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AMC Recap Written by Mary

This 10,000th episode of AMC is dedicated to the loving memory of Eileen Herlie (1918-2008) who played Myrtle Fargate from 1976 until the time of her death on October 8 at the age of 90.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Joe reads the newspaper headlines which tells about the tornadoes that had hit Pine Valley taking lives in its aftermath. Tad also reads the same newspaper article as Krystal looks at a pic of Babe and Little Adam. Opal kisses Little A as J.R. leaves the hospital with him. Jesse and Angie walk down the corridor of the hospital as they read the same newspaper article. Zach comes home from the clinic where Kendall. Bianca meets him at the door and asks how Kendall is. They hug. Jack also reads the same article about the tornadoes. Erica comes to visit Adam and finds that he had had her luggage brought from the Yacht Club to his home. Colby comes rushing in and tells Joe that they had found a survivor, who had been trapped under the debris in City Hall. One of the ambulance drivers bring the woman into the hospital in a wheelchair. Joe begins to talk to her and finds out that her name is Aggie. Before they can find out anything else about her, she suddenly disappears. Jesse and Natalia sit beside Rebecca’s bedside. Frankie stops by and sees Jesse sitting beside Rebecca. Reese asks Bianca if she would like to stay in Pine Valley for her to oversee the renovations of Zach’s casino.

Bianca wants to stay in Pine Valley and Reese solely supports her. Aggie appears up at Tad’s and Krystal’s house, but soon disappears as before. Opal finds out that Aggie had founded Pine Valley and had written a book entitled, “All My Children.” Frankie forgives Jesse. Each family are together for the moment of silence for all the people that had lost their lives during the tornadoes.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Lucinda reconcile after Lucinda tells Lily the cancer has returned and Lily promises to help Lucinda fight the battle and win again. Lily is shocked and saddened to find out Luke was expelled from school and has ruined his future. Luke can't forgive Noah for telling the truth to the dean and they both decide they need some space from each other. Casey tells the dean it was his idea to stuff the ballot box and Luke had nothing to do with it. The dean expels Casey from school as well. Allison apologizes to Casey and takes him skating to forget his troubles. Barbara is hostile towards Josie until Josie helps her fix some dresses for her trunk show. Dusty refuses to listen to Emily telling her that he doesn't care if Josie is a con artist because he has nothing to lose. Dusty is amazed when he sees Josie in one of the dresses Jennifer designed and he is so moved by memories of Jennifer he gives Josie a kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric, backed by Rick, tells Stephanie that Ridge should be here right now and accept the co-presidency, but he chose not to. They have to accept that. Ridge tells Taylor that Rick is not qualified to be president based on two years of partying in Paris. Eric must be trying to make up for Ridge being the favored son all these years. But maybe Brooke can bring out in her speech how wrong all of this is and how much they owe to Ridge. Jake and Marcus set up the Podcast for Eric and he gets right to the announcement. Rick announces that he is thrilled and honored by this and he will try very hard to exceed all their expectations. Brooke gives an impassioned speech about Rick, but then adds that Ridge is the fire of the company and his passion has made him Mr. Forrester Creations. Ridge admits to Taylor that he is sure little Ricky is faking it. He lost some feelings in his toes for a few hours, but he will milk that faked condition for as long as he can……for as long as he can get his way with this charade. He will take reins of the company and drive Ridge away from it and from Brooke as far as possible. Rick questions why Brooke had to take away his thunder and say so much about Ridge. She offers that she was not trying to build up Ridge’s ego, but just to let their clients know that Ridge was staying on as designer. Her wish is that her son and the man she intends to marry will work hand in hand someday. To himself, he says sorry but that is never going to happen. Brooke tells Eric and he agrees – they know Ridge is still angry and they hope he can get past it. Left in charge of the broadcast by Podcast, Rick manages to delete any reference Brooke made to Ridge and his importance to the company. Stephanie apologizes to Eric, but says she will support him. She hopes Ridge will understand and eventually come around. Ridge and Taylor listen to the broadcast and both are aghast that Brooke never mentioned Ridge once and called Rick the essence of Forrester Creations. Rick gloats, he’s sorry for his mom, but she and Ridge are about to have a major misunderstanding. While Brooke is feeling good and appreciative about the speech, Ridge confronts her and asks how can she betray him like this?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John runs into Marlena and they discuss their impending divorce. She wants to help him with his headaches, but John refuses, even though he nearly passes out. She then tells him about Sami entering witness protection, and John offers to help. Nicole and EJ try to spend a romantic evening together, but are constantly interrupted. Later, EJ feels the baby kick and Nicole falls asleep in his arms. Sami tries to convince Rafe to keep her pregnancy a secret by telling him how dangerous the DiMeras are. Rafe agrees to think about it, but starts to make a phone call after Sami goes to sleep. Phillip fills Chelsea in on what’s going on with Kate and she heads to the pub in tears. Max consoles her and they talk about his break-up with Stephanie and his and Chelsea’s previous relationship. Stephanie returns a shirt of Max’s to him, and tries to console Phillip at the bar. He offers her an internship at Titan and she accepts.

GH Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Carly supplies Sonny with an alibi for the night that Karpov was killed. Laura confronts Tracy about sending the phony doctor to her house. Sam and Jason manage to escape the boat before the boat explodes. Carly tells the police that she and Sonny had had sex the night that Karpov was murdered. Sonny and Carly talk privately in which he tells her that they are not getting back together. Liz and Maxie have a confrontation at the hospital concerning Jason. Laura calls a family meeting in which she tells them that she is leaving town for Paris to seek the treatment that she needs. Jax finds out that Jerry may have been aboard the boat when it had exploded.

Maxie lashes out at Jason when Jason and Sam come in soaked from having dived in the water when the boat had exploded. Mac tells Carly that Jerry may have been aboard the boat when it exploded. Maxie tells Epiphany about Jason and Sam together just in order to get back at Liz. Laura says good-bye to her family, but not before she gives Lulu some helpful advice concerning Johnny. Luke offers to go to Paris with Laura, but she refuses. Carly meets Jax at the docks. He feels that he had lost both Carly and Jerry in the same day. Laura tells Luke that she loves him and they kiss. Laura sits looking out the window of the plane when Scotty appears through the curtains.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is still looking at the magazine seeing if any other letters have been cut out. Daisy and Grady are still together talking. She isn't sure this with Grady will work anymore. Beth and Coop are together in Bed. She is reading galleys from his latest book. While Coop is kissing her feet and legs. Lizzie shows Alan the magazine she found. Franks is set to leave saying he has enough information to go on right now. Lizzie tells Frank this is a setup. Bill is innocent. Frank says that the letters from the magazine and the note match perfectly. Ashlee and Daisy meet up. Ashlee wants to know what Daisy is doing. Daisy doesn't answer. Ashlee advises Daisy to get a dog if she wants something to love and love her back. Daisy just wants Ashlee to go to work. But Ashlee continues to talk about the subject. Grady goes back to talk to Alan, who doesn't want to be seen with him. Grady says they make a good team. Grady starts in on how to destroy Bill. Alan says anything they do, Lizzie will defend Bill. Back where Lizzie was held, she and Frank talk about it. Frank thinks she should wait in the car. Lizzie has other plans and they argue. That is until Beth arrives. Beth defends both Lizzie and Bill. Lizzie says she heard a fight. Frank questions whether she heard it or saw it. Daisy tells Ashlee that she couldn't stay away from Grady. Ashlee says she understands the whole, "Good Girl, Bad Boy" relationship. But thinks Daisy is not in for it. Ashlee says she will give Daisy space to make up her mind then leaves. Alan and Grady smoke cigars and talk. Coop is remembering when he first ran into Beth. Beth is helping Lizzie through her walk through and telling her mom to trust that this wasn't Bill who did this. Lizzie says she remembers the conversation Bill had and it wasn't that he did the kidnapping. Frank still isn't sure what to think. Grady gets caught in the offices doing something he shouldn't and by Ashlee. She questions him. Ashlee says she is going to tell Dinah. Grady follows her outside where Daisy sees the confrontation. Lizzie goes to visit Bill, but only stands in the doorway and tells him what is going on and pleads for him to wake up.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cole comforts Starr as she tells him that their baby had not survived. Marcie and Michael visit the dead baby. John lets Marty know that she has a son. Marty finds out that Todd had lied to her about everything. Viki and Clint find Jessica and the baby at the winery. Jessica is completely beside herself when she finds out that Tess had been out since July and she Tess had tormented so many people. Todd tries to explain things to Marty, but Marty doesn’t want to her his explanation. Tina tells Cain all about Tess blackmailing her and trapping Jared and Natalie in a room under Llanfair. Natalie worries over Jessica and the baby. Marcie says good-bye to the baby. Starr finds comfort in Cole’s arms and asks him not to leave her. Cole promises not to leave her. John finds out that Todd had planned on stealing Starr’s baby, and Todd and Marty raising it as their own.

Tina gives Cain the diamond and tells him to take it and leave. Cain asks her to leave with him. Tina refuses to leave and tells him that she needs to stay here and face the music. Clint calls Natalie and tells her that they had found Jessica and her and the baby are fine. At the hospital, Viki finds out that Starr’s baby had not survived .Marty finds out that Todd had raped her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Preparations for Kay's funeral are in the works by Jill. Adam is interviewed by the FBI regarding the diary. In Paris Victor still refuses to return to Genoa City as Ashley prepares to leave for Kay's funeral. Jack pays a visit to the Tackhouse in hopes of finding out what's up with Nick and Sharon, but no go Phyllis is mum but when he leaves she breaks down. To Jill's chagrin Amber gets Kay's memoirs published.

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