The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/27/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee sits in a chair in the nursery at the hospital and holds Bianca’s baby in her arms. Aidan stops by to see her. Greenlee remarks that she wished that things had worked out for them, but Aidan doesn’t want to discuss it. Ryan and Annie read a note from the kidnapper. Ryan, immediately wants to call the police, but Annie is completely against the idea. Ryan holds her close as she begins to cry. David spends some last moments with Babe as he holds her lifeless body in his arms. David vows that he will not let the Chandler’s get away with this. Krystal urges him to let this go. Adam talks to someone on a gurney at the hospital. Adam thinks that the body is Erica’s. Adam looks up and sees Erica coming toward him. He is relieved to see Erica alive. Zach argues with Jake over Kendall being in a coma which results in Zach knocking Taylor down the stairs. Jake hurries to Taylor’s rescue while Joe calls for a backboard and a neck brace. Erica is surprised to see Bianca at the hospital. They hug. Erica questions her as to what she is doing here. Greenlee asks Aidan to help Ryan and Annie to find Emma. Amanda arrives at the hospital and meets up with Jake, but he spends very little time with her for he goes to check on Taylor.

Bianca explains everything to Erica as to who the father of her baby is, is none other than Zach, as Erica holds the baby in her arms. Aidan visits Ryan and Annie and lets them know that he will help them find Emma. David attacks J.R. and Tad has to pull David off J.R. Taylor is paralyzed. Zach orders Jake to stay away from Kendall. Erica urges Kendall to come back to the. Greenlee offers her help to Annie in finding Emma. Annie refuses her help.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Spencer tries to make nice with Henry, but he then sees her meet with a sketchy man about getting something after someone dies. Jack and Janet are blissfully happy, as they talk about going to lunch to celebrate their engagement. Brad and Katie aren’t talking, which Janet notices when she is ready to spring her great news. Meg suggests to Dusty that he stay away from her because she is worried about what Paul might do. Dusty doesn’t want to, but Meg tells him about Paul’s failed attempt to get Derek to plant drugs on him. Paul tells Emily that he plans on shooting Dusty, as Emily is horrified. Katie tells Janet that she is afraid that she and Brad are headed for big trouble. Spencer gets Brad to lighten up when he is down about Katie. Katie asks Janet about her and Jack, and Janet is finally able to blurt out her good news, as she shows her the ring. Emily is able to talk Paul down when she reminds him about his baby that he needs to be strong and to be around for - to take care of, as Paul is swayed. ‘James’ tries to talk Paul out of his change if heart. Spencer and Brad make lunch plans when Janet arrives to talk; she tells him about the engagement and then offers advice about Katie even suggesting that he and Katie join her and Jack for a celebratory lunch. Brad agrees and tells Spencer that he has to take a rain check, which doesn’t look like it pleases her. Wanting advice, Katie goes to see Margo but finds Jack instead. She pours out her heart and worries that Brad doesn’t love her anymore. Jack assures her that is the farthest thing from the truth, but she needs to realize whatever Spencer is or is not doing has nothing to do with her and Brad. Jack invites her to his lunch with Janet and promises to call Brad too. Dusty talks with Derek about the job he turned down. Derek notices someone might be watching Dusty, as Dusty decides to offer him a job. A woman telling him that he shouldn’t do what he is planning approaches Paul. Paul asks Emily to hold his gun because he doesn’t want to go there anymore. He wants to get better and he will. Dusty interrupts them and wonders what they are up to. Derek goes to see Meg and tells him that he has been asked to look out for her. Paul apologizes to Dusty and tells him that he wants a truce. Dusty is skeptical, but Paul assures him that he needs to do right by Meg from now on, as Emily seems impressed by this turnaround. Janet and Jack realize they both invited Brad and Katie to lunch to help them out, as they laugh about it. Henry wants to talk with Katie about Spencer, but she doesn’t want to hear it; she is there to make up with Brad. Henry sees the man he saw with Spencer dropping off a package for her, as he tries to tell her about it. Brad interrupts Henry and Katie; they let their guards down and make up promising a start fresh. Henry takes the box from the counter and opens it; he finds a jewelry box and thinks there must be more to it. He drops and breaks it, as Spencer finds him there and yells at him. Brad and Katie overhear. Brad thinks that Katie played him in order for Henry to do this. Katie promises she wasn’t involved, but Brad leaves with Spencer to go try to fix the jewelry box. Emily apologizes to Dusty, who realizes she was speaking the truth; he doesn’t want her to expect more then he can give. Emily just wants to be friends. Paul arrives at the farm with a big bouquet of flowers, but Derek stops him. Surprisingly, Paul takes it in stride and tells him that he was just leaving the flowers because he is going to respect Meg’s wishes to not see her. He is also going to get help for Meg and his baby’s sake. Meg overhears this and is moved. The same woman that approached Paul approaches Dusty; she is a psychic, who talks to Dusty about his wife. When Dusty tells her that his wife is dead, the woman responds that he is as well. Meg tells Derek that she wants nothing more then Paul to be at her side when she has the baby so she hopes he does get help. Paul and ‘James’ have another conversation, as Paul tells him confidentially that he will be proud because this time he knows exactly what he is doing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After the examination, Rick agonizes that he is paralyzed. Ridge looks on in disbelief while Brooke glares at him. Rick mocks Ridge and tells him he has always taken everything away from him that he loved and he is not going to do that anymore. He orders him out of his room. Bridget tells the family that Rick’s swelling around the spine could be temporary and he could walk again. But Rick is unrelenting and wallows in self-pity. He asks Brooke to let Ridge go, make Rick first now. He begs her to get Ridge out of their lives once and for all. Eric explains to Donna that Pam’s scar tissue inside her head may have caused her to snap and do all these crazy things. Donna announces to Stephanie that no matter how sugary sweet Pam comes out of surgery, she will not rest until she is behind bars. Both Donna and Stephanie see for themselves that Pam is speaking in the present about Tiny when they both know he died months ago. Pam is confused and she does not believe Donna when she confronts her about holding a gun to her head, running over Beth and poisoning Eric.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nick finds Melanie packing, and preparing to burn the note shoved under her door saying someone knows what she did in the cemetery. He promises to help her prove her innocence in her father’s murder case. Chelsea does online research about lung cancer, and tries to talk to Nick about Kate. He blows her off, and Chelsea ends up laying into Melanie, saying that Nick deserves better, and that everyone in town knows that she is a murderer. Nick tries to reassure Melanie, but she looks up flights leaving Salem, anyway. Sami shares a tearful goodbye with Allie and Johnny, and goes into witness protection, staying at a loft with her guard, Darrell. They clash when Sami learns he’s a vegan that smokes, and he takes away the photos EJ snuck into her bag earlier. The shooter continues to stalk Sami, but seems to have lost her for the time being. Lucas and Chloe fight about Sami, until Chloe learns that Lucas is just as happy as she is about Sami being gone. Chloe worries that she will be back soon, but Lucas divulges that Sami will be away until after she has her baby. Nicole watches Johnny while EJ takes a walk. He cries a lot and spits milk in her face. EJ comes home to find Nicole fast asleep with Johnny in her lap. Later, when she wishes Sami would come home, EJ tells her she won’t be back for a long time.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu is put into a padded cell at Shadybrook, but escapes shortly afterwards. Nikolas and Nadine confess their feelings for one another. Spinelli admits to Maxie that he is worried about Lulu. Lulu is able to get away from Shadybrook. Sam tells Lucky she still loves him, but Lucky thinks Sam is attracted to Jerry. Lulu shows up at Lucky's house and tells him about Scott taking Laura from Shadybrook. Luke and Tracy are in a plane on their way back to Port Charles. Tracy tells Luke that Edward got the charges against him dropped. Luke is having a hard time flying the plane, which upsets Tracy. Laura wonders why Scott is punishing Lulu for killing his son. Laura says that Scott needs to have compassion for Lulu. Patrick goes to Jake's, where he strikes up a conversation with Olivia. Patrick asks Olivia if she will tell her son who his father is. Lulu and Lucky go to Wyndemere to tell Nikolas about Laura. Scott hopes that Laura will fall in love with him again. Luke prepares to land the plane.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah and Grady argue about what to do with Lizzie. Bill investigates the drop off and then threatens the guy who shows up, and it is not Grady. Lizzie tries to escape from the van. Grady threatens Dinah by telling her he'll tell the FBI about her. Dinah goes home to find no one around so she goes into the wall safe. Grady moves Lizzie to so tire shed. Grady lets Lizzie take off her blindfold while eating and he hides but is in earshot of her as they talk about the kidnapping. Bill winds up in jail. Alan and Bill meet again and hash over the same subject. Dinah can't get the safe open and when she hears a voice she goes to the desk. Mallet appears. Mallet tell Dinah that Bill had a gun and almost killed the messenger. Mallet tells Dinah what he feels about her. Telling her, "When she walks into a room it is like she owns the air". Dinah thanks Mallet for his support. After a bit, Mallet leaves. Mel comes to Bill's rescue. She tells him that Mallet called her. She tries to show some support in telling Bill, "They'll find her." She tells him she'll get the paperwork ready for his release from Jail. Lizzie and Grady continue talking. She is tied up, but the blindfold is off. Grady is being careful that she doesn't see him. He covers his face and walks up to Lizzie tightening the ropes on her hands and putting the blindfold back on. Then takes off. Alan is not happy that Bill will be out. He wonders where the justice is. Met quips back that it is the same justice that let him out. Dinah and Grady meet again. Grady tells Dinah that Lizzie is playing mind tricks with him. Dinah goes to the hideout where Lizzie is. Lizzie senses someone there and calls out for someone to answer her. Alan argues with Mallet about the kidnapping and Bill. Remy gets a call from a woman by the name of Christina, who is calling for a date. Remy tells her no, but that he'll call her when he is ready. Dinah gets closer up to Lizzie. And Lizzie senses it. Dinah leaves her cell on the floor. Dinah and Grady then take off in the van. As Grady and Dinah leave and Lizzie is alone the cellphone goes off, Bill is on the other end and he hears each others voices as they talk.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Dorian is in jail, Nora talks to her about dropping all charges against her if she ends her feud with Clint. Dorian's "conscience", Mel, also tells her that she needs to start "playing by the rules". Dorian comes home to Langston. Clint drops his vendetta to take her foster daughter away from her. Cristian Vega gets himself put in jail so that he can be with Vanessa after she's been taken to jail for shooting Ray. Rex gets better and declares that he's going to be with Gigi. Adriana realizes she needs to accept that.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Adam is not happy when he realizes the tape has been erased, he confronts Jack and lets him know he’s not going to be a pawn in his game. Sharon walks in on this exchange and lets Jack have it, stating her refusal to listen to his lies any longer. Heather tries to get information on Nick’s whereabouts by telling her about his visit with Sharon. Jeffrey tells Glo their marriage is strictly business and Glo still tries to once again use Kay’s senior moment against her. Nick tricks the authorities on a plane to Argentina.

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