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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, Erica gives instructions to her contractors, who are going to renovate the offices of Fusion. Jake sits, asleep in a chair by Taylor’s bed. Taylor throws a glass of water on him to wake him up. Bianca tries to talk Zach into letting Kendall go to Canada for treatment. Zach refuses. Ryan questions one of the airline clerks for info on a flight that had just landed at the airport. The clerk refuses to give Ryan any info. Tad talks to Frankie about a man, who may have been in Iraq about the time that he had and might have been taken to the V. A. hospital. Tad also tells Frankie that he had been contacted by a man, who was investigating Taylor. Erica employs Reese to re-decorate the offices of Fusion. Reese meets Jack and they hug. Jack welcomes her to the family. Erica tells Jack that the class action lawsuit had been settled. Jack is puzzled. Adam walks in. David also encourages Zach to let Kendall go to Canada. J.R. tells David that he knows what he is up to. David lets J.R. know that he will not seek custody of Little A. Tad visit’s the V.A. hospital and asks to see Tim Richardson, but is refused. David tells Krystal that he had donated the money to the hospital to build a new wing, the Babe Hayward Memorial Wing. Krystal hugs him. Aidan, Ryan and Greenlee gain some valuable info on where the kidnapper had taken Annie and Emma.

The veterans tells the reporter of their ordeal in Iraq and what it had felt like to be wounded and then waking up in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. Zach sits by Kendall’s bed and talks to her. Kendall appears to Zach and tells him to let her go for treatment. Zach calls Erica and lets her know that he had decided to let Kendall go for treatment in Canada. David tries his best to console Amanda, and they kiss. Jake tells Taylor that he and Amanda had broken up because of Taylor. J.R. makes a very nasty accusation against Krystal about her hopping into bed with David and making another child. Krystal slaps his face. Adam tells Jack that they are taking Kendall to Canada for treatment. Jack confronts Adam as to his feelings for Erica. Adam tells him that they are in love. Erica and Bianca say good-bye to Kendall. The mystery man calls Tad, and tells him that he had wanted to find Taylor not to be investigated himself. Tad overhears the conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty takes Josie to the see Dr. Bob who tells her there is nothing physically wrong with her she must just wait for her memory to return and it may never come back. Josie wants to leave town but when Dusty finds Josie has sketched some clothing designs he persuades her to stay in town. Emily thinks Paul is behind the Jennifer look alike but he denies it and they both try to find out information about Josie on the internet. Paul and Emily can't find any information at all and Paul is convinced Josie is a con artist and he is determined to stop her before she tries to con Barbara. Henry and Katie almost land in jail when the get caught searching Spencer's room. Brad tells Katie to stop trying to find clues to help him because he doesn't want her to end up in jail. Parker promises Liberty he will talk to Jack so that Jack can help Brad but without crossing the line this time.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick explains to Brooke that it is her happiness he is concerned about. It’s not about his issues with Ridge, but for her. He begs her to please not marry Ridge, she will get hurt. Finally he sees it is hopeless. Ridge can pull the plug on his dad, throw Rick off a building and still to Brooke he is the golden boy. Taylor drops by Stephanie’s and fills her in on last night. It was beyond wonderful. She felt she and Ridge picked up right where they left off. They were like a family again and she thinks Ridge will view it all differently now. Eric tells Ridge that he will not be pressured. Even though he was willing to turn the company over to Ridge before, he changed his mind that very day. Other people are involved. Rick is also his son and he will not have him overlooked. He makes it crystal clear that someday he will step aside and leave the company to all his children. He will decide how big those portions are and who is to be in charge. Ridge tries to comfort Brooke when she’s in a funk about Rick. She realizes now how much she let him down when he was growing up. Before they make love, he tells her how much he has missed her and that fabulous face and body of hers. Eric brings Rick some papers and a laptop. Rick announces again that he is not going back to the company with Ridge in charge. However, Eric is able to convince him how good he is at what he does and how much he’d miss it. Rick admits he only wants to work more closely with Eric without Ridge. Is that possible? He knows if Eric gives the company to Ridge, the company will go down within a month. He expounds on how hard Eric worked to establish that company, but Ridge doesn’t appreciate that. He’s not his real son. Rick has seen the real Ridge and he knows he does not have Eric’s best interest at heart. He blurts out that Ridge pulled the plug and just sat and waited for Eric to die. So, go ahead and trust Ridge, but Rick knows the truth. This news falls as a big surprise to Eric.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip tells Nick and Melanie that the foundation wrote Nick without getting his approval as the CEO of Titan. Phillip has decided to rescind the offer until Nick makes a few changes. Nick heads off to work on his project some more, and Melanie accuses Phillip of doing this to make Chelsea happy. Phillip says that isn’t true, and accuses Melanie of using Nick for his money. He explains that Nick is too good for her, and can’t handle her, but he can. Nick goes to the bar to ask Max to help with his project. Max agrees, and Nick admits that he is in love with Melanie. Max tells Nick that she is bad news. Nicole is thrown into the prison infirmary and nearly gets beaten up by some other inmates. EJ swoops in to rescue her, and gets her taken back to her cell. He tells her how glad he is she and the baby are ok, and insists he came to rescue them both, not just the baby. Abe accepts the mayoral position, and he and Roman talk about getting Stefano implicated in Marino’s murder. Abe later names Bo the new police commissioner.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke and Laura find shelter in a cabin. They are finally able to talk about their situation. Laura is upset because Luke was dishonest with her. Lucky, Nik, Lulu, and Tracy learn that Luke and Laura survived the crash. Jason goes to GH to check on Robin. As Patrick is feeding the baby, Robin wakes up. Jason and Spinelli figure out that Jerry has taken Sam. Jerry tells Sam he plans to blow up the ship and kill her in the process. He says the same type of explosives that blew up the Metro Court will be used. Jerry claims he doesn't plan on returning to Port Charles. Carly continues to care for Sonny and both of them separately remember the last time they were intimate.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Company Buzz turns on the TV and listens while Alan is sitting there reading the Business Section of the newspaper. Alan wants Buzz to turn it off. That he is not happy with Lizzie's decision to do that interview. Buzz tells Alan that Bill saved Lizzie's life. Alan disagrees saying, "She is alive despite what Bill did." Dinah is still feeling rotten and Billy is trying to chair her up. He also tells her that wait till he gets his hands on the low-life that did this to Bill. When Billy walks away Dinah looks a little scared. Lizzie runs into Cyrus and tells him of her ordeal and Bill's situation. Grady almost gets caught in Bill's hospital room. As he is still in there and talking to him. Grady picks up a pillow. He changes his mind and walks out of the room only to be caught there by Daisy. Lizzie and Cyrus visit Bill. Cyrus is unsure if he should be there. Lizzie reassures him it is ok. Though Cyrus leaves after a few minutes. Alan goes after Billy in the form of hurtful words. Billy fights back in the same way. Lizzie tells a comatose Bill about the press conference. She then tells him about the weather and her dog, Roxie. Lizzie doesn't know that Dinah is listening at the doorway. Then Dinah makes herself known. Lizzie is glad to see her. Dinah isn't so sure. Lizzie then says why wouldn't he want her there. Cyrus tells Grady that it isn't too late to undo the wrong. Grady isn't so sure. Grady tells Cyrus that he can't have Bill Lewis talking. Daisy is at the counter at Company when Buzz walks in the room. He sees she is down. He wants her to talk, but she doesn't want to. Daisy changes the subject to asking about Lillian. Buzz says she is perfect. Then a kid named Chip comes in and Buzz leaves he and Daisy alone. Billy says Lizzie is a good business woman. Alan says she would be good without Bill. Cyrus turns his back and Grady is gone when Cyrus returns. The gentleman that Daisy meets, Chip, asks her if she is seeing anything. A maid for Alan says he has a visitor. Alan wants her to send him away. The then visitor comes in. It is Grady. He wants Alan's help. Both Dinah and Lizzie are now at Bill's side together.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki rushes to the hospital to be there for Starr. She runs into Dorian. And when she knows that Tess may be responsible for what happened to Natalie and Jared, she gets a "premonition" from her alter, Jean Randolph that Jessica is merely "following in Viki's footsteps" by locking them in the basement just like what Viki's alters did to Dorian. Starr gives birth to a boy. Tess has a "vision" that she gave birth to a girl with the help of Nikki. Tina is distracted with Cain after discovering that her dog is a female and pregnant and has given birth to puppies.

Y&R Recap Written by Karen **One Day Ahead

Jack leaves Sharon a message that he's lonely. Adam updates Jack regarding the F.B.I. coming to interview him about the journal. In Paris, Nick and Sharon spend the day together sightseeing. Kevin tries to return Katherine's money, but gets Marge. Katherine scolds Marge for getting drunk. Jill, Nikki, and Esther search for a missing Katherine. Gloria is summoned by Jeff and learns the time is right. Drunk, Katherine contacts Nikki, but won't say where she is. Jack coaches Adam for the interview. Jeff informs Jill that Katherine has been drinking at a Jimmy's bar. Amber tries to find answers to Kevin's weird behavior. Marge, wearing some of Katherine's clothes, sets off to the rehab center. At Notre Dame, Ashley's prayers are answered when she finds Victor. Nikki is at Jimmy's bar with Jill and Bardwell when she learns that Katherine has been drinking. Eden and Noah go off to explore alone. John advises Jack about his actions and marriage. Kevin tries to return the money at Chancellor's, but nobody's home. Rain picks up as Katherine drives. Marge would rather go tomorrow, but Katherine refuses. Suddenly bright lights flash, skidding tires screech, and metal crushes.

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