The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. takes Little A out of David’s arms and orders him to stay away from Little A. David lets them know that he intends on seeking full custody of Little A. Joe discusses Kendall’s medical condition with Erica, Zach, Bianca and Greenlee. Erica asks Joe if her daughter is dying. Joe informs the family that Kendall is in need of immediate surgery. Erica tells them that she knows of someone, who could do the surgery. Greenlee interrupts, but Erica orders her to go home since she is not part of the family. Zach pulls Greenlee out of the room and tells her to go home that he will keep her informed of Kendall’s situation. Krystal walks into the Chandler living room. She questions them as to what David was doing here. J.R. tells her that David was suing for full custody of Little A. Krystal comes up with a plan that she and the Chandlers can present a united front in front of David. David stands by Babe’s casket and talks to her. He tells her his plans for taking Little A away from J.R. Ryan is more than a little upset with Aidan for bugging his phone to find out when the kidnapper called them . Ryan orders Aidan to stay out of this.

David refuses Erica’s request, but then gives in and decides to do it. J.R. and Krystal plan Babe’s funeral. Bianca remembers her conversation with Kendall in which Kendall had been afraid for their marriage until tonight. Greenlee visits Ryan and Annie. Annie tells her the ransom situation and then asks Greenlee for eight million dollars. Greenlee agrees to give it to them.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Tom hopes to take advantage of time alone with Margo since Casey is out at Halloween parties. Casey can’t find Allison at the party. The masked men take a blindfolded and terrified Allison to their dorm rooms and tell her that they are her biggest fans from her movies and want to see it acted out live. Jack and Janet’s engagement announcement throws Carly, but she covers well. Sage and Parker don’t handle the news well though. In front of Jack and Janet, Sage asks Carly why she is letting this happen. Liberty and Parker argue about his reluctance to want to be her new stepbrother instead of boyfriend. Liberty tries to get him to understand this is for the best, but Parker blames Jack and stomps off. Casey asks Kevin about Allison’s whereabouts, but Kevin tells him that he doesn’t know. The masked men force Allison to undress; as she tries to escape, one of them pushes her into the wall. Allison pleads with them to stop saying she is not the girl in the movie. When a worried Casey calls and leaves Allison a voice mail, one of them tells her that they know whom she is and what they were doing. They continue to taunt her mercilessly about what they want her to do. Carly talks with Sage about Jack and Janet’s engagement, as Jack thanks her. Janet looses her ring while washing dishes at Carly’s, which Sage finds and doesn’t tell anyone about it. Tom and Margo talk about how happy they are to see Casey seems to have Emily out of his system and is focused more at school. Kevin sees Mark come back and asks him where he was. Mark is vague telling him that he was taking care of a problem. Casey finds a half dressed traumatized Allison in Old Town. He takes her home and gives her clothes to wear when she tells him what happened. She wasn’t raped, but they threatened her. After talking, Allison may not have seen her attackers, but she can get Casey back to the dorm. Casey wants to tell his mom, but Allison is adamant that they not do that because of how much she hates Emily. Casey finally agrees to handle this on their own, and when Tom and Margo come home, they cover and head out quickly. Margo becomes alarmed because Allison was wearing Casey’s clothes. Jack talks with Parker about his engagement promising he was not intending to screw up his life. Jack and Parker talk about how he won’t be the same person he is now when he grows up. If he and Liberty decide to be together when they grow up then no one can stop them, but he wishes he wouldn’t worry about the future now. Parker asks Jack if his mom is going to screw things up with him and Janet. Janet promises Liberty that Parker will come around, but while they are talking, Janet realizes she has lost her ring and is panicked. Carly tries to talk with Sage about Jack and Janet’s wedding, but Sage isn’t so convinced, as Carly wonders what she knows and is hiding when Sage clearly has something hidden in her hand. Allison and Casey arrive at the dorms and search around but come up empty until Allison recognizes the music playing in one of the rooms as what was playing when she was being held. Casey slams on the door and Mark opens it. Casey punches him, as security is called. Mark wants to press charges, as Casey is arrested. Margo is called to the station because of Casey – Margo and Tom are in shock. Sage shows Carly the ring, as she explains that she thought Jack would get mad at Janet for losing the ring. Janet and Liberty are feverishly searching for her ring when Jack comes. Janet is babbling and claims her losing the ring is a bad omen and that he shouldn’t marry her so she doesn’t ruin his life, but Jack is able to calm her down. Carly brings the ring back and Janet is thrilled and appreciative. As she is leaving, a dejected Carly watches Janet ask Jack to put the ring back on her finger. Tom and Margo learn what happened, but Mark wants to press charges because he has witnesses. Margo takes Allison and Casey aside and demands angrily to know what happened. They explain, but admit there is no evidence because Allison was blindfolded. Margo is upset they didn’t tell her because they thought she wouldn’t help because of Emily; she is also furious that Casey once again didn’t think and now has violated the terms of his parole and could be headed back to prison. Allison and Casey think it is not fair because he was only protecting her. An angry Margo tells Casey she can’t clean up anymore of his messes. Casey is taken to a holding cell. Allison thanks Casey for protecting her. Mark shows Kevin the videotape of Allison undressing. Kevin thinks he is crazy to have done that and taped it. He could be arrested and this tape could be evidence; he needs to destroy it. Jack promises Janet that his kids will come around, as Janet doesn’t worry because Jack never breaks his promises. Carly tries to get Parker and Sage to understand why they need to accept Jack and Janet’s engagement and be happy for them. Parker tells Carly that he knows no matter how many times she pretends to be happy for them, she never will be, as Carly tries to hide that knowing look.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Rick that they will get through this, get specialists or whatever it takes for him to walk again. Rick snarls that none of this would be necessary if it hadn’t been for Ridge. Eric tries to persuade him this was just an accident. Rick still insists this man’s ego is out of control and he is only using Taylor. If Ridge thinks he can keep these two women at each other’s throat, then he has all the power. Meantime Brooke tells Taylor that she is to blame, all for dumping Rick and wanting Ridge back. It was Taylor’s path of destruction that led Rick to this. Guess they should be glad he’s not lying in a ditch like Darla. Taylor says if this is war, then she is taking back her territory. She puts Brooke on notice, she is taking back her husband. Brooke assures her nothing is going to stop her wedding, so back off, leave Ridge alone. She wonders how long is Taylor going to keep banging her head against that wall. It will only bring her more heartache. Taylor asserts one more time – she is taking back what is hers and there is nothing Brooke can do to stop her. Ridge has a talk with Stephanie and she is ecstatic that Taylor still wants him and not Rick. They will have another opportunity for a more peaceful life. She wants Ridge to look her in the eye and tell her there are no more feelings there for Taylor. He confesses yes he does love Taylor, always will. They had wonderful years together, but that was a long time ago. He is committed to Brooke now. He will not let his mother turn her into a villain again. Jack overhears Katie telling Jack that he feels like her son. She even asks Nick if they might keep him full time until Brooke gets through this crisis. He’s not sure that is a good idea since the boy needs stability and his biological mom is a large part of that.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope force Melanie to hand over the note Trent left, but are surprised by its contents and let her go. She heads off to crow about it to Phillip, who is upset about Kate. Chloe tries to comfort him about the situation, but Melanie interrupts. Phillip tells her that her father’s note doesn’t mean anything and that she won’t be cleared until someone steps forward and confesses. She huffs off, but overhears Chloe and Phillip talking about Kate. After Chloe leaves, Melanie apologizes to Phillip for being insensitive. EJ and Nicole talk about possibly getting married, but Bo and Hope interrupt, saying they know Nicole lied about her whereabouts the night of Trent’s murder, and that they have proof. Sami wants to go to the clinic for a checkup, but Darrel refuses. After a bout of morning sickness, he brings a doctor to her, and he examines her while Darrell waits outside, telling her the baby is fine. Later, Darrel tells her he has been reassigned and Sami gets a new guard named Hilda.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Claudia wonders if Anthony is having a seizure and Johnny calls for help. Mac threatens to have Jason arrested so that he cannot attend the wedding, but Robin says that she wants him there. Olivia and Sonny argue, and then Kate and Olivia argue. Patrick invites Matt to the wedding. Maxie and Mac talk about him raising her, Robin and Georgie. Johnny asks Patrick to save Anthony and Patrick agrees, with Matt assisting. Robin admits to inviting Jason to the wedding for Liz. Maxie and Anna cover the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition for Robin and Anna reads a note from Robert. Everyone talks about Patrick being late, while he operates on Anthony. Matt suggests that he can take over the surgery, but Patrick insists that he keeps going. Anthony starts bleeding and his pressure starts dropping.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill and Lizzie reunite. Josh meets with Reva and tells her his plans on thinking. Jeffrey catches them. Daisy calls Grady while he is trying to run. Bill gets a call on his cell while trying to figure out how to get Lizzie out of the garage. He tells whomever is on the other end that he found Lizzie Spaulding. Bill calls Frank, who is at the time with Dinah at the mansion. Frank hands Dinah his phone to talk to Bill. She looks relieved and concerned. Then Frank talks more with Bill and hangs up. Bill tries to find evidence in the garage where Lizzie was held. Bill reassures Lizzie that he thinks the kidnapper(s) are nowhere in site and they just wait for Frank and the cops to get there. While talking with Grady, Daisy notices changes in his voice and questions him about it. he is evasive. Frank and Dinah talk about Bill's phone call concerning finding Lizzie. The kidnapper returns only to get punched by Bill and then goes down. Frank gets another call confirming the whereabouts from his staff. Billy and Josh meet again and talk bout their lives. Lizzie starts searching for Bill when he doesn't come back. She manages to get out of the garage. And sees Bill. Bill tells him of the struggle to get the kidnapper and why he was out. Daisy meets with Dinah about Grady. Daisy tells Dinah that Grady needs another chance. Daisy doesn't know about the plot between Grady and Dinah to kidnap Lizzie. Reva and Jeffrey are at the hospital for Reva's baby physical and to find out what gender the baby is. The nurse whispers something in Jeffrey's ear and he smiles. Reva now wants to know. But Jeffrey is not telling her. She tells him she can find out when she has the amnio. Jeffrey tells her it is a boy. Grady and Daisy meet again. Daisy knows something big is up. Bill tell Lizzie he realizes now he loves her. Lizzie smiles.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Fish visits John at his apartment and tells him that he had filed a complaint with the mayor’s office in order to get his laptop returned to him. Janet is deep in thought as Marty walks up to her. Marty inquires if anything is wrong since she had gone to the pharmacy a few nights before. Marty asks if she would like to talk. Cole is doing school work in his room when Nora interrupts. Cole tells her that he was writing an essay for school and it was to be titled, “The person, who had had the greatest impact on his life.” Cole states that that person would be his soon to be born child. Starr is busily packing when Langston comes into the room. Langston tells Starr that she would not be leaving town after all. Starr is jubilant and they hug. Viki goes to see Todd. Todd asks her about her trip to Africa, but Viki bypasses the question and tells Todd that she is looking for Jessica. Todd lies and tells her that he hadn’t seen Jessica or heard from her. Viki continues to questions him and Todd continues to lie to her. Tess brings Jared and Natalie their last supper. An argument erupts amongst the threesome. Viki calls Todd a liar when he keeps denying that he had seen Jessica. Janet assures Marty that she is fine. Marty tells Janet of a dream that she had been having about a little boy. Marty comes to the conclusion that it must have been a neighbor’s little boy. Janet asks her what if it wasn’t. This statements makes Marty wonder. John assures Fish that the woman on the hard drive has a name and a face. Fish wants to be included in the investigation, but John refuses to tell Fish the woman’s identity. Langston sees Starr packing and fears that she is leaving town. Starr assures her that she is only packing for the hospital. John admits to Fish that he knows the identity of the woman on the hard drive. Todd asks Viki if she thinks that Tess is back. Nora gives Cole a new topic for his essay. Viki hears a baby cry and goes in search of the baby. Todd comes back and finds Vikki gone. He goes in search of her. Marty holds Bree close in her arms. Vikki wonders around outside in the hall trying to determine which room the baby could be in. Todd catches up with Vikki just before she opens the door to the room where Marty and the baby is. Natalie asks Tess what is in the bag. Tess informs her that it is their just desserts that she is going to blow them to kingdom come.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It’s Halloween in the city of Genoa, and Billy is hosting a festive shindig at a local dive bar that no one’s heard of. The guests list consists of enemies, exes and maybe new loves he obviously has something up his sleeve but unfortunately big bro Cane spoils it. At the Tack house Victoria is being haunted by the ghost of Sabrina, possibly. Eden and Noah try to sneak into Billy’s shindig but it’s a no go and instead Eden kisses Noah and runs. Karen confesses the real reason why she can’t have children and tells him he has a choice of staying or going.

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