The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/11/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan bursts into Annie’s room with gun raised. They then drink a toast to their plan. Tad orders David away from him and his family. J.R. and Little Adam join them. J.R. has bought Little Adam to see Dr. Hudson. David tries to examine Little A, but J.R. demands that David stay away from Little Adam. Amanda stills drowns her sorrows after sleeping with David. Angie tells Krystal all about her feelings toward Jesse for getting involved with Rebecca and having a child with her. Jake shows Taylor her x-rays. Jesse and Angie go home and they have the talk that they had been needing to have.

Randi tells Frankie that she loves him. Aidan slaps Annie and Annie hits him with a walking stick just as Ryan and Greenlee barge in. In front of Ryan and Greenlee, Annie blames Aidan for her not being able to get Emma back. Ryan and Annie go to search for Emma. Krystal pours her heart out to Tad concerning David. J.R. makes David see that the name on the memorial will be “The Babe Chandler Memorial Wing.” Tad tells Krystal about J.R. bringing Little Adam to the hospital because he had had a fever, but he assures Krystal that Little A is fine. David covers Amanda up on the sofa and tells her to rest up for what he had in store for her. The plane that Ryan and Annie ride in develop difficulties.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Kevin tells Casey and Allison that he doesnít believe the election was on the up and up and will be demanding an investigation based on what he found out.  Allison worries, but Casey appeases her by trying to claim Kevin is a poor loser.  Luke and Noah continue to disagree over what he did to win the election; Noah would like him to come clean.  Sage wants to make sure that she and Jack are only spending the day alone.  Janet continues to worry about Sageís reaction to the news she and Jack are getting married.  Jack tries to talk about Janet to Sage, but she wonít hear any of it.  Noah tells Luke that he isnít going to dinner with he and his family to celebrate his victory because he isnít comfortable.  Allison is horrified to find out that Casey and Luke stuffed the ballot boxes.  Casey seems to have no remorse while this infuriates Allison, as she stomps off.  Janet shows up at the farm to bring Sage brownies as she is spending the day with Jack, which doesnít go over well with Sage.  Jack is forced to go to work and Janet offers to watch Sage.  Sage tricks Janet into the closet and locks her in, demanding the only way she will let her out is if Janet doesnít marry her dad.  When Janet finally gets angry and tells Sage that if she were her daughter, she would put her over her knee, Sage gets an idea and slaps herself.  The Dean asks to see Luke about the election; although he is nervous, Luke promises the Dean that the election was not rigged.  Parker and Liberty get back on track, as they work together for the Food Drive.  Sage calls Carly claiming Janet hit her, as Carly races over.  Janet hears Sage accuse her, but she denies it through the closet.  Carly leaves Janet in the closet and goes to see Jack to tell him to arrest Janet.  Jack is suspect, but he is upset when he sees Sageís face and promises to go talk with Janet.   Janet tells Jack what happened, as Jack tells Janet he is worried because Sage has a mark on her face.  Casey tells Allison that Luke spoke with the Dean and he believed Luke, as Allison tells him that she is worried that he doesnít even see a problem with what he did.  Luke tries to get Noah to let go of his anger about what happened, but Noah canít.  Noah tells him that the Dean called him.  Luke wants him to lie, but Noah tells him that he doesnít think he can.  Jack and Janet go to see Carly and Sage to get to the bottom of the story.  Carly and Janet get into a fight each blaming the other for what is going on.  Parker and Liberty interrupt this fight and hear that Sage is accusing Janet of hitting her.  Janet assures them that she never has hit anyone, but Parker almost lets it slip about Liberty but stops himself.  Janet tells him that he doesnít have to lie for her.  Jack and Carly learn Janet hit Liberty once, as Carly feels vindicated in her beliefs and Jack looks hurt and surprised.  Janet assures them that she still never hit Sage.  Liberty and Parker grow closer, as she sees that he defended her mom when he could have helped break her and his dad up.  Luke nervously waits for Noah as he is talking with the Dean, and when they come out, Luke thinks he knows what was said by their somber faces.  Janet tells Jack that she wants him to walk away if he believes she could hit his child, as Jack decides to stand by her.  Carly asks Sage if Janet really hit her, as Sage sticks to her story and Carly promises that Janet will never come near her again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne doesn’t take Rick’s new promotion to President of Forrester Creations too well. It’s a pity promotion, and Ridge will answer to Rick now. Jake sets everything up for the press conference announcement with Marcus watching. Eric tells Rick that it is his time to shine and he’s very proud of him. Ridge decides to do his designing at home. He relays to Brooke and Stephanie that this is all an act, a miraculous recovery by Rick just to get Ridge thrown out of Brooke’s house. Stephanie vows she will speak to Eric. Brooke is torn, caught between fiancée and son. She tells Ridge that she wishes he and Rick could work together. She will make her statement for the IPod very clear. Steffy tells Taylor of the new development and Taylor shows up for Ridge’s support. He is sure Brooke won’t let him down. She knows Rick is not really the heir apparent. Brooke gives her love and support to Rick before the announcement. Stephanie confronts Eric and states that this company already has a president, and that is her son, Ridge. They quarrel over the fact that no one told him about Ridge pulling the plug. He’s not trying to hurt Ridge, he offered him the co-presidency, but Ridge declined. Just before the announcement, she begs Eric not to do this to the family, not to their son.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe discovers that Sami is pregnant. She begs him not to tell anyone, but he says he has to, even though he understands why she wants to keep it a secret. Bo and Hope arrange for Nicole to be released on bail. She tells EJ that she no longer wants to live with him, as she feels that he doesn’t really care for her, but EJ convinces her to give their relationship a chance. Phillip wants Daniel to stop Kate’s chemotherapy, as she is doing poorly, but Daniel says it is Kate’s decision. Chloe speaks to Kate and tells her she has to continue the treatment and fight for her life. Kate agrees, and tells Phillip and Lucas that she will continue the chemo. Daniel thanks Chloe, knowing she spoke with her. Nick presents Melanie with a ‘friendship’ ring and tells her that he knows she didn’t kill Trent. Hope comes by and expresses concern for Nick’s involvement with Melanie. He insists that she is innocent and tells Hope to focus on Nicole, whom they’ve already arrested. Melanie runs into Phillip, saying she hopes something bad happens to him. When he tells her his mother is dying, she bursts into tears and apologizes. Hope later expresses concern to Bo, saying that being around Melanie is only going to spell disaster for Nick.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Sonny is arrested for the murder of Karpov and brought in to the police station. Olivia is there waiting for him. Jax and Carly meet at the Metro Court. They discuss reconciling, but Jax wants to be sure that Carly will put him and their marriage first. Jerry is with Sam on the boat, and he readies the bomb to explode and Sam with it. Spinelli and Jason investigate things at the docks. Laura arrives home with Lucky, Lulu, Nikolas and Luke. Spinelli checks on the computer concerning Jerry’s whereabouts on the boat. Jason gets a call from Liz that Robin has stabilized. Liz asks Jason to meet her at her art studio later, but Jason refuses. Sonny denies killing Karpov to Olivia. Sonny’s lawyer visits him and makes plans to talk to Carly if she will collaborate his story of his whereabouts the night before when Karpov was murdered .Lucky begs Laura not to go back to France. Lulu is re-united with Johnny. Spinelli sees Jerry on the docks and manages to plant a tracking device on him before Jerry knocks him unconscious .

Luke tries to reconcile with Tracy, but she doesn’t want to hear his explanation. Nikolas introduces Nadine to Laura, and they make instant friends. Laura receives a call from the clinic in Paris that the doctor that had visited her previously was a phony. Carly arrives at the police station to make her statement about Sonny’s whereabouts the night before. Lucky and Liz visit Laura. Liz lets Laura know that Jacob’s father is really Jason, but Lucky is acting like the father to protect him from Jason’s line of work. Jason finds Sam and attempts to free her when Jerry walks in with his gun aimed straight at Jason. Sam shoots the gun out of Jerry’s hand, and the fight begins between Jason and Jerry. Jason and Sam manage to escape, but Jerry is entangled in a fish net. Jason and Sam manage to get to the top deck when the bomb explodes.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Coop is helping Buzz and getting bossed around in the process. Beth comes in for coffee and chat with Buzz. They talk about Lizzie and Bill. Cyrus is trying to get in touch with Grady but only can leave messages. Daisy sees him and they talk. She tells him she is on the task force. Cyrus is proud of her. Alan does get in touch with Grady only to chew him out. Telling Grady he is pulling the plug on the deal of destroying Bill Lewis. Frank is talking about the case in his office as they show Bill and Lizzie in Bill's hospital room. Daisy is talking about trying to stay away from Grady to Cyrus. She says that every time someone tells her too and she tries too she can't stay away. Ashlee makes Buzz's day by showing up. She tells Buzz without knowing that Coop is in the room and listening that she found another guy. When to tells Buzz how to tell Coop. Coop speaks up. Lizzie and Alan are not happy with Frank's findings on the kidnapping of Lizzie. Grady and Cyrus are shooting hoops while talking about Alan and the kidnapping. Cyrus and Grady go to Didi's, when she doesn't answer they help themselves in. Lizzie sees evidence in a bag and has a fit that Frank would accuse Bill of the kidnapping especially since he already owns Spaulding. Daisy and Grady finally meet up and they talk. She kisses him. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and Lizzie return in tow are Frank and a police lady. Lizzie is in a desk drawer looking for something when she sees a magazine with letters cut out. She then realizes that it is possible that Alan was the mastermind behind her kidnapping.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dr. Joplin and nurse Janet know that they must give Starr and her family and friends the devastating news that the baby died. Nobody can possibly understand how it could have happened since she was perfectly healthy throughout the pregnancy and delivery. Meanwhile, unknown to everybody "Bess" is taking Starr's baby to Jessica and Nash's vineyard. She knows that in order for Jessica to "come back" and be ok, she must believe that this is her baby and never know that her baby died. Nobody knows where to find "Tess". But Viki figures out that she probably went back to the vineyard. Bo and Clint find Natalie and Jared and are no longer angry at them, only grateful that they are both ok. It looks as though Viki and Charlie are getting closer and she's forgiven him. Viki and Clint go to see their "daughter". It looks like she might have returned to being Jessica and his holding a healthy baby girl. Little does anybody know what happened. John tells Marty that Todd hurt her, lied to her and raped her many years ago. She does not believe a word John says until he admits to her that she has a son, Cole whom Todd never told her about. At that point, she demands to know if that is true. Todd admits that it is. She is devastated.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Noah is arrested and Nick and Sharon find out, they also learn that Eden has been roaming the streets of Paris alone. Ashley and Victor enjoy Paris for a split second, then are interrupted by the newspaper headline stating that he has confessed to murders in a Diary. Kay's death spreads through Genoa City like wildfire, when Billy learns of this Lily goes to the Mausoleum with him for support. Nikki blames herself for Kay's death.

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