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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad fills Frankie in that Brot is really alive and in the V.A. hospital. Ryan receives a phone call from Annie, who basks in the realm of luxury although she pretends to Ryan that she is being held by a kidnapper. Krystal has a dream about being in bed with David, and him telling her that he had taken care of Tad, and now Krystal was all David‘s. This dream causes Krystal to have an anxiety attack, which causes her to have to drive herself to the hospital for treatment. Annie calls Di to check on Emma, and to thank her for all her help. Jesse sits by Rebecca’s bedside and tries to assure her that Natalia will be taken care of. Amanda wakes up in David’s arms, but soon comes to regret her sleeping with David. Jake and Taylor kiss. Ryan receives a lead from Annie that she is near a lighthouse. Aidan fears that Ryan may be walking into a trap. Aidan knocks Ryan unconscious and ties him up. Aidan forbids Greenlee to untie Ryan until he gives her the all clear signal. Tad watches from the doorway as Jake talks to Taylor.

Jesse sits by Rebecca while she sleeps. Frankie visits Brot at the V.A. hospital, but sees a changed Brot from whom he had known in Iraq. Jake does physical therapy on Taylor. Amanda goes to a bar to drown her sorrows in sleeping with David. Aidan finds Annie. Ryan begs Greenlee to untie him, but Greenlee refuses.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad and Katie celebrate his release from jail, as Brad thinks Katie is the reason for it. Katie tells him that she didn’t do anything and they wonder if Henry was involved, as Katie also secretly worries about the anonymous offer for help. Henry and Vienna are in the middle of acting amorously with a cop uniform when Margo interrupts with a search warrant. Margo questions both Henry and Vienna about the uniform and their involvement. Margo finds nothing in their room, but when she doesn’t feel she has gotten a sufficiently good explanation, she tells them that they have to go downtown. Paul brings Meg some warm clothes and she asks him to stay for a while. Paul tells her about Dusty’s ‘pet project’ with the Jennifer look-alike. Josie and Dusty talk about their connection, as Dusty is sure there is more to it after seeing her Fashion sketches. Josie says she is unsure, but Dusty wants her to meet someone. Paul tells Meg that he is worried that Dusty will force this look-alike onto his mom, as Meg offers to go with him to talk to her. Barbara and Dusty reunite, as she worries that he has yet to move on from Jennifer. Dusty wants her to meet someone, but he doesn’t tell her anything more. Dusty needs to take a call and Barbara goes to get a table. Henry secretly calls Katie, as Margo is waiting and tells her and Brad to meet him and Vienna after they leave the station. Josie approaches Barbara and feels they know each other from someplace. At first, Barbara is polite, but the more she persists, the more annoyed Barbara gets. Dusty comes over to the table glad they have met. Katie worries and anguishes about the note and when Brad takes a shower, she tries to contact the person, but the email is no longer valid. She tries to find out who has the email address, but is told it is from an Internet Café in Berlin. Dusty introduces Barbara and Josie and tells her that Josie is interested in Fashion, as Barbara asks to speak to him alone. Outside, Barbara is angry about Dusty trying to make a connection to Jennifer with this stranger. She and Dusty argue about Josie’s motives and Barbara wants nothing to do with her; she will not be forced to grieve again, as Paul and Meg approach during the argument. Paul wants Dusty to stay away from his mother and to not desecrate Jennifer’s memory. Josie joins them and tries to defend herself, but Paul and Barbara won’t hear anything about her. Margo questions Henry and Vienna, as both are adamant they did not do anything wrong and even offer to take lie detector tests. Brad can tell something is upsetting Katie, but she is reluctant to share. When Brad and Katie go see Henry and Vienna, they learn they weren’t involved in the disappearance of Spencer’s body. Brad, Henry and Vienna want to investigate further, but Katie wants to forget about it. Henry knows something is bothering her and pleads with her to talk with Brad. Paul thinks Meg wants to go home after his outburst with Dusty, but she doesn’t want to leave him and asks him to take her to his home for dinner. Josie tells Dusty that she wants to go back to Ohio, but he asks her to stay to figure their connection out. Josie admits to feeling a connection with Barbara but doesn’t think she should force herself on them. Katie finally admits to Brad about the stranger contacting her. After hearing the story, Brad is worried but then is more convinced that they should try to forget about the strange fan and try to enjoy the fact that he is home. The stranger contacts Katie again unbeknownst to them telling them that they are glad things worked out and they will see them soon. Vienna and Henry realize how much each will do for the other. Paul admits to Meg how this Josie woman reminds him about Jennifer and how hard it is to regret the pain he caused her and how he can never fix it, which causes Meg to feel even closer to him. Josie and Dusty become closer, as she agrees to stay in town and he shows her a picture of Jen, admits that he thinks she can help him find son and he can help her with her memory.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Eric battle over him naming Rick co-president. Ridge feels Rick is playing his dad and making him feel guilty for his condition. Eric is still miffed that Ridge pulled the plug on him when he was in the coma and left him to die. He gave up on his dad, just like Ridge now thinks Eric is giving up on him. Brooke catches Rick standing up. He quickly explains that he felt rejuvenated when Eric named him co-president. He felt like he could do anything, and now he can stand. The men soon join and Ridge mocks that is a miracle. His dad patted Rick on the back and suddenly he can walk. Rick admits that yesterday he was mad and depressed, but when Eric made him co-president he envisioned himself walking into that office and that gave him the strength to try. Ridge thinks they should call the doctor and have this verified, but Rick doesn’t feel the need. He has feelings back and he can stand and walk a little. Taylor and Steffy share girl-talk about the night before with her dad home. Steffy loves hearing her mother so positive and hopes her dad will choose to come back home. Steffy calls Ridge and he explains he can’t come over for supper as they planned as Rick can walk now and Ridge needs to work out a few details. More words from Rick that Ridge is not a real Forrester, he is a Massimo bastard. He spews his venom, the company is his now, he is president now and if Ridge crosses him or gets in his way, he will destroy him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope decide that Nicole is telling the truth about the man she saw in the cemetery, and conclude that he must have a connection to either Melanie or Nicole. Nicole and EJ argue about whether or not he set her up for Trent’s murder. He talks her into agreeing that they have to trust each other for the baby’s sake. Nick gets Melanie a birthday cake and some gifts. He seems upset after she insists on putting a picture of her father in the frame he bought her, since he also got her a picture of the two of them. Later, Nick flashes back to murdering Trent in the cemetery after Melanie passed out. Sami has to wait until Rafe is asleep to sneak out of the bathroom. She gets dressed and starts rifling through his bag, but he catches her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jax hands Carly the divorce papers. Olivia witnesses Sonny shooting Karpov. Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu reunite with Laura. Jax thinks that Carly slept with Sonny. Jax says to Carly that their marriage is over. Sam alerts the Coast Guard, but Jerry is able to excuse it away. Anna is worried about Robin. Anna tells Robin that she can't give up. Olivia is upset from seeing Sonny kill Karpov. Robin tells Patrick that she is going to survive. Scott admits that Laura doesn't want to be with him. Carly is heartbroken that Jax doesn't want to be with her. Carly blames Sonny for her losing Jax. Mac and Harper find Karpov's body. Mac thinks that Sonny killed Karpov. Olivia returns to the scene of the crime and Mac asks her what she knows about it. Harper shows up at Carly's home and tells Carly and Sonny that Karpov was found murdered. Laura thanks Tracy for looking out for Lulu. Tracy is adamant that she isn't going to give up Luke. Spinelli finds out that there was an S-O-S signal coming from one of Jerry's freighters. Harper arrests Sonny for Karpov's murder.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia doesn't want to sell Gus' house. Olivia tells her the Governor is interested. Remy talks to his Dad about his Dad wanting Remy to be a doctor and Remy telling him what he just took was a test. Marina visits Buzz to pay him back for food he donated to the youth center. Buzz tells her he was happy to do it since he went there as a kid. They kid about it. Later Remy and Christina meet up at Company and Remy tells Buzz that he and Christina took the exam together. Buzz asks Christina if she wants to be a doctor. Christina jokes, "Anther wannabe." Remy says that Christina is more serious about it then he is. Christina is a little nervous about what if she gets a low score. Remy assures her she'll do great. Christina sees a guy waving at Remy and tells him so. Remy looks and tells her he doesn't know who it is. Then changes the subject and asks Christina if she'd like to walk. Christina says sure it is a nice day. Reva is admiring Jeffrey telling him he is so cute. Jeffrey kids with her saying, "I'm just a cute guy how likes to hang with his wife." Reva tells him to stay, that she doesn't like eating alone. He tells her he's late for a meeting in DC. Reva says that he could tell them he is stuck in an elevator delivering a baby. Jeffrey smiles and tells Reva she is crazy. Reva reminds him that he married her. Jeffrey laughs and asks her about her plans for the day. She just tells him that they are to just try and stay out of trouble. Jeffrey says that is admirable goal and Reva thanks him. Back at Natalia's she and Olivia are talking about Natalia's house and the Governor wanting it for a office park and exit ramp. Natalia can't believe it. Olivia says, "Yeah." Natalia questions the whereabouts of this being in her what is now her living room. Olivia suggests it will go nicely with the decor. Natalia is like, No Way! Olivia tells Natalia that the Governor is a fair and practical man. Natalia says she loves the house. Olivia tries to convince Natalia she'll love the deal. Olivia says Politicians don't come along and just take people's houses and not give them something in return. That this is just a house. Natalia says, "This is Gus' house. Olivia says she knows Gus but the house for her, but they never stayed there together. And to focus on that. Natalia says she and Rafe lived in an apartment their whole lives, everything broken. Olivia says she is not insensitive. She knows what the place means to her. Natalia disagrees. Olivia tells Natalia she tried to talk the Governor out of it. The Governor brought up some suggested alternatives, but maybe this is just. At that point Natalia interrupts and says this is just what? Fate? Fate that she has to give up on something his father wanted Rafe and she to have. With a yard, fence, and no drug dealers on a corner. Olivia questions her how long, 2 months? 2 years? Natalia isn't sure, but says, Maybe? Olivia says, So you agree with me? Natalia say, yes, she is agreeing with her because she is right. Olivia seems happy and says fine. Then asks what does Natalia want to do because life is short. She has to make choices. Natalia says, "There is not choice!" And that she hates Olivia making her do this. Olivia tells Natalia she has to sign papers. Natalia says she has to see her son and that she is late. Josh and Blake are together when Reva walks in. Josh kids her and Blake offers her a seat. Reva agrees but says only for a minute. Blake tells Reva that Josh has agreed to build an addition for when Blake's boys come home from school. Reva tells Blake that she picked the right guy. Blake agrees. Reva says Josh is the best. Josh kids that it is the only way for him to stay out of trouble. Reva laughs and tells them that Blake is the only girl in town that other than she can get into trouble as only Reva can. Blake thanks Reva for that compliment. Reva tells her to. Blake then tells Reva and Josh that she heard from Cassie and that she sounded good. Blake than apologizes and Josh tells her that is ok. That he just misses Cassie and RJ. Blake says that Josh was a good Dad to him. Josh thanks her by saying he like being a dad. Blake looks at Reva commenting on how good she looks. Buzz by this time is with them and says Reva looks Great. Great. Reva says she feels really good. How about that? Blake says Reva is brave, that she doesn't think she could do it all over again. Blake offers to throw Reva a baby shower. Reva is shocked then happy and thanks her. Blake says she'll call Lillian and have her help with a big bash. The two get out their appointment books and plan a date. Josh kids about homework and Reva laughs that she has a lot to learn. Blake asks about Jeffrey ready to push a stroller. Reva says that Jeffrey is happy. He is very involved. And that she is lucky. Changing the subject Josh says he doesn't see a waiter anywhere and that he needs another drink. He then apologizes after he realizes Reva can't drink anything other beer or any alcohol. Blake says not to worry about him. That all men are territorial. Reva is shocked at what Blake just said. Back with Christina and Remy they are talking about family. Remy tells Christina that it is just he, mom, dad and his sister, Mel. He asks about her. Christina says she lost track, plus she told them the results wont be in until 4. Remy suggests to turn off her phone as that is what he did. Buzz sees Remy and Christina outside and invites them in. Christina says something about checking back at 4:00 and laughs. Remy says, yeah. Christina gives Buzz a compliment by saying he is a great guy. Remy agrees. He then changes the subject back to school and ask Christina about her study plan. Where did she go to study, library, etc. Christina says she did all that, plus. Remy says he did the same. They say they can't believe they missed each other at the school library. Remy asks her how she think she did. She says she feels pretty good about it. Remy says if he didn't pass he'll find something else to do. Christina can't believe his attitude. Remy says he doesn't have an attitude. Christina says he doesn't have a clue. Reva cannot believe that Blake asked if her hubby is the father of the baby! Blake is like at least I didn't ask in front of Josh. Reva sarcastically thanks her. Blake says she is happy for them. And Reva tells her she will call her about the shower. After Blake leaves Reva tells Josh she is going to go to her table and read. Josh is ok with it. Something in Josh's voice questions Reva and she asks him. Josh says it is nothing that he is just happy for her and that he likes to see her taking care of herself. And that life is back to somewhat normal. Reva reminds Josh of the two beautiful children they have together. Josh agrees. Reva is aware that this is difficult for him with Cassie and RJ gone. That he has to take care of himself. Josh tells her even if he did have them he'd still worry about her. Reva thanks him and assures him she is fine. Josh lets it drop. Jeffrey is having his problems with officials. One named Bachus, the other Lenny. They introduce themselves and Jeffrey checks appointment books Official # 1 tells Jeffrey that is government needs him. Christina and Remy are talking about personal trainers when meeting at the gym. Remy tells Christina that he wasn't following her. Christina tells him to forget it. Remy just wants her to know it. Christina is getting annoyed and says that he didn't care about the test like they were nothing other than getting a meal. Remy tells her he took it because he though he'd be a doctor but if it doesn't work out he'll look for something else. Christina is now getting interested and asks, "What?" He jokes about being a reality star or card shark or surf bum. And then tells her he is kidding that a guy can have other options. Christina is questioning how old he is. Remy wants to know what that means. Christina says she has been wanting to be a doctor since she was 12. Remy jokes he wanted to be superman at that age. After a bit Christina apologies and says she'll back off. And admits she'll be paying off school loans well into her 90s. That she has to make her education mean something. Remy says he gets it. They kid about the score again. At Company Buzz and Olivia are talking about Natalia's house and the exit ramp. Olivia tells Buzz that Natalia's house is not the only one affected. There are 5 other houses. So she wasn't singled out. Buzz wants to know if they are taking the deal. Olivia says yes. Buzz asks about who is paying, the developer? Olivia confirms that the developer is paying. That she tried to get the Governor to look at another area. But there was no other way. Olivia cuts her sentence short and Buzz tries to finish it by saying, " She's um what? Olivia says Natalia is over reacting. That Natalia shoved her. And can he believe that? Buzz says yes. He continues to ask what does Natalia have? Olivia does admit that Natalia has a right to be upset. That she knows what the house means to Natalia. Buzz wonders. Olivia knows Gus gave it to her. But why beat your chest or cry over a house. Buzz can't believe Olivia is serious. Olivia says she is. Buzz says, "So you're asking her to think the way you do. Olivia says it is funny that she went to see Rick today and he gave her a pep talk. Buzz wants to know what a bout. Olivia says, "Owning her heart. That ever since she woke that is all she has been thinking about that she has Gus' heart. That part of her likes it and then Buzz finishes by saying, "The other part didn't know how to feel." Olivia agrees with Buzz. That Rick gave her good advice. Olivia thinks it can be the same lesson for Natalia about the house. Buzz says," A House is just a House. Olivia agrees. Natalia goes to the prison to find from the guard that Rafe is in the infirmary with a staph infection. Natalia can't believe it. She is going to the infirmary. The guard tells her to come back. Natalia refuses to leave until she knows Rafe is ok. The guard says she can't go until it is written off by the state. Natalia refuses to go. Back with Christina and Remy. Christina just realizes that Dean Boudrea is Remy's father and that explains him. Remy laughs. Christina thinks the Boudrea family is rich. Remy says they are not. Christina wants to know where Remy grew up. His answer is University Park. She says she lived on 5th street. She asks about his summers. And the clothes and cars. Remy smiles and says she got him. Christina says where she comes from that is rich. Remy is about to say something about his dad when Mel come up on them. Remy introduces Mel to Christina. Christina tells Mel they took the test together. Mel likes that Christina wants to be a doctor. Remy chimes in that Christina has been wanting to be a doctor all her life. Remy says he is not sure he did well. Mel says he can take them over again. Christina says that they don't usually improve the second time around. Mel doesn't believe her. Remy looks at his watch and sees it is 4pm. They all go to check the scores of the tests. Josh and Blake talk about Reva and him. And if Josh thinks Jeffrey will be a good dad. Jeffrey and Reva are together and Jeffrey. Reva asks about the meeting. Jeffrey says the new administration is interested in him. Reva wants to know for what. Jeffrey says the Justice Department. Reva kids about super secret agent stuff. Jeffrey loves her imagination. Jeffrey says he is not taking the job. Reva wants to know why. Jeffrey says it means traveling a lot to Washington. Reva reminds him that it is only an hour and a half away. Jeffrey says he'd be going to other places also further away from Washington. Reva says, "Oh." But at the same time excited for him. Jeffrey says he has all the excitement he wants married to here. Reva questions if the baby wasn't coming would he take it. Jeffrey says, "Once upon a time it would have been perfect. But that is now history. Then changes the subject to Reva. Reva brings back Washington and suggests he take it. Jeffrey shoot her down. Reminds her she has a high risk pregnancy. She once again pushes the job in Washington by admitting if she weren't pregnant he'd take it. She tells him to look at her and tell her the truth. He says no. Reva calls him a liar. Jeffrey tells her he is not going to tuck her in every night with a phone call. Reva tells him what kind of selfish wife would she be if she kept him from taking the job. From working for the President. Jeffrey says he is the one being selfish. He asks if the baby kicked today. And that he make his decision. She once again pushes for Jeffrey to take the Washington job. Jeffrey says that she is not going to leave him alone. He finally tells her he'll go for the second interview. Reva wants a pen that says "The White House" on it. He jokes that he'll get the whole darn box of them. Blake gives Josh advice about needing alone time. He looks at his wedding ring on still on his finger and jokes he hasn't had time to take it off. Blake says she was the same way when Ross died. Josh says tough act to follow. Blake agrees. And then adds that Josh has spent his life fixing people up as a minister, dad, husband. That it is about time he gets someone to care for him. Josh asks if it is an offer. She says that when he builds the addition she'll fix his life. Josh thinks it is a fair deal. Blake reminds him that is what friends are for. Josh admits he's been talking about getting on with his life. Blake tells him to do it and fast. Blake asks if Josh is ok. He says he is. Mel is talking with her mom about Christina. And her wanting to be a doctor. Remy is getting nervous about MCAT tests. Christina is trying to reassure him he'll do fine. Asks if he remembered his password. He jokes saying, "screwup1." I bet yours is "doctor Chris." She tells him close but he'll never know. They get their scores. Remy gets a 37 and Christina at 24. Remy thinks she is joking. She says she isn't and feels down and leaves. Olivia is on the phone trying to broker another spot. Natalia tells her to call the Governor back and tell him she'll take the deal. But no red tape, no delays. That Rafe has a staph infection. Olivia says she thinks that can be arranged. Natalia gives Olivia some credit by saying sometimes she wishes she was more like her. Make it easier. Olivia, says, Actually it makes things harder. They both want to know how to say goodbye to Gus. Reva still thinks Jeffrey is being silly. Remy and Mel hook up again. Mel wants to know Remy's test score. Remy says he did lousy. That he didn't even call their mom. Natalia says there isn't a lot here but memories. Olivia reminds her she still has her dreams. Olivia tells her it's going to be ok and they should go.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd informs Dr. Joplin and Nurse Janet that he won't go through with his plan after all. He is ok with letting them give Starr's baby to Marcie. They announce to Starr, Blair and Marcie that the baby will be fine. Marcie names her Hope. Everything is going to be good for everybody. Except, unknown to everybody, Jessica's new alter, Bess, has snuck into the hospital with her dead baby and "swapped" her for Starr's which she takes home with her. John finds Marty while Todd is out. But she believes only what Todd has told her about him; that John is the enemy and Todd is her hero. At that point John tells Marty that it was Todd who raped her. Viki and Charlie successfully remove the bomb and unlock the door to let Natalie and Jared out. But they all wonder what has happened to "Tess" knowing that she has probably already had her baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

In Paris Ashley and Victor reconnect. Phyllis searches the streets for Nick and finally locates him kissing Sharon and leaves immediately. Noah and Eden are attacked by some French hooligans, who run off leaving Noah to hold the bag and get arrested. Genoa City is shaken up by the disappearance of Kay and even more shaken up with the news that she is dead. Jill relays this news to Cane.

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