The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/5/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal begs J.R. not to leave town with Little A. J.R. refuses to do as Krystal asks because David is in town. David tells the board of directors of the Pine Valley Hospital that he wants to build a new wing to the hospital, the Babe Hayward Memorial wing. Everyone objects to David’s idea. Taylor attempts to get into the wheelchair, but falls to the floor. Tad comes in and sees her in the floor. He attempts to help her, but she refuses. She manages to get into the chair on her own. Tad commends her for her efforts. Amanda arrives at work at Fusion and finds Randi already there. Amanda reminds her that Fusion was closed. Erica comes in and tells them that she is taking over in order to get Fusion back onto its feet. Erica calls a press conference which surprises Amanda. Dr. Farrington arrives from Canada to transfer Kendall to their institute in Canada. Zach refuses to have Kendall transferred. Krystal, through tears in her eyes, begs J.R. not to leave town. J.R. finally agrees to stay in Pine Valley for awhile. Adam arrives at Fusion to hear Erica’s business proposition. Adam agrees to Erica’s terms. Amanda meets up with Jake at the hospital and bears her soul to him, but all he can think of is Taylor. Amanda senses that Jake wants to be with Taylor and breaks up with him.

Tad tells Krystal about the man, who is looking for Taylor. Amanda bumps into J.R. at the hospital and offers her condolences about Babe. Bianca tells Erica that her and Reese are engaged and are getting married. Upon hearing that David had been re-instated at the hospital, J.R. and Adam threatens to sue the hospital if Babe’s name appears on any memorial wing. David gives Amanda some helpful advice concerning the Chandlers.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly listens as she hears Liberty accuse Parker of sabotaging their parent’s engagement. Jack apologizes to Janet for how he treated her the previous day and then explains that he and Carly think they should hold off the wedding until his kids are more on board. Lily sees Lucinda at the hospital and asks a nurse why she is there but doesn’t get an answer. Margo and Katie discuss Brad’s actions with Spencer. Katie defends him, but as Margo questions some of the things he did, doubts creep in with Katie. Brad finds an unmoving Spencer on the bed and soon realizes she is dead. Lily tries to talk with Lucinda, but she blows her off. Jack and Janet talk about the wedding, as she is against putting it off. Jack relents and agrees to get married right away, but then she realizes how bad he would feel if his kids weren’t on board and agrees to delay it. Brad calls Katie and tells her that he is in Spencer’s room and she is dead. Katie lies to Margo to slip away to meet him. Carly asks Parker if what Liberty accused him of he did. Parker is angry and doesn’t want to talk about it. He challenges his mother on if she even cares that he did anything since she doesn’t want them married either. Janet goes to see Carly during this argument, and soon they are having one of their own. Janet accuses Carly of using her kids to stop the wedding, as Carly calls Janet unworthy of Jack. Janet promises that she and Jack will get married and there is nothing she can do. She orders Carly to stay away from Jack for good. Lily confronts Lucinda about why she was at the hospital in front of Brian. Lucinda is short with her causing Lily to leave angrily. Katie finds Brad with a dead Spencer and freaks out, as Margo follows her there. Parker finally admits to Liberty what he did to her mother because he still has hopes for them, but Liberty explains that their relationship won’t be romantic again; Parker is upset. Margo is forced to call in forensic when she verifies Spencer is dead. Brad and Katie have to go to the station with her. Brian questions what is going on with Lucinda and why she is pushing everyone away. Lily bumps into Carly, who is on her way to do damage control with Jack, but Lily stops her and asks her to get drinks. Margo questions Brad while Katie and Jack talk. Lily and Carly commiserate over drinks about Carly’s situation with Jack and Janet and hers with Lucinda. Lucinda tells Brian about her relapse with cancer expecting him to leave. Brian tells her in no uncertain terms that he is going nowhere and will be there with her every step of the way. Janet comes to see Jack about Carly, but she finds a distraught Katie, and then learns about Brad. Dani tells Margo, Jack and Katie that there is no evidence of anyone being in Spencer’s room beside Brad and her. The time of death puts Brad possibly at her room too. Katie is starting to have more doubts even as she defends Brad to everyone. Margo is forced to arrest Brad for homicide. Lily and Carly bond more, but Lily admits they still have far to go. Carly tells her that she can wait. When Brad sees Katie’s hesitation, he promises her that he didn’t do anything wrong – someone is setting him up. Finally, Katie trusts in Brad and promises to stand by him. She later breaks down in Janet’s arms. Margo admits to Jack that the evidence looks really bad for Brad.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both women hang on Eric’s every word. How is he going to handle this with both Donna and Stephanie expecting to live with him? He has to choose one of them. Both state they will be supportive through any crisis he has, now including Rick. He loves both of them and can’t make that decision now. Donna is going to move in and Stephanie has no intention of moving out until Eric tells her so. They are aghast when he suggests they all live there in the main house together. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks Rick is going to milk this for every thing it is worth. He’s finally found a way to keep Brooke and Ridge apart. Ridge has moved out of the house, but he doesn’t think that will be enough for Rick. Brooke nicely thanks Taylor for Ridge spending the night at her house last night, but he’s never going to do that again. She checks in with Rick who reminds her again that it is not enough that Ridge has moved out of the house temporarily. And he certainly doesn’t like the fact that Ridge spent the night with Taylor, even innocently. He announces again that Ridge will never be good enough for Brooke, she has to see that. She doesn’t see it as an obsession, she loves Ridge and always will. Rick is sick and tired of the whole situation and he vows that he will be the one who stands up to Ridge. He will be the one who finally puts a stop to him.

Donna’s first surprise is to try to get in bed with Eric, only to find it is Stephanie. Ridge wants his dad to take it easy. He shouldn’t have to worry about his own health, about work, Rick and now two women in his life. Ridge asks his dad to put him in control of Forrester Creations so Eric can take it a little easier. Rick grouses that he feels both his dad and Brooke put Ridge first. He wants Brooke to prove that she can put him first. He asks her not to marry Ridge, end that. He tries to convince her that Ridge is not her destiny. There is someone out there that truly deserves her, that will love her and treat her like she deserves.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip lays into Daniel for Kate’s poor health, but is then convinced by Chloe to apologize. Daniel and Chloe talk about how hard it is to live in Salem when their passions, singing and surfing, can’t be fulfilled here. They flirt, and Daniel agrees to speak to Kate on Chloe’s behalf. Melanie and Nick learn that his alternative fuel project is going to be sponsored, and they’re going to make a lot of money. Melanie bakes a cake to celebrate, but Phillip shows up and takes the wind out of their sails, saying that Nick’s project will never see the light of day. Lexie confides in Abe, telling him about asking Stefano to pull his funding from Marino’s campaign shortly before he was murdered. Tony, and then Roman and Abe all confront Stefano about the murder, but he doesn’t think they want to know the truth. He knows people will blame Abe if he is found guilty of the murder. Roman vows to find the hit man and bring Stefano down. Abe later tells Lexie that she isn’t to blame for this, and that the mayor’s blood is on his hands, not hers. Bo, Hope, Roman, Abe, Lexie, and Tony all learn that Abe has been elected mayor of Salem.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Sonny tells Carly not to call Jason about his injuries. Jason is on the phone with Sam when Jerry clasps his hand over Sam’s mouth which results in her dropping the phone. Dr. Lee and the nurses try to revive Robin before it is too late. Nikolas is questioned by the police as to why he was searching Scotty’s room. Lulu tries to explain to the police that Nikolas is really a good person. Carly doesn’t want Jax to find out about Sonny being here. Jerry ties Sam up and holds a gun on her. There is a knock on the door. Jerry unties Sam so that she can open the door. Jason wants to know what had happened to Sam that she had hung up so abruptly. Sam acts as though Jason had invaded her privacy and that he shouldn’t have just burst in here. Jerry applauds her performance. Tracy gets impatient waiting for a car when Scotty comes in. She immediately wants to know where Luke is. The police explain everything about the accident to Tracy. A doctor bandages Sonny’s wounds. Matt explains to Anna and Mac that Robin is hemorrhaging and they cannot get her blood to clot. Lulu demands to know from Scotty where Laura is. Scotty has no clue where Luke or Laura is.

Anna wipes away tears as she talks to Robin. Patrick tells Matt that he cannot raise Emma without Robin. Sam encourages Jerry to make her his partner. Jerry struggles with her to give her an injection to make her more cooperative. He tells her that he is going to take her on a one way destination. Jason sees the blood on the paper and realizes that Jerry has Sam. Jason searches Sam’s apartment and sees the part of the detonator on the floor. Jerry takes Sam to the boat. Jax sees Carly with Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet sits with Dinah. Something he says makes her get up and leave. Lizzie reads to Bill. Alan interrupts and Lizzie get s huffy. Later Mallet is with Marina and listens to her talk about her feelings about Dinah. She leaves in a huff when Mallet doesn't seem to understand. Dinah and Grady meet. Grady tells Dinah it would be better if Bill never woke up. Dinah doesn't like what he has said and tells him that it is her brother they are talking about. He leaves her alone. Vanessa gets a call from Matt, Maureen wants to visit Bill. Vanessa doesn't seem to think it is a good idea. Billy thinks it is. Then they both go down memory lane. Then they talk about Dinah and how she is handling this. Later Mallet and Marina continue their argument over the house and Dinah. Alan and Lizzie talk about business. Alan says the stock is plummeting and she should go back to the office to reassure investors and the press Spaulding is strong. Lizzie says she is not leaving the hospital. Marina is feeling down because they can't move in to their new house. Once again Mallet says it isn't Dinah's fault. Marina is not amused with that and says of course and leaves. Dinah is meeting with Rick to talk about Bill's condition. Decker and Alan meet to talk about the press conference. Decker wants Lizzie in front of the press only. Alan says Lizzie is good for the company. While with Bill, Lizzie turns and looks to see Grady out in the hall near Bill's room. Mallet wants Marina to tell him when is a good time to help Dinah. Mallet gives her a scenario of a fire at Dinah's and Marina tells Mallet to tell Dinah to call the fire department. Walking out of the house she practically runs over Coop. Grady walks into Bill's room and questions whether or not if Bill will wake up. Lizzie tells him she is sure he will. Rick tries to console Dinah. Mallet and Coop talk about Dinah. Mallet says that all he feels for her is sorry that her brother is not well. Marina goes to see Buzz and talk about Mallet. Marina then goes for the food. Buzz jokes if that is all she wants. Then both Mallet and Marina talk good of each other to those they are talking with being Coop and Buzz. They both says they ended up with great people. Mallet says he has to fix the situation with Dinah. Mallet thanks a confused Coop. Marina thanks a confused Buzz. Lizzie goes in front of the news cameras. Dinah comes in just in time to see the end of Lizzie's interview. A reporter asks Dinah to add anything to what Lizzie said. Dinah says no that Miss Spaulding said it all. Marina and Mallet kiss and make up. They plan for a future in the house. Mallet opens a bottle of the bubbly. And promises in fun to take out the garbage, clean the sink. Marina promises in fun to be there to see him do it. Bill, Vanessa, Ashlee, and Maureen welcome Dinah home with a surprise. The cook tells her she fixed up her favorites. Decker meets Alan and apologizes for what he said about Lizzie. Rick even has praise for his "surrogate" niece, Lizzie. She feels down but Rick in his humor makes her smile. He offers to go to the cafe for a meal. They leave and Bill gets a male visitor......Grady!! Who is about to suffocate him!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Shane tells Gigi that he would like to have a talk with Rex. Gigi goes in to visit Brody while Rex and Shane talk. Tina demands to know from Cain where David Vicars is. Natalie begins to give up hope that they will get out of here alive. Viki holds Bree in her arms. Clint comes in the kitchen door. Viki assures him that Charlie was out looking for Tess. Tess comes to and gets up. She notices a drink on the table behind the sofa and realizes that she is not alone. She calls out for Nash, but sees Niki. Marty models an outfit that Todd had bought her. Rex tells Shane that he is sorry. Neal Silver arrives with a pet carrier which contains David Vickers. Cain lets Tina know that Neal is a jewelry appraiser and he is there to check the diamonds to see if they are real. Viki finds out from Clint that Tess had tampered with the brakes on Natalie’s car and had tried to kill her. Niki tells Tess that she wants to make things right. Rex apologizes to Shane for running off and leaving Gigi and him alone. Todd changes his mind about leaving town and encourages Marty to leave him before it is too late. Marty refuses to go.

Marty questions Todd as to why he wants her out. Viki blames herself for this whole situation with Tess. Tess blames Niki for leaving her alone in a bar and causing her to get raped. Gigi vows to stick by Brody. Tina admits to Cain that the jewels are fake. Marty tells Todd that she is in love with him. Gigi watches Rex and Shane together. Jared and Natalie make love. Addie calls Viki that Starr is in labor. Tina finds out that David Vicars is really a girl and that she is in labor. Niki encourages Tess to let Natalie and Jared go and lock her up instead. Todd tells Marty that he loves her, too.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki witnesses one of Kay’s episodes while accompanying her to the doctor’s office, along with Jill they decide per the doctor’s request to have her admitted. Kay pulls another disappearance act though and goes to help out Marge. Ashley has reached a dead end in Paris, while Phyllis prepares to go to Paris to surprise Nick and handle Restless Style business. Kevin’s morals are being put to test when he gets a hold of a large sum of money Kay left behind, Amber sees this and grows suspicious. Billy moves into Phyllis’s penthouse and under the name Sonny Crawford becomes acquainted with Fallout Girl (aka Lily).

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