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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

As soon as she hears that Kendall is hurt, Erica leaves the Chandler Mansion and heads to the hospital in an ambulance, but she is hurt in an accident on the way there. Adam leaves Colby with Pete at the house and heads to the hospital where he hears that the woman in the ambulance died and fears it is Erica. Ryan and Annie are disappointed not to find their daughter at Chandler Mansion, then run to the penthouse after Annie receives a voicemail from Emma saying she's home. There, they find a note warning them not to go to the police or their child will die. After J.R. declares that Babe is dead, David attempts to resuscitate her, then blames her death on J.R. David steals Babe's body from the morgue and vows to make J.R. pay for killing her. Although Jesse tries to explain, Frankie expresses his outrage at his father's lies to keep his other family a secret. Remaining eerily calm, Angie asks Jesse for details about his other life, wondering how he could have loved them and left them.

When Jake informs Zach that Kendall had a seizure and is now in a coma, he blames the doctor for not stopping when the power was off. Zach grabs his two boys and enters the O.R. to urge Kendall to come back to them. Then he introduces them to their new cousin/sister. Bianca feels guilty that Kendall was hurt trying to protect her. Assuring her she's family, she allows Greenlee to hold her baby while she goes to talk and sing to her sister. After Aidan and Greenlee catch up with each other, he tells her he always imagined her with a baby. Jake confides in Taylor that while he operated on Kendall, he felt as though he was back in Africa, with no rules or safety net, trying to perform the impossible. Zach hears Joe admonish his son for his mistake and loses his temper. During their struggle on the stairs, Taylor loses her balance and tumbles down.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Brad loses his cool during a technical goof-up during taping with Spenser. He promises her that nothing will come between them being a team though. Margo tells Katie it is not so easy to drop charges against Spencer since they searched her room. Liberty suggests lots and lots of makeup for Janet since her hives caused splotches on her face and neck. Carly goads Jack into tasting some oysters. He practices his proposal on Carly. She reminds him that he did a lot better when he proposed to her. She recites the times he proposed to her and remembers every word. Janet calls Jack and asks for a rain check until tomorrow. Carly suggests he have more champagne. One bottle down, one to go. Jack reminiscences about their happy times in Montana. But in the end he realizes what Carly is doing and that she is putting him to the test. He reminds her they agreed they are not right for each other, yet now she is making this power play. They bare their souls that they love each other, but they can’t live with each other. She suggests they can’t go back, but they can go forward. Find a way and she will make it happen. She’s livid when he says Janet is about as far from Carly as she can be, and that is what he wants now. He wants peace, something he and Carly never had. He vows he will still propose to Janet when she is better tomorrow.

Janet advises Katie to go make up with Brad. Margo asks Spenser a few questions. Spenser is stunned that Katie has now sicced her sister on her like a stalker. Without much conviction, Katie apologizes to Spenser again. Kim accuses Brad and Katie of having a hissy fit during taping of Oakdale Now and she announces they are on hiatus, off the air for now. Katie huffs off the set and Spenser gloats, offers her sympathy to Brad. Katie laments to Margo that she is in trouble and doesn’t want to be divorced again. Liberty literally makes Janet open the door, even with calamine lotion all over her. Jack finds it adorable. He asks her to picture soft candles, champagne, music and he produces the ring. All he wants is her; will she marry him? She leaps into his arms saying yes. Carly toasts a drink to lost love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke hovers over Rick in the hospital and Ridge tells him that they are all relieved that he is okay. Rick grouses why is Ridge even there? He can go to hell. This was no accident no matter what Ridge says. Brooke faces Ridge and asks if he caused Rick’s fall. He admits Rick was the aggressor and charged at him. He tried to walk away and Rick grabbed him again and started choking him. If Ridge hadn’t done something, Rick might have killed him. In the melee Rick went over the railing. He’s sorry it happened, but he did not intentionally push Rick. Rick doesn’t feel anything when the doctor performs the neurological examination. He’s devastated when he realizes he is paralyzed. Owen tells Donna they have to sit tight and wait, everything with Pam will work out. Pam will be out of their lives and Donna will get her husband back. No gold medal for him, but he’ll have to settle for bronze. Donna can’t wait though and calls Eric. He fills her in about Pam. She got ill and was rushed to the hospital. He knows everything and both of them are now safe from Pam. At the hospital the nurse tells Stephanie that her sister is a fugitive and they will have to call the police. Stephanie and Eric are told that Pam has a massive growth in her brain and needs surgery to relieve the pressure. Stephanie urges Eric not to stay with her, but go see Donna as he should be with her now. Donna comes to Eric’s and he says he is not sure he will ever be able to repay her for sticking by his side and even walking away from the marriage to protect him from Pam. She cries that she is okay and he is okay and that is all that matters. Stephanie leans over Pam and tells her that she is not to blame for all of this. She is going to fight, they are not going to be defeated by their daddy. He took their innocence away and is the one responsible for this. She vows to be there when Pam wakes up.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate comes to the hospital to return Daniel’s swimming trunks. Chelsea finds them and lays into Kate, telling her that she wants her out of her life. Daniel then tells Kate that she has cancer. Phillip and Melanie get hot and heavy, but he breaks it off, saying he was just using her to make sure she was really guilty. He tells Bo all about the wallet, and Melanie starts packing, planning on leaving town. Stephanie and Max continue to argue about Melanie. Sami agrees to go into the witness protection program, after much resistance, and Lucas wonders if she only agreed to keep EJ from finding out about her pregnancy. Later, Johnny touches Sami’s belly and says ‘baby’ while EJ looks on.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Laura wakes up and stops Scotty's verbal attack on Lulu. Laura agrees to leave with Scotty if he promises to forget Lulu's murder confession. Nobody believes Lulu when she says Scotty took Laura and left the clinic. Scotty's plan is to rekindle the love he once shared with Laura. Jerry visits Sam in jail and proposes they form a partnership and cut Karpov out of the deal. Lucky is upset about Sam's obsession with Jerry. Nikolas posts bail for Sam. Luke and Tracy are still stuck in Mexico. Claudia and Jason decide marriage is a bad idea for them. Claudia says her marriage to Sonny is unavoidable. Sonny questions Olivia about Dante's paternity.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah has a dream that she is with Grady and he is telling her that he kidnapped Lizzie. Then Bill wakes her. Lizzie is at the top of the barrel talking down to Grady about leaving him there. Grady throws up this hood at the same time covering his face as Lizzie throws down an end of a rope. Marina goes to Cassie to talk to her about the polygraph. Cassie says she is sticking by her story. Cyrus comes from behind Lizzie to put a pillow case over her head. Back at the Mansion Bill and Dinah talk about Decker. Bill tells Dinah he can't think about business right now. Cyrus gets Grady out of the well and puts Lizzie back in. Cassie tells Marina that she slept with Cyrus, but a long time ago. Marina can't believe her ears. And then figures out why Daisy dumped him. Lizzie blindfolded listens to a broadcast of Bill telling he will do anything to get her back. Now Lizzie feel more hopeful. Grady and Cyrus sit and argue about Lizzie. Cyrus wants Grady to let Lizzie go. Then he says he'll take care of it. Cyrus tells Grady he doesn't want to see him busted. Cyrus tells Grady to clean the van of no evidence and to make sure it is clean. Marina wants to call Harley with Cassie's news. Cassie tells her not too. Marina now realized that is the reason Harley can't come back. Marina even thinks that this is what broke Cassie and Josh up. Cassie tells her something else broke her and Josh up. Cassie says she thought they were friends and that she had to hear from Blake that Marina and Mallet bought the house together. Bill continues his plea to get Lizzie back saying she is the love of his life. Dinah has to calm Bill down toward the end as he starts calling the kidnapper a name. Dinah then talks into the camera saying they will set up a number to call and that they all love Lizzie. Cyrus goes back to Cassie's and Cassie tell him of the discussion she had with Marina. Lizzie starts yelling when Grady returns. She tell him (she doesn't know it is him since he has covered his face.) that this is how he treats her after she came back for him. Then he covers her mouth the the tie. Mallet comes home to find no one there. He grabs a beer and sees an orange paper taped to the frig. He then follows the directions to find Marina opening the door to a bedroom. They undress standing up and hold each other. Cassie tells Cyrus that she is going to tell him the same thing she told Marina, that she has fun with him. Bill goes to the drop off. Dinah is on the phone in her car with Decker talking about China. Then meets Grady, who reminds them they are partners.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty is "remembering" a baby and asks Todd. But she does not pursue the fact that it was her son Cole. Meanwhile, Cole has a "vision" that his mother is not far away and he goes to talk to John. John is secretly investigating his "theory" that Marty might be in Todd's home, although he has no way of proving nor reason to tell anybody.

After Gigi "sneaks" into the room to see Rex, with the help of Marcie and Michael, he awakens and declares that she is the love of his life. Adriana overhears and realizes she must say goodbye to Rex. Tess is up to no good and wants to protect herself and her two kids from the people she does not trust. Viki, Charlie and Roxy all have a "prayer session" to bring back Natalie, Jared, Rex and Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack sticks it to Frank the forger and Adam by breaking into Frank's apartment and erases the tape. Kay reaches out to her doppelganger Marge, while Esther and Jill go insane wondering where exactly she is. Jeffrey returns and Glo and him reconnect until he tells her he's still blackmailing her. Nikki and Victoria find out the significance of the egg from Jana. Victor seeks refuge in church in France.

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