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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal slaps J.R.ís face for making the insinuation that she would fall into bed with David and make another child. Tad has a talk with the man, who had been trying to find Taylor. Tad finds out that this man, supposedly, is Mike Sweeny (who is really Brot). Tad encourages Brock to go see Taylor, but Brock refuses. Ryan, Aidan, and Greenlee search for Annie and Emma in Puerto Rico. They receive a link about Annie and Emma from a man in the bar, which leads them to a grave. Digging in the graves, they find two bodies which turns out to be two dummies. David comforts Amanda over her breakup with Jake. Taylor lashes out at Jake and tells him that she doesnít know how she feels. Jake confesses that he does know how she feels since his wife had left him. Natalia stands by her motherís bedside. Jesse promises to stand by Natalia, but she refuses his help.

Aidan realizes that someone must be toying with Ryan. Randi meets Natalia in the corridor of the hospital and asks her to join them for lunch. J.R. visits David. J.R. questions David about Amandaís car sitting out front. J.R. blames Amanda for Babe being dead. Rebecca has a seizure. Brock calls Taylor, but refuses to say anything. Tad and Frankie look on the Internet of a pic of Frankieís old Army outfit. Tad informs Frankie that Brock had been the man, who he had seen that day. Frankie cannot believe that Brock is still alive . Annie calls Ryan, but acts as though she is sneaking the call to him, when in fact, Annie sits in a bubble bath, sipping a drink. Amanda and David kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Liberty canít believe that Janet lied to her about her dad. People actually believe Brad killed that girl. She begs Jack to help, but his hands are tied. Janet reminds her the last time Jack helped Brad, he lost his job. Janet talks Jack into at least going and visiting his brother. Perhaps there is something he can do off the job. Margo gives Jack five minutes, and tells him please donít make her regret it. Brad proclaims his innocence. He hopes Jack believes him. He is being set up. Janet pushes Margo to the limit one more time by asking if she can see Brad just for a few minutes. Tom pays his client, Brad, a visit in jail. He gets the details of why Brad went to Spencerís room. He states that it is going to look like Brad was trying to cover up for a crime he committed. Now Jack wants one more favor, to see the evidence against Brad. Margo wonít share this, she is going by the book. Kim tells Katie that the station is not going to sensationalize this. Katie asks Kim for a huge favor - to put her back on the air. Kimís hesitant, but allows Katie to speak to the fans before todayís program. Katie gives an impassioned plea on Bradís behalf. Margo plays hard nose and tells Brad he gave up his rights to not have a lawyer present or to not talk. His arraignment has been set and she does not expect there to be bail. She and Tom are at odds on this. She will not consider cutting Brad any slack, family or not. Katie receives a message for her to e-mail if she wants to solve this case. She has no other choice if she wants to help Brad. She replies yes, but then there is a sudden disconnect. Henry and Vienna fume over what is happening to Brad and Katie. But first things first, they hang out the closed sign on the diner and grab the first available booth. They arenít coming up for air! Parker expresses his sorrow that Jack canít help Libertyís dad. Katie visits Brad and they both declare that this sucks. He asks her to promise that she wonít do one more thing that is risky. He wants her to be safe and not hook up again with Henry to do something stupid. Margo leads Tom and Dani down to the morgue only to discover that Spencerís body is not there. Margo is livid. Corpses do not just disappear, so go find that body now! Dani reports later that she looked at every cadaver in the morgue and there was no Spencer. On top of that Margo finds out that the scarf and all the evidence against Brad is also missing. Tom reports that no evidence means there is no case against Brad. Margo must let him go. She loses it and demands to know how all of this is happening. Brad walks through the door and says, ďHoney, Iím home.Ē

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor wishes she could believe what Stephanie is saying…..that she has a really good second chance with Ridge. Her drinking and all the other guys and relationship are in the past, live for now. Stephanie hugs Taylor and essentially welcomes her back into the family. Taylor is thrilled at their renewed friendship. Stephanie tells Taylor that she has to fight, whatever it takes. Eric is aghast that Ridge actually pulled his plug and left him to die. Rick assures him that Ridge wanted control of the company and was well aware of what he was doing. He accuses Eric of favoring Ridge over him. Don’t cave in to Ridge now! Eric states there is no competition among the children and Rick should not feel that way. He has no number one son. Rick rants about how his favorite son treats people, those that he loves. Ridge tells Brooke that her son is a man and she needs to treat him like that, not a child. Rick will get well and be back at work and Ridge will make sure that things go well. Ridge intends to be boss and he won’t take Rick’s attitude, neither should Brooke. He will talk to Rick and hopes to alleviate his fears. Ridge overhears Eric talking to Rick. He states that now Rick is playing his Dad and this is going to stop right now. Eric steps up and announces that from this moment Rick is co-sharing being President with Ridge, that is final. Ridge says he will resign first. Rick and Ridge glare at each other. Ridge wants to talk to his dad. Rick can not believe his incredible good fortune – President of Forrester Creations. He gets out of bed and stands up and Brooke catches him. He says he can explain.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie and Phillip argue about Nick’s grant, and she takes off for the Cheatin’ Heart, telling Max she is leaving town. Max tries to get her to stay but her mind is made up when she gets a mysterious phone call, telling her she can run, but she can’t hide. We see Nick making the phone call. Later, he convinces her to stay in Salem, saying he can protect her. Stephanie and Phillip bond over being newly single, and he offers her an internship at Titan. Sami and Rafe butt heads when she says she is calling Roman, but really calls Lucas. She freaks out after hearing Nicole has been arrested. Later, Rafe steals her clothes and towel while she showers. Nicole tells Bo and Hope more about what happened the night Trent died, telling them she saw a strange man in the cemetery, but couldn’t see his face. They believe her and head off to investigate. She later suspects Stefano and EJ tried to frame her so they could take their baby away from her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly brings Sonny a gun from his house. Sonny heads off to find Karpov. Jason and Spinelli search through Jerry's hotel room and find nothing. Spinelli learns that Jerry purchased a large amount of explosives. Jerry tells Sam he plans to blow up the ship and kill her. He says everyone will assume he died as well. Jax delivers divorce papers to Carly. Olivia meets with Karpov to suggest he leave town. Sonny arrives and sends Olivia on her way, then he kills Karpov. Luke and Laura have a heart to heart talk. Luke admits he has feelings for Tracy but says he will always love Laura. Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas continue their search for Luke and Laura.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank gives Marina advice on how to handle Dinah. Marina tells Frank that Mallet feels responsible for Dinah. Frank reminds her about working things out. Grady continues to discuss Bill with Alan. Alan wants to know what is in it for Grady. Grady says freedom. He doesn't want anyone come looking for him if all goes under. Then Alan pulls a gun on Grady. Alan says, maybe he'll make it 2 for 2. Alan wants Grady to blindfold himself. Grady does so. Marina says Frank is part of Dinah's fan club. Frank says he doesn't approve of what Dinah did, but he says Dinah feels guilty for letting Mallet go. Frank tells Marina to be more patient. Marina thanks her father for the advice and also says she hates being grown up. Dinah helps Mallet fix a heater while telling a story of her "father" doing the same thing when she was a kid. Outside talking, Olivia wants to help Natalia. But the advice she gives comes to blows again, making Olivia leave. Olivia goes to Mr. Young about Rafe. Grady finds him self blindfolded and tied to a chair. Beth is angry at Alan for throwing out Bill and Vanessa. Telling him he is about to loose his granddaughter. That Bill went to save Lizzie. That Bill and Lizzie deserve love. Marina goes to the house to finds Dinah there with Mallet outside with the heater of which they both were fixing. Marina mentions the heater. Mallet says he is still working on it. Dinah goes inside the house with the groceries leaving Mallet and Dinah alone. Dinah tells Mallet she should go. Mallet wishes her luck in finding a doctor for Bill. Dinah thanks him and leaves. Later Marina comes out of the house and Mallet thanks her for keeping her cool while Dinah was there. Mallet says she is a good sport. Dinah looks on from the end of the driveway, then gets into her car. In the car she begins to cry. Olivia goes to see Natalia. Natalia thinks Rafe will be released. Olivia says no, but that Rafe will be moved to a better secure prison. Natalia thanks her. Then Olivia says that the Governor wants their help.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right after Viki has been "visited" by her alter ego, Jean, she realizes that Tess is merely following her mother's footsteps. So she realizes that Tess has Natalie and Jared locked in the basement and falsified a Dear John letter that Natalie wrote the same way Viki's alter had Dorian locked and falsified a letter. She and Charlie rush to find Natalie and Jared with Tina's help. Tina is distracted when she finds out that her dog is a female and pregnant and gives birth. Tess turns into a 2nd alter just like Viki's Jean Randolph. Marty completely trusts Todd to move away together and raise Starr's baby. But Todd gets to the hospital after Janet and Dr. Joplin do what he's asked them to do by telling Starr, Blair and Marcie that the baby died.

Y&R Recap Written by Karen  **One Day Ahead

Bright lights blind Katherine until she skids off the road. Detective Wallace's discretion is required by Nikki and Jill. Amber and Daniel join in the search. Kevin flashes back remembering Katherine's request for secrecy. Daniel questions Kevin pertaining to money he had earlier. Phyllis is in Paris for a photo shoot, but is unable to locate Nick. Sharon and Nick bask in the atmosphere. Victor refuses to be saved. Eden and Noah explore the graveyard. Amber continues to seek answers. Nikki realizes Kevin was the last number Katherine called. Ashley convinces Victor to eat which leads to a kiss. Glad to be with Sharon, Nick feels normal again, and Sharon feels the same. Eden reveals to Noah that her mother is dead and her father is in jail. Nick sees Paris through Sharon's eyes.

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