Josh is on the phone with Marah. Josh is worried about Shayne and asks her if she's heard from him. Seems he is now dropping out of site for a bit. Olivia calls Cassie's to have Olivia answer. Natalia says she is looking at it as a possible place to live. Reva is starting to have problems with her pregnancy.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr, Blair, Marcie, Cole and Michael are still devastated by the loss of Starr's baby assuming she is dead and that Jessica's baby made it. Nobody knows that they have been switched. Tina confesses to Viki that she knew that Natalie and Jared were locked in the basement and left for dead with the ticking time bomb but she did nothing. And she tells her sister she will never forgive her. She never wants to see her again. And she kicks Tina out of her home. Bo and Nora send the cops to find John at Todd's home. They are all freaked to see that Marty is alive but haven't a clue what happened when she was staying with Todd. She is still devastated to find out what Todd did to her and how he kept her in the dark. They take Todd down the station to arrest him. But John also gets arrested for taking the law into his own hands.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Marge’s funeral continues with the rest of Genoa City arriving. On the banks of the river, Kay is found by Murphy and then taken to his place. Kay is disoriented and has no clue what’s going on. At the funeral everyone is stunned by Victor’s attendance. Adam and Heather celebrate their engagement and newfound riches at GCAC and Kevin takes advantage of the money that Kay did not claim.

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