The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/4/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley, Taylor throws a member of the physical therapist staff out of her room. Outside of Taylor’s hospital room,. Joe informs Jake that he had been trying to set Taylor up for physical therapy, but she had been refusing. Joe urges Jake to give it a try. Jake also gets thrown out. Krystal is deep in thought about David when Tad comes in and interrupts her train of thought. The doctor informs Zack that there is no change in Kendall’s condition. Dr. Barnaby has chest pains and collapses to the floor. David comes to Dr. Barnaby’s aid. Jesse and his officers investigate the abandoned building thoroughly for fingerprints of either Annie or the kidnapper. Aidan interrupts Ryan’s argument with Jesse and also agrees to help Ryan to help find Annie and Emma. J.R. and Little A say good-bye to their families and Pine Valley as they are moving back to San Diego. Joe re-instates David as a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital.

Ryan, Greenlee, and Aidan listen to the telephone message from Annie again and gain some insight as to where the kidnapper could have taken Annie and Emma. David tells Krystal that he had been re-instated at Pine Valley Hospital. Krystal tells David that J.R. and Little A are moving back to San Diego. Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan realize that the stalker had been in Pine Valley for over a month. Angie tells Jesse that Rebecca has a brain tumor which is inoperable. Angie lets Jesse know that they will all be there for Natalia. Ryan visits Zach and asks him for use of his jet. Zack agrees. Aidan and Greenlee prepare to leave. Aidan fears that the kidnapper had already killed Annie and Emma. Krystal meets J.R. and Little A at Babe’s grave and tells him that he cannot leave town.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is persuaded to stuff the ballot boxes so he can win the election despite Allison and Noah's attempts to persuade him not to cheat to win the election. Casey stuffs the ballot boxes and Luke wins the election but immediately feels guilty about cheating to win the election. Spencer goes to talk to Kim before Brad and accuses him of sexually harassing her. Brad explains to Kim how things really happened and she tells Him that he is not to have anymore personal contact with Spencer. Brad is angry and goes to confront Spencer she gets angry and Brad grabs her by the shoulders to pull her off of him but Spencer later tells Margo that Brad attacked her and tore her shirt. Kim finds out about Brad's confrontation with Spencer and fires him. Margo and Katie search for Brad to inform him Spencer is pressing charges against him. Spencer calls Brad and apologizes to him for throwing herself at him in Chicago. Spencer asks Brad to meet her in the Lakeview lounge. Brad arrives at the Lakeview lounge and doesn't find Spencer and when he goes to her room he finds her face down on the bed dead wearing the sexy clothes she used to try and seduce him in Chicago.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After being clobbered in the family tennis match, Ridge shares breakfast with Taylor. She comments it is like old times and he agrees, but does not want to send her mixed signals. She says she knows this is just temporary, so she’s not jumping to any conclusions. Rick seems nonplussed that Eric brought him a lot of e-mails and notes from Europe where he is loved and held in high regard. Rick grouses that so pity has gone global now? Eric gives him some tough love by saying this is only temporary, he will be back at the company in no time. Rick isn’t sure he wants to go back. Rick grumbles that Eric is in designs as is Ridge. He feels he’s always on Ridge’s side against Rick and he is not going to take it any longer. He’s tired of Ridge’s power trips. He tells Eric he will come back with one condition – he is to be on equal footing with Ridge. Taylor goes by the office to leave Steffy’s phone for Ridge. Brooke assumes it is Ridge coming in and she proceeds a mini strip tease show, only to be shocked when she sees Taylor laughing at her. Fortunately Ridge walks in before they can get into it further. Brooke is not a happy camper when Ridge tells her that Taylor was kind enough to let him spend the night. Brooke asks him to please not do that again, anyplace but at Taylor’s. Donna is surprised when she shows up at the Forrester mansion to move back in and finds Stephanie still there. When Donna insinuates that Stephanie can now move back to the beach house, Stephanie assures her that Eric hasn’t told her Donna’s marriage is still intact, so she is going nowhere. When he arrives, Eric is in a dilemma. Two women fighting for his affections and wanting to know which one he will chose. He states he knows exactly what he has to do.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ admits to Stefano that he isn’t sure if Nicole is innocent. Stefano accuses him of feeling like he is betraying Sami and not loving Nicole, but EJ tells him he cares for Nicole more than Stefano will ever know. Nicole fakes cramps so she can get into the hospital and out of jail. EJ shows up to see her, but the guard says she was taken to the hospital. EJ calls, but they have no record of Nicole being admitted. Stephanie argues with Max about Melanie and proceeds to get wasted at the bar. Chelsea tries to get Phillip to help her get Melanie away from Nick, but Phillip reminds her that people used to say nasty things about her, too. He doesn’t think Melanie is as bad as Chelsea makes her out to be. Later, he helps Stephanie get home. Chelsea accosts Max, wondering if he will allow Melanie to derail Nick’s life like she did to his. Nick confronts Melanie about the note, but she claims not to know who wrote it. She later has nightmares about it while Nick fantasizes about being married to her. Stefano calls Lexie and asks her not to let Abe appoint Roman as commissioner. Abe vows to clean Salem up and swears that Stefano will have no influence over the police.

GH Recap Written by Mary

At General Hospital, the doctors do an emergency C-section on Robin to save her and her unborn baby. Sam eavesdrops on Jason’s and Jerry’s conversation. Jason draws a pistol on Jerry. Carly helps Sonny to hide when Jacks visits Carly. Luke tries hard to rescue Laura before the car goes over the guard rail. Robin fears for her baby when she doesn’t hear it cry, but is then relieved when she hears the cry of the baby girl. Liz tells the family that Robin had had a healthy girl. During Jason’s and Jerry’s conversation, Jerry notices a drop of blood on the top of a magazine on the coffee table. Robin fears that the baby is HIV positive. Mac tries to assure Anna that things will be fine. Patrick tries to assure Robin that their baby, Emma will be just fine. Nikolas tries to get a maid to let him into Scotty’s room, but she refuses. Lulu walks up, dressed up in a maid’s uniform and using a credit card, opens the door. Carly and Jacks attempt at a reconciliation. Jacks wants to take her out for drinks, but Carly refuses. They make plans for the next night. Sam tells Jason that she feels that Karpov was behind the ambush at the docks. They also think that Jerry is somehow involved.

Sonny refuses to let Carly call Jason about his injury. Nikolas and Lulu search Scotty’s room. Nikolas finds Luke’s and Tracey’s marriage certificate. The head of security at the hotel and Lucky arrive, and find Nikolas and Lulu searching Scotty’s room. The head of security tells them that he will have to report this breaking and entering. Luke and Laura, in the car, go over the guard rail and slide down the embankment. Luke comes to, but finds Laura in the backseat, unconscious. The officers let Lulu off with just a warning, but Nikolas faces charges and deportation. Laura manages to free Luke from the car. She slaps his face for marrying her while he was already married to Tracey. Robin and Patrick get the good news that Emma is fine. Robin begins to crash. Sam arrives home. Jason calls her to see if she had gotten home safe, but Jerry clasps his hand over her mouth and the phone drops to the floor.

GL Recap Written by Beth

RJ is playing with a toy spaceship and complaining it doesn't work when Marina comes by. She asks RJ if that is from a cereal box. Cassie says she can't believe she let Marina in. And then continues to tell her she has to leave town and get a new start. Reva can't believe Cassie is moving out. Reva thinks Cassie just needs a vacation. Cassie says no that she needs a fresh start. Reva says things can't be that bad. She says they are really, really bad because she almost hooked up with Cyrus. Reva reminds her she has family in Springfield. Cassie reminds her that they haven't been close of late. Reva then says, So you are giving up on this town? Giving up on them. Cassie wants Reva to be happy for her. But Reva is not especially if she is loosing Cassie. Cassie thanks her for the talk. Then says she now knows what she has to do. Reva's cell rings and she asks Cassie to hold that thought. It is Jeffrey. Reva tells him they have a problem with Cassie. That Cassie has gone off the edge. Alan sees Lizzie. Tells her he didn't think she'd leave Cedars. She tells him she is picking up some books to read to him. Alan wants her to stay a little longer with him. She interrupts him, by saying you want a meeting. Lizzie meets with Decker. Decker is glad she is back and tells her what a terrible ordeal she has gone through. They talk about Bill. Decker tells Lizzie he is glad she is safe. Decker mentions Bill getting into dramas. Lizzie reminds Decker it was an accident and not out clubbing. Alan interrupts by saying Decker has a good point and to rethink. At that point Lizzie interrupts by saying, "Rethink what?" Alan says, Bill's position. Lizzie says, "Fine, yeah. If you are so worried, I think you should take you deal and shove it. Dinah holds vigil next to Bill. Daisy and Vanessa come to visit Bill. Jeffrey and Josh tell Reva of Cassie's plans. Reva is not happy. She blames Cyrus and Grady. Cassie tries to reassure RJ that the move would be good for them. Reva and Cassie have a talk about being sisters. Cassie says she loves Reva. And Reva says she loves Cassie and doesn't want to loose the closeness they have. That this move has nothing to do with Cyrus or his brother. That she has to do this. Reva through tears says she is going to call her everyday to see how she and RJ are. They joke about presents. Reva tells Cassie if she needs anything to call her and to promise to do so. They hug again. Lizzie talks to a comatose Bill. Then puts her head on his chest. Dinah goes to investigate the van that Lizzie was in. And that Bill crashed. She starts crying. Cassie goes to Tammy's grave to tell her that it isn't goodbye for long. That she loves her. She leaves a picture of the both of them. And then leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Marty are getting ready to run away together after they "adopt" Starr's baby. Marty still suspects nothing from Todd. John persuades Todd's former bodyguard to confess to the judge that he helped Todd move Marty from Ramsey's old house to Todd's new house. And he demands that he gets another search warrant. But the judge tells him no way. He has no proof that Marty could be alive and no grounds for the search warrant. John then tantrums and gets physically removed from the courtroom. Vanessa has her arraignment hearing. Cristian tells the judge that he will let her stay with him and protests that she is not a threat nor a flight risk. But Ray Montez protests to Antonio that Vanessa is lying with all that she says about him. Rex goes to talk to Brody privately and thanks him for taking care of Shane. Brody is willing to make peace with the fact that Rex is Shane's father and the man Gigi loves. But Shane cannot part with Brody nor accept that he is not his dad. When Starr is alone in her hospital room, she calls Todd and admits to her father that she loves him. At that point, Todd may be having second thoughts. Janet and Dr. Joplin are also wondering whether they should go through with Todd's plan when Starr's baby is born.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael confronts Glo about Tanya a witness who snitched on Lowell. Kay tells Marge that she has found a rehab and also has another episode that is witnessed by Amber. Ashley is in Paris trying to locate Victor; Nick is also in Paris and realizes that Ashley is also there per Nikki's request. Phyllis is up to her eyeballs in Restless Style issues, Kevin finds a large sum of money that Kay leaves behind and Tyra is asked out on a date.

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