The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/31/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach spends time with Bianca, Reese, Miranda and Gabrielle before he goes back to the hospital to check on Kendall. J.R. holds a broken whiskey bottle to David’s neck. Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the motel room where they were to leave the money. Greenlee stands by while Ryan opens the door and goes inside. Ryan finds Annie shot in the arm. At the hospital, Jesse finds Rebecca in the room with Natalia. He wonders what Rebecca is doing here. Reese wants to move into a motel, but Bianca insists on staying with Zach and the boys. After a talk with Krystal at the funeral home, David says good-bye to Babe. Arriving at the hospital, Zach finds a priest in the room with Kendall saying the last rites over her.

Reese surprises Bianca with the floor plans for their new house which is almost done. Reese asks Bianca to marry her and Bianca accepts. Frankie blasts Jesse for having his second family here in Pine Valley. Angie comes out of an exam room and reprimands Frankie for him talking to his father like this. Angie’s defending Jesse infuriates Frankie. Annie is examined by Frankie, who wants to keep her overnight .Frankie wants to call the police, but Annie refuses. Frankie inquires if something had happened to Emma. Ryan gets a call from the kidnapper. Greenlee goes in search of Jesse and explains everything to him. Zach prays for Kendall. Kendall moves her fingers.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Sage tells Carly that she doesn’t want to go to the farm as Janet will be there. Carly explains that Janet went to a lot of trouble for this Halloween, so just smile and play nice. She does tell Jack that Sage is miserable about him marrying Janet and he wonders where she got that attitude? Perhaps Carly was sending mixed signals. Pretty much everything Janet suggests, Sage shoots it down. Parker apologizes to Liberty for going off on her last night. He’s bummed with his dad marrying her mom. He doesn’t want to be her little brother. She says it’s going to happen so he better get used to it. They run into someone from Janet’s past and Liberty lets him know that Janet is now marrying a cop, you know the kind with a gun! Parker encourages Sage to get Janet to the Lakeview Bar. He can’t give her details, but it will help get Janet out of their lives. Sage changes her mind and wants Janet to go trick-or-tricking with her and wants to start with the Lakeview. There Janet spies George. When Sage wants to go to another room by herself, Janet returns to the bar and George. Sage frantically calls Carly and says she wants to come home and complains that Janet is in the bar having a drink with a guy. Janet tells George that she is engaged. He reminds her how good they once were together. She claims that she is in love this time and he doesn’t have a chance. She allows him to hug her bye and in walks Jack and Carly. Jack doesn’t want to discuss it here in front of George so spirits them out. He accuses Janet that it seems George is not that distant in her past. Carly interrupts with a phone call that Jack is losing his kids, he better get over there fast. He leaves Janet hanging by a thread, she rests her case. Carly explains to Jack that Sage may have orchestrated all of this. Her only suggestion is for Jack to postpone the wedding. Not cancel it, just make a longer engagement for the kids to get used to. Dusty has a nightmare of Jennifer who advises him to say goodbye and move on. Against his better judgment, Dusty finds the psychic and says he has been having dreams and wants her to interpret. She tells him that his wife is dead. Does he believe in the afterlife…..spirits? If the spirit lives on, it has to live somewhere. He chuckles as he walks away and tells her that she is very good. He forgets Jennifer’s ring and the psychic returns it. She tells him she met a red-headed young woman at a hospital in Sandusky, Ohio with initials of JMD. She hopes he finds what he is looking for. Dusty wastes no time in showing up there and on the grounds does spot the young lady in a wheelchair. He even recognizes the book, “Don’t Stand By My Grave And Weep.” Inside is the inscription with Jennifer’s initials, this belonging to Josie Matthews Driver.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge prepare the bed and room for Rick. Brooke says she does not want Ridge to have to leave, but she has to do this for Rick. She needs to finally put him first and hopes Ridge understands that. He understands she is being manipulated by Rick and doesn’t think that makes the situation right. And indeed when Rick comes, he objects and wonders why Ridge is there. It irritates him to see them in an embrace. Brooke consoles Rick that this is just for a short spell. He’ll get better and return to his life and she and Ridge will plan their wedding and get on with their life. Meanwhile she will take care of him as long as he needs it. With hatred in his eyes, Rick tries to reach a photo of Ridge and Brooke on a bedside table. In his effort, he is forced to stand and realizes he can and can walk a little. He vows to a photo of Ridge that he is here and will stay there as long as it takes to get Ridge out of their lives for good. Taylor suggests to Steffy and Thomas for them to encourage Ridge to return to their family. She doesn’t want it to be choreographed, but just for them to act real….that they love him and miss him. Ridge arrives to pick up Steffy for a lunch date and he explains to Taylor that it has not been a good day, that Brooke asked him to move out. Taylor asks him to look back on their life and how happy they were. He didn’t have to worry about another man threatening his marriage. She wants him to come home. Stephanie, Steffy and Thomas want him to come home.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope tell Nicole that she’s being charged with murder, and they also learn Caroline is off the hook. Nicole begs Hope not to put her in jail, as she’s pregnant, but Hope refuses. Nicole overhears EJ asking for news on Sami and flips out. EJ tells her they can’t be together if he has to play slave to her insecurities. Phillip tries to console Stephanie about her break up with Max, but they end up arguing about Melanie instead. They later learn that Nicole has been charged with Trent’s murder. Stephanie is shocked, as she is sure Melanie killed him. Nick asks Melanie to move in with him, Mickey, and Maggie, and she agrees. Bo comes to tell her and Max about the charges against Caroline being dropped, and Melanie threatens to sue the department for harassing her. Bo tells Max to wise up about Melanie and realize he and Stephanie would still be together if not for her. Rafe, an FBI agent, shows up to check on Sami and Hilda and finds the latter drugged. When she wakes up and discovers what Sami has done, she quits. Rafe learns that he is Sami’s new guard.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Scotty and Laura continue their adventure in Los Angeles. Nikolas figures out what hotel Laura and Scotty are staying at. Scotty tells Laura about Luke's marriage to Tracy. Laura is skeptical so she calls Edward for confirmation. Tracy refuses to help Luke anymore and says she's heading home. Laura and Luke finally see each other in front of the hotel. Robin goes into labor but Dr. Lee learns the baby is in trouble. Everyone gathers at the hospital to wait for news about Robin. Karpov stabs Sonny on the dock and throws him in the water. Jerry asks Sam to meet him but he doesn't show up. Instead, an armed Sam runs into Jason. Before Sam can talk to Jason, there's an explosion.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Billy, Alan and Beth arrive at the hospital to find Lizzie is fine but Bill is badly hurt and Lizzie Breaks down and cries in Billy's arm. Rick tells everyone that Bill has a long recovery but he is very worried because Bill is still unconscious. Rick whispers to Billy that the paramedics reported that Bill had been drinking before he got in the van. Alan yells that Bill could have been killed but Lizzie defends Bill by saying that she made a hole in the steering column trying to escape which caused a leak in the fuel line. Alan asks Beth to warn Lizzie that Bill doesn't really love her he is just using her but Beth defends Bill saying he saved Lizzie's life. Alan tells Lizzie that Bill didn't believe she had been kidnapped at first and then he made his own deal with Decker. Lizzie doesn't care insisting that Bill loves her and they will run the company together once he has recovered. Cyrus hears that Bill is badly hurt and confronts Grady who admits he messed up badly. Cyrus tells Grady that he will do everything possible to protect him. Grady tells Cyrus that all he cares about is Cassie the woman who hates him (Grady) more then anything in the world. Cassie helps Buzz with the Halloween party at Company. Cassie is surprised when R.J. tells her that she can date Cyrus because he makes her happy. Cassie kisses Cyrus when he arrives at the party and surprises him by telling him she wants to be more then friends. Cyrus goes to the Spaulding mansion and robs a pearl necklace from the safe setting off the alarm on the floor. Cyrus leaves his lock picking kit at the mansion and Marina later shows up with the kit in an evidence bag and tells Cyrus to tell her the truth so that she won't have to interrogate him at the police station.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Many things are happening at the same time. Cole is having memories of his deceased mother and somehow knows he cannot leave town to go to college although he consciously wants to. Starr is very near to giving birth. At that same time, Tess goes to make certain that Natalie and Jared are "in line". But it looks like she's going into labor and dependent on them to help her. Marty envisions a baby that she knew many years ago but cannot pinpoint that it was Cole. Yet, she tells Todd that she cannot go anywhere or do anything until she knows who this baby is. Yet, she doesn't remember Cole quite yet. Nor does anybody know that she is alive except for Todd, Tess and Janet.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill calls in the boys Cane and Billy to help her with Kay; Cane does not feel the same as Jill but Billy does and sides with her. Esther overhears the conversation with Billy and Jill and informs Kay of their plan to declare her incompetent. Kay tries to help Marge get sober. News of the diary and an excerpt is being passed around Genoa City; Nick along with Victoria and Neil decide to conduct a press conference. Nikki pleads with Ashley to help Victor. Adam proposes to Heather. Sharon confronts Jack about the diary and gets the truth driving a bigger wedge between them. Noah leaves for Paris where Sharon will join him later in the week. Nick decides the only way to save Victor is to track him down in Europe.

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