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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

As the tornado hits Pine Valley Hospital, everyone scurries for cover wherever and however it can be found. Zach wheels Bianca and their baby into a storage closet, then covers Greenlee with his body as the windows shatter. There to deliver a patient, Taylor offers her services to get the generator working.  Meanwhile, Jake insists on continuing the brain surgery on Kendall despite the anesthesiologist's and Zach's warnings that it's not safe to do so in the dark. As soon as the surgery's complete, Kendall has a seizure. While protecting his newly-found sister, Natalia, Frankie injures his hand but refuses immediate treatment. Angie and Frankie question Natalia about her family and Jesse. Zach and Bianca admit to Greenlee that the baby is his.

At the tunnels beneath Chandler Mansion, Ryan and Annie continue to search for their missing daughter with Pete and Colby's help. After the ceiling collapses on top of them, Erica is relieved when Adam regains consciousness but won't admit it. During his search, Pete is knocked unconscious by the person who's been inhabiting the tunnels. Finally Ryan and Annie rescue Adam and Erica and inform them of Kendall's injury.  J.R. and Krystal keep vigil at Babe's bedside as she lays dying. J.R. carries Babe into the chapel where they declare their undying love for each other. As J.R. cries, David opens the door looking for his daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty breaks up with Emily telling her that he will never be over his feelings for Jennifer. Emily tells Paul the reason Dusty broke up with her and also advises Paul to stop acting like James and come up with a plan to win Meg's heart again. Emily advises Paul to pretend to get medical help so that Meg will be willing to give him a second chance. Emily takes Paul to the hospital but they are not happy to see Meg there with Dusty because Meg is having cramps. Emily tells Dusty to stop playing the hero to pregnant women and also accuses him of trying to replace Jennifer and Johnny with Meg and her baby. Jack proposes to Janet but Carly interrupts so Jack tries a more romantic proposal at the Lakeview but Janet is unable to make it because she gets a case of hives because she is nervous about Jack's proposal. Carly realizes that she must try once more to win Jack's heart before it is too late. Carly later arrives at the Lakeview and asks Jack if she can have dinner with him since Janet can't come because she is sick with hives.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna paces as Owen tries to tell her not to worry. Stephanie will call when she turns Pam over to the police. Donna confesses that she’d rather pity Pam than to hate her. Mental illness probably runs in her family. Stephanie tells Pam their mother is not there. She lied to get Pam here and try to help her. Pam breaks down and confesses that she could have helped Stephanie when they were girls. She knew the abuse Stephanie took from her father and she did nothing. She promised then never again would she stand by when someone hurt Stephanie. Eric joins them and she berates him for hurting Stephanie and breaking his promise to love her for a lifetime. Sirens went off in her head and she had to do something. Eric reminds her that they had been friends once, so he can’t understand this. Stephanie demands that Pam tell the truth. Pam says all the things she did, including trying to run Beth down, was just to scare Donna. In her babblings, she begs Stephanie to put her away, she just wants to sleep. She collapses in Stephanie’s arms. After Rick falls from the balcony off the Sky Lounge, Ridge calls the paramedics and tells an unconscious Rick to hang in there. Then he calls Brooke to break the bad news. She meets him at the hospital and tells Ridge she hopes he had nothing to do with this accident. She sits by Rick’s side and cries for him to come back to her. She wants him to open his eyes, she can’t lose her child. Rick does open his eyes and recognizes Brooke and Bridget. Ridge stands by uneasy probably what Rick will say.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

The shooter attempts to kill Sami, but EJ pushes her out of the way in the nick of time. Later, Roman tells her that she will have to enter into a witness protection program. Chloe tries to tell Nicole about Sami’s pregnancy, but Lucas stops her. John later tells Nicole that EJ saved Sami’s life, even though she thought he was going to the office. Max refuses to tell Bo and Hope about Melanie’s confession, saying that he has to protect her. He tries to explain to Stephanie, but she says it’s over, because he made her out to be a liar. After Melanie’s disturbing visions of Trent in her bedroom, Phillip confronts her about the murder and the wallet. Melanie offers him sex in exchange for his silence.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax meets with his new attorney regarding some hotel business. Luke and Tracy are still in Mexico. They conclude that Edward won't be helping Luke out of his mess. Olivia tells Sonny she knows he's planning to marry Claudia. Sonny says he's decided against the marriage. Later, Sonny answers Olivia's cell phone and talks with Dante. Claudia has other plans for her future and asks Jason to marry her. Jason agrees. Claudia says Jason will end up dead if she marries Sonny. Spinelli and Maxie think Trevor is behind the notes Lulu has been receiving. When Spinelli compares the handwriting on the notes to Trevor's writing, the two don't match. Scotty confronts Lulu about murdering Logan. As Scotty is telling Lulu she will pay for her crime, Laura grabs him from behind.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill looks at a map and mumbles about Lizzie. Cyrus is standing outside the Mansion when Cassie creeps up behind him and startles him. Grady is in a vehicle with a tide up Lizzie and they go to the drop off site. With Lizzie still talking and driving Grady crazy to the point he leaves the vehicle to get some air. Returns and turns on the radio loudly. Dinah calls Grady who can't hear his cell because of the radio or doesn't want to answer to tip off Lizzie. Later Dinah and Bill meet up to talk. Bill tells Dinah he's been racking his brain as to who would do this and why. After talking to Dinah, Bill goes home and receives a call from the coroner and he tells the guy he'll be right there. Cyrus trying to get rid of Cassie tells her he is trying to help his brother. Cassie is shocked and upset. Grady comes back into the vehicle (van) to hear more of Lizzie talk and finally he leaves again only to go into the back of the van and get Lizzie and drag her out of the van. She tells Grady she is hungry. Dinah handles a meeting with Decker, who wants to see Bill. Lizzie tries to escape only to fall in a covered well. Grady sees her and asks if she is ok. She doesn't answer, so he goes to get help. Lizzie come too. She has her blindfold away from her eyes. She starts screaming. Decker likes what he sees in Dinah. He invites her on a business trip to China. But she decline citing responsibilities and family. Decker says he understands. Cyrus breaks into the grounds of the Mansion of Bill. and looks in his library for something and then goes all over the house. Cassie goes to Mallet and Marinas to see Daisy. She tells Daisy this when she answers the door. Daisy let her in. A hooded Grady comes back for Lizzie. Cyrus is found out by Dinah. Cyrus tells her he was looking for Bill. Dinah tells him he is not here. At the Coroner's office, Bill sees the victim is not Lizzie and is relieved. Daisy tells Cassie that she and Grady broke up. Cassie tells her that her life is better without him. The discussion turns to Rafe. Daisy tells Cassie that whatever Rafe wanted she couldn't give him. Lizzie gets rescued from her kidnapper from the well, only to one up him and get out herself and kick him in. She waits there a sec while he yells at her to get him out. She then yells at him that is just how she felt. She asks him to take off his mask......

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie and Michael help Gigi get into the room alone to see Rex and hide from Adriana. But it looks like Rex is not going to make it regardless. Shane admits to Matthew that although he's believed all his life that Brody is his dad, he is concerned about Rex and doesn't want him to die. Matthew informs Shane that he recently found out that Bo was his father for the first time and could not live without Bo. Tess finds out all about Todd's plan. He reveals to Janet that he needs her "help" in the scam to have Starr believing that her baby died so that he and Marty can adopt the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis try to celebrate their anniversary, unfortunately it is cut shot with more Newman drama. The property has been bugged ( courtesy of Heather) and Nick has gone to warn Nikki of this. The Newman’s receive a package at the Ranch from France. Victor prays in a church in France. Jill begs Kay to see a doctor and she obliges, after Jill makes the appointment she goes back and finds that Kay has once again disappeared. She has gone to meet Marge (her dead ringer). Jack is eluding Frank the forger and Adam, this makes Adam angry and in a knee jerk reaction he supplies Frank with Jack’s contact information. Frank orders his money in person. Sharon is feeling low and Nick tries to console her but is on another Victor sighting mission so the consoling is cut short.

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