The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/13/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby comes into the living room at the Chandler mansion and finds Erica in the living room. Adam walks in and informs Colby that Erica had moved in with them. Reese shows Zach the new plans for his casino. Bianca comes downstairs, all stressed out from the night before, as a result of staying up with the baby. Ryan and Annie are safe and sound from the airplane crash, but they are stranded in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the parts to fix the plane. Ryan lies to Annie and tells her that his phone isn’t working, but after she leaves out of the building, Ryan calls Greenlee to let her know what had happened. Ryan tells Aidan that he believes that Annie had planned this whole kidnapping scheme. Taylor has her physical therapy on her legs. Tad and Frankie discuss Brot and why he doesn’t want to come and see Taylor. Brot calls the hospital and finds out Taylor’s room number. Taylor tries to walk with Jake and Frankie’s help. Colby tells Pete that Erica had moved into the Chandler mansion. Erica tells Adam that she is going on a business trip for Fusion. Ryan orders Aidan to find Emma while Ryan stays with Annie. Aidan calls Annie but Greenlee intercepts the call. Greenlee wants to check if there is any info on Annie’s cell phone, but Aidan grabs it out of her hand.

Brot watches Taylor with Jake and Frankie. Adam orders Andre to fix a spectacular dinner for Erica. Erica arranges for qualified babysitters to help Bianca take care of the children. Reese and Zach meet with a contractor to re-build the casino. Adam surprises Erica with an exquisite diamond necklace. They kiss. Adam asks Erica to go upstairs with him, but she declines the invitation, but promises that she will be back after her business trip. Brot goes into a storage room, stumbles, and a wall shelf falls on him, knocking him unconscious. Bianca overhears Reese telling Zach that her parents had disowned her since she had told them she was lesbian. Pete surprises Colby with a beautiful bunch of red roses and tells her over the intercom that he loves her. Colby finds Brot semi-conscious.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is upset with himself because he disappointed his parents and Noah won't reconcile with him until he figures out his feelings for Kevin. Luke is so depressed that he gets drunk with his friends. Josie gets closer to Barbara when Barbara gives her a job at Fashions. Dusty is moved when he hears Josie singing the same lullaby to Ethan that Jennifer used to sing to Johnny. Dusty changes his mind about putting distance between him and Josie after hearing the lullaby and tells Josie he must stay with her. Paul isn't happy because Barbara is determined to help Josie but decides to back off since things are going so well between him and Meg that they made love, and she moves back into the house. Emily gets angry that Dusty cancelled a business trip with her to stay with Josie, so she calls Paul to tell him they must get rid of Josie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is incredulous that Ridge thinks she betrayed him. He says he heard her broadcast loud and clear. They bicker over how Rick parlayed his accident to the top. He tries to make her see that the two things he wanted – to run Forrester Creations and to have her, now both are gone. He accuses her son of taking his house, his job and now his dignity. It’s a pattern, there are so many challenges and this is not their destiny. Somebody is always coming between them – first his mother, then Nick and now Rick. It’s going to stop now. He storms out and jumps on his motorbike. Brooke is devastated. She has flashbacks of happier times and promises that she won’t give up.

Taylor drops in on Rick while looking for Steffy. She congratulates him on being able to walk again and for his promotion. He manages to turn it all back to himself and how he properly deserves this. He states that Ridge threw a temper tantrum like a child today and vows they will not bow to him again. Eric explains to Stephanie that Ridge will get over this. He and Brooke always face their differences and work them out. Rick finds Brooke crying and he says perhaps Ridge is right. It is over between her and Ridge, and he wants her to say it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady returns to Salem, but John doesn’t seem to be interested in seeing him, which disappoints him. Marlena asks him to move in, and they agree to join forces to help John with his illness. Meanwhile, John hires a private investigator to help find the man that shot at Sami. Lexie has trouble with Theo at the park until Chelsea swoops in to save the day. Later, Lexie admits to Kayla that she feels like a bad mother, and Kayla consoles her. Nick has some trouble refilling his prescription for pain pills, but finally succeeds in getting half of them filled. Kayla, and then Maggie confront him about them, worrying that he may be addicted. Nick blows up and yells at Maggie. Maggie tells Melanie about Willow Stark, and warns her not to hurt Nick the way Willow did. Max tells Melanie that Nick is in love with her, and when Nick asks Melanie to go away with him, she refuses. Later, when she’s looking through a drawer for paper, she finds that the paper in Maggie’s kitchen matches the paper she has been receiving threatening notes on. She puts two and two together and figures out Nick has been sending the notes. Max apologizes to Kayla for alienating her and the family during his search for Melanie. Later, he and Chelsea talk about Nick and Melanie’s relationship and they both worry about Nick.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Liz insists on knowing why Jason and Sam were involved in an adventure. Jason explains how he saved Sam instinctively as he would anyone else. Sam explains Jerry’s activities to Liz. Liz wants her relationship and love for Jason to be out in the open. Jason agrees but says life will become complicated. Lucky and Sam reunite. Lucky tells Nikolas the truth about Jake. Sasha tells Sonny “payback” will come soon. Sonny confides in Mike about Karpov’s death and his alibi. Jax tells Kate about Sonny’s alibi. Sonny tries to explain things to Kate but she insists they are finished. Carly tries to help Jax deal with Jerry’s apparent death. Jax says their marriage is over because Carly will never abandon Sonny. Carly tells Sonny she wants nothing to do with him or his problems. Nikolas shares his immigration problem with Nadine. Later, Nadine tells Leyla she thinks Nik wants to marry her to remain in the country. Cody informs Jason that things are about to get ugly with the Russians. Jason cancels plans with Liz to deal with the situation. Mike is attacked by a group of Russians at Kelly’s. Maxie sees all from outside the window and runs for help. Sasha calls and informs Sonny that the “payback” has begun.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie visits Bill. Then leaves his room. In the hall she is startled by Grady. She is not happy. Daisy says Ashlee provoked Grady. Daisy says Grady works for Dinah. Ashlee says, that doesn't give him access to all privileged information. Daisy says Ashlee is taking sides and storms off. Cyrus is in Frank's office talking with him about Grady. The prints report is in. They find only Lizzie's and Bill's prints. Emma sees that Olivia is not right and asks if she is ok. Olivia just asks Emma for the phone. At Company, Natalia is on the phone. Buzz tells her that she doesn't need to wait tables here. Natalia asks if that is his way of firing her. He says no. That she could work for him doing other things. Lizzie tells Grady that the police think Bill set the whole kidnapping up and that she has to prove Bill's innocents. Ashlee runs after Daisy to apologize to her and then the fight blows again. After Daisy leaves Ashlee. Ashlee calls a friend to ask if they know how long the visiting hours are for the State Police. Decker calls Olivia to schedule an emergency meeting. She is thrilled he called. Daisy and Cyrus talk about Grady. Cyrus wants to know if she meant it when she said she wanted to help him save Grady. She says in short yes. But he is unsure she means it. Grady and Lizzie go hunting for clues to Bill's innocents. She thinks she has found something. Natalia and Olivia are having a fun conversation. Ashlee visits Rafe in prison. She wants a story of him. She says she can clear it with her mother. Rafe wants to know if she is doing this to get Grady or really help him. She says to help Rafe. Rafe agrees to the interview. They shake hands on the deal. Daisy and Cyrus continue their talk about Grady. Cyrus tells Daisy that Grady wanted to get rid of Rafe. Cyrus and Daisy goes to Tammy's grave. Cyrus tells her that Grady was to kill Jonathan but he didn't. They then go to the house. Daisy feels like she is doing the "Ghost of Christmas Past". Daisy is confused as to why Cyrus is telling her the same things her family is telling her about Grady. Cyrus tells her there is one more place to go. Lizzie walks over to where she got out of the hole. She runs into a dead end. Grady asks if she wants to give up and go back. Grady says the kidnapper couldn't have been such a bad guy for letter her go. Lizzie is frustrated she can't remember or that she didn't see his face. Grady says that maybe it was Cyrus who kidnapped her. Lizzie says if it is, then he should rot. Face to Face Olivia and Decker make plans for dinner that night. Lizzie has a good cry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd reveals all to Marty. John is furious to find out what Todd did. And he beats him to a bloody pulp. Dorian tells Blair she is determined to find out what happened to Starr's baby as it makes no sense that she would die. Jessica gets taken to the hospital and Viki and Clint are not certain whether to tell her all that Tess did. Natalie and Jared confront Tina for her aiding and abetting Tess in almost killing them. And Natalie tells her aunt she won't tell Viki about it if and only if Tina leaves town and never comes back. Meanwhile, Vanessa Montez is staying at Cristian's apartment. Tina concludes that there is not enough room for privacy and she has to go home. It looks like Vanessa might use that as an "opportunity" to be alone with Cristian.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It's Kay’s, I mean Marge’s funeral, and everybody past and present of Genoa City attend The Duchesses’ funeral. Phyllis and Jack struggle with the Nick and Sharon issue and they still face turmoil in their marriage. Marge narrates her funeral then realizes that this is not her funeral but Kay’s; she locates Kay on the banks of the river. Victor shows up at the funeral to everyone’s surprise. Jill is alarmed when the attorney says Kay has made changes to the will.

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