The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wild Wind, Krystal keeps David from killing himself. At the Chandler mansion, Colby informs J.R. that she and Adam will be accompanying him to the cemetery to say their final good-byes to Babe. Zach visits Kendall and finds her still unconscious. He places a pic of the boys on the monitor. Bianca accepts Reese’s marriage proposal. They decide to get married in Pine Valley. Rebecca faints in Natalia’s room. Greenlee and Jesse find Ryan and Annie gone from the hospital room. Ryan and Annie visit an old abandoned building that the kidnapper had told them to go to. Jesse puts out an A.P.B. on the kidnapper. Annie is beside herself with worry about Emma when the kidnapper comes up behind them. He tells them not to turn around. The kidnapper kidnaps Annie.

Frankie tells Randi all about Rebecca and Natalia. Jesse and Greenlee arrive at the old abandoned building and find that the kidnapper had taken Annie. The Chandlers and the Martins say their final good-byes to Babe at the cemetery. To everyone’s surprise, David arrives to say his good-byes and to apologize to the Chandler family. No one believes that he is not out for revenge against the Chandler’s and Martin’s. Angie and Frankie tell Natalie that Rebecca has an inoperable brain tumor. Ryan gets a call from Annie telling him that Emma is alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg defends Paul’s recent actions, but Emma is skeptical. Emily and Paul console each other at their daughter’s grave. Brad and Katie continue to disagree over Spencer’s ulterior motives. Dusty and Josie talk about what brought him to see her. Katie overhears Spencer planning a romantic night with a ‘guy’ in Chicago. Dusty opens up to Josie, as he then says goodbye. Paul asks Emily to sing his praises to Meg, but she turns him down. He tries to dangle her ending up with Dusty as a reward, but Emily explains that she is done with trying to get Dusty to want her. Brad tells Katie that he has to go to Chicago to cover the election, as Katie tries to explain what Spencer is planning; Brad and Katie disagree again over this. Meg and Emily bond over the losses of their babies, and then Emily sings Paul’s praises a bit. The doctors tell Dusty that Josie is free to leave, but Josie doesn’t have a home to go to. In Chicago, Spencer tries to seduce Brad, but he turns her down. Spencer doesn’t seem to take it well and calls his bluff of leaving Chicago to go back home to get away from her. Kim tells Katie that she took them off the air to help save their marriage, as Katie is thankful but admits as long as Spencer is around they will be in trouble. Dusty asks Josie to come home with him. Meg finds Paul at his daughter’s graveside and he vows to win back her trust so he can be worthy of her and their baby. Dusty puts Josie up at the Lakeview – indefinitely. Meg has high hopes for her and Paul after their meeting. Brad comes home, reconciles with Katie, and tells her that she was right about Spencer, as he tells her what she did. Katie tells him that he has to share this with Kim. Spencer lies to Kim telling her that Brad wanted to sleep with her and she had to leave to get away from him. Josie and Dusty wonder what they are doing with each other.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Flanked by her children, Taylor confronts Ridge who really doesn’t want to discuss moving back home. He asks Stephanie if she orchestrated all of this? They all let him know that they think his future with Brooke is doomed as it always has been. Taylor feels she can be a lot sexier than Brooke can ever be and she’d like a chance to prove that. Thomas challenges old man dad to a game of tennis and it becomes a family foursome. Katie and Nick enjoy a little impromptu Nerf basketball game in the living room, and then they flirt and banter over his nuts. After sex on the floor, Katie wishes things would never change, but she is worried about the future. Brooke catches Rick almost out of bed and chastises him to take it easy. He will walk, but it will take some time. She reminds him again that when he is well, Ridge will move back in and they will be husband and wife. Brooke leaves messages for Ridge on his cell. He doesn’t get them as Stephanie keeps the phone away from him. She knows Brooke will go on Red Alert when she realizes what is happening.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip dreams about being intimate with Melanie. He later overhears Daniel encouraging Kate and promises not to interfere with their relationship. He just wants Daniel to save her life. Later, Daniel tells a sleeping Kate that he needs her. Melanie tells Nick that she just wants to be friends, but has a sudden turnaround when she learns he is receiving more funding for his alternative fuel project. Chelsea tells him that Melanie is using him for money, and Nick lays into her. Later, he finds the note warning Melanie that someone saw her in the cemetery. Nick flashes back to writing the note. Chelsea solicits Phillip’s help to get Nick away from Melanie. Nicole has bail hearing, and EJ is sure Judge Fitzpatrick will remain loyal to the DiMeras. Instead, she denies Nicole bail. Later, Bo admits to Hope that he isn’t sure Nicole is guilty. Nicole has more cramps in her jail cell and comes up with an idea to get out of there. After Rafe forces her to pore through mug shots, Sami tries to sneak out of the loft to call her dad, but Rafe stops her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Luke spots Scott and Laura in Los Angeles. Scott speeds away and Luke follows them. Robin is in labor and the baby is in distress. Sonny is thrown in the river by Karpov and his men. Carly is able to free Sonny from his chains and brings him to the surface. Anna is worried about her daughter. Sam and Jason survive an explosion. Sam thinks Jerry set her up and explains to Jason that she has been working Jerry for information on his involvement with Karpov. Tracy tells Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu how her and Luke ended up in Los Angeles looking for Laura. Maxie is worried that Robin's baby won't survive. Carly resuscitates Sonny. She brings Sonny back to her place, where she bandages his stab wound. Kelly performs a C-section on Robin. The baby isn't making any noise, so Robin thinks that something is wrong with her daughter. Sonny pleads with Carly to stay out of the mob war between him and Karpov. Jerry tells Jason that Sam is working with Karpov. Scott's car crashes. Laura is alright but Scott is unconscious.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia and Natalia talk about Emma. Reva is on the phone again wanting justice for Cassie and Tammy. Marina can't understand the closeness of Cyrus and Cassie. Later Cassie and RJ are in the park. She wants him to go checkout what his friends are doing. He is hesitant but goes. Josh and Reva are talking about the baby and Alan and Grady. Josh doesn't want her to do anything that will harm the baby. Olivia tells Natalia she should be thanking her for all of her help. Olivia tells Natalia that she should fight. Later the conversation with Natalia and Olivia is warmer and friendlier. As for Josh and Reva, it gets corny. They are still talking about her going off to find Shayne and Josh not wanting her to because of her carrying a baby and her health. Cyrus is in jail. Cassie is at the Springfield PD trying to find a way to get him out. Natalia is at Company working the counter when Olivia calls her. She wants her to come to the Beacon. Natalia refuses. Seems Olivia has the Governor there. Blake and Josh are talking about his trip. Cyrus is talking with Mallet about the necklace and other things. Cyrus wants Mallet to talk to the ADA about a deal. Cassie goes to Reva about her life falling apart again. She tells Reva about Cyrus' arrest and how he was smiling like he liked it. Reva tries to comfort her. Natalia walks into the Beacon and sees Olivia with reporters and the Governor. A bit later Olivia walks over to Natalia and tells her she thinks she the Governor will help in Rafe's case. Reva tells Cassie she made the choices she did over grief. Reva tells her it is ok. And then hugs her. Cassie tells Reva she has to leave and take RJ with her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr rushes to the hospital. Cole takes her. She is almost ready to give birth. Todd and Marty are ready to run away together and she still has no clue what he is up to. John goes and finds Todd's former body guard and beats the truth out of him. The bodyguard admits to John that Todd is keeping Marty Saybrooke in his home. Tess is also ready to give birth but does not want the help of anybody. Charlie and Viki are both on to her. But she is not going to let anybody "win". Tina goes to meet Cain as he's promised to return her dog to her. But she finds out that he does not have the dog whom she has named David Vickers. He needs the crown jewels and she needs her dog. And she also realizes that some people need her "help".

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Michael learns about Tanya who's identity turns out to be Glo. At the Chancellor's Jill holds court with Cane and Billy regarding Kay's health. Abruptly it is bought to an end as Kay orders the boys to leave so she and Jill can talk about her fate. Lily and Ana try to spend some quality time together but are rudely interrupted by Chloe and her gestational issues. Cane professes his love for Lily and ask is she ready to move on, while Billy tells Chloe to get over him. Nick goes to Paris and Ashley begins her search for Victor.

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