The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/21/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan manages to free Aidan from underneath the broken electric pole. Aidan realizes that his shoulder is broken, but Greenlee has broken his heart that cannot be fixed. At the hospital, Kendall goes into cardiac arrest and has to be resuscitated before her surgery. Adam confesses all to Erica about how he had sabotaged “Bella” in order to buy Fusion at a flat bottom rate. Erica cannot believe her ears as to what she is hearing Adam confess. Angie resuscitates Babe and finally manages to get a pulse. Zach comforts Bianca as best as he can despite her going into premature labor. Annie meets up with Ryan at the hospital and lets him know that Emma had been kidnapped, but Ryan doesn’t believe her. Joe and Frankie wonder about Zach and where he is during the tornado. Greenlee arrives at the hospital and wants to know about Kendall’s condition.

Frankie confronts the police officer about Zach and the woman, who is pregnant. The police officer refuses to go near the beach house. Zach delivers a beautiful baby girl for Bianca. Greenlee visits Kendall in her hospital room. Joe, Jake and Frankie wants Greenlee to sign the papers for Kendall to have the operation. Pete manages to log onto the control towers frequency and finds out that the airport had been severely hit by the tornado. One of the pilots come into the hospital. Colby and Pete find out that Adam and Erica had never made it to the airport. Adam and Erica are trapped when the ceiling caved in on them. Babe lets J.R. know that she wants to marry him right here in the hospital, right now.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry and Vienna break into Spencer's room and find a suitcase full of money which Spencer later tells Brad and Katie is fake money she bought as a present for her autistic nephew who loves to count money. Spencer is hurt that Katie sent the police to question her about it. Brad thinks Katie doesn't want him to be a success without her as his partner. Katie apologizes to Spencer and promises Brad that Henry and Vienna won't bother Spencer again. Henry tells Katie that the money in the suitcase was real and that Spencer must have switched the money in the suitcase before she showed the suitcase to Brad and Katie. Margo and Janet finally persuade Jack to take his job back at the station. Dani applies for the job of police profiler but Margo isn't sure that she is the right person for the job. Jack wants he and Janet to live together but she turns down the offer telling him she is an all or nothing kind of woman.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge surprises Brooke by saying what Taylor feels will always be important to him so he did listen to her. She thinks Taylor has an agenda to break up their engagement. She dishes up again that Nick is no threat, but Ridge needs to accept him as Jack’s father and that they will have some involvement. She loves Ridge and only Ridge. He states that he wants to be her husband and no one is ever going to come between them. Then he very seductively shows her. Rick is bumfuzzled over what Taylor tells him, that she is not over Ridge, she still longs for him. She knows Rick needs a woman, a woman that only wants him, but it is not her. He swears to her that Ridge will break her heart again. Ridge will end up with his mother and Taylor will have a fantasy. Whatever Ridge says and does now is just stroking his ego. Rick vows that there is no way Ridge is going to get away with this. He feels like he can offer her so much more and continues to beg for her not to leave him. Taylor says she is willing to take that risk and be there for when Brooke leaves Ridge and he can come back to her. Taylor takes off her engagement ring and leaves it on the table. Rick calls Ridge and tells him to meet him at the Sky Lounge right now. Donna tells Owen that this plan of theirs could be disastrous. Pam is probably watching them right now. Owen explains that he knows he can never have Donna until she has her chance with Eric. They’ve got to find Pam and put her away. Stephanie walks in to find the house completely aglow with Eric serving her a special martini and a lovely dinner waiting. It’s thanks for Stephanie putting up with him during his Donna times which is over. She’s grateful for this, but she needs to explain about Donna. Everything she has done she did to protect Eric because she loves him. She asks Eric for his help and to trust her, but she thinks she knows a way to get Pam. At the Sky Lounge, Rick taunts Ridge for being the ultimate egomaniac, Mr. Super Stud. It’s amazing his control over women in his wake. It’s time someone stood up to him, so game over!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole is given a clean bill of health for her and her baby by Daniel. Later, EJ accuses her of dramatizing the situation to get him away from Sami. He assures her that he and Sami are over, and that he wants to start a life with her. Later, Nicole doubles over with cramps. Chelsea makes a dinner date with Nick, but he cancels because Melanie needs a friend to talk to. Stephanie tells Bo and Hope about what Melanie told Max, and they question Melanie. She refuses to say anything since they don’t have proof she said anything. She accuses Stephanie of lying. Max breaks up with Stephanie when he learns she went to the police and betrayed his trust. Lexie accuses Stefano of murdering Marino, but he denies it. Later, he makes a phone call, asking someone what the hell they have done.

GH Recap Written by Mandy

Claudia and Sonny talk about the possible marriage and agree that they don’t want to get married to each other. Sam is arrested when the police find her fingerprints on the pharmaceutical drugs found in her apartment. Robin and Patrick tell Epiphany that they are getting married and Robin invites Jason to the wedding. Scott makes sure that Spinelli and Maxie can’t break Lulu out of Shadybrook. Lulu visits Laura!

GH: Night Shift Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick helps Jagger to diffuse another bomb after the first explosion in the hospital parking lot.  Jagger is able to get Saira out of a burning car.  After the accident, Saira briefly lapses into a coma.  Even though she resigned from her position at GH, Claire jumps in and helps with the injured.  A week passes and we learn Robert is finally responding to his treatment.  Saira wakes up from her coma to find Leo praying at her bedside.  Leo apologizes for the past but Saira makes it clear that the two have no future relationship together.  Jagger heads back to California for the custody trial.  Patrick is fired as chief of staff so he goes back to being a surgeon.  Toussaint tells Epiphany he has a son.  Anna arranges for Robert to get cancer treatment out of the country.  She offers to accompany Robert on the trip.  Robert is hesitant about Anna being his caregiver.  Claire and Kyle make amends.  Kyle learns Leo played a role in Eric’s acceptance to the Portland clinic.  The brothers bond just a bit.  Anna goes back to meet Robert at GH and learns he’s left for Switzerland without her.  Robert leaves a note promising he will return to Anna when he’s healthy.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is on the phone and sees a pamphlet on the table. After she hangs up there is a knock at the door. It is Rick. He is there checking up on her. He asks where Natalia is. She then promises that she'll be over at the hospital by the time his shift ends. When she closes her door she has a cough. Natalia messes up on the Boudreau family meal. They tell her not to worry about it. Buzz takes her aside worried about her. Reva lets Josh in the house asking about Shayne. Josh says he is fine. Josh notices a baby on board yellow sign on the kitchen table. Felicia tells Remy it is ok to make a mistake. Remy takes off. Mel tells her mother to let it go. Natalia is not having a good day. She is dropping things, including a tub of dishes from Company. Olivia isn't feeling good. Emma walks in with pictures and Olivia tries to hide it from her. Jeffrey is at the kidnappers drop off area. He sees a plastic bag with a lock of blonde hair that Jeffrey believes to be Lizzie's. Josh tells Reva he is leaving the ministry. He tells Reva it gave him the time and space to figure out who and what he wanted. At the hospital. Remy thinks he is being followed when Mel comes up behind him. She reminds him she works there too. Jeffrey and Olivia run into each other at Company. They get talking about Emma. Then Olivia changes her mind. Jeffrey is concerned. He leaves and Olivia just looks on. Rick and Natalia talk about their concern over Olivia. Josh and Reva take a walk. Josh says he is worried about her. He mentions the cancer and hopes it is not back. Reva tells him no that the Doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Reva mentions that Josh looks better and more himself. Josh says he feels lighter. Bringing up the baby on board sign again, she tells Josh she is pregnant again, he smiles. Remy stops by the police station. Franks spots him and asks if Remy is looking for Marina. Remy says no. Remy then rambles on making no sense and Franks wants to know what he is talking about. They both say to each other they are good guys. Franks admits when he was younger he ran a chop shop. And was pretty good at it. Remy seems kind of down. Frank says Remy, that anyone wants anything they all go to him. Frank tells Remy he is one of the good guys. Together, Olivia and Natalia talk about friendship. Olivia says she has to do things first and then she will take it easy and that she needs Natalia's help. Back at Reva's, Josh tells Reva he thought because of the treatment for her cancer she couldn't get pregnant. She agrees, but it happened. Reva reminds Josh that he raised Shayne and Marah. Josh reminds her that she is a great mother. And will be to this child. Jeffrey comes back with dinner and asks Josh to join them. Josh says no that he has pictures to upload. Josh tells Reva that he'll be in touch to show her the pictures of Shayne. Olivia and Natalia are arguing again and Olivia sits down in pain. Natalia asks her if it is her heart. Olivia just looks at her. Olivia is unconscious, Natalia calls for Remy, who starts CPR. Jeffrey tell Reva of a job. Reva reminds him he has a job. Reva ask who for. Jeffrey says Alan. Then tells her of the kidnapping of Lizzie. Jeffrey says because it is Lizzie he feels good about it. Reva wants to talk about baby stuff. Jeffrey leads her to the couch and they sit and kiss. They rush Olivia to Cedars.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marcie, Roxy and Gigi work to find disguises so that they can sneak Gigi into Dorian's home in order to see Rex. Adriana is closely guarding the house. Starr and Cole enter the house and wonder what Adriana is up to. And in doing so, they think of stories to read their baby. Cole recalls a story his mom read to him when he was a baby. Meanwhile, Todd and Marty are getting ready to have "their baby". Tess enters and discovers what Todd is up to and demands that he lets her and Bree stay in his house or else she will tell Marty the whole story that Todd does not want her to know. And when Marty is alone with Bree, she has a "vision" of telling the very story that Cole remembers. And she has a vision of a baby. But she cannot recall who it was, when she was with the baby, nor that it was her own son. At the police station, Cristian urges Bo not to let Vanessa get in trouble for what she did to Ray Montez. And he and Sarah offer to let her and Lola stay at their home.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael takes a trip down memory lane with his parents as he tries to figure out what went down that day Lowell (River) was last seen. Glo does not succeed in getting 5% of Kay’s shares thanks to Jill’s timing, this raises the flag and Jill tells Kay they need to go to a specialists. Phyllis is not happy about Amber and Daniel’s reconciliation but Nick persuades her to let it go. Jana is tired of Kevin’s lies regarding Mrs. Chancellor, Kevin finally comes clean and vows that it won’t happen again.

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