The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/28/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Pete visits Adam at the Chandler mansion. Adam hands him a one-way plane ticket to London. Pete doesn’t want to leave, but Adam insists. J.R. is at the funeral home, holding a decanter in his hand. Colby walks in and tells him that she figured that he would be here. She notices the decanter in his hand, and immediately thinks that J.R. is drinking again. David lies on his cot in his jail cell, remembering holding Babe’s lifeless body in his arms. Krystal goes to visit him. Angie releases Bianca and her baby from the hospital. Greenlee and Zach visit a comatose Kendall in the hospital. Ryan and Annie receive another phone call from the kidnapper, who tells them to go to a motel room. As Ryan and Annie head for the door, Jesse shows up. Angie visits Natalia and tells her the results of her tests. After much persuasion from Krystal, David agrees to leave town. J.R. comes home to Tad and Krystal’s. J.R. lets Little A know that his mama is with the angels now. Natalia urges Angie to help her mother (Rebecca) in whatever is hurting her. Angie agrees. Pete tells Colby that Adam confessed everything about Bella and Fusion to Erica. Zach agrees to let Bianca and the baby stay with him. Angie meets Rebecca in the hallway of the hospital. Rebecca blasts Natalia for infusing herself into Jesse’s and Angie’s lives. Ryan and Annie visit the motel room and find Aidan there. Aidan shows them that the kidnapper left a laptop on the desk. Turning it on, they immediately see Emma on the webcam, who asks, ’Mommy, are you there?” Across the screen run the words that break Annie’s heart, the kidnapper wants ten million dollars. Kendall's heart stops beating. J.R. and Adam find Little Adam with David Hayward.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda and Brian share two kisses and decide to try and have a relationship but then Lucinda gets the news that her cancer has returned so she puts an end to the early relationship without telling Brian the reason why she is ending the relationship. Alison and Aaron drift further apart when Aaron accuses Alison of flirting with Kevin. Casey later explains to Aaron that Alison was pretending to like Kevin to help Luke with his campaign. Luke gets angry at Kevin because his campaign manger put a video on the internet making fun of Luke's sexual orientation. Kevin tells Luke he told his campaign manager not to do it and he asked him to take the video off the internet. Kevin's campaign manager finds out Alison is spying for Luke's campaign so he gets angry at Alison for using him and ignores her. Kevin's campaign manager takes Casey's costume and pretends that he is him so that Alison will go for a ride in his car. Alison suspects that the guy in the mask isn't Casey and when she begins to ask questions one of Mark's friends puts a sheet over her face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke assures Rick that he needs to rest and he will be okay. He grouses that he just needs her to get rid of the man who pushed him off the roof. He will not let that man marry his mother. He wants her to be committed to him, not Ridge. He gives her an ultimatum. If she walks out the door and chooses Ridge, then don’t come back. She is out of his life just like Ridge is. Donna asks Eric not to forget what Pam did. Sick or not, Donna is not going to forgive or forget. Stephanie asks Eric not to testify and if Donna doesn’t then the police will not charge her and she can go back to Chicago with Ann and get help there. Eric asks Donna not to testify, but she can’t let this go. His heart is in the right place, but he’s being too light on Pam. Ann talks to Donna and assures her that Pam took care of her for her entire life and she will not allow her to spend her life now in prison. Eric begs again for some compassion. They can not ignore her medical condition. He asks her to remember her own brother and the person he suddenly turned into because he temporarily lost it. She then agrees, take Pam to Chicago and keep her there.

Pam asks Donna to forgive her and it almost works until Pam says she could not "bear" it if Donna didn't. Taylor visits Rick and he states to her that he sees now that he was just a crutch to her to build her up until she got the man she really wanted. Ridge is a loser though. When he wants her to leave, she says she will always care for Rick. Phoebe visits Rick and he vows that he can not stand Ridge anymore and he will stop him. Brooke tells Ridge what Rick said, but he says that is asking too much. Nothing is going to stop their wedding, it will happen this time. Brooke re-hashes old news to Taylor that she knew she and Rick were not right for each other. She blames this whole tragedy on her. She will never forgive Taylor for Rick for laying in that hospital bed. She might as well have thrown him off the roof herself. This is war!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate tells Lucas and Phillip about her cancer diagnosis, and asks Lucas to take over day-to-day operations for her company while she takes some time off for treatment. Lucas wants her to get a second opinion, but Kate refuses. Later, she starts chemotherapy, telling Lucas and Phillip that she wants to be alone. Chelsea talks to Daniel about Kate’s diagnosis, and later brings Kate a St. Sophia necklace, remembering that Kate prayed for her when she was sick. Melanie has nightmares about getting more notes from the person that saw her in the cemetery, and packs, preparing to leave town. Bo and Hope stop her by telling her Trent left a will. Later, his lawyer tells them that Trent left Melanie everything, except for a small box he bequeathed to Max. Max refuses to take it. Later, the lawyer gets Melanie alone and tells her Trent left an envelope to be opened on the event of his death. She tries to hide it from Bo and Hope, but they know about it and demand to know what’s in it. Abe and Lexie prepare for a photo shoot for the paper, but Theo breaks a coffee mug and throws a fit at the café. Lexie wants to take him home after dealing with insensitive comments from a patron, but Abe convinces her that they must stick together as a family and be proud of their son. Lexie agrees to participate in the shoot.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Mac makes arrangements for transportation to the wedding, while Maxie and Spinelli make sure that everything can be perfect. Patrick goes to do his rounds before the wedding after taking his car out one last time. Olivia convinces Patrick not to sell his car and not to stop racing. Jason and Claudia talk to others about almost getting married. Claudia reveals to Ric, Kate and Olivia that she will be marrying Sonny. Maxie convinces Jason to attend Robin’s wedding. Robin and Anna talk about Patrick and the wedding. Anthony and Claudia argue and then he starts gasping.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia visits Olivia only to get yelled at. Olivia then asks again for help. Natalia excepts. Rafe has problems in jail. Remy stops by Company with some goodies for Buzz and little Maureen warns Buzz about the smoke alarm and he tells her he knows since loosing his diner to a fire. Lizzie finally gets in contact with Bill, but can't tell him much. She does say it feels bigger than before like a garage or something. Lizzie tells him about being put in a hole then the kidnapper getting her out. Remy, Clarissa and Maureen head over to see Daisy for their Fire Prevention project. Rafe calls his mom. He tells her not to come and visit. The reason is he has a black eye and broken arm and doesn't want her to see it. After the call Natalia sees Daisy and they talk about Rafe. The kidnapper comes back realizing she had a cellphone. He crushes it to pieces. Bill tells Frank of the call he had with Lizzie. Dinah has lunch with Vanessa and Billy. Natalia runs into Remy and the girls and they chat about her job and what they are up too. Bill takes a walk to think. Billy catches up with Bill. Bill tells him that he had a call from Lizzie and he wanted the police to track the call but he lost it. Then Bill come up on the white van Lizzie was in. Bill searches it for clues. He sees that it was leaking oil and follows the trail. Daisy goes to see Rafe for Natalia. She sees his black eye. He signs the papers she hands him. Remy and the girls then run into Ashley and she talks with the girls about their project. Frank calls Vanessa about the call Lizzie made to Bill. Dinah listens in on Frank's call. Bill comes face to face with the kidnapper and they fight. Frank drops by Company for a bite to eat and Buzz ask about Lizzie. Then Remy and the girls he is helping with their fire prevention project come by. Frank is really excited about what they are doing. Olivia finds out today was visitor's day at the prison and that Daisy had to go in Natalia's place. They have words about it then they discussion cools off to the two of them smiling. The visit ends at the prison and Daisy yells at the guard for letting this happen to Rafe. Olivia and Natalia end they day on a positive note with thanking each other for their help in their problems. Frank talks to Dinah about Lizzie's kidnapping and loosing the whereabouts of her because the phone was either dropped or found by the kidnapper and destroyed. The last we see Lizzie running into Bill's arms.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian returns home after Nora's convinced her to give up her fight with Clint. She talks to Adriana and they both realize how much they are alike and how Adriana's lies and schemes to keep Rex are not unlike Dorian's feud with Clint. Rex is happily with Gigi. But he's very worried that nobody has seen or heard from Natalie. Tess tells Todd she will help him and Marty get out of town if he can help her and Bree to get fake passports. Todd is, however, concerned about how Tess might be unfit to care for a child. Viki shares with Charlie that she is very concerned that Tess is responsible for the disappearance of Natalie and Charlie and she's very concerned about children in the "care" of Tess.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Kay’s memoirs are on the verge of being published and Jill is all up in arms, worried about the way she will be portrayed. Nick is back and tries to spend some quality time with Phyllis; unfortunately they are interrupted by Sharon and Summer. Nikki is on another cryptic mission to save Victor, this after Heather pleads with the Newman’s to tell her Victor’s prime location. Phyllis spies Brad and Sharon having coffee and hugging and clasping hands. The charges on Brad and Jill are dropped.

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