The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse lets Angie know that Natalia is his daughter. Angie is more than a little bit surprised. Angie lets Jesse know that she has to do surgery on Natalia. Annie searches the Chandler mansion for Emma. Ryan also arrives to search for Emma. Zach has delivered Bianca’s beautiful little girl. Greenlee visits Kendall and urges her to get well for her, Zach and the boys. Babe lets Krystal and Tad know that she and J.R. are getting married tonight.

Zach signs the papers for Kendall to have emergency surgery .Ryan and Annie are joined in their search by Pete and Colby, who are searching for Adam and Erica. Ryan promises Annie that they will search for Emma together. Everyone scrambles for safety as yet another tornado hits Pine Valley and this time hits the hospital. J.R. holds Babe close as the tornado sirens go off.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily has car trouble and Carly offers her help, but Lily is being stubborn and refuses. Noah finds out from Casey that Luke is now officially running for president of student body, as Luke apologizes. Aaron tells Allison that he has spoken with a lawyer about a divorce. Allison is saddened and surprised by how quickly Aaron is handling this, but at the same time does nothing to stop it either, which hurts Aaron. Jack and Holden talk about relationships, as Holden wonders if Jack isn’t going to be soon roped into certain things if Janet is running the show now. Liberty worries when Janet tells her about Jack asking her to move in. Liberty is upset that Janet is getting her hopes up like every other relationship when in the end, the other person doesn’t want the same thing. Lily breaks down and accepts Carly’s help. Casey, Luke and Noah discuss the pitfalls of Luke running for president of student body. Allison joins the discussion as Noah suggests Casey be Luke’s campaign manager. Kevin learns from Luke that he is his opponent and takes it in stride. Lily invites Carly inside for coffee. Aaron laments to Holden about Allison’s reaction to their impending divorce. Janet has a waking nightmare about her future. Liberty goes to see Jack about her mom, suggesting that since he and her mom don’t want the same future, the best thing he can do is let her go before she gets hurt like all the other times. Lily tells Carly that she and Holden are really trying this time and that means putting the past truly behind her. Carly is happy for them, but saddened when Lily is unsure they will ever be friends again. Carly jokes about needing all the friends she can get, but she understands how she feels. As she is leaving, Lily rethinks her statement and offers to try to be friends again, as Carly is thrilled. Carly and Lily break the ice by talking about Carly and Jack and some realizations about how she feels about Jack and why she tried to push him and Janet together. Janet and Jack decide to meet after Janet learns Liberty talked with him. After Kevin’s campaign manager makes some off color remarks about Luke, Casey decides to take the job as campaign manager. His first duty is to ask Allison to spy for them at Kevin’s meeting. Holden suggests to Aaron that he avoid Allison at all costs to get through their break up. Allison goes to Kevin’s rally and is upset with how Kevin’s campaign manager is acting. Kevin doesn’t seem too pleased either, but Allison walks out. Later, Kevin tells everyone that he will win this campaign fairly and without slandering Luke. Allison reports back and Luke, Casey and Noah gear up for a fight, as Allison agrees reluctantly to keep spying. Carly realizes she didn’t truly see Janet as a threat, but now she has to wonder if she underestimated it when Lily reminds her how Jack moved on with Katie when he thought they were through. Lily asks Carly to call her to tell her how things go, as Carly is pleased. Carly rushes out to talk with Jack. Janet and Jack talk about what each want in this relationship, as Janet does much of the talking really. Lily tells Holden about her talk with Carly, as he is happy to hear this, but he jokes about him not getting coffee with Dusty anytime in the near future. Carly looks for Jack at the station and is told where to find him. Jack interrupts Janet’s ratings about it being ok if they don’t want the same thing in the end, by getting down on bended knee to ask her to marry him, just as a devastated Carly walks up behind them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric agrees to go along with whatever Stephanie needs him to do to get to Pam and get her hospitalized. Donna is not sure she can pull off this plan. Pam calls and Donna puts the plan in action by telling her that Stephanie is not fine now. Ann came to town and something happened. It’s her heart and she is not well. Pam immediately calls Stephanie and confirms what Donna told her. Rick has contempt for Ridge and Ridge’s “sorry” isn’t enough. How can Ridge live with himself, how can he stand to throw all these women away like the garbage? He’s even more incensed when he finds out Ridge knew the wedding was off before Rick did. Ridge vows that he loves Brooke and he is not leading Taylor on. Still Rick blames it all on Ridge and promises him that he will never forget or forgive him for this. He thinks Ridge must have done something to make Taylor think there was some future. Ridge took that future with Taylor away from him. He states that he has issues, really big issues with Ridge and it’s going to end now. Taylor tells Brooke that she ended things with Rick. Brooke is not happy as that just means she broke Rick’s heart and he will be in pain. Taylor tells her that she knows Brooke will end up running off to Nick at some point and Taylor intends to be there waiting to pick up the pieces with Ridge. Brooke says she is just delusional. Brooke states that Taylor made a pass at Ridge, he declined, he wants Brooke so Taylor just needs to back off. Nothing or no one will come between her and Ridge.

Pam shows up at the Forrester’s and Stephanie welcomes her with open arms. Frantically Pam tries to explain she never meant to hurt Eric, just to get Donna to leave him. She’s crushed when she finds out Stephanie lied to her. Their mother is not here and is indeed okay. Donna and Owen await the news about Pam. Ridge tries to walk away, but Rick grabs him by the arm and punches him twice, then gets a stranglehold on him. Ridge grasps for a breath and struggles until he backs up to the railing and Rick splatters to the courtyard below.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip punches Daniel and confronts him about his relationship with Kate. Daniel convinces Phillip that he and Kate need each other, and Phillip agrees to back off. Lexie confides in Tony about Stefano’s possible involvement with Marino’s death, and fears that it is her fault, and that someone else might die. Marlena tries to convince Sami to move in with her, but Sami refuses. John threatens Stefano, telling him that he will kill him if Sami is hurt. Later, John asks Marlena why she hasn’t filed the divorce papers. Lucas picks Sami up and brings her back to the cabin, despite Chloe’s reluctance for him to do so. Lucas tries to convince Sami to tell EJ the truth about her pregnancy, just as EJ shows up. Nicole has cramps, and convinces EJ and John that she is fine, and doesn’t need to go to the hospital. EJ leaves to go check on Sami. Chloe shows up later, telling Nicole that she needs to know something about Sami. Meanwhile, the shooter lurks outside the cabin, trying to get a clear shot at Sami.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Epiphany and Liz stage an intervention for Robin and set her up for a surprise party! Carly and Jax talk about her encounter with Nikolas and then Jax makes arrangements to buy Spoon Island out from under Nikolas. Claudia accuses Rick of betraying her and tells him about her father’s offer to Sonny. Johnny visits Lulu and then is confronted about it by Trevor, who also goes to see Lulu. Nadine and Nikolas talk about their “relationship” and Leyla says that Nikolas must really care about Nadine. Epiphany clears Robin’s calendar for the day as part of the setup for the party. Carly and Jason talk about Sonny getting the organization back. Luke and Tracy get out of jail and talk about going home. Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli realize that someone is actually trying to keep Lulu in Shadybrook by sending her the notes.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy continues CPR as Natalia keep talking to her to not give up. Remy tells her he needs help. Natalia finally goes and gets help and tells Remy not to stop CPR. Reva shows Jeffrey a resume. Billy and Josh talk about Josh's trip and Shayne. Natalia comes back with the mobile defibrillator telling Remy she remembered where she saw one. They get Olivia to the hospital where Rick takes over. Remy and Natalia feel relieved that they got Olivia to the hospital breathing and they hug. Richard helps Reva with her resume. Josh talks about Reva breaking the news that she was pregnant. Josh tells Billy, he thought she was going to tell him the cancer is back. He says he felt so relieved when she told him she was pregnant. After Josh finishes his drink he gets up and then goes near Billy, who is still sitting, and pats him on the shoulder. Reva goes for her interview. She tells about being alive and what a experimental procedure did to save her life. The woman she is interviewing with is Hillary. When Hillary asks about her children. Reva mentions all then she says she pregnant. Hillary asks Reva if she could work some nights and weekend and if that is a problem. Reva can't answer her question. Josh and Jeffrey meet up at the grocery store and talk about Reva. Jeffrey sees Josh with a gift and asks. Josh says anytime he sees a baby come into the world it is a blessing. Jeffrey says Amen, Brother. Josh reminds Jeffrey he is not a preacher anymore. Mel gives her brother, Remy the devil for not answering her phone calls and he explains why. Rick goes out to the waiting room to see Natalia still there. She asks him how Olivia is. Rick tells Natalia she is very lucky to be alive. Natalia asks Rick if she could just go in for a minute. Rick says yes that Olivia was asking for her. Natalia is relieved when she sees Olivia. They joke about chilly. Natalia reminds Olivia that she is not doing this only for her but to pay off the lawyers. Then Rick comes in and tells them both that they have to talk. He doesn't look happy. Josh wants to know why Jeffrey is buying a flashlight. And kids if he is going back out into the "field". Jeffrey says he is doing this as a private matter. Rick tells Olivia she needs a pacemaker. Which means another surgery. Olivia says she has a meeting and also has to pick up Emma. Natalia says she will cancel the meeting and pick up Emma. Back at Company Josh sees Reva with a double chocolate shake with double whipped cream. Josh kids that he knows what that means. Reva tells him about a job interview that went bad because she mentioned she was pregnant. Jeffrey goes to where the drop for Lizzie was supposed to be. He sees an old garage/shed. He dictates this into his tape recorder and then goes to investigates. Josh and Reva talks about the kids over a double Sundae she orders for herself then decides to share with Josh. After a bit, Reva gets angry at Josh thinking he called her a pig for all she ate and drank. Josh says no. That it is the hormones. Josh shows her the gift he bought for the baby. Reva loves the little toy animal. Jeffrey meets with Frank with what he saw. Franks walks away and Jeffrey is standing near Marina's desk and sees references about being Daddy's Girl on her desk. Rick describes the procedure to Olivia and Natalia. Olivia tells Rick she wants a few minutes with Natalia. Olivia is actually speaking positively about Natalia. How she raised Rafe alone, etc. Then says how can Natalia want to help her. Josh meets Billy at Towers for a meeting on some building plans. Once again Billy is on Josh's case about Reva. Jeffrey comes home to find a dejected Reva. Jeffrey asks he about it and she says she doesn't want to talk about it. Jeffrey talks about wanting to get backup and not being able to. Reva suggests herself as backup. Jeffrey laughs. Natalia goes back to The Beacon and takes charge talking with the staff.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Gigi tries to sneak into see Rex. Jared and Natalie imagine themselves in Texas where Jared first told her he loved her. They dance and kiss. Tess goes to Todd's and says she's moving in. Marty plays with Bree and has flashbacks. She doesn't remember who the baby in her memories is to her. Tina visits Todd and asks for her help. Todd tells her to get lost. Tina goes back to Llanfair. She has dynamite to blow the safe. Charlie goes to Llanfair and sees Viki. They talk about Natalie and Jared and worry about where they could be. Viki tells him about Tess. Bo and John are at the police station. They talk about Tess and the possibility of her having done something to Natalie and Jared. John thinks Manning is involved in something Tess may know about. Marcie runs interference with Adriana while Gigi sneaks in. She is almost to the living room door when Adriana calls down the stairs to stop her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The story of Lowell’s last day of freedom unfolds as Michael learns just what happened that day. Lauren along with Noah try to convince Eden to join her classmates on a trip to France. Lily has returned from New York and Colleen and Billy decide to meet her over at Indigo. Unbeknown to anyone Aunt Olivia has followed Lily back for a visit. Cane and the Mrs. show up at Indigo after she begs him for their food for the baby but, the real reason becomes apparent, Billy’s there. He’s trying to get the goods on Cane and Lily so he can move in on big bro’s one true love and enlists Chloe to help. Cane warns Lily that Billy is not to be trusted and Lily lets him know that he need not be concerned. Noah has a thing for Eden and wonders why she is giving him the cold shoulder. Michael has to go out of town on a lead for Lowell’s case. Glo seeks closure from Lowell. Karen has a secret she wants Olivia to keep.

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