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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal sits on the sofa in her home and looks at pics of Babe when she was just a child. Tad comes in to join her. Krystal doesn’t know how she will get through this day. J.R. comes in and tells her that they will get through this day if they stick together. Pete arrives at the Chandler’s to go with Colby to the funeral. Amanda brings Taylor a big bunch of beautiful flowers, but instead of being grateful, she throws the flowers against the wall and orders Amanda out .Greenlee suggests to Ryan and Annie that they go to the police, but Annie is against the idea. Bianca and Zach sit with a comatose in her hospital room. David comes in and tells them that Kendall may never wake up from the coma. Zach orders David out. Bianca tries to talk David into going to Babe’s funeral, but David refuses. Little A asks J.R. when was Mommy coming home from heaven. J.R. has the difficult task of telling him that Mommy would never be coming home. Ryan gets a call from the kidnapper as to where to make the money drop. Greenlee urges Ryan to ask for Aidan’s help. With Ryan gone, Annie blasts Greenlee for Greenlee not really wanting Emma to come home, but instead for wanting Emma dead. Annie orders Greenlee out. The funeral for Babe begins. Stewart presents Krystal with a pic of Babe. David visits Wildwind and after looking around, tells the real estate agent to draw up the papers. Jake threatens to resign from the hospital. Zach visits Taylor and tries to make his apologies, but Taylor tells him to take responsibility for his actions. With Greenlee out of the apartment, Annie takes the money and goes to the apartment where she is to leave the money.

Bianca holds the baby in her arms when the doorbell rings. When she goes to answer the door, she sees a little girl there. She is surprised when she finds out that it is Miranda, and Reese comes out from behind the bushes. Bianca hugs her and tells her that she is glad that she is there. Bianca shows Reese the baby. Zach comes home and Reese hugs him. Reese thanks him for helping them have another baby. Pete promises to stand by Colby. He holds Colby close. Adam walks in and sees them. J.R. places the wedding ring on his finger and places Babe’s ring on her hand. David walks in and wants to spend some time with Babe to say good-bye.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Margo manages to persuade Mark to drop the assault charges against Casey by telling him that Alison is willing to identify his voice. Case's parole officer ignores the incident so Casey is free to go home. Luke later tells Casey that he is suspended from school because of his fight with Mark. Kevin advises Luke to drop out of the election and admit that the only reason he ran for class president was to beat him. Luke considers dropping out of the election but Casey and Allison convince persuade him not to do so and Luke promises to do anything it takes to win. Paul and Meg get closer as they watch the sonogram of their baby. Dusty accuses Paul of hiring a psychic to mess with his head about Jennifer and Johnny. Emily later tells Dusty that Lisa hired the psychic to entertain the guests at the hotel. Dusty wonders why he can't let go of Jennifer and has memories of his life with her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Bridget and Brooke try to cheer up Rick. Even the doctor tells him that he is lucky and he just has the swelling around his spine. Rick still can not move his legs, but he feels some sensations so the doctor tells him he can be released any time and recover one day at a time at home. Rick would love that, but he won’t live with Brooke if Ridge is there. He can’t do that, so she has to dismiss him. Taylor has called Thomas home and while Phoebe couldn’t come, she tells the rest that she wants to reunite the family. She wants their father back. She feels like she gave up earlier and didn’t try to fight harder. She knows she made decisions that hurt people and she is sorry about that. Thomas and Steffy assure her they are okay, but ask how is she going to achieve this goal of hers? She explains that Brooke is a mere addiction to Ridge, not love. He will be happier with them back as a family. Thomas wants this too, but doesn’t know how it is possible since his dad is marrying Brooke soon. Does Taylor really want to go through this fight? She is stronger now and vows she will do whatever she has to in order to get her family back. Nick and Katie show up to take Jack while Brooke is at the hospital. Tension mounts between Nick and Ridge. Nick accuses him of being right back in the middle of everything with Brooke, and now responsible for Rick and Taylor breaking up. Ridge assures Nick that he is going to marry Brooke, and Jack is her son so they will be raising him too, and no one can interfere with that. Brooke gives the good news about Rick to Ridge, then has to explain the rest – that Rick won’t come there to recover with Ridge in the house. He’s shocked that she would want him to leave her and the kids. She can not let Rick do this. Brooke sweet-talks Ridge into accepting this. It will only be for a short time. Rick will recover and they will get married just as they have planned.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami clashes with her new talkative guard, Hilda. She puts sleeping pills in her tea to get some peace, but a strange man sneaks up outside her door as she tries to enjoy it. Bo and Hope tell Nicole and EJ that Trent left behind a torn up marriage license and a note saying that Nicole is the most likely suspect if he turns up dead. She insists that she innocent, but the two have a search warrant, and find a dress matching a bead they found near the body. She admits that she argued with Trent and ripped up the license. Bo reads her her rights as she insists she didn’t kill Trent. Abe and Lexie meet with a reporter who is sympathetic to their situation. She promises to write a good article about Abe and his family. Kate continues her chemotherapy treatment, and Chloe tries to give her a pep talk. Kate agrees to call a temporary truce with her for Lucas’ sake, but says she still doesn’t like her. Lucas demands to know Kate’s chances of recovery, and Daniel is forced to admit that they aren’t good.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke and Tracy are hot on the trail of Scotty and Laura in LA. With Lesley's help, Nik, Lulu, and Lucky assume Scotty took Laura to LA and they head there as well. Scotty tries to capture the feelings of the old days with Laura in LA. Everyone worries except for Robin when Patrick is late for his own wedding. Patrick gets Anthony through the operation successfully. Afterwards, Matt drives Patrick to the church. While waiting for the wedding to start, Sonny and Jason discuss the changes in their friendship. A few minutes into the wedding ceremony, Robin tells Patrick her water broke.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Natalia helps Emma shop for a Halloween costume after she sees Olivia asleep in her room and is unable to awaken her from her sleep. Olivia later awakens to hear a message from Daisy on her answering machine telling her Rafe was beaten up by the other prisoners in prison. An angry Olivia rushes to the jail and tells the warden she will go to the TV station and talk about his failure to keep prisoners safe at the prison. The warden isn't intimidated by Olivia and tells her Rafe must learn to protect himself. Bill rescues Lizzie and tells her he loves her and can't imagine his life without her. Bill and Lizzie fear the kidnappers will return and escape in the white van with a broken fuel line. Bill who is slightly drunk crashes the car and Daisy later finds Lizzie and a badly hurt Bill. Bill tells Daisy to tell Lizzie he is sorry before he passes out. Dinah worries that Grady did something to Bill after she comes upon Grady pouring whiskey on his injured leg. Dinah rushes to the hospital after she hears a news report on the radio saying that Bill has been badly hurt. Dinah cries and tells Mallet that this was all her fault. Natalia arrives at the prison and she tells Olivia she is making things worse for Rafe. Olivia gets weak and almost faints but Natalia helps her to sit down. Lizzie worries about Bill after she sees nurses cleaning the blood from the cubicle he was in while Rick assures her that Bill is in surgery but he doesn't know if Bill will make it through the surgery.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John and Fish attempt to hack into Todd’s phone records to gain information on what Todd had been up to. Starr sits in front of her computer when Blair comes into the room with a bowl of gummy bears. Blair suggests that Starr pack a pretty nightgown for after she has the baby. Starr tells her matter-of-factly that she is giving the baby to Marcie. Cole visits Marty’s grave in the mausoleum. Cole reads her his essay that he had written for college. Blair suggests to Starr that she e-mail Cole. Mary holds Bree in her arms and tries to stop her crying. Viki hears the crying from the baby monitor and goes to investigate. Todd comes back into the living room and hears the baby’s crying on the monitor. He notices that Viki is gone and he goes in search of her. He catches up with her just as she opens the door to the nursery upstairs. Viki is more than a little surprised when she sees Bree in the play pen. Tess, with a bomb in her hand, threatens to blow up Jared and Natalie .

Starr starts to e-mail Cole, but finds that he had sent her the essay that he had written about his Mother. Fish manages to hack into Todd’s bank account and finds some very valuable info. Both Natalie and Jared try to talk Tess out of killing them, but Tess refuses to listen. She sets the timer on the bomb and puts it into the tray and pushes it into Jared and Natalie’s room. Tess starts to leave when she has a pain in her stomach. Viki declares to Todd that she will stay there until Tess returns to get Bree. Starr visits Cole at the mausoleum.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill is not happy when Kay refuses to give up her power of Chancellor, Marge cries for Kay’s help to get clean and Jill decides to take force. Sharon has given up on Jack, while at Heather’s office discussing Adam and Jack newfound relationship she spies an envelope with Victor’s name on it, acquiring copies she shares it with Nick. Nikki calls on Ashley who arrives in London to help her with Victor. Nick gets a call from the priest of the church Victor has taken refuge in. Jack tells Adam the eta of the publication of the diary. Heather gets wind of the diary’s publication.

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